tagFetishSo Who's the Bitch Now?

So Who's the Bitch Now?


My time reading stories here on Lit has given me a keen insight into my own personality. I have found out where my interests lie. For a long time I couldn't understand, because of my sexual proclivities, why I like the Loving Wives Category. Until I realised that I get turned on by consensual humiliation and degradation not mine mind you, but of others. Non-consensual anything leaves me cold and angry, so I understand the willing cuckold mindset and also enjoy reading those tales of revenge for infidelity, but as many of you would have seen by my first submission, cold calculated deceit must be punished, if at all possible by humiliation. I hope you all enjoy this tale of discovery. I have many more in the pipeline!


Tiffany sat back in her plush office chair and flicked through the folder she was holding. It just didn't make sense; all the information was there, but it led nowhere. The paper trail, as they say, hadn't just vanished, it appears that it was never there in the first place. Leaning forward she pressed the intercom on her phone, "Yes Ms Carmichael?"

"Can you send Vivian in please Sabrina?"

"I'll send her in right away Ms Carmichael!"

"Thank you Sabrina." Tiffany heard a giggle as she disconnected.

Tiffany sat back again and pondered her next move; with the security audit only days away, this latest development had her feeling very uneasy. There was a knock at the door, before it opened and an attractive woman in her early thirties entered. She was wearing a very short navy blue mini skirt, a thin pale blue blouse with no bra, black stay-up stockings and five inch heels.

Vivian, her long blonde locks falling in loose curls down around her face, entered and stood obsequiously bowed head in front of Tiffany's desk for a moment, then without saying a word she started to unbuttoning her blouse, pulling the lapels aside to reveal a nice firm pair of C cup breasts, her newly pierced nipples were standing proud and hard, if a little swollen.

Tiffany noticed, "So Sabrina came through on her threat and got your nipples pierced?"

Vivian just nodded, still gazing at the floor, making the ridiculously tacky hoop earrings wiggle either side of her head. She coaxed her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist, revealing no panties and a bare shaved pussy. Her face flushed a bright crimson as she went through her routine that hadn't change much in almost three months. Her embarrassment doubled by the glistening sheer of moisture slipping down her inner thighs.

Her face felt as hot as a blast furnace as she dropped to her knees. Crawling in under Tiffany's desk, she watched as her boss spread her legs. Tiffany's clean shaven pussy was also without panties, giving immediate access to her nether lips. Vivian shuddered and closed her eyes; the sexual excitement she felt was the only thing that prevented her from throwing up in revulsion. She hated and loathed every humiliating second of her servitude, at the same time revelling in the sexual haze that same humiliation offered. She more than understood that she was here of her own doing.

What confused and perplexed her was why this demeaning ritual gave her cause to be turned on, so horny that her pussy constantly leaked? Now to be under the desk she used to work at and being used in such a fashion almost made her cum without even touching herself. Taking a deep breath she kissed the pussy lips in front of her and got down to the business that she had been called in for.

As Tiffany felt the first brush of Vivian's talented tongue on her inflamed pussy lips, she thought back to the events that had brought them to this point in time.


A knock on the door caught Vivian's attention, "Come in!"

Tiffany opened the door to her boss's office and entered, with a folder in her nervous right hand. Vivian looked up momentarily then went back to the report that had her interest before Tiffany's entry into her office. After a short while she enquired, "Yes Tiffany, what do you want?"

Tiffany was a little worried with what she had to say, and not quite sure how it would be accepted, "Ummm, I've finished going through the accounts as you asked last night. I spent almost four hours reorganising and refiling them as you requested Ma'am!"

Tiffany was ten years Vivian's junior, pretty, verging on gorgeous and that gave her , her pick of men. The silky auburn hair cascading down past her shoulders added to her allure. Her intelligence and insightfulness allowed her to finish college at the head of her class in business studies. This pointless task had annoyed her as being an economic and managerial waste of her talents.

Vivian frowned, "So? What do you want; a medal? Just do your damn job properly the next time and stop fraternising with the guys in the mail room, or you wouldn't be in the position of having to do unnecessary and unpaid overtime!" Vivian was hard on her employees, never giving an inch and demanding more and more. The staff nicknamed her the Bitch Boss or BB for good reason.

Tiffany suddenly broke, "I'm beginning to wonder why you hired me Ms Donohue? You, Ms Donohue, would have to be apart from doltish; the nastiest, and the most unappreciative boss I have ever had the misfortune of working for in my entire life!"

