tagErotic HorrorSome Sexual Side Effects May Occur

Some Sexual Side Effects May Occur



It had been about three months since the outbreak, people died almost daily from exhaustion and hunger. The government quarantined the town, not wanting to risk anarchy. A large, thick wall of concrete was built around the city, locking them in. Any person that tried to cross the wall were shot.

Little by little, information on the cause of the virus was leaked out by news. Many newscasters fell to infection and were never replaced. When Anya tuned stations from a few town over, she realized that they were completely unaware of her town's situation. Anytime she tried to access anything on the web about the situation, the pages were blocked.


Anya kept her doors locked tight, when before she had only opened it for deliverymen-- now she had them leave the packages at the door, waiting hours for them to leave to bring the packages inside. A few times, she heard scratches and bangs at the door; the others trying to get in. Every time, she would stand at the door paralyzed, afraid if she looked away for even one second the door would break and they would have her. After the first time, Anya raced to her laptop and ordered an aluminum bat and a few deadbolts. She no longer cared if she was going to get her deposit back, she just wanted to be safe.

The days grew gloomy and lonesome, at least before she could talk to the deliverymen. In the beginning she bordered up her windows so nothing could get in. Now it was silence and darkness. It was just a minor change to her usual behavior of keeping herself locked away from the world, but she loved looking outside at the sun and nature's wonders. If she risked seeing nature's beauty, she would be risking the others breaking in.


"The medicine is given to you with a shot. The only thing you need to do now is set the appointment."

"I don't know doctor, I mean a drug fix this?" she asked sweeping her hands over her body.

"I understand, but not to worry dear," he said scratching at his graying beard, "this drug has been accepted by the FDA and on the market for about a month. There's only a few possible side-effects; drowsiness, nausea and a possible headache."

"Well," she paused, "I'll think about it."


She snorted, they had been wrong. All of them, so very wrong. Anya spotted the yellowed note reminding her to set an appointment that she had tacked to the front door. That drug which she was so worried to take was the cause of all of this. Luckily, she hadn't taken it so she wasn't one of the infected. Yet. If they got in, she'd be as good as dead.

Anya strolled the apartment, double-checking the locks on the door. She tried prying the boards on the windows and saw to it that her laptop had enough battery power. Then she confirmed that she still had a bat by her bed, flashlight on the nightstand and knife under her pillow.

She lay back on her pillow after stripping to her undies, the past creeping into her mind once again. There was no use trying to pull herself away at this hour, she needed rest, her only escape was denial and distraction. She wasn't good at pushing it away.


Anya tried wriggling out of the cuffs, flexing her toes as she squealed in delight. She wanted to pounce Paige, but Paige was wise enough to tie her down. Paige let her nimble fingers explore Anya's wetting clit as she pressed her lips down onto Anya's, closing off all escape. She slid her tongue into Anya's mouth pushing away all of Anya's fears and giving her all of her desires.

Paige scooted down on the bed, gave Anya's clit a kiss and nudged her strap-on deep into Anya's awaiting pussy. Anya cried out with pleasure, it had been so long since her last fucking. She wanted more, but too timid to beg.

There was a bang of a door being kicked open, Dean rushed in. "Paige, just what the hell do you think you're doin'?"

"Oh, she came to me big brother," Paige thrust deeply in again, "You know that." She sneered, this wasn't the first time one of her brother's loves had turn to her to get what they truly desired.

Anya flushed, gaping at Dean lost for words. He just glared down at her, eyes full of hate and jealousy.

"That's it Anya, this wedding is off!" He stormed out.


It was morning, sweat drenched her deep black hair as she remembered reliving Dean finding her deep secret and canceling their wedding. He avoided her since that day two years ago. Paige however, tried hitting her up again. Anya wasn't interested.

This was another failed relationship because of Anya's weakness. She was never going to have a normal life. Anya was diagnosed with hypersexuality also known as nymphomania at the tender age of nineteen. She had just had her second abortion--because her parents refused to acknowledge her sexual life--before her parents had sent her to counseling and gotten her put on birth control. They shakily couldn't handle or at least afford to cover up her behavior anymore.

