tagBDSMSoccer Mom Slave Ch. 02 of 03

Soccer Mom Slave Ch. 02 of 03


Brenda watched in the mirror as her Master stepped out of his patrol car. He was an imposing figure in his uniform, 6ft 2in, 210lbs, wide shoulders and narrow waist and as always, the mirrored sunglasses. He carried a small black bag with him. The bag he always brought to their meetings. Even though Brenda was never sure what would be in the bag, she knew from past experience the contents would both frighten and excite her.

He walked up and put the bag on top of Brenda's car. Brenda's window was open and he placed both hands on the door. As she looked into his face she could see her reflection in the mirrored sunglasses. She knew why he wore the mirrored shades. He wanted Brenda to see her as he did. To know what she was to him.

"Hello slave. Don't you look pretty today?" He said.

Knowing that he was pleased with her, Brenda's face lit up with a smile, "Thank you Master," she replied.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long," He said insincerely.

"Oh, no. No sir," Brenda stammered like a school girl. "I don't mind."

"Since I didn't give you any direction, I was wondering how you would dress today," He said. "But why so modest, don't you think you would look better if you undid the top button of your blouse?"

"Oh...yes sir." Brenda's hands trembled as she unfastened the button revealing her cleavage.

"Are you nervous, slave?"

"No master...I'm just sort of...I've been wanting to see you again...and now..." Brenda's voice trailed off.

"I understand," He said. "Your blouse looks better that way. Why don't you unbutton the next button as well, slave?"

"Yes sir."

Still trembling, Brenda fumbled with the button and exposed her lacy low cut bra. He reached into the car with his right hand and casually ran backs of his fingers over the skin of the exposed portion of her tits. He slowly pushed back the blouse, first one side, then the other. His touch made Brenda inhale deeply.

The bra lifted her tits provocatively. He took a moment to gaze at her smooth skin. "Your tits look fantastic in that bra, slave."

Brenda's face again lit up again. "Thank you Master. It's new, I was hoping you would like it."

"Only one problem though, I don't remember giving you permission to wear a bra."

The shock in Brenda's face was obvious. "But Master! You didn't say, so I thought..." she stammered.

"Thought what slave? Surely you remember my rules concerning underclothing. I will tell you what to wear under your cloths, if I say nothing you should know that means you should wear nothing," He said sternly.

"I ah, yes sir." Brenda immediately thought of the panties and her heart sank.

"Pull down the front of your bra slave."

Brenda put the fingers of both hands on the bra cups and pulled the lacy fabric down. Her ample tits to spilled out exposing her hard nipples.

Again he gently stroked her tits with the backs of his fingers, making sure to run each finger over her nipples slowly. Brenda closed her eyes and sighed. The feeling was exquisite. Her nipples grew ever harder.

Suddenly He pinched her left nipple between the knuckles of his index and middle finger. He twisted and pulled the nipple toward him. Brenda opened her eyes and gasped from the sudden pain.

"Why would you ever want to cover up these lovely hard nipples, slave? Are you afraid people will see what a horny little slut you are?"

Brenda's face went flush with embarrassment. He knew that's exactly why she wanted them covered. At any given time during the day erotic thoughts and images would flash into Brenda's mind causing her cunt to moisten and her nipples get hard. When her nipples were hard they would show through almost any blouse or sweater she was wearing. Sometimes she could force the thoughts and images from her mind, sometimes she couldn't.

"Yes sir," was all she could say.

He released her nipple and put his hand back on the car door. "What's under the skirt, slave?"

"Master..." Brenda's voice trailed off, barely audible.

"Pull up your skirt, slave. Show me," he said.

Brenda wriggled in the seat and pulled up the hem of her skirt with both hands exposing her white lace thong. Her eyes were downcast to avoid his gaze.

"Hmm...again very pretty, slave. But should you be wearing those panties?"

Brenda looked up, opened her mouth and tried to speak but couldn't utter a word. He reached into the car with his left hand and began to gently stroke the insides of her thighs with the backs of his fingers. Brenda instinctively spread her legs exposing more skin to his touch. He ran his fingers over the lace fabric between her legs.

"Your panties are already wet slave."

Once gain Brenda couldn't respond. He slipped his fingers under the lace fabric and felt the smooth skin underneath.

