tagFetishSomething New Something Old Ch. 02

Something New Something Old Ch. 02


Ted woke the next morning with a hangover and a hard-on, or at least the closest thing he could get to one. The bite of the metal cage surrounding his cock and balls had woken him. Ted's wife Sarah lay next to him on the top of the bed covers. She was naked and turned away from him, sleeping heavily. Ted was wearing only blue panties.

It took Ted a minute to recall what had happened at Josh's and Nancy's house the night before. When it all came back to him, he was horrified. Josh had fucked Sarah and blown Ted. All of this had happened at Nancy's urging, who had taken control. Things had gotten seriously out of hand.

Ted slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He angrily pulled the panties off, throwing them into the corner. He gingerly removed the ass plug that Nancy had put in him. It had dried overnight and hurt getting out. Ted realized that he was not going to be able to stand to take a piss, so he plopped himself down on the toilet seat. His head was pounding.

Ted looked at the cage with the small padlock hanging between his legs. He tugged at it, and it pulled against his balls. He realized it wasn't coming off without a key or a proper tool.

Ted swallowed a couple of aspirin and jumped in the shower. As the hot water poured over him, Ted went over the events of the night before in his head. He felt disgusted with himself, but despite this, his cock filled with blood and tried to get hard in the cage.

Ted finished his shower, dried off, and returned to the bedroom. He stopped cold at the doorway. Sarah was awake. She was masturbating. Her eyes were closed, and she had not heard Ted enter the room. Ted watched Sarah as her index finger moved quickly over her clit. Ted's hard-on made a futile effort at returning in the cage. His balls ached as they pressed against the metal. It took only a minute for Sarah to orgasm; she moaned loudly as her finger continued to work her clit furiously.

When she was finished, Sarah opened her eyes and noticed Ted. Her face turned slightly red, but then she laughed and said, "Oh my God, Ted, look at that thing." Ted blushed, a combination of embarrassment and anger.

Sarah, realizing he was angry, said, "I'm so sorry, honey. Come get in bed with me so we can talk." Her voice was sweet. Ted's anger quickly faded. He grabbed a pair of boxer shorts from his closet and got back in bed with Sarah.

"I don't know what came over me last night, Ted," Sarah said, apologetically, "the whole thing is a mess." She touched Ted's hand gently. Sarah continued, "We were all drunk. I don't want it to ruin our marriage or our friendship with Josh and Nancy. We should go talk to them later and sort things out."

Ted responded, "I'm not sure what to say. I'm sorry too. The whole thing is weird. But you're right; we were all drunk. Maybe we can just forget about it and move on." Ted was relieved that Sarah felt at ease, although he was not quite sure how he was going to face Josh or Nancy again.

"It was just sex," Ted continued. "Things don't have to change unless we decide to make a big deal out of it. I'm glad you are ok. I'm ok if you are." The image of him leading Josh's 8 hard inches into Sarah's pussy on the pool table popped into Ted's head. It was making him hard and uncomfortable again; he shook the thought away.

Ted continued, "Before we do anything, I need to get this damn thing off me. Do you have the key?"

Sarah reached over and patted Ted's boxers, feeling the metal cage. She suppressed a giggle and said, "I don't have the key. I'll call Nancy this afternoon. We can talk to them and get you out of this thing."

Sarah started laughing and said, "I can't believe Josh wears one of these things all the time, not to mention the panties." Ted laughed too. He was glad that things didn't seem to be ruined between him and Sarah, although he wondered how they would both feel in a couple of days when the shock wore off. Their marriage was a good one. Their sex life may not have been what it was when they were younger, but they always talked and respected each other.

Sarah leaned over and kissed Ted, and he kissed her back. Sarah's lips lingered longer than they usually did these days. She pulled away, gave Ted a questioning look, and asked, "What does that thing feel like anyway? It doesn't look very comfortable."

"It's pretty snug in there," and Ted laughed again. "I'll be glad to get the thing off. I can't even get hard in it. And when my little friend tries to get hard, it doesn't feel all that great."

Sarah's hand moved onto Ted's stomach and slipped under his boxers, feeling the metal of the cage. "Hmm, I can't believe you even fit in here. You've got a lot of cock." Ted couldn't remember the last time Sarah had used the word "cock.' Ted instantly filled the cage again. It hurt.

"I wonder how much it would hurt if you wore it for a couple of weeks?" Sarah wondered, almost to herself. Things were getting tighter for Ted. Sarah kissed Ted again, this time slipping her tongue between his lips. She reached for Ted's hand and pulled it to her pussy. She was very wet. Ted slipped a finger into her.

"Oh, fuck Ted," Sarah moaned. Ted put two more fingers in her and stroked his wife. "I think I might just want to keep you in that thing so you can tell me what it's really like," Sarah panted. As Ted continued stroking Sarah, her finger moved back to her clit. It didn't take long for Sarah to cum all over Ted's hand. Ted felt the convulsions of her pussy. Ted badly wanted to fuck Sarah's tight body, but there was no damn key. He silently cursed Nancy.

"Thank you, baby," Sarah said. She got up and jumped into the shower. Ted got dressed. He went to make Sarah and him some breakfast.

After breakfast, Ted went to the mailbox to get the morning paper to take his mind off things and looked over at Josh's and Nancy's place. There was no movement. He considered walking over immediately to get that key, but thought the better of it. The memory returned of Nancy slapping him across the face the previous night when he disrespected her. It briefly made him angry, but then he realized his cock was getting hard again. He went back inside to read the paper.

Later that afternoon, Sarah approached Ted as he was watching a basketball game. "I talked to Nancy honey. Her and Josh are fine. She said they are both really busy for a few days, but invited us over for dinner Wednesday night. Nancy said she would put the key to your cage in the mailbox tonight when her and Josh get home."

Ted was relieved to know he would be getting out of the cage. He could barely wait to fuck Sarah later. Truth was, he had not been able to get his mind off the previous night, and his balls were starting to ache from the cage. He was ready for this little game to be over.

After dinner, Sarah told Ted, "Nancy called. She says the key is in the mailbox."

Ted ran to the mailbox, and sure enough the key was in there. He ran back inside to the bathroom. He put the key in the little brass padlock. It didn't work. Ted yelled, "Fuck!" Sarah was standing outside the bathroom when Ted walked out.

"What's wrong, honey?" Sarah said. Ted noticed a slight shit-eating grin on her face.

"The fucking key doesn't work," Ted said, almost moaning in desperation.

Sarah said, "I wonder what's wrong with it? Let me try." Sarah pulled Ted's boxer shorts down. She