"Compliments will get you nowhere Tiffany! That statement wouldn't be hard to beat, since you most certainly haven't put an honest damned day's work in here since I bloody well hired you!"

Tiffany stiffened, her dander had risen past all thought of keeping her job, all the angst she'd felt since coming to work for Dynamics came flooding out and she pulled her shoulders back with a defiant stance, "That's not true and you know fucking well know it, you ungrateful bitch!" Tiffany took a deep breath to calm herself, "I don't think you're a very nice person Vivian! You know what I think? Something or someone has put a giant burr up your arse and you're taking it out on everyone else!"

"My name is Ms Donohue to you little missy, and what you think doesn't even register on my care meter. Care factor zero! And if I get anymore grief out of you, you'll be looking for work elsewhere. Now get out of my office, and go do what I pay you for."

Tiffany had had enough, "Clare was right, you need someone to bring you down a peg or two."

"What Clare or any other of those cackling hens out there think is of no interest to me. If Clare has an issue with how I run this business, let her bring her dyke arse in here and we'll sort her out too."

Tiffany ground her teeth, "I think that's the most sexist remark I have ever heard! Just because you're a damn homophobe, doesn't give you the right to insult Clare like that. She's a damn hard worker, kind and caring person and her sexual interests shouldn't be brought into question."

Vivian leaned back in her chair and shot Tiffany an icy stare, "What the hell has got into you that you've suddenly decide to grow a fucking backbone?"

Tiffany threw the folder onto Vivian's desk, "You might want to take a quick gander at that! As I said, I spent almost four hours here after work. Three of those unpaid hours were taken up trying to work out where every bit of that inventory has gone."

Vivian opened the folder and flicked through to reports "You'll notice they all have your signature on them. But there's nothing in billing or consignment that corresponds with those invoices. I think you'll agree that it looks awfully suspiciously like fraud, embezzlement and if I'm not mistaken with the sensitivity of the merchandise and clientele we trade with, it may also be a case of treason?"

Tiffany could see Vivian blanch visibly, and snap the folder shut, "What are you going to do with this?"

Tiffany smiled wickedly and conceived, "Got you, you bitch!" She folded her arms, "It's not what I'm going to do, but it's what I have already done Vivian that you should be more worried about!"

Vivian scanned the young woman's face for weakness or uncertainly and found none, "Ok then, what have you done?"

Tiffany smile widened appreciatively, "I dare say you know a man by the name of Trent Bartholomew?"

Tiffany was pleased to see Vivian stiffen at the name, "What have you told Trent?

"Let's put it this way Viv my sweetie. Get your scraggy arse out of my chair and on your knees here in front of me!"

Vivian's face reddened, no one here had ever spoken to her like that ever, "You have got to be kidding? If you think that I'm going to bow down to you missy, then hell will have to freeze over first!"

Tiffany moved her hand to the phone, "When I spoke to Trent this morning before I came in here, he wasn't happy to hear his prize pupil and President of his company is a thief, fraudster, and maybe even a terrorist sympathiser. I was going to hand you over to the authorities, but he asked me to keep this in house and I can understand his reasons. The damage this could do to Dynamics Inc would just about cripple the company and I happen to agree. So how about we call Mr Bartholomew and ask him what the weather conditions are like in hell? I'm sure the temperature will drop a few more degrees if you make the call." Tiffany held the hand piece out for Vivian to use.

Vivian glared daggers at Tiffany for some seconds and then grabbed the phone, slamming it back down on it cradle, "NO!" She stared at the young upstart, but the realisation in her face made Tiffany's smile turn to a smirk, "I'm sorry but no...I ...I don't think that will be necessary. What is it you want...Money? I can give you a promotion and a raise in salary to go along with it, whatever you want!"

Tiffany folded her arms and fixed Vivian with a contemptuous stare, "I'm going for the promotion for sure and the raise, but it's not you giving it to me as some payoff. I told you bitch! Get out of MY chair and get out here on your fucking knees!"

Vivian heart beat heavy in her cheats and she could feel her face heat up as blood rushed up the side of her neck to her cheeks, she slowly rose and sidled slowly around her desk, ending up in front of Tiffany, "You won't get away with this."

