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Some Dream


Author's note: This story was specifically requested by a devoted couple from the UK that wrote specifically about what they wanted to see in a story. It is my hope that I have helped fulfill a fantasy for them in thanks of their support. Enjoy!

Fiona was like any other mid-twenties housewife... young, beautiful, and deliriously happy. The slender brunette enjoyed a host of activities that kept her young body in shape, despite the natural curves and large breasts that kept her in the envious eye of girls around her along with their men who couldn't help but ogle the young wife in everyday situations. Today was no different at the large Super Wal-Mart where she was doing her weekly shopping. Dressed in cut-off shorts and a simple tank top, hair pulled back in a ponytail and simple flip-flops, Fiona still looked drop-dead gorgeous. But today would turn out to be a day that she would never soon forget...

On the way out to her car and through the massive parking lot loaded with a cart full of groceries and needed items, she could feel the small hairs on the back of her neck begin to stand on end. She couldn't help but shiver in response, a reflexive turn of her head scanning the full parking lot, looking but for what, she wasn't sure. It was just this weird feeling... as if she was being watched. Previously sure steps faltered a bit as her head swiveled around and then shaking it off, Fiona continued on to her car, explaining away the feeling as an over-active imagination. Pushing the cart up to her car, she stopped long enough to fumble around in her small backpack for the keys, long tendrils of dark hair falling forward like a waterfall of chocolate, shielding her view. In that moment, she was grabbed, a reflexive scream skewered away by a large hand over her mouth and a cloth to her nose. God, what was that scent?! It was burning her nose! Where she would have flailed feeling herself being half-carried, half-dragged, her tumulus mind made note of the white van before everything went black.

She awoke in a haze of confusion, her mind still slow from the chemicals that she had inhaled. Long lashes blinked in the dim light and she could register the sound of music, laughter and men's voices. Slowly licking her lips, her mouth like cotton, she could feel herself lying on, well it felt like cool hard plastic. The only pillow beneath her head was the fan of soft curls that spread like a halo around her form. She tried to turn on her side and use her arms to push up to a semi-erect sitting position but stopped midway as her eyes widened in horror. She was somehow suspended in a plastic see-through cage of some sorts above a large open floor strewn with laughing men and a few girls; girls that were naked serving all kinds of pleasures. Fiona's eyes quickly dropped to her own form, horrified to find herself naked, slender arms wanting to cover her exposure but still moving slow after her chemically-induced sleep. She looked around in horror, seeing a few more cages like hers hanging from the ceiling; some filled with sleeping girls, others with girls in tears, still others with girls numbly sitting, curled in a ball. A lone tear slipped down Fiona's face and then as the complete horror of it all hit her full force; a scream erupted from her throat as she threw herself against the side of the plastic cage. "Help me! For god's sake, somebody help me!"

For a moment, the room seemed to stop, all eyes turning to the girl screaming above them and Fiona shrunk back at the hard gazes and then erupted into tears as laughter filled the air and then men and girls resumed their activities. As she curled into a tight ball, tears of fear racing down her cheeks, she could make out girls dancing and serving drinks and food, so girls in the laps of men, roaming hands over the girls' exposed flesh and even some girls standing on display in various positions. She couldn't fathom that this was, indeed, her reality or the magnitude of why she was brought it. Where was her husband? Where was she? What did they want with her?

For the remainder of the afternoon, amid pleas of despair and cries for help, Fiona finally resigned herself to being held captive and spent time watching, almost out of curiosity, the things transpiring in the full room below her. There were tables crowded men playing cards or games of chess while being served by girls either totally nude or with a small bit of material tied around their hips much like a sarong. There were some chairs scattered about in small groups with low tables beside them as men chatted, girls mingling about either bringing drinks or food, or kneeling at their feet in quiet conversation or laughter. Some girls, it seemed, were giving manicures and pedicures or giving massages as they stood behind the men. Some were even dancing, either in a pit of sand or a small gathering of tiles or even up on small platforms much like a titty bar. Other girls stood on display before men striking different positions, their bodies under the scrutiny of roaming strong hands. She saw some girls curled up in laps or straddling men's thighs, involving in sexual activities that stirred something deep within Fiona even as she turned a disgusted face away. And then there were those girls held in the suspended plastic cages from the ceiling like hers.

By the time evening rolled around, Fiona was fighting off her own hunger and thirst, her need to go to the bathroom and began to beg to those around her for mercy. "Please, please... I need to go to the bathroom. Please, somebody help me."

At one point, a large man whacked the side of her cage with a cane as she begged him unmercifully for some water. "Shut up, slut," he growled and continued on her way. Fiona screamed her rage at him even as tears began to roll down her cheeks, her body beginning to ache and burn from its need to relieve and revive itself.

Again she would try another man as he passed by or a girl, begging to be allowed to get some relief from her body's need to relieve itself. "Please, please may I go to the bathroom? I can't hold it much longer." All to no avail until she was a quivering mass of agony, curled up in a ball in one corner of her cage.