"You shaved your cunt nicely slave."

Brenda looked up and managed a weak, "Thank you Master."

He gripped the material in the front of Brenda's panties and jerked it up sharply. Brenda cried out. The back of the thong was pulling against her asshole, the front had slipped between her wet cunt lips, pressing tightly on her clit. The sharp pain took her by surprise. He continued to pull on the front of the panties.

Brenda whined, "Master, please, it hurts!"

Master sighed, then in a stern voice he said, "You disappoint me slave." Still holding the panties tightly he continued, "You intentionally disobey me and complain when I give you correction. Do I have to remind you, that you were the one that asked to meet me today? You need to decide what you want slave. If this is too much for you just say so. I'll drive away right now and you can go back to your vanilla life."

He pulled on the panties even harder. "You and I both know that you're not going to get what you really need at home. If you want to stay you need to say so now. But if you get out of the car now there's no turning back. You're going stay here until I'm done with you." He let go of her panties and stepped back from the car.

Brenda couldn't move. His sudden release of the panties relieved the sharp pain on her asshole and clit, but emotionally she was still in his grip. Brenda knew what would happen if she stayed. He would use her in any way he wanted. What she had just experienced would be a primer to what would happen to every part of her body. She also knew she would have orgasm after orgasm with intensity she could never experience any other way.

"Don't keep me waiting slave," He said sternly.

Brenda looked straight ahead and said in a barely audible voice, "I want to stay, Master."

"Speak up slave, are you staying or leaving?"

Brenda looked up at him and said clearly, "May I please stay, Master?"

He paused briefly and replied, "Get out of the car, slave."

Brenda stepped out of the car, closed the door behind her and stood directly in from of her Master. Her skirt was still pulled up over her hips, her thong panties disappeared between her shaved cunt lips, her blouse open, tits exposed. Her heart was racing. Even in her heels, Master was still 4 inches taller than Brenda. She looked up at her Master's face and saw her reflection in his mirrored shades.

"Something has to be done about your inappropriate attire, slave," He said facetiously.

Master grabbed Brenda by both shoulders, spun her around and pushed her against the car. Brenda put both hands on the edge of the car roof cushioning herself with her forearms. She felt Him pulling at the waist of her skirt. The skirt closed in the back with a button and short zipper. He put his finger through the button closure and pulled sharply ripping off the button. Using both hands, he grabbed the waist of the skirt on either side of the zipper and ripped it open. He pushed the skirt over her hips, it fell around her ankles.

He reached around her from both sides grabbing the opening of Brenda's partially unbuttoned blouse. He ripped open the blouse tearing off the remaining buttons and pulled the blouse down over her shoulders. Then He grabbed the back of the collar and pulled the blouse down behind her. Brenda's arms were pulled behind her back as the blouse slipped past her hands. He threw the blouse into the open car window and spun her around facing him.

He put his left hand at the top of Brenda's chest, his thumb and index finger around the bottom of her throat and pushing her back firmly against the car. He wasn't actually choking her, but Brenda could feel the pressure against her throat. Brenda put the palms of each hand against the car behind her.

With his right hand he took a large pocket knife from the leather pouch on the back of his gun belt. Holding it in front of her face, he opened the knife blade with his right thumb. Brenda was frozen with fear. He slid his left hand down Brenda's chest to the front of the bra. Roughly pulling the front of the bra away from Brenda's tits, he slipped the knife between her body and the bra. Drawing the knife away from her body, he cut through the front of the bra.

He cut each shoulder strap and let the bra fall to the ground. He slid his left hand down to the front of her thong panties. He pulled the front of the panties up and away from Brenda's body. He slipped the knife blade between her body and waist strap at her hip, cutting the flimsy material. Then he cut the waist strap over her other hip. The panties were still running through Brenda's cunt lips and ass cheeks. He pulled the material away in one quick motion and threw the ruined garment on the ground.

In what seemed like a single motion, he put the knife back in the pouch and took the shiny chrome handcuffs from another leather pouch on his belt. With her hands in front of her Brenda's body, he locked the handcuffs on each of her wrists.

Brenda heard the familiar ratcheting sound and felt steel against her skin. She was breathless. In a matter of seconds she had been striped and restrained. He roughly pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He pulled her nipples stretching her tits upward. Brenda cried out in pain and tried to stand on her tip toes to relieve the pressure.

