tagBDSMSoccer Mom Slave Ch. 03 of 03

Soccer Mom Slave Ch. 03 of 03


Brenda lay on the bench staring at the horse. She couldn't stop thinking about what had just transpired. This was by far the cruelest Master had ever treated her. Even thought she was sexually satisfied, she was alarmed at how far he went.

Brenda was genuinely afraid when Master took out his knife to cut off her bra and panties, She was sure he would never do anything to harm her, but he had never introduced a weapon into their relationship before. And the flogging, he had never been so brutal. The way he callously left her with nothing to wear on her way home made Brenda feel used and abandoned.

Ever since she started these secret meetings with Master, Brenda had asked herself the same question over and over.

"How can a man get sexual pleasure from doing these sorts of things to a woman?"

As usual, she had no answer. And as usual, it only raised the next question.

"How can a woman get sexual pleasure from having these sorts of things done to her?"

As usual, she had no answer to that question either.

Brenda wasn't sure how long she lay on the bench. She finally gave up trying to analyze her relationship with Master. She sat up on the bench and immediately felt the sting on her ass. She sipped some water from the bottle.

Brenda felt a drop of cum drip from her nose and she started to reach up. She stopped herself, remembering she couldn't wipe her face. She picked up the soiled towel and began to wipe her body. She knew she must be a sight.

Sweat, drool and cum were everywhere. Her cunt and inner thighs were soaked. Cum was still dripping off her face onto her tits. The towel was so wet she wasn't sure if she was really cleaning herself or just smearing everything around.

Brenda knew she had to get going. She wasn't sure what time it was but she had to pick up the kids at 3:00. It didn't seem like she had been here that long. There would plenty of time to go home and change clothes.

Brenda took a few minutes to drink the rest of her water. She slowly stood up, feeling the soreness throughout her body. She closed the windows and walked out of the room, closing the bedroom door behind her.

She walked to the front door and hesitated. The reality of being naked and alone made her tremble. When Master was with her she felt safe from the outside world. What would she do if someone was out there? What if someone saw her? She looked at the hand towel, it was so small it would barely cover her tits. She held the towel in front of her cunt with one hand and opened the door slightly.

Peeking out, Brenda saw nothing but her car. She leaned her head out and looked around, nothing. Finally she stepped out of the door and closed it behind her. She fumbled with the pad lock, finally getting it to snap closed.

Still trying to cover her cunt, she trotted as quickly as she could in her high heeled sandals. Her tits and ball gag around her neck bounced with every step. She found her skirt on the ground near the front of her car. Picking it up, she looked at the torn zipper and missing button.

Her heart sank. "How can I wear this," she thought.

Then she saw her shredded panties and bra on the ground next to the car door. She picked them up. "Hopeless," she thought and threw them in the open car window along with the hand towel.

Brenda had never felt so vulnerable. She held the skirt in front of her with one hand covering her tits. She put her other hand over her cunt and squeezed her thighs together. She imagined a thousand eyes staring at her naked body. A shiver went down her spine in spite of the warm sun on her skin.

Brenda looked around sheepishly. Seeing nothing, she draping the skirt over the car door, reached in the window and picked the blouse up off the seat. She held it up and realized that the top two buttons were still attached, all the others were missing.

"This might work," she thought excitedly.

She put on the blouse and buttoned the top two buttons. Her tits spread the blouse open exposing her abdomen.

"Great, upside down cleavage," she thought.

It looked like her hard nipples were trying to poke holes through her blouse. Her tits were still damp making the white blouse slightly sheer. The color contrast between her nipples and the skin on her tits was clearly visible through the cotton material. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up. No way to keep it on without holding it closed at the back. If she let go, it would slip down to her knees.

"What can I use to hold this skirt closed," she thought.

A memory popped into her mind from her childhood, her mother telling her to always carry a safety pin in her purse.

"Thanks mom. If only I had followed that bit of advice."

She pushed thoughts of her mother from her mind.

"I have no choice," she thought, "I'll have to drive home this way."

Holding the back of her skirt closed, Brenda slid painfully on the car seat. She had to wiggle her ass to arrange the skirt into position covering her. No matter what she tried, she couldn't keep the lower part of her blouse closed.