Since the outbreak, it had been worse for Anya. Yes, she was the one holed up in her apartment before it happened, trying not to reconnect with anyone so she wouldn't ruin lives. If she fell through in controlling her nymphomania, she could always fall back on Paige. But now, she didn't even have that.


Anya's stomach growled reminding her breakfast hadn't been received. She yanked open the fridge, as she frustratingly attempted to shake away her thoughts, only to see it was pretty empty. She couldn't believe she had let it get this low. Anya scooped up a yogurt and banana, then squatted in front of the laptop.

She opened her internet browser, but the pages wouldn't load. After trying twice more, she tried and failed at resetting the modem. There were no other networks to which she could attempt to tap into, though she had not a clue as to where they may be. Anya flipped open her cell, dialing the network's provider.

"Due to the apocalypse like state of the community, no one can come to the phone. We will not be sending out technicians in this chaos. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Have a good day, and remember to recommend us to your friends and family!"

She gawked at the cell, what the hell was she supposed to do now? The only other way for her to get food was for her to risk her life and go out there. On the news, the scientists said that the infections was only spread by fluids. As long as she didn't get wet, she should be fine.

If she stayed here, waiting for it to all end she could starve. It'd be a stupid way to go out. Anya would just need to arm herself so that the others couldn't get to close to her, she had her bat and her switchblade.

She gathered her things, which included her weapons, a jacket, purse, flashlight and water. She had no real clue on the situation outside of her door, for all she knew the closest grocery store still stocked could be blocks away and the sun blocked out.

When she fumbled with the locks, her hands shook violently and sweated. She forced herself to relax and finish her small task. The lights in the hall seemed broken, leaving a dark, eerie feeling, she skimmed the flashlight up and down. Seeing nothing, she shut the door as quickly and quietly as she could do in her anxious state and locked the original deadbolt.

Anya scurried down the hall, her flashlight rolling over about every dark crevice. She had a feeling that the elevator would be out, so she raced down the stairs, taking two to three steps at a time. The apartment building had never felt to abandoned and creepy before, it sent a chill down her spine.


The sky was hazy, the sun glowed red behind some clouds. Streets were deserted; many stores surrounding her complex were broken into and looted. She warily dashed by the stores, none of which were grocery stores, holding the bat at a comfortable length ready to swing. Up ahead she heard voices, she staggered near them as she tightened her grip on the bat.

"Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Do you have anything good to eat?" Giggled one voice of a male.

Another man's voice rasped, "Smell mah feet! La la la!"

"I need some munchies, man!" Cried a woman.

In front of her was a group of four, two male and two female, all roughly in their twenties and a scrappy looking Bloodhound. They were pounding on doors on both sides of the street, howling for food. Many of their calls were ignored. She hoped to creep by without being noticed as they were occupied.


Ted smacked Donnie on the back, "Hey man, looks like that lady knows where she's going. Let's follow her." He said pointing down the road.

"Do you think she has munchies?" Stephanie pondered with a slight tilt of the head.

"Maybe..." Ted shrugged, "Com'on, there's no one here."

Ted pushed Stephanie ahead, causing her to lurch and stagger forward, racing after the girl. Donny grabbed Thelma's hand and scampered after them, dragging her along. In front of them, Stephanie struggled to keep her tattered lilac dress from showing her panties, but Ted kept pulling on her. Thelma's stained red skirt also flew, but she was too busy running to keep it from flapping in the wind.


Anya cast a look behind her and saw the gangly group chasing her at a sluggish pace. The dog's jowls flapped in the air as it joined the race, darting ahead but seemed too old to go for very long. She sprinted forward, they were going to get her if she slowed, she kept looking back. That's when she stumbled and crashed to the blacktop. The jeans she was wearing ripped at her knees, her exposed flesh dented with gravel and smeared with blood.

The dog reached her first, leaping onto her without growls, slobber drenching her. She was pinned, they must have trained the dog to trap their prey she thought. A tall blonde man with peach fuzz came and called off the dog, a shorter woman with frizzy red hair that ended at her waist lurched behind. Anya struggled to get up, swinging her bat at the man when he came at her. She struck him in the hand, hard enough to cause the bat to bounce away. His hand quickly reddened.

"Whoa, man!" He cried, backing away.