"Now, that's much better. Don't you think so slave?"

Brenda looked into her Master's face. She saw her reflection in the mirrored shades, naked, her tits pulled sharply away from her body. Butterflies in her stomach, electric tingling in her cunt, she was always turned on when he took control of her.

"Yes Master," she managed.

He released his grip on her tits. Taking her left elbow with his hand he turned her towards the farmhouse.


Brenda never saw the slap coming that landed squarely on her ass. She stumbled several steps, her high heeled sandals still tangled in the ruined skirt around her ankles. Her tits bounced with the awkward jerky steps. She suppressed the urge to cry out, regained her footing and started walking normally. He picked up his bag from the top of the car and followed her toward the front door of the home.

Once at the door Brenda waited to one side. She glanced back toward her car. Looking at the torn clothes on the ground Brenda wondered how she was going to get home.

"Surely he brought something for me to wear," she thought. She quickly turned away and cast her eyes down in front of her.

He took a key from the bag and unlocked the padlock on the door. After opening the door for her, Brenda stepped inside. She walked toward the hallway. She knew the way, this wasn't her first time here. The house was hot and smelled musty. It was no cleaner than the last time she had seen it.

Arriving outside the bedroom door, Brenda again waited to one side. He opened the door for her and she stepped through. The musty smell was gone and it was much cooler than the rest of the house. Both windows were open. "Had he been here earlier in preparation," she thought.

The furniture was familiar to Brenda. A leather easy chair, a sturdy wood office chair with no arms, a long low padded bench covered in black leather. The bench was constructed of heavy lumber with one inch steel rings all the way around the circumference. Memories of being tied to the bench flashed through Brenda's mind. In the corner, she saw the thing he called the horse. Also built of heavy lumber, it looked like a heavy duty saw horse, the top padded and covered in black leather. Heavy steel rings were mounted on each sturdy leg. The floor was covered in a thick rug. Brenda had many memories from this room. As she looked around she could feel her cunt getting wetter.

Placing the bag on the end of the bench, Master pointed to the opposite end. "There slave, elbows and knees."

Brenda obediently walked to the end of the bench. She knelt on the edge of the bench, knees apart, lay her forearms on the leather surface in front of her, lower legs and feet hanging over the edge. Her ass was propped up above her upper body, her cunt exposed as if ready for penetration.

He took two black leather cuffs out of the bag and walked behind her. Brenda felt him strapping the cuffs to her ankles. They each had sturdy steel rings facing the inside of her legs. After both cuffs were secured he slowly ran his fingers up and down the inside of Brenda's thighs, then gently stroked her cunt lips. Reaching under her, he caressed the skin in her pubic area above her cunt, then slowly ran his middle finger between her cunt lips and up the crack of her ass.

Brenda was enjoying the attention but knew he was inspecting her for any areas she might have missed while shaving. Once, she met him with a little stubble on her cunt lips. He had refused to fuck her that day. She was careful to never repeat that oversight.

Master gripped Brenda's ass cheeks firmly with both hands. He pulled her ass apart, stretching her painfully. Brenda inhaled sharply. He paused savoring the moment. He loved the view of her stretched cunt and asshole, along with the feeling of her ass flesh squeezed tightly between his fingers.

"Like the commercial says," he thought, "Priceless."

He released her right cheek and pushed two fingers into her cunt. He stroked in and out of her cunt a few times before he removed them. Still holding his tight grip on her left ass cheek he reached forward, holding the two fingers in front of Brenda's face.

"Your cunt is already soaking wet slave. Were you masturbating while you were waiting for me?"

Masturbation in private without permission was strictly forbidden. Brenda replied frantically, "Oh No, Master! I wasn't masturbating!"

"Are you sure slave? Not even a little?" He asked.

"No sir, I swear!" she answered quickly.

He released his grip and wiped his wet fingers on her ass. He left Brenda on the bench and walked to the middle of the room. A rope with a snap fastener hung from the ceiling. The rope went through a steel ring in the ceiling and then to a hook on the wall.

"Come here slave."

