tagLoving WivesSo They Caught the Guy

So They Caught the Guy


I was in my office at the Massage Therapy College I teach at, shuffling papers, when the call came.

"This is Detective Jansen, we need you to come in and identify a suspect!" The gruff voice on the line said.

I readily agreed, they had the guy in custody that had taken a shot at me, and tried to attack my next door neighbor, Donna.

That had been quite an experience, I had interupted him in the act. I wasn't sure I could recognize his face, but those eyes! I will never forget those eyes. He looked right at me, I was heading at him in a rush as he pulled back and turned, I saw his hand come up, saw the gun.

I had pounded away and clawed at him like a wild animal, I guess that was all I was at that point. I never heard the shot, didn't even feel the bullet that slid along my ribcage.

It was that close, something like that makes a man stop and think about life.

I finished up, and jumped in my new z06 Corvette, getting that feeling of pride a man can only get from a machine like this.

The car had made me the talk of the school, after all, I am coming up on 60, balding, and earn around $16,000 a year at the college. Yet I drive a $50,000.00 sports car! A conversation I had overheard popped in my head as the machine roared to life. I had overheard a couple of the ladies from one of the other classes talking. "How in the hell does he afford THAT?" one had said. "Oh, he won the lottery!" the other one replied.

I had a laugh at that, not exactly correct but close. Then I heard the first gal say, "I hear he is hung like a..." and I didn't catch the rest as she turned away, but I could fill in the blank.

My wife, Lee, called the car my "Shiny dick with two seats", she got that from some movie she saw.

I slipped a Santana disc in the player, singing "Black Magic Woman" at the top of my lungs as I went down to the holding center.

Pulling into the lot, I parked the car right between two police cruisers, the safest place I could see. Hitting the button to lock up, I jogged up the steps. Detective Jansen met me at the door, giving me one of those milky soft handshakes I hate. I resisted the urge to clamp down and mash his hand. He led me into a side room, here sat Donna, looking a bit pale. She hopped up and gave me a hug, holding me a bit longer than necessary. "Make sure you don't do any of that when we get to court!" Jansen snorted. I just looked at him, thinking I didn't like him much.

We stood there as a line of men came in, I looked them over and didn't see the guy at first. Jansen started calling out numbers, having them turn this way and that. Then I saw him! It was the eyes, he looked at the blank window, pure hate in his eyes. It was him, no doubt! Donna saw it too, let out a little gasp.

"That's him." I told Jansen simply. "Are you 100%?" he asked. "No doubt!" I replied.

"Good!" He said. "We have some fibers, we have the bullet, we got him with the weapon in his possession," He said. He turned away, said something into his radio, and two men came in and led the guy out a side door.

There was about an hour of talking to the detectives and one prosecutor that looked to be about 15 years old to me, and we were free to go.

Donna turned to me and asked for a ride home, she had ridden down with Jansen. I readily agreed, no point in going back to the school, there was just a few minutes left in my normal day.

We rode in quiet out highway 30, I turned the tape down low, and listened to the throb off 405 dead serious ponies loafing away at 60 mph. Finally, Donna said, "That was scarey!" "Yes, for me, too!" I answered. She smiled at me as we made the turn and headed out the two lane country road towards our homes. I wasn't looking forward to my evening, Lee was off at the hospital so I had a lonely meal and some TV scheduled. As we pulled up Donna's circular driveway, she reached out and touched my leg, and said, "Come on in, I will fix dinner!"

Well, I didn't have to be asked twice! I sank into her soft leather sofa while she was fiddling around in the kitchen. I heard her humming "Black magic Woman" as she rattled pots and pans around.

Finally, I got up and went in to help. She had a couple of beautiful ribeyes on the broiler, so I busied myself chopping up some veggies for a salad. We just worked together in silence, soon everything was ready.

After the meal, we cleaned up and did the dishes, both of us still quiet. Donna poured a couple of glasses of some kind of lemon flavored drink, and we retired to the living room.

We sat and sipped, and chatted a bit. Suddenly she blurted out, "Ted, do you regret what we did?"

I have to admit I was wondering, Donna had came into my arms after the bad scene with the guy who had attacked her. For me it was wonderful, we had made like a couple of kids until suddenly her Daughters, Lisa and Kathy showed up and caught us. But was it a rebound for her? Did she do it out of fear, some inside need to be with her protector, I just wasn't sure.

"No!" I told her flatly. "You are wonderful, it's just one of those things that happen."

