tagLoving WivesSome Cum From All of Us

Some Cum From All of Us

byOne Wounded Dragon©

I had told my wife of my panty fetish long before our marriage. I explained that I was heterosexual, but had worn panties most of my life. They were exciting, daring, sexy, a small part of my life I could control. She asked me what my most extreme fantasy with my panties was and I quietly told her it was to be forced to show my panties in public. Not really humiliated, but maybe forced to walk the length of a mall or some trails in a distant park. She smiled. To my relief she lovingly accepted my fetish and arrived on her next visit with a gift of several pair of high-cut panties. They were beautiful and she daringly displayed the pair she was wearing, then asked me to wear the matching pair. My fears were erased and my cock grew harder, I slipped the bright pink panties on and she rubbed her pussy against my hard cock, teasing us. "Later..." she promised.

As our relationship progressed, we became more daring, often spending summer weekends wearing nothing but panties and maybe T-shirts. She was gorgeous, her full breasts swayed and her large nipples hardened. We even made short trips outside in the evening, checking the mail, watering plants, etc. I loved seeing men watch her and loved even more when traffic slowed as they saw me. We had begun playing with a fantasy, of me watching another man or men fuck her and it always produced powerful orgasms for both of us. Afterward, we would re-affirm our feelings for each other and agreed we only wanted each other, falling asleep in each other's arms. Her love for me was unquestionable and mine for her was deep and sincere. During one of these fantasies, she daringly told me her imaginary lover was getting her pregnant, and we both had tremendous orgasms.

"Someday Love, we're going to do that." She promised. Our fantasies were becoming bolder.

One night, I awoke to the sound of my wife slipping into the bedroom. She'd worked late, but it was several hours later than usual. She carefully sat on the edge of the bed and the sheets rustled against her clothes. She was undressing as she bent to kiss me.

"Hi Swee, sorry I'm so late."

I kissed her and smelled the pungent odor of perfume, sweat, and something else, the unmistakable smell of sex. Even in the darkness I could see her hair was a mess and her clothes disheveled. She kissed me again, deeper. She pushed me back on the bed kissing me deeply, pulling my tongue into her mouth. She was aroused and very sexy, undressing as she climbed into bed with me.

My mind reeled, twisting, churning, a mass of emotion, she had done it. We often played the fantasy, but fantasies were safe, but now...? I was hurt, jealous, angry, confused and my cock was hard as a rock. She reeked of sex. Did she use any protection? Did she still love me? I started to speak.

"Sshhh..." she held a finger to my lips and kissed a trail down to my cock.

"Ooh..." I held her, caressed her. She wore a satin chamisole and matching panties and my hands roamed freely. Below her panties I found the tops of her lace top stockings. Her nipples were hard erasers and I could see a hickey, dark on her throat. My hands slid to her pussy. She was soaked, and very slippery. She moaned as I caressed her wet panties.

My wife moved back up to my lips and climbed onto me, humping her wet pussy on my leg for a moment. She reached down and slid one leg out of her panties and deftly rolled her hips until my cock nestled between her pussy lips. They were swollen and soft and I humped against her clit.

"Oooohhh...." She pinned my shoulders to the bed, watching my eyes as she rubbed her clit against my cock. She was soft and very wet, her pussy warm and open. She rose up slightly and teased the head of my cock, bumping it in and out of her wet pussy.

"Ooohh Lover, I am sooooo full of cum...."

"Ooohh God, Oh yes..." I moaned, holding her ass and feeling her pussy squeeze as she rode me. She gently eased over me, watching my eyes and humping her wet cunt over my cock. I felt her clit rub against me and I was fully inside her.

"Ohh God... your pussy feels sooo good..."

"Ooohh Hon, I know you like this. Your cock is soooo hard. You feel sooo good inside my cum filled pussy and I know you want this. Ooohh... they fucked me again and again...it felt soooo good."

"Oohh God, my gorgeous wife. Did you pull them into you when they came?"

"Ooohh yes, I love feeling their cum stream into me." She rotated her full pussy down against me, rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. "It feels soooo good, we never use protection..."

"Ooohh God, do I know them?" I moaned, my cock thrusting deep inside her.

"Yes, oh yessss... and I'm going to fuck them again, and again..."

"Oooohh... I'm cumming, yes, I'm cumming in your full pussy... oh god..." I humped into her and my cum streamed into her wet cunt again and again.

