tagText With AudioSo Owned Pt. 02

So Owned Pt. 02


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Follow up to So Owned

I returned to your side, a wicked smile playing on my lips as I waited nervously to see if you were happy with how I had run off to do your bidding and suck your friend's cock. You left me sitting there as you went to talk to him and find out what a nasty little slut I was in the bathroom - on my knees. I hoped he was telling you how careful I was to get every drop of cum milked out of his cock and down my throat. When you came back it was clear that you were pleased, but the glimmer in your eye told me you weren't finished. I squeezed my tingling thighs together anticipating how you were going to use your slutty little whore next.

My whole body flushed in anticipation as you told me that you wanted to see what a good little fucking slut I could be. You told me what you wanted and my heart almost stopped, but I already knew I was going to do it. I followed your other friend out when he went to smoke. He kept staring at my tits. I was suddenly nervous, but that didn't stop me from brushing past him in to the bushes. After a few seconds he followed me and he almost tripped when he saw me bent over a low tree branch, my bare ass sticking up in the air just begging to be fucked. Then I asked him "well you want to fuck this or not?" He pushed my skirt up, and rubbed his hands over my ass, he slid his finger down into my pussy called me a hot fucking slut, which just made me wetter.

Before I knew it he had his dick out and was fucking me, slamming me into the tree branch. His long dick pushing deep inside my cunt as I begged him to fuck me like a little whore oh yeah fuck me harder. He pounded my pussy, he reached around and grabbed a handful of my tits, mashing them as he fucked me, then he leaned back smacking my ass. My whole body was shaking. I couldn't believe what a fucking slut I had become and how much I loved being pounded by your buddy just because you told me to do it. How I loved being used by you. All of this was going through my head as my body convulsed around his dick. I came so fucking hard with that cock inside me as I felt his cum shooting into me, my cunt squeezing him, milking his cock until it finally got soft and fell out, leaving a trail of cum down the back of my thigh.

I stood up and walked back to the party, my head held high, but eyes on the ground as I walked past the other people smoking on the patio because I knew they had heard me getting the shit fucked out of me and they knew what a slut I was. I came in and found you in the corner. Walking up I curled into your arms and kissed you. Your hand immediately slid under my skirt and you stuck two fingers in my pussy, swirling them around in our cum dripping there, then you pulled them out and brought them to your lips, sucking on them and smiling at me with approval. My heart and body melted when you told me what a good little whore I was and how proud you were to have me fucking and sucking your friends.

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