"Does that mean it can never happen again?" she asked. I smiled and touched her shoulder, kneading the flesh there softly. She turned and was in my arms!

We were kissing like a couple of teenagers, my left hand came up and touched her breast. I could feel the softness of her bra, and the hint of her nipple through the material. Her right hand dropped down to my thigh, she rubbed me through the blue jeans I wore, just bumping my groin.

Then she stood up, undid the buttons on her blouse. Next she reached down and slipped the tan skirt over her hips. She was standing there in just a pair of white cotten panties and the soft bra, the expression in her eyes was smokey as she said, "Well?"

I looked her up and down, she had the soft fullness in the hips of a mature woman, her medium size breasts pulled at the bra she wore. I could see a few wisps of blonde pubic hair escaping the crotch of her underwear. She was a pure vision of mature female beauty, and she was fully in heat!

"You do it!" I told her. She reached down and flipped my belt buckle, then jerked the pullover top I wore up and off of me. I reached around and released the catch on her bra, her full breasts swung free. I leaned forwards and took her crinkly nipple in my mouth, rolling just the tip with my lips as I rolled the other gently with my free hand.

She let out a groan, pulled on my zipper. It hung up because I was sitting down, she tugged and tugged, finally looking down to work on it with both hands.

"Lay back!" she ordered, and as I did so, she pulled off my slipon shoes and socks. Then grabbing my pants legs, she started tugging without much success.

"Well, just hell!" I thought, struggling with the zipper myself.

"I need to get some larger pants!" crossed my mind stupidly, as I struggled to get out of them. Finally they slipped off my hips, she pulled them off the rest of the way and threw them on the floor. There I lay in just my nice set of Hanes, she reached out with both hands, shoving them down the front, grasping me.

I was sporting a full boner by this time, then she leaned forwards and slipped her wet mouth over me.

I lay back with my eyes closed, seeing the little sparks of light behind my closed eyelids. I felt myself building quickly, she did too, and stopped.

Not bothering to remove my underwear or hers, she simply pulled the crotch of her panties aside and climbed up on top of me and suddenly we were one!

We thrust against each other for a few moments, feeling for the match with each other. I could feel every bit of her wrapped around me. I opened my eyes to her beautiful bare breasts hanging inches from my face. I began to lick and caress her with my tongue. She was pounding at me now, my head went back as I approached orgasm, I was struggling to hold back. Then I felt her teeth on my nipple, not a gentle nip or brush, she bit down on me! I felt a stab of pain, then pleasure as my head seemed to explode!

I must have pumped a good half dozen spurts into her, I could feel the juices starting to run down between us, when I heard, "Jeez, you guys!"

Looking up with a start, I saw Kathy and Lisa, Donna's two daughters...

"Not again!" I thought. Donna started to giggle, so did I.

"Jeez, Mom!" Lisa said again. "Every time we come home you and Teacher Ted are making like bunnies!"

Donna hopped up and ran to the bathroom, returning in moments in a white cotton robe. I was laying there on my back, my still half hard erection glistening with our combined wetness. My now messed up set of Hanes was snugged up just below my balls.

Lisa and Kathy were staring at me laying there, nearly stark naked. They were making no pretense at all of trying not to look. I felt their eyes on me, and it felt good. Suddenly I was starting to expand again!

Donna threw me the other white robe, which I reluctantly took and slipped on.

Lisa plopped down in the chair right across from me, Donna came and sat next to me, leaning over for a cuddle. Kathy just stood there, unsure. Finally she sat down next to me on the other side.

"So, Mom!" Lisa said. "Are you and Teacher Ted going to be an item?" I caught the expression and the tone, she sounded almost pissed off. My mind flashed back to Lisa sliding down over me as I lay back, not realizing I was the first for her. Donna blushed a bit, and let out a sigh. "Sometimes I need a man" was all she said.

Lisa smiled that smile that lights up the whole room. She stood up, stretched, and I caught the little shudder of her body as she did so. Then she walked over to the couch, sat down on the floor and reached inside my robe and grabbed my still half hard penis.

She pulled the robe aside, letting her hand slide up and down me as I quickly stiffened back up. She ran her thumb up the length of me, alongside the huge vein on the underside. Then she tickled and stroked me just below the crown. Taking a grip, she slowly rolled my foreskin back, exposing the head fully. She looked at Kathy who was blushing furiously but unable to take her eyes off what Lisa was doing. She said, "Better start taking your pills!"

I glanced over at Kathy, she looked back at me for a long time.

Then she whispered, "I already am!".....

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