"Oh Lover... Oh Hon... yes, cum in me... yes, you like fucking my full pussy, don't you?"

"Uh huh," I grunted my answer, too weak to move. She lay down on me and we slept as I softened inside her.

The next morning I was quiet, still thinking about last night's discovery. My wife was loving and thoughtful, but still excited. She assured me she still loved me and held and kissed me.

We had planned our camping vacation beginning the next day and my wife had planned everything, and I mean everything. She'd promised a special treat, but I had to do as I was told. All she would tell me was that it was something we had fantasized about many times.

It was sweltering hot and we were still dressed in matching soft pink panties. All we had to do was load the gear into the car and we made several trips out to the driveway, dropping stuff into the trunk and passing each other en-route. My mood lifted as we flirted and caressed. We stood for a moment kissing and petting each other's panties in the driveway, oblivious to the traffic. Her pussy was still soft and full from the night before and she smiled as I again got hard. I leaned against the trunk and she leaned back against me, facing traffic, as I caressed her panties and lifted her shirt above her nipples. I gently tugged and rubbed them for all to see. A couple sat through three green lights watching us. She turned around and kissed me deeply, rubbing her pussy against my panty clad cock. Her swollen lips surrounded my cock and I rubbed against her clit.

"Shall I tell you about that special treat?" She rubbed against me.

"Uh huh," I moaned.

"Are you sure?" She lifted her top and plastered her breasts against me.

"Yes, please," I kissed her. She smiled.

"OK, first, you're only allowed to wear panties... no matter where we go."

"Ooohh..." I moaned.

"Second, I'm ovulating... and you're going to watch another man fuck me and get me pregnant." She rose up until the head of my cock was pressed against our sheer panties between her pussy lips.

"Ooohh, Oh Lover," I held her hips and my cum streamed out of my cock, soaking both our panties. She humped her pussy, watching my face as my spasms subsided.

"Oh lover, our panties are soaked with cum... It's not cheating if you watch, you know? " She added. We slid into the car and she drove, lowering the top as we left the driveway. I no longer cared that I'd lost control. The lust and passion were wonderful and I let it take me.

"I want everyone to see us in matching panties." She smiled mischievously. I was nervous, but that was part of her plan. I closed my eyes, tipped the seat back and snoozed while she drove. The breeze felt good and she allowed it to blow her shirt up, exposing her full breasts. I awoke and watched her boldly display her gorgeous nipples. She stopped at a store near the park and told me I should get us a paper and some beer.

"My friends like Sam Adams... dark." She smiled.

There was a beach a hundred feet away and three other people in the store wore bathing suits, one of them a tiny bikini. I glanced from her, down to my panties and into the store. My wife just smiled and nodded toward the door.

"Go on, I'll wait here. I want everyone to see you in your pink panties... and so do you." She glanced down at my rising cock. I sighed in resignation.

"Dark?" I asked.

She nodded, smiling.

I was terrified and thrilled at the same time. I took a deep breath, opened the car door and slid out of the car. 'Oh god,' my tee shirt didn't reach the waistband of my panties. My heart was racing. People could see me. I was standing in a store parking lot, in broad daylight, wearing just pink panties. They were soft bubble gum pink and the gusset seam clearly showed, and people could see me. She handed me some money and again nodded toward the door. I stepped away from the car. 'Oh god, I was doing it, god, I was entering a store in public, wearing just pink panties and a tee shirt' my cock grew harder.

Two women in the store stared and smiled broadly. The one in the bikini spoke as she stood behind me, "Nice panties." The lone male customer glared, and stepped safe distance away. The cashier just shook his head, returning my change. I saw my wife laughing as I returned to the car.

"Oh God! I did it! I did it! Everyone saw me in panties. Oh god..." I closed the door and my wife gave me a high five. We drove toward our site with my wife still laughing. A large wet spot darkened my panties where I'd leaked.

Usually we tent camped at a nearby state park and this year we were fortunate enough to get a secluded space near the beach. I unpacked and pitched the tent. It was large for just the two of us, divided into three rooms, but it was nice and kept everything in its place. I had finished arranging the sleeping bags and was going to head for the shower when my wife stepped in and mentioned some new rules. I thrilled to see she was still wearing just panties and a short crop top. It barely covered her nipples, displaying the bottom half of her breasts.

