tagBDSMSold Into Slavery Ch. 1

Sold Into Slavery Ch. 1


By now you have probably read about how I met my boyfriend Billy. Well, five months later, and we are still together, going strong, and fulfilling each other's fantasies, while having lives of our own. Billy dates women when he is on business trips, and he sets me up with his business associates, and other friends.

The fantasies that Billy has fulfilled for me, are my first lesbian experience with strippers at a bachelor party. I still live and fool around with one of the girls, Mia. Another fantasy was to be gang raped, which Billy accomplished by having Mia and myself ambushed by guys from his basketball team.

Some of my other fantasies that I have talked about are to be a slave to an experienced Master, and to have sex with a dog. The dog thing is just a curiosity. I'm not sure I could really do it. BDSM on the other hand, is something I would like to try. Billy has tied me up, and blindfolded me, which I love, but he has no real interest in a Dom/sub relationship, which is fine with me. I adore him for who he is, and the happiness he brings me. I never thought I could be happy with anyone, but Billy and Mia have opened my eyes.

* * * * *

Billy and I had just finished having a hot and heavy session; he really fucked me hard, and rough. For some reason, I fell asleep. A really deep sleep. When I woke up, I was really refreshed, but groggy, like I had slept for days. Then, I realized that I couldn't move my hands or legs, and then I was also blindfolded and had a gag in my mouth.

I wasn't afraid, but I knew Billy just wasn't into this that much. So I figured I was in for a wild time.

After what seemed like an eternity, a strange voice with an English accent started speaking to me. "So, you have finally woken up little one. How nice" I know most of Billy's friends, none of them have British accents. Since I had a gag in my mouth, I couldn't reply. The gag was removed, and I asked, "who are you? Where is Billy?"

"Ahhhhh yes," he replied," my friend William has done very well this time"

"What do you mean, done well this time?" I replied. "William and I have been doing business for years. I give him my business, and he brings me beautiful young things to train as slaves, like yourself."

"Get the fuck out of here, Billy would never do that to me" I yelled. "Let me go, untie me at once." I felt a stinging slap to my thigh, "you will address me as Master for now on, little one, you are mine, I own you. Maybe I will keep you, or maybe I will sell you, it all depends how good a slave I can make you. I promise you. You will obey."

"Never" I said. "No one owns me. I will never obey you, you bastard" With that, I felt another slap on my thigh, it really stung. He replaced the gag in my mouth. He then laughed an evil laugh, and said, "little one, you are now far far away from home. In another country, your parents can't help you, and as for William, he won't be coming back here, not for you anyway." And then more evil laughter followed. I heard a door slam shut.

I couldn't believe it, that bastard Billy, I trusted him, and now he sold me into slavery. If I ever get back to the states, I promised myself that I would get even with him. I started thinking, the only way for me to try to escape, is to get this guy to trust me, but I have to make it seem like I am resisting him at first, gain his trust, and then find the right time and place, and somehow get back home. Surely Mia and my parents will know I'm missing, and will try to find me, but Master said that I am in a different country, am I in England, where am I? I drifted back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was no longer tied up or blindfolded. There was a tray of fruit, eggs, toast and bacon, and a glass of juice. I was so hungry, that I barely tasted the food because I ate so fast. I looked out my window. I was deserted; there were no other houses in sight. Shit, how am I going to get out of this, I thought to myself. Just then, the door opened, and a tall man, about 6-5, 260 pounds, with a hood on walked in. He was black, for some reason, with his accent, I never pictured a black man, let alone this large man built like Frank Thomas of the White Sox. He said to me, "little one, its time for your training" I said, "never you bastard, let me go, and I won't tell the police" He laughed that evil laugh, and said, "you will be punished severely little one. you will learn to call me Master, and that you will obey everything I say." He came towards me, and I tried to fight him, but he was too big and strong.

He took me downstairs to what had to be a dungeon. He placed me in some kind of contraption, where my hands and feet were almost touching the ground, and I was bent over a padded sawhorse like thing. He placed my hands and then my feet inside straps. I couldn't move, I was naked, and helpless, with my ass in the air. He showed me the paddle that he was about to use on me. I was now scared shitless. He paddled me, and it hurt a little, but wasn't that bad. Being a smartass, I said, "is that all you got?" Big mistake, the next thing I felt, was the most pain I have ever felt in my life. He put almost all of his weight behind that swat. I screamed, "owwwwwwwww, asshole, that really hurt." He told me, that he was going to have to put a gag in my mouth, or he would really hurt me.