Brenda didn't hesitate, she got up from the bench and walked directly in front of him holding out her cuffed hands. He attached the snap on the rope to the chain between Brenda's wrists and walked over to the hook on the wall. He began to pull on the rope, lifting Brenda's hands over her head. The cuffs started to bite into the skin on her wrists but she was able to hold the rope with her hands to relieve some of the pressure. When Brenda's hands were above her head, her elbows slightly bent, he tied the rope to the hook.

He walked back to the bench and took out a red ball gag out of the black bag. Walking in front of Brenda he said, "It's been a while since you've been gagged hasn't it slave?"

Brenda replied, "Yes sir."

Holding the ball gag from the end of each strap he began to roll it over her body. First along her side, then stepping behind her he slowly rolled it up and down her back and over her ass cheeks. Continuing to circle Brenda, he rolled the ball on her other side, then stepped in front of her. He slowly rolled the ball up and down over her abdomen and tits. Brenda had her eyes closed. She was becoming more aroused by the second.

He stopped rolling the ball gag and dragged one of the nylon straps up across Brenda's left nipple roughly. Her nipple popped down after the strap passed. Brenda's body jerked slightly and she let out a little squeak. He dragged the strap down across Brenda's right nipple. Her body jerked again but no squeak this time. He continued to drag the strap up and down across her nipples. Brenda began to breathe rapidly. He stopped and looked at her beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard as steel. They poked out from her tits a half inch and were as big around as the tips of her small fingers.

He rolled the ball gag down Brenda's abdomen to her cunt, easily slipping it between the shaved wet lips. Without thinking Brenda spread her legs. He rubbed the ball gag in a circular motion around her clit then down to the opening of her cunt. Slipping the ball inside her, he slowly pumped it in and out. He moved it back to her clit and repeated the process several times.

Brenda closed her eyes tightly and moved her hips with his rhythm to maximize her pleasure. Brenda was so aroused she thought she might cum.

He suddenly stopped and pulled the ball gag out of Brenda's cunt. It was dripping wet. He held the ball gag in front of Brenda's face.

"You are such a horny slut, is there anything that won't make you cum?" he asked.

Brenda couldn't respond.

He pressed the ball gag against her lips, rubbing it around her mouth and against her nostrils. Brenda could feel the sticky wetness and smell her cunt. He put the ball back in Brenda's cunt again. Pumping rapidly it in and out while he watched Brenda's face.

Brenda's eyes were closed and she breathed deeply through her open mouth. She was approaching orgasm when he abruptly stopped and pulled the ball gag out if her cunt.

Brenda sighed deeply in disappointment. When she opened her eyes, Master was holding the soaking ball gag in front of her face.

"Open," he said.

Brenda opened her mouth, He slipped the ball inside. The sweet taste of her cunt flooded Brenda's mouth. She breathed in deeply through her nose and sighed. Her mouth began to water uncontrollably. He secured the straps behind Brenda's head and stepped in front of her. She could see her reflection in his mirrored shades. With her hands over her head, Brenda's full round tits lifted, her erect nipples pointed up slightly. The smell and taste of her cunt was overwhelming. With her mouth held open by the ball gag, Brenda couldn't swallow. She knew it wouldn't be long before the drooling would start.

Thinking, "I am a horny slut," she lowered her eyes and blushed with embarrassment.

He reached out and with his right hand and pinched her right nipple. Another little squeal escaped from Brenda. He released her nipple. As he started to walk around her he ran his fingernails across her tit to her side. His nails were leaving little red trails in her skin. Fingernails up the inside of her arm, then down her rib cage to her thigh. He stood behind her, pressing his body against hers. He stroked his hands up and down each side of her body and up-stretched arms.

He reached around her and cupped her tits in his hands, gently stroking her nipples. He smelled her hair, then gave her a series of gentle bites on the neck and shoulders. Brenda moaned into the ball gag and pressed her ass against he crotch. He continued to caress her tits with his left hand and dropped his right hand down her belly. He slipped a finger between Brenda's cunt lips and found her hard clit.

Brenda reacted to the gentle stroking of her clit by rubbing her ass against his crotch in a circular motion. When he felt her body tremble he knew she was building toward an orgasm, he suddenly released her and stepped away.

Brenda tried to say, "PLEASE, DON'T STOP!" but unintelligible grunts were the only thing that came out.

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