"Now, I've planned a few things," she smiled. "Since your headed for the shower it's a good time to tell you... " She tossed me my duffel bag, it seemed a little light. Inside I found two small towels and weeks supply of short T-shirts and panties.

"Remember, you're not allowed to wear anything but panties." She snuggled up to me and kissed me, rubbing her pussy against my cock.

"And I get to show you off anywhere I want." She humped against me, watching my eyes.

"Ooohh, yes, everyone will see me in panties..." I moaned and held her, rubbing my hard cock against her soft mound. "You know I like that..."

"When you get back..." She kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth, then leaned back watching my eyes for effect. "...You're going to watch me get pregnant, fucking my friends."

"Oh Lover, Oh God..." my hips thrust against her pussy.

"You're going to wear panties and watch two men fuck your wife. They're going to cum deep inside me, again and again... Oh husband, you're going to watch two men get your wife pregnant..." she closed her eyes, humping against me at her fantasy.

I walked quickly toward the showers, carrying my towel, oblivious to the other campers staring at my panties. I turned, walking backwards, and could see my wife inside the tent. She lay back smiling, raising her arms above her head and spreading her legs for me to see her soaked panties. Out of the corner of my eye I could see two men walking. They were a distance off, but I suspected they were my wife's lovers. The shower door banged shut behind me.

It was the fastest shower I have ever taken. I didn't even remove my panties, stepping under the cold water, scrubbing and rinsing. I toweled off as I stepped back out of the door, ignoring my now sheer, wet, pink panties. My cock was still hard as a rock, but my stomach churned. I was excited and terrified at the same time. She had planned this; my wife had planned all of this! I quickened my pace.

As I approached the tent I saw two men kneeling on either side of my beautiful wife. They were both in there mid thirties, one a slender black man and the other a shorter white man. They lovingly caressed and kissed her, merely nodding as I approached. Their eyes lingered on my wet panties but went back to petting my wife. She still lay on her back; arms over her head, legs spread wide for them to pet her. Her pussy was always covered with one of their large hands and her hips moved in time with their caress. They alternately kissed her, openly sliding tongue against tongue and sucking on her nipples. She moaned, fondling a cock with each hand. She alternately kissed and licked one cock, then the other, briefly sucking them. One of them kissed his way down her torso to her pussy, sucking on her clit through her wet panties. My wife moaned, rolling her hips against his tongue. She opened her eyes and looked dreamily up at me, then blew me a kiss. I was helpless and absently stroked my cock. My wife was in ecstasy about to fuck two men in front of her husband. She beckoned me to her, kissed me deeply. I could taste cum and was startled that I liked it.

"Husband, take my panties off. Take my panties off so I can fuck them." She whispered, then closed her eyes again and lifted her hips for me.

I was in a trance. Her hips kept their rhythm even as I slid one of her legs out of her soaking panties. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy and I watched as a large black finger gently slid between them, lightly stroking her swollen clit. She moaned, thrusting her pussy toward us. My wife was naked, lying between two strange men and she blew me another kiss. I bent to hear her whispers.

"Oh husband, I'm going to do it. I'm going to fuck them in front of you." Her nipples were huge erasers and her cheeks bright. She watched my eyes, still rolling her hips to the rhythm of their fingers. I watched, still petting my cock through my panties. Her black lover knelt between her knees and my wife's eyes widened. She spread her knees.

"OH! I'm doing it... I'm spreading my legs so a black man can fuck me... ooohhh." Her eyes locked onto mine.

His large cock bumped against her pussy and she convulsed, then looked back at me. He licked his fingers and coated his cock, rubbing it up and down her clit. My wife again convulsed but held my eyes. His cock head slipped into her.

"OH! Oh yes... Oh God... oh lover, his cock is inside me... again... oh yesss..." she moaned. His cock head slipped into her and she exhaled, convulsing, but held my gaze.

"Oh! I'm doing it... I'm fucking him..." She whispered. My face was inches from hers. She lowered her hand to mine and smiled, humping his cock deeper into her pussy. I felt something and looked. Her diaphragm rested in my hand and she smiled up at me, closing her eyes in pleasure. He slid into her until her clit rubbed against him.

"Oh God, I'm fucking him. It feels sooo good. His black cock is inside me... Oooohh... Ooohh husband, kiss me while I fuck him..." She gazed at me with wide eyes, then kissed me deeply. Her body moved. I felt her humping him as we kissed.