With a sudden lurch, she felt her cage begin to lower to the ground and Fiona sat upright, almost knocking the top of it with her head as she backed into a corner. Those around her stopped what they were doing to watch as she was lowered to the ground. Her eyes grew wide with fear as she saw a large man approach her cage, a collar and leash in his hand. She turned her head desperately, wild eyes looking for a place to run even as her body screamed out that he might be here to give her some relief. As he worked on the latch at the top of the cage to open the swing door, she could feel her whole body tremble as she started to beg him, "Please, I need to go to the bathroom. Please have mercy on me." She shrunk down reflexively as his hard eyes fell on her, the latch door swinging open.

As his strong hands gripped tightly around her upper arms and lifted her from the cage, she cried out at his strength and collapsed from the weakened state of her legs as he set her down before him. "Time to stretch and prepare yourself, slut," he growled, leaning down to fasten the collar around her neck and snap on the leash. "Get up," he commanded and she knew she had to obey even though her body screamed out in protest, pain shooting from her legs as they woke up to flexibility and movement once again. She struggled to keep up with him as he strode through the crowd, half dragging her with him. She could feel hands reach out to smack her ass or slide between her legs or grab at a breast as she passed through them and found herself jerking away or shifting in her horror to get away from them but found they were everywhere. The humiliation of it was burning red in her cheeks even as her body screamed for him to hurry.

He led her into a back room, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd but occupied by five or six other men and a couple of girls that continued to serve them. This room was smaller, more intimate and looked more like a place to relax... a few couches, tables and comfortable armchairs. Her captive yanked on the leash, sending her spiraling to the floor before him in shock, her hair like a fan of chocolate about her trembling form, eyes wide as he shoved a small copper pot towards her. "Relieve yourself girl," came the rough command.

Even as Fiona's fingers curled around the edges of the pot, she glanced around wildly as his intention sunk in. "You can't mean..." she began but was stopped short by a strong cuff to her cheek, sending her to the floor once again with a cry, the pot clambering against the floor.

"I won't repeat myself, bitch," he growled and watched with a slight smile as she scrambled across the floor to the pot, retrieving it even as tears rolled down her brightly colored face. The shame of it almost drove her over the edge but the insistent call of her body's need to urinate won over as she pushed the pot beneath her trembling form, squatting to the delight of the men's eyes that stilled to watch her. She could hear their laughter as the first stream began to splatter into the pot and she quickly had to readjust as it hit the side and spewed out against her leg and to the floor. She almost died in shame as he heard his voice, "Clumsy slut."

Fiona wanted to die... to just curl up within herself as she continued to pee. She couldn't stop the flow of urine now if her life depended on it and as their laughter and comments continued, she began to feel the stirrings of something else, knowing they were watching and her cheeks flushed with heat, tears of degradation rolling down her face. As she finished, not sure what to do at this point or whether even to move, she heard his voice again command, "Clean it up slut. No one wants to smell your piss all night."

Fiona glanced up, still unsure how he wished her to do it until another girl ran to kneel beside him. She saw the transfer of the leash to the girl's tiny hand, confusion apparent as she saw how the girl almost relished being at his feet, her tiny fingers curling around it before rising with a quiet elegance and gave it a quick tug. In shame, Fiona started to rise to her feet to follow the girl until his voice shattered her thinking one more time, "On your knees, girl. Crawl like the beast you are." That sent a fresh sting of tears to her eyes as she quivered back to the floor and was led from their eyes and laughter in humiliation.

The girl led Fiona, on hands and knees, to the bathroom, carrying the pot of urine until they were out of the men's eyes and then thrust it into her hands with a frown, some of it splashing out onto Fiona's nude form and she had to choke back the reflexive gag that came to her throat as the girl sneered down at her. "Flush that and clean yourself off. You smell like a fucking pig," she said in a hateful voice, her eyes raking over the trembling girl's body in a hateful appraisal. "What he sees in you, I'll never know." For some unexplainable reason, that angered Fiona to the point where she wanted to spit on the girl but feared to do it even as she followed the girl's orders, her humiliation great as she watched every movement that followed: desperate attempts to clean herself with soap and water, shaky fingers running through her hair.

Satisfied that Fiona looked better and definitely smelled better the girl ordered her to hands and knees once again and led her back out into the small room. The men's talk stopped almost immediately as the leash was deposited back into the strong hand of the man who had taken her from the cage. Fiona could feel her body tremble in fear of the unknown but also a new strange sensation starting in the pit of her belly. More humiliating still, she realized that this was beginning to turn her on. Her cry of surprise was met with laughter as his fingers suddenly plunged into her hair, grabbing it at the roots and yanking it back so that her face was starting up at him in horror. "It's time to see just exactly what you have to offer, slut," he growled and then thrust her forward, again her body sprawling almost beautifully across the floor. "Stand and display yourself. I want to see my new property."

Fiona's mouth opened to scream in protest but she saw the flash of anger in his eyes as his steely gaze bored down upon her and she knew, instantaneously, that she must obey. Fumbling in her movements, so unsure of what exactly he wanted, she stood before him. Her humiliation was apparent in the redness of her flesh, the tremble in her limbs, the turn of her head as she could not look upon him or any other in the room. She could hear him speak low, turning her head to see what he had said and was suddenly surprised by a girl behind her yanking her head back by the hair until her chin was tilted almost proudly. Another girl kicked her feet wide, planting them almost shoulder length apart as another girl took her by the wrists and brought her arms up, bent at the elbows and placed her hands behind her neck. This position caused Fiona's whole body to be on display, her breasts thrust forward and for some unknown reason, she knew to stay in this stance even as the girls stepped back and away.

"Not bad," she heard him exclaim, almost beneath his breath and she moved slightly as she saw the other men stand and begin to move towards her, fear pushing her feet into motion. "Stay!" came his command even as her eyes grew wild, as hands reached out to stroke and explore.

"Please," she begged, tears rolling down her cheeks and she cried out as she was cuffed across the mouth. She fell against the unyielding wall of a strong chest before roughly placed back into her position, their faces hard... her humiliation great. Again she was almost cruelly thrust back into position, her lesson learned. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks even as their hands explored her body, not one inch untouched. She felt hands on her breasts, fingers twisting and pinching the sensitive nubs, hands spanning the plane of her belly, sliding down over rounded hips, stroking milky thighs. With each yank of her hair and stroke of her flesh, she was becoming more aroused and more humiliated with each tremble beneath her skin.

And then a hand slid between her legs and she cried out with shame when laughter rumbled in her ear. "You've got yourself a hot one this time," came the reply as a finger slid into her wet depths, probing. Where she wanted to shove him away and run, her body took a mind of its own and arched into his touch. It was true. She was a slut! Tears rolled unchecked as she closed her eyes, shutting out the horror of her realization, her body on fire as a mouth locked around a hard nibble and another finger joined the first one, probing the burning need throbbing between her legs. She opened her eyes only when she felt herself pushed to her knees, her eyes locking with those of her captor and she was almost calmed by the expression on his face.

She felt herself pushed to hands and knees once again the men surrounding her, eager to make use of a fresh slut. Her eyes only left his long enough to see the other girls move to him, kneeling on either side to watch as she felt one man lower himself behind her, shoving knees roughly apart. It was almost as if she was hovering over the scene, watching in both horror and hunger the moments that were unfolding slowly in time. She felt a strong hand in her hair, forcing her mouth open with a hard cock and Fiona reflexively opened her mouth for it. Where was this coming from? But she took him deep in her throat even as another one thrust into her from behind to the hilt, causing her to lurch forward and the cock in her mouth slamming to the back of her throat. Her eyes stung even as her lips reflexively sealed around his girth and as if on cue, their hips began an even rhythm in and out, in and out.

She could hear the moans of satisfaction, the smell of sex permeating her nostrils and her own hunger lurched as she saw one of the girls shift before the man who Fiona could not pry her eyes from, his own cock lost in the depths of the girl's mouth, his hand in her hair, slowly fucking her mouth even as his eyes bore into Fiona's. Fiona could feel her own cunt and mouth raped but she could only imagine being taken by him... of pleasing him. She should have been shocked at the image that she displayed... wanton slut being fucked from behind even as she sucked a cock and hungered after another man that wasn't even touching her.

And then she was shifted as another man lay on his back and Fiona was moved to straddle him, her mouth temporarily dislodged from the swollen cock only to be impaled upon his large member, a cry of need erupted from her freshly collared throat as his hands gripped her and slammed her down, burying him deep within her. The slut in her fully awake, eagerly leaned forward as the man that she had been fucking pushed against her back, his wet cock aimed at the entrance of her ass. Fiona's mouth opened eagerly as the third man thrust his hand back into her hair and as if on cue, both holes were filled as she continued to rock back and forth on the cock slammed deep into her cunt.

Even still, her eyes were glued to the man watching. For some strange reason, he was all she could see even as she was gloriously filled in all holes. She was bound to him and for the life of her she couldn't realize why. Long lashes fluttered down over her hungered gaze, lost in the sensations of three cocks stroking into her. When she opened her eyes to look back at her captor, she almost screamed in horror open the cock thrusting into her mouth. The face staring back at her was that of her husband!

Endless screams permeated the stillness of the night as Fiona was roughly shaken awake. Her eyes wild, arms flailing in the bed as her husband avoided the blows and pulled her into his arms, his hand soothing on her hair. "Shhhh Fiona, it's okay. It's me." Blinking, the dream gone as reality crashed back into the stillness of the night, Fiona realized where she was. The dimness of the moonlight shifting in through the curtains that slightly blew open from the night breeze, the comfort of her husband's arms locked around her even as his hand gently stroked her back.

Fiona drew in a shuddered breath, relaxing in his arms as he lay back, taking her with him and pulled her close, a soothing kiss placed to her brow. "Wow, that must have been some dream," he commented sleepily as her cheek rested to his shoulder.

And as her arms enfolded him close, nestling into his side, she felt the beginnings of a smile begin to flicker across her lips, a sudden excitement filling her every being as she stared upwards to the slow thump of the ceiling fan. "Yeah," she whispered, "some dream."

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