That probably saved me, because I couldn't smart off to him. God I can be really stupid sometimes. He then started spanking me; not as hard as the last one, but hard enough that I started crying. No one had ever made me cry like that, but it really hurt. After 20 swats, he counted them for me. He removed the gag, and asked me, "what's my name," I had to cry out "Master, Master, please don't hit me any more" I really meant it, my ass was sore. "You will obey me?" he asked. "Yes, anything, just don't hit me anymore"

"The next time you disobey or disrespect me, I promise you, it will be worse."

I said, "yes Master, I will obey"

"The first lesson," he said, "is that your pleasure is not important. You will only cum when I allow you to, and you will pleasure me whenever, and however I tell you" Is that clear little one?" I replied, "yes Sir, I will do as You say, whatever, and wherever." I couldn't' believe those words came out of my mouth, but this was for survival. He released me from that contraption, and ordered me to my knees. He then told me that I cannot use my hands, and to just open my mouth, that he was going to fuck my mouth, and eventually all of my holes. They were his to use as he pleased. He pulled down his pants, and I almost fainted. I had seen slightly longer cocks, his was 11" long, but the width was enormous, the head of his cock was almost as big as my fist. "Shit, this can't be really happening, why couldn't I get lucky and get a Master with a small cock." He then slid the head of his cock in my mouth. I really had to open wide; it felt like I was at the dentist, "wider, open wider sinnndy," my dentist would say. He finally worked his cock into my mouth, I had only two inches in, but that was plenty. I started to grab for his cock, he slapped my hands away, and said "do that again, and you will be punished" He started easing more cock into my mouth, I was having trouble breathing already, and there were still 7" to go.

He grabbed the back of my head, and started working more in, until he reached my gag point, he then pulled back, and started fucking me slowly, sticking his cock in, until I gagged, then pulling out. Then on one downward stroke, he surprised me, and pushed past my gag point, I almost passed out. He started fucking my face hard, and there were still 4" to go. On one downward stroke, he pushed my head hard, straight down on his cock. All of it was in my throat, and I blacked out for a couple of seconds. When I came to, he was completely pulling out, and slamming all his meat down my throat, and I was dripping wet. I actually loved it, being used like a cheap whore, I relished it. He started to groan, and buried his cock all the way down my throat. I never even tasted his semen; I just felt it deep in my throat. What an awesome feeling. I found myself rubbing my clit, and remembered I wasn't supposed to cum. I just hoped he didn't catch me.

When he pulled his cock out of my throat, I said "thank You Master, that was wonderful." He told me that I was a great cocksucker, that no women was ever able to take his whole cock in their throat, but that I would have to be punished for playing with myself. Damn, he saw me, can't get too much past this guy. Escape is going to be a bitch. Bend over he told me, and I did as he said. Count out each swat. If you lose your count, we will start over again. This time, he didn't use the paddle, but used his large hand. Slap, "one" I said, it still hurt, but not as much as the paddle did. He spanked me nine more times, alternating swats on each cheek, and I didn't lose count. After spanking me, he said to me, "you did well little one. You will be rewarded. Now you can use your hands, get me hard, slut." I proceeded to lick his big cock with vigor; it was a beautiful cock. I cupped his balls, licking his shaft all over.

He then told me to bend over the contraption that he paddled me with, and I did. He placed the heads of his monster, at my pussy, and slammed it home hard, I bit my tongue, so not to yell, but it really hurt. He fucked me like I was a cheap whore. In this situation, I was his cheap whore. He slapped my ass, and pulled my hair, calling me a good little slut, his little slut. He then poked a huge finger in my ass; it was bigger than some cocks I had had when I was in high school. He then pulled his cock out, and thankfully lubed up with KY. He was gentler with my little asshole than he was with my pussy. He tried to ease the head in, but it went in with a loud pop, and it hurt like hell. He left it like that for a while, but, and I knew I might get punished for it, but I didn't care, I moved my ass back into him, he got the hint, and started to fuck me hard, each pump driving his cock farther into my aching, but pleased ass, until he was finally balls deep. "He said to me, you are a good slut, my little one, you can play with your pussy now, but wait until I tell you to cum. With that, he started to slam into my ass hard, his big balls slapping my thighs. I was working my clit feverishly, pain and pleasure at the same time, heaven on earth for me. He was grunting, and groaning, I knew he was close, and so was I, "now little one, cum for me now" As I did, he filled my ass with the biggest load I semen I have ever felt. He slid his log out of my ass; it must have looked like you could fit a silo inside when he pulled out. He then came in front of me and said "clean me little one" which I hungrily did.