"At least my tits are covered, even if my nipples are on display," Brenda thought.

Brenda reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror so she could see her face.

"OH MY GOD," she cried out loud.

The reflection in the mirror was shocking. Brenda's hair was a mess, her face was covered with cum, her make up smeared. The red ball gag was hanging around her neck. Brenda almost broke down and cried.

"Stop it, you can get through this," again speaking out loud.

She pulled the barrette out of her hair. She didn't bother trying to brush out her hair, just smoothed it as best she could with her hands. She felt Master's cum on her hair. There was nothing she could do about it now so she just smeared it in. Pulling her hair back into a pony tail, she replaced the barrette.

Rummaging around in the glove compartment, Brenda found the extra pair of sunglasses. The really big ones she only used when she forgot her Ray bans. She put on the sunglasses. They covered most of the make up disaster. The cum was starting to dry into a pasty white color, she didn't think it could be seen from a distance, but up close?

"All I have to do is drive home," she thought, "This will work."

She started the car and looked at the clock on the dash.

"Two Thirty? OH NO!"

She put the car in gear, spinning the tires in the gravel driveway. Thoughts began racing through her mind.

"How could I have been there so long? You were being abused and fucked and lost track of time because you were loving every second of it you slut" she scolded herself

"I have to pick up the kids from school at 3:00! I can't go looking like this!"

Soon Brenda was pulling onto the freeway. She accelerated in the fast lane then slowed down to the speed limit.

"I can't get pulled over like this."

She shivered at the thought of talking to a police officer. How could she explain her clothes, the ball gag, the ankle cuffs not to mention her cum covered face. She had to make a conscious effort to keep her speed down when all she wanted to do was race to the safety of her home.

Brenda called her friend Cheryl with her cell. She tried to keep her voice calm,

"Can you pick up Billy and Jill at school? The dentist office called, they had an opening. I'm getting my teeth cleaned, I can pick them up at your place by 4:00,"

"No problem," Cheryl replied. "I'll drop them off at your place, see you at 4:00."

"Thanks, you're a doll."

So far-so good. Halfway home now. Brenda's heart raced. 10 minutes later she pulled off the freeway.

"Only two traffic lights to go, please let them be green. Please don't let me see anyone I know."

Both lights were red but she didn't see anyone she knew. It seemed like forever, then she was pulling onto her street. Five houses from her place she started hitting the button on the garage door remote.

"Come on, Come on," Brenda said out loud.

Finally the door started to open. Brenda pulled in the garage and immediately hit the remote to close the door.

"Does this garage door always move this slow?"

She shut off the car engine. The door finally closed. Brenda took off her sunglasses. Leaning her head back against the headrest, she closed her eyes and let her racing heart settle.

Once she was calmed down she got out of the car, flinching as her sore ass rubbed across the seat. As she stepped out of the car her skirt fell around her ankles. She stepped out of ruined skirt and picked it up off the floor. She held the skirt, torn lingerie and towel in one hand, her purse in the other and walked into the house.

Almost 3:00, she had an hour before Cheryl would be here.

"Please don't be early," Brenda said out loud.

Brenda put her purse down in the kitchen and started upstairs. She walked into the master bedroom, locked the door behind her and went into the bathroom. She dropped the ruined garments and towel on the floor. Then she looked at herself in the mirror

She was quite a sight. Dried cum covered her face, her makeup still a mess, bright red ball gag around her neck, nipples clearly visible through her blouse, bottoms of her tits showing from the opening of the lower part of her blouse, more cum had oozed out of her cunt on the way home..

"I look like I fucked the Green Bay Packers," she thought.

She took off the ball gag and dropped it in the sink. When she took off her blouse she noticed how tender her nipples were. She dropped the blouse on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

Her nipples were bright pink and swollen. She could see a few light marks from the flogger on her tits and thighs. A rope burn circled her waist, another ran down toward her cunt. Her cunt lips were still wide open. She felt the soreness from the rope and the hard fucking from her Master. She touched her clit lightly, it was swollen and very sore.

"The rope," she thought.

She noticed the marks left by the handcuffs were no longer red, bright pink now, but starting to fade.

"I bet the Green Bay Packers wouldn't have been this rough on me," she thought.