Tiffany slapped Vivian moderately hard across the face, "If you know what's good for you then you hadn't better talk to me or anyone else in this company like that ever again. Your arse is mine sweetie and I'll be running it into the carpet every chance fucking I get. Now strip and we'll get this job status transfer under way." As she finished, Tiff waltzed around to the other side of her new desk and sat in her comfortable chair.

Vivian stood dumbfounded, "You want what?"

Tiffany was rearranging things on her desk to her liking and looked up, "Are you deaf as well as dumb, woman? I said strip and make it fast, I don't want a striptease show, just get those rags off!"

Vivian was visibly shaken by her request, "No matter what I've done, you have no right to do this?"

Tiffany sat back in her chair and interlaced her fingers on top of her head, swivelling her chair from side to side, "Au contraire mademoiselle! For a brunette you sure think like the atypical dumb blonde slut! I think first thing tomorrow we will to have your hair bleached, to suit your mental acuity."

Tiffany pushed forward and grabbed the folder and waved it at Viv, "Your arsehole attitude to the entire staff and this folder gives me every right to do as I please. If you had been even a half way decent boss, then we wouldn't be having this confrontation. Now get your fucking clothes off before you find yourself talking to the police and their fraud squad!"

Tiffany could see the struggle Vivian was having with herself, but finally she dropped her head in defeat and started to unbutton her herringbone suit coat, taking it off she looked around to see where she could lay it.

"Just throw it in the corner. You won't be putting it back on any time soon!" Tiffany snapped.

Vivian's face was getting redder by the minute from embarrassment as she pulled her silk blouse from her slacks and fidgeted with the buttons. It ended up on her coat, and she hesitated, standing in front of a staring Tiffany, waiting for her to unzip her slacks.

"Nice bra! Victoria Secrets, does it come with matching panties?"

As Vivian's slacks hit the floor Tiffany let out an amusing giggle, "Just as I thought, I figured you for French Cut knickers. You're too damn stuck up to be wearing a thong!"

Vivian had a tear forming in her eye, and wiped it away, "Awww...are we embarrassed to be standing in our former office half naked?"

Vivian sniffed and nodded pathetically, "Please don't do this Tiffany, it's humiliating!"

Tiffany giggled, "That it is my sweetie, but not for me, now finish the show."

Vivian reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, just letting it fall to the floor. All the fight had been taken out of her as tears fell from her face, "You haven't finished bitch!"

Hooking her thumbs into her panties she bent and pulled them down off her hips. Tiffany watched as Vivian stood there in front of her stark naked, trying desperately to cover as much of her dignity with her hands as she could, "Drop the hands and give me a look at the bare facts." Tiffany giggled hilariously at her own joke.

"What are your measurements? How tall are you?"

Vivian fixed her eyes on the leg of the desk, unable to look her tormentor in the eye, "I'm five ten...thirty four C, twenty four, thirty six."

"Tiffany appraised the naked form in front of her, "You know for a pretty woman, what age are you? Twenty nine, thirty?"

"Thirty five!" responded a sobbing Vivian.

Tiffany raised her eyebrow, "Thirty five! I'm impressed, you don't look it. For the life of me I can't see how a physically beautiful thirty five year old woman can be so damn ugly on the inside. Well I'm going to fix that, consider this an intrinsic makeover!"

Tiffany pressed the intercom button on the phone, "Yes Ms Donohue?"

"This is Tiffany here Sabrina! Do you still have that hideous spandex number you showed me, you know the one you bought for the Pimps and Hookers ball this Friday night?"

"Yes I do, it's in my locker. Why are you asking?" Tiffany could hear the cautious tenor in Sabrina's voice. Sabrina had been hauled over the coals on more than one occasion for shopping in her lunch hour, even though she hadn't spent any longer than her allotted time, and was always back before her hour was up.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it Sabbie, just go get it and bring it into the office if you will."

Vivian's eyes opened wide, "Ohhh please no Tiff, please don't let her come in here and see me like this." Vivian was shaking with nervous embarrassment at the thought of being caught naked in her office.

"Tiffany snapped, "Shut your mouth, and stand still. From now on it's Ms Carmichael to you. In fact from now on you will be address everyone here by their surnames!"

Vivian stood shaking from the sheer tension and let out a cry of anguish to the sound of a knock and then the door opening. Sabrina was holding a garish lime green tube dress and she gasped, "Ohhh my god! What's going on in here?"