"Aw dude! She probably thinks you're one of the infected." Snickered another man, he towered the first and as thin as a rail. Shaggy brown hair to his shoulders, stubble of a chin needing a shave.

"We just want some munchies," yelped Miss Red.

"I don't have anything on me. I was going to the grocery store," her eyes washing over each of them, "Who are you?"

"I'm Ted," he smoothed down his white sweater and straightened his blue tie, which did nothing for him or his filthy jeans, "This is Donny, Stephanie and...who are you again?" He asked a smaller woman, probably standing at just five feet.

The woman grasped Anya's hand, pulling her up, "I'm Thelma. Sorry about them, I don't even know who they are. They pulled me out of the library a few days ago," she mentioned pushing her glasses back up her nose.

"Hey wanna hit?" Donny pulled out a joint.

They were high as kites, no wonder why they were so abnormal and sluggish. Anya didn't think that they would be able to cause her much harm, she'd be able to outrun them. Since they hadn't pounced her and ripped off all of her clothes yet, they must not be infected. She gently shoved the joint back to Donny who lit it up, he didn't seem to notice when the ash burned a hole in his greasy green shirt.

"We'll come with you," Ted announced, yanking the joint out of Donny's hands and taking a hit.

Thelma leaned into Anya's ear and whispered, "They are quite the forceful group of people, especially Ted. I'd just go with it."

"Um.. okay, but don't try anything. This bat is the least of your worries."

Ted waved his swollen hand at her, "No problem, lady."

"Anya. If we're going to be traveling together, call me Anya."


These were the first people that Anya had seen in the past three months. Her last fuck was from a deliveryman before the infection broke out. But she still couldn't guarantee whether or not any of these four were infected. On the news, they described how the others would pounce their victims once in sight. The only thought was sex, sex and more sex. At least Anya was in the right mind to still eat and sleep. There was also the projectile ejaculations, that if you touched by the fluids in anyway or you had previously taken the 'medication' for hyper sexuality you would become infected within a few hours to a day. She shouldn't worry though, they were just a bunch of hungered stoners.

Thelma however, she should watch out for. While she was sweet and kind, she had had her hand in Donny's pants since they stopped running, constant jerks and flickers. She could be infected and slowly converging

"Why aren't any of you armed? Aren't you worried about becoming infected?"

"The government will protect us." Ted retorted.

Donny quipped, "There is no such thing as the infected. It's just a made up line of bull spewed by the Man."

Anya walked on the other side of Donny, she wanted to keep close to Thelma, but not too close. Ted and Stephanie lingered ahead, Stephanie occasionally dropping back to ask for directions. They weren't from this town, while passing through, their van had broken down a few days before the wall was built.

Thelma answered most of Anya's questions on what had been happening since it all started, but she'd occasionally get to caught up in jerking of Donny, tuning Anya out. Donny on the other hand, was lost in his own world. Ted refused to answer anything and forbid Stephanie from doing so.


On the way to the market, they passed some of the others that had fallen. Most were dead, but one grabbed the leg of Stephanie trying to pull her in close, she yelped but in reality it was too weak to do any damage. Ted stomped on the hand until it let her go.


Thelma pushed Donny down onto a grassy knoll that Ted and Stephanie had already passed and began pawing off his clothes. Seeing all that exposed flesh, Anya could no longer control herself. She pulled her clothes away, Thelma looked up and pulled her down next to them.

Anya clumsily climbed on top of Thelma with Thelma groping her breasts as Anya kissed her, trailing down to Thelma's wet pussy. Anya teased her with her fingers, stroking at Thelma's clit then tasting her pussy. Donny plowed into Anya's own wet pussy after becoming hard with their womanly actions, catching her by surprise. He first mounted her, then Thelma. He was quick with each thrust and went back and forth between pussies.


Ted watched this all happen once he realized the other half of the group was no longer following him, his cheeks flamed red. Stephanie shyly turned away and waited for Ted's reaction. Ted marched forth, grabbing Donny's clothes and yanked him off, throwing the clothes at him.

"Get dressed, we didn't come to watch a show." Ted roared. Donny meekly scrambled to get his clothes on.