He then allowed me to roam the house and relax, because I was such a good slut. So I checked out his place. It was enormous. Twenty bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 3 kitchens.

The dungeon was filled with various whips and restraining devices. It was like something I had seen in horror movies. I really didn't want to piss this guy off. He could hurt me all by himself, let alone his devices of torture. I guess he figured that I was miles away from civilization, and I didn't know the lay of the land, that I would not try to escape, and he was right. The thing that struck me as weird was that there was not one television, radio or phone in any of the rooms that were unlocked. How did my new Master find out what was happening in the world, or talk to anyone. I thought that maybe all of those devices were in the rooms that were locked.

Later that evening, I saw Masters face for the first time. He was a handsome man, late 40's, with jet-black hair. He flashed me a pleasant smile, and asked how I liked his mansion. I told him that it was a beautiful place, and how I loved how it was decorated. I was telling the truth, the mansion was unbelievable. I expected Robin Leach to show up and do a documentary for "Houses of the Rich and Famous." Master then said to me, "little one, I am going to have some friends over tomorrow night. They are Masters and Mistresses that I know. They will be here to check out my new slave. They will be allowed to bid on you, and if they bid high enough, you will be sold." I said "Master, I want You to be my Master. I know I'm not here by choice, but I don't want to be sold to someone who might really hurt me. I can tell that You are a fair Master, but there are some sick fucks out there. Please keep me for Your own. Plus, I love your cock, I need it Master." I was telling the truth, at least about the possibility of finding some evil demented Master. At least my present Master seemed to have kindness inside of him.

Master then said to me "at this point in my life, because of my business, I do not have time for a full time slave. I travel a lot, and for weeks at a time, but if I was to keep a slave, you would be my first choice. You are perfect for this lifestyle. I like your spunk. I like the challenge of taming a wild filly. You still have a long way to go. Do not be scared my little one. I'm sure your new owner will take good care of you. Now go to bed, and rest up, we have work to do tomorrow, to prepare you properly." He kissed me on the forehead, and led me to my room.

I laid in my bed thinking, what the heck is going to happen tomorrow. What kind of new Master will I have. Will he have a nice cock? I hope so. I then drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I had some terrible dreams of people doing evil things to me. Punishing me with whips, beating me with paddles. I then realized that my pussy was drenched. I then started playing with myself until I came. I then went back to sleep. A nice restful sleep.

When I woke up. There was another wonderful feast on a tray. Similar to yesterdays meal. This time I ate slowly, and enjoyed it. Master then came into my room, this time wearing a mask. He asked me if I enjoyed my meal, and that I would need my energy today. That we had a lot of work to do, some of it unpleasant. I told Master that I was ready to do whatever he needed me to do.

He led me to the dungeon, and towards a pulley device. He clasped my arms, and raised the pulleys so that my arms were way over my head. I couldn't move them. On the floor, were boots cemented into the floor. He placed my feet in the boots. Now I was completely helpless. He could do whatever he wanted, and I couldn't fight back. He then told me to open my mouth, and placed a ball gag in my mouth. He then said "little one, I am not punishing you, but showing you some of the ways that I can cause you pain if you fail me tonight. This is not personal, just a lesson you must learn. If you cross me tonight, what you are about to experience, is nothing compared to what kind of pain I can cause you."