Tiffany giggled at Sabrina's reaction, "Just a little hostile takeover Sabbie, I have decided that this bitch no longer deserves to be the boss of this organisation. Isn't that right bitch?"

Vivian was hanging her head trying to become invisible, "Yes Ms Carmichael!"

Sabrina giggled at Vivian, "So why is she standing naked in her office?"

Tiffany nonchalantly replied, "It isn't her office any longer Sabbie, she has been demoted to all round gopher and office toy. I now own this, bitch mind, body and soul!"

Sabrina got over her initial shock as she walked around inspecting Vivian's feminine charms, "Really? You're shitting me! What has she done to put her bitchy arse in your hands?"

Tears were falling from Vivian's face, and Tiffany grinned wickedly, "That my secret and all you have to know is that she will now be doing my bidding."

"Hmmm, nice firm tits!" She squeezed them for pliability, tweaking the nipples she commented, "These babies are the longest nipples I have ever seen! Is it cold in here or are my eyes deceiving me? I do believe she's getting turned on by all this!"

Vivian winced and tried to pull back, but Sabrina only clamped down harder on her nipple causing pain to shoot up her breast to her neck. "Keep still bitch!" She grabbed a handful of Vivian's pubic hair and tugged, making her cry out and grab Sabrina's hand to relieve the pain. Sabrina tugged harder, "Get your filthy hands off mine!"

Vivian reluctantly let go and brought her hands back behind her. Slipping a finger between Vivian's pussy lips, she commented, "Nope! The temperature in here is good, she horny and leaking like a sieve!" Vivian's face flushed bright crimson at this latest statement and her eyes rolled back and fluttered. Vivian couldn't help herself and she started cumming all over Sabrina's finger. Her legs almost gave way under her and she sagged visibly.

"You god damn pitiful slag, you've just come all over my hand!"

Sabrina turned to Tiffany, "Did you see that? The bitch is a whore from head to toe."

Tiffany was giggling too much to answer, and Sabrina continued, "I do believe this will have to go Boss." Going back to pluck a few stray hairs she quipped, "I take it the dress is for her, and if so don't want to be staring at a hairy beaver while she's wearing the slut dress."

"I do believe your right Sabbie." Looking at Vivian's dramatic sobbing, "There's going to be some interesting changes around here. Getting your hair dyed and a full wax on that mangy cunt of yours will be your first act of contrition!"

Vivian went to object until Sabrina slapped her face hard, then folded her arms and giggled, "You know I was just about to hand in my resignation, but now I see this, I think I might just hang around a little longer." She turned to Tiffany, "That is if I'm offered better pay and conditions?"

Tiffany was crunching a sheath of paper up in her hands. She grinned and threw it at Vivian, who shied away as it hit her in the face, "Count on it Sabrina. If fact everyone will be getting a pay rise this week, and as far as conditions are concerned. How would you like running this piece of shit around the office, go for starters?"

The look on Sabrina's face froze Vivian to the core, "Ohhh fucking hell! Like just don't cover it Tiff, love would be more like it! I'd almost give up my raise for that privilege. "

Tiffany burst out laughing, "Well don't sweat the raise Sabbie, that's a given. And I'm sure you'll find some interesting job's for our little toy here. As long as we keep this in house and off the street, then we have carte blanche to do as we want with her skanky arse! Hand her your dress, I want to see what she looks like in her new role."

Vivian took the dress for one reason only, and that was to atleast cover her nudity. She doubted that it was going to be any better for her self-esteem. Tiffany and Sabrina watched with perverted interest as Vivian slipped the gaudy material over her head. It was a slight struggle as the material clung to her breasts and refused to cooperate in sliding down over her twin peaks.

Finally getting it settled in place only brought new humiliating frustrations for Vivian. Sabrina had bought the dress for herself, and she was a good six inches shorter than Vivian's Five ten. Every time she pulled it down to more modestly cover her pussy, it pulled over her breasts and threatened to reveal her nipples, not to mention that it was so tight that every curve was clearly visible, that included her very erect nipples.

"I can't wear this, it too small, I'll show everything I have!" She mumbled.

Both Tiffany and Sabrina giggled, and Tiffany replied with gleeful malice, "That's the whole point, you stupid moron! I think we'll have to hand out sunglasses to everyone in the office Sabbie; the slut's headlights will be permanently on high beam!"

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