Brenda turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her ass was beet red. Thin red stripe marks from the flogger were everywhere. She reached back and touched her red ass cheeks. The skin was sore and still very hot.

"Master has never left me like this before" she thought "He's testing my limits." Then with a surge of pride Brenda thought, "I've passed every test."

Brenda looked at the clock. 3:15. Wow. She needed to get busy. She took off her shoes and ankle cuffs, ran the shower and stepped in as soon as the water was warm. She put her head under the rushing water and rinsed cum out of her hair, then her face, then her body. She soaped up with shower gel, washing everywhere.

When her fingers touched her cunt she jumped. Her clit was swollen and very sensitive. While she was touching her cunt, her mind drifted to the memory of her masturbating with both hands while her master's balls were stuffed in her mouth.

"Stop! What's the matter with you. Not now," she thought.

Brenda shampooed her hair and rinsed off. After turning off the tap, she stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself dry. She had to be careful touching the towel to her sore nipples, ass and cunt.

Once dry, Brenda put moisturizer on her skin paying extra attention to the red marks. She knew that the moisturizer would help the marks fade faster.

She also knew that nothing was going to help her ass. It would take at least a week before it started to look normal.

Brenda used the blow dryer on her hair, no time for the curling iron. She would put it back in a pony tail, what else? A quick dab of make up and she looked at the clock again. 3:50, she was going to make it.

Brenda rinsed off the ball gag and dried it with her bath towel. She scooped everything up off the floor. She threw the ruined clothes in the trash, tossed the shoes in the closet, and ran to her dresser. She stashed the ball gag and ankle cuffs in the back of her lingerie drawer and at the same time picked out a set of everyday bra and panties.

Brenda dressed quickly putting on pair of knee length shorts and a pull over blouse, the same clothes she had worn when dropping off the kids at school earlier in the morning.

"Done," she thought.

When she got downstairs she heard a car in the driveway. Looking out the window she saw Cheryl's car. She opened the front door as her son and daughter raced past her into the house.

"Hi Mom," they both yelled.

Brenda waved at Cheryl and said, "Thanks, I owe you one."

She replied "Any time Hun."

Brenda wondered how Cheryl coped with the soccer mom lifestyle. For a moment she imagined Cheryl on the horse, a dildo tied in her cunt and sucking a hard cock.

"STOP IT!" she thought and pushed the image from her mind.

Brenda closed the door and turned. She was rewarded with the sight of her kids taking off their backpacks and jabbering about their day, what a great time they had with Cheryl. Her heart melted. She loved her family more than anything. Nothing in the world was more important to her. She knew she would have to manage the meetings with her Master very carefully.

Two hours later things were quiet in the house. Both kids were at the kitchen table doing homework. Brenda was preparing dinner, a normal evening. The sound of the garage door opening announced the arrival of her husband home from work.

Both kids looked up and said, "Dads home!"

The back door opened and he stepped into the kitchen. Both kids turned in their chairs and yelled, "HI DAD!"

His booming reply followed,"HI YOU TWO!"

He walked over to the table and hugged both of them at the same time, kissing each on the tops of their heads. "What are you doing?"

A fairly long explanation of their homework followed, mostly incomprehensible because both kids were talking at the same time. Brenda listened to the exchange. So routine it would be easy to miss how really special it was. She thought again how important her family was to her.

All this time Brenda was standing at the kitchen counter cutting vegetables, her back to the room. He walked over to her and put both arms around her waist. He kissed her on the neck and gave her a hug. Her ass stung from the pressure of his body against hers.

"Hey you," he said.

"Hey yourself. How was your day?" she asked nonchalantly.

He smiled and said, "Well, my day was pretty great."

He took his right hand from around her waist and ran his fingers down her forearm. When he reached her wrist he touched the pink mark left by the handcuffs.

"So how was your day?" He asked.

She stopped what she was doing, turned and reached her arms up around his neck. Standing in her flip-flops, he was a full 7 inches taller than Brenda. She looked up into his eyes, then her gaze dropped to his chest. Looking at his uniform shirt she saw the familiar mirrored shades hanging outside of his chest pocket below his badge. No question, he was an imposing figure in his uniform.

Brenda looked back into his eyes, smiled and said, "My day was fantastic!"

They shared a long kiss.


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