"Oh Hon, I'm fucking his black cock. Your wife is getting pregnant with her black lover. Everyone will know your wife fucks other men... Oohh, I'm fucking his cock... Ooohh yesss... watch me... watch me...I'm coming! I'm coming on his cock. Yesss... oh fuck me, please fuck me... Ooohh..." Her head rolled back and she humped him into her. "I'm coming...! OH YES! Oh yes...Oh yes...Oh yes..." She moaned, spreading her legs wide. She held his hips and humped him deeper as waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Cum in me. Cum in me... Pleeeeze cum in me. Get me pregnant with that black cock, yes... yes..." She raised her head long enough to kiss her lover and he glanced at me, smiling, then closed his eyes as the pleasure took him. He moaned and humped into my wife. He moaned and humped into her again and again. Finally he thrust deep inside my wife and I watched as he convulsed. Stream after stream of cum filled my wife's womb and she closed her eyes, smiling.

"Oohh, he's coming. I can feel it... Kiss me... kiss me while he cums I my pussy... Ooohh yes...cum in me...cum in me..." My wife looked into my eyes and I kissed her while her lover's cock filled her with cum. I felt her move with him. "Oh husband... oh husband... I can feel his cum... Oh yes... I am so glad I'm full of his cum..." She lay back with her arms above her head and let him fuck her, smiling, watching my eyes, moving as his thrusts subsided.

She kissed her black lover deeply and he gently withdrew as they exchanged long looks. Her pussy was gaping, soft and swollen, and his cum trickled out. She smiled over at me as I lay next to her and I reached over and cupped her soaking pussy. She closed her eyes and spread her legs as I gently caressed her.

"Soon," she promised me, then turned to the other man. He'd waited long enough and slid into her wet pussy from behind. We watched his cock sliding into her and she spread her legs for us. I gently tugged on her nipples and she closed her eyes, pulling her legs apart as he fucked her full pussy. She moaned and humped him, enjoying the soft slurping noises they made. I kissed her and she opened her eyes.

"Lick me... lick me while he fucks me..."

I didn't hesitate and kissed my way down to her full pussy. I lay between her spread legs, caressing both her breasts and tugging on her nipples. Her mound was soaked with wet cum and I plastered my mouth on it. She moaned, arching her back, and I plastered my tongue against her clit. His cock slid past my tongue and I loved it. I sucked her engorged clit, then licked her pussy, openly licking his cock as it slid into her. I pressed my tongue against her clit, feeling his cock slide into her and she moaned, then suddenly convulsed.

"OH! OH YES! Yes... yes..." She held my head against her pussy and his cock, coming very hard as he fucked her and I licked them.

"Oh husband... lick him... please lick his cock..." She was watching us, holding my head. His cock slid out of her, covered with her juices, and I licked it. I felt his knob and slid it into my mouth, loving the feel. It was firm and so slippery and I circled his knob with my tongue as his cock filled my mouth. My wife watched, still humping, and I pressed his cock against her swollen pussy with my tongue and felt both of them humping. A drop of cum appeared at the end of his cock and I licked it, holding it in my mouth. He groaned and I pressed him back into my wife's pussy, then slid up her body to her mouth. I kissed her deeply, sliding his cum into her mouth. She still convulsed and we sandwiched her between us. He held both of her breasts. My cock was pressed against her pussy and I carefully pressed it into her.

"OH GOD! Oh yes..." Her eyes went wide and she fucked both of us. Our cocks pressed together inside her pussy and she humped us. Soon he groaned and humped his cock deep inside her. I felt his cock swell and looked at my wife. Her eyes were wide and I felt the first spasm of his cum. I felt his cock, pressed against mine. His cum streamed into her and he groaned. My cock swelled and I erupted. We filled her with stream after stream of cum and my head spun. I felt faint as spasm after spasm surged through us. She smiled, feeling our cum stream into her. We humped slowly as our climax subsided, and for a moment we were one. We slept, our cocks gently slid out of my wife and she held me.

"That was incredible. That was the most wonderful feeling and I am so, so full of cum." She kissed me and held me.

"I love you, husband." Someone covered us and we slept.

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Wife told me a guy wants to fuck her. She said she doesn't like him flirting with her all the time. So she sets up a time to meet him tonight . He wants to give her oral . I fucked my wife before she meetsmore...

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Loved it!

Really liked your story! Great fantasy!!!

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dumb cuck shit.

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