I then saw him reach into a large chest. He had what looked like clamps. I have read and chatted with people on the internet, so I new what was about to happen, and with a gag in my mouth, I couldn't tell Master that this wasn't necessary, that I would obey. Even if I could plead for mercy, I'm sure he wouldn't listen. He came near me, and try as I might, I could not move at all. He placed the first clamp on the fleshy part of my breast. It hurt a little, but it wasn't that bad. He placed one on my other breast, and it really didn't bother me. He eventually placed three on the fleshy parts of each breast. The pain was minimal, but I knew he wasn't close to being finished. I was right, the next clamp was place on my nipple, which really hurt. I was thrashing around as much as I could, and then the next clamp on my other nipple, ouch. My nipples were on fire; there was such a helpless feeling. I hated feeling like this, and yet I could feel wetness in my pussy. How could that be I thought to myself? I'm in agony, and yet I'm kind of turned on. The next clamp brought me back to reality, right on one of my pussy lips. He then placed 2 total on each of my lips. It really hurt, the pain shooting through my privates. He had one more clamp, and I feared where he was going to place it. When he neared me, and started rubbing my clit, I knew the worst was about to happen. He rubbed my clit for about a minute, and it felt wonderful. When he placed the clamp on my clit, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Never had I felt pain like that. I was thrashing about, screaming into my gag, but it did no good. Tears were running down my cheeks. Master then turned away from me, and left the dungeon.

It seemed like he was gone forever. I tried to think of baseball, my girlfriend Mia, or what I would do to Billy if I ever got the chance, but nothing worked, the pain was still there, and yet I could still feel and smell the dampness in my pussy. I was amazed at the fact that while I hated the pain, I was somehow also aroused. After what seemed an eternity, but was probably 20 minutes, Master came back, wearing only his mask. He had a wonderful body, very masculine and muscular. He released my feet, but them placed them in clasps that were tied to another pulley. He raised the pulley until my legs were in the air, and I was completely horizontal. It was a strange feeling, hanging there almost weightless. He removed my gag. Before I had a chance to speak, he grabbed the clamps on both nipples and tugged on them. I started to scream, but when I opened my mouth, he jammed his soft, but still big, cock into my mouth. I started sucking hungrily, like this was my last meal on earth. He started fucking my face, and his cock grew in my mouth, filling it completely. While fucking my face hard, I was having real trouble breathing, until he started pulling on both nipple clamps, that brought me back to earth. I tried to scream, but of course, I had his huge tool completely down my throat.

I wish I could try to explain the different feelings and emotions going through my head and body at the same time, but unless you have experienced this kind of torture and pleasure at the same time, well its impossible to describe. Its like the greatest turn on and the worst pain you have ever felt happening to you at the same time. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, replaced the gag in my mouth and walked behind me. I felt the head of his cock measuring my pussy. I was so wet at that point, I knew even though he was massive, that he would slide right in. He slammed most of his cock in me, it hurt like hell, and I liked it. He started fucking me hard, pulling at my pussy clamps. Pistoning his cock in and out. I thought to myself, "I could get used to this" I liked it and hated it at the same time.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy; I knew what was going to happen next. Thankfully, he lubed up again. This time, he wasn't so gentle with my asshole. The bulbous head of his cock popped loudly into my ass, and he slammed as much as he could into my unready ass. I screamed into the gag, of course he couldn't hear me, nor would he care if he did. He started fucking my ass hard. I could feel his huge balls swinging up, slapping against my pussy. He slowed down a little, sliding his cock almost all the way out slowly, waiting a second, and then slamming it back inside of me. I loved it. I love the pain when my asshole is invaded like this. There are some nerves in our assholes, that when hit the right way, send pleasurable waves of pain that is indescribable.

He then really slowed his pace down, sliding in and out deliberately. I felt him reach under my body. At once, he released the clamps attached to my nipples. I again screamed into the gag, and he started fucking my ass in hard, deep strokes. I was crying again, my nipples were on fire. I couldn't even concentrate on my asshole's invasion. I could tell by his grunting that he was close to cumming. I was glad for that, hoping that my torture was nearing its end. I was partially right, he was close to cumming, and then he released the clamp on my clit, I had almost forgotten about that clamp. I now had pain that I never thought existed. My clit was burning, and he was banging my ass for all he was worth. As he started to cum, filling my ass with his sperm, he started rubbing my sore clit, and even though I was in agony, I started to orgasm. I didn't think that was possible. My orgasm went on for what seemed like minutes. I couldn't stop it. I was in such a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. I finally calmed down a little, and I was breathing like I had just sprinted a marathon

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