Anya tuned out Ted, she and Thelma were the only ones out of the little group that knew where they were going. He'd just have to wait until their fun was done. Anya slurped Thelma, drenched in her juices, especially when Thelma squirt causing Anya to yelp.

She wiped away the wetness, "Now we go," she smirked.


Finally they reached the market, Anya squeezed between Ted and Stephanie.

"This is where I depart," she called out.

She turned down an aisle, the floor plan seemed to have changed since her last trip two years ago. While she scanned the shelves she bummed into him.

"Dean?" His hair was longer than when she had last seen him and he grew a goatee, but she was pretty sure it was him.

"Oh wow, Anya. It really is you," he pulled her in close, "Look I'm sorry about what happened all those years ago."

"Really?" She paused, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course, it wasn't your fault."

He lowered his head, pressing his lips onto hers sliding in his tongue exploring every crevice. Dean gently tugged away her clothes and she his.

"Dean...are you sure you want this?" She stammered.

In response, he eased his cock into her mouth. At first she pulled away, but he tightly gripped her hair and thrust his cock deeply in her throat.

"Anya!" A voice squealed, it was Paige. She must have come with Dean, she tore away her clothes.

Paige slid between her brother's legs and dipped into Anya's lap. She taunted Anya's clit with her dancing fingers. Paige stroked Anya's pussy causing her breathing to quicken. Then Dean nudged his cock into Paige's pussy. Paige brought Anya closer, sealing off Anya's mouth with her own, taking her breath and violently forcing her tongue in, she still fondled Anya's pussy and now her breasts.

Suddenly, Dean pushed Paige away and gave Anya a slobbered kiss. He caressed Anya's breasts, darting his tongue in and out of Anya's pussy. While he was taking care of Anya, Paige took his cock into her hands, sucking it's length. Finally, Dean rammed his member into Anya's awaiting pussy. As he repeatedly would thrust into her, Paige nibbled at Anya's ears and neck. Anya felt her heart skip as she moaned with desire and begged for more. Dean quickened his pace and stroked Anya's clit. Paige, catching on stroked Dean's taint. They came as one, his essence filling her.


With her addiction filled, Anya came to the realization that she had just had sex with not one, but three different infected. It was only a matter of time before she turned. She rolled over, grabbing her clothes, she saw that Dean was back at it with Paige. They were like animals. She wrinkled her nose, while she cared for both of them differently she was repulsed by them having such an intimate, forbidden relationship. Though with their mindset now, it was sex that they cared about and nothing more.


Anya sweated at the thought of being like them. She still had control, she still could live. It had been a few days since she had been with Dean, Thelma and Paige. Even though she had locked herself away, she had no primal instincts that resulted in just fucking.

Her conclusion was that she was immune, but she couldn't just stay in this town waiting for things to settle. She had to find help, if she didn't she'd either go mad or starve once the food rotted. There wasn't a disease control center and even if there was she doubted that anyone would be left there. The town was small and the infected people seemed to be engorging on the rest of the population. Anya's only way out was to try and get through the wall.


Anya raced downstairs, bat in hand. It seemed pointless, but she didn't want to delay her stay any longer. She spotted a car, a blue PT cruiser pulled up over the curb at the building across the street and scrambled towards it. Around the corner, through an alley one of the infected emerged, it charged at her. Anya let out a shriek, shut her eyes and swung for her dear life. She heard a sickening thud and peeked, she had smacked it right across the head. Where she struck was caved in, blood oozing out of the ears.

Her throat was dry and chest clenched like a fist, but she forced herself to get to the car. It didn't surprise her to find out the door was unlocked, this was a trusting neighborhood. What did surprise her was that the keys still dangled in the ignition. She scanned the car for any sleep deprived individuals, infected or otherwise. Seeing that she was alone except for the twitching body at her feet she hopped in the car and drove out to the wall.


Sitting in the tower, Fredrick spotted a blue PT cruiser speeding towards the wall like it was prepared to ram it. He watched curiously, waiting to see what the worst could happen was. When it neared, a woman emerged with tangled black hair and ratty clothes. She flapped both arms screaming at him. Up in the tower he couldn't hear her, but what did it matter anyway? She probably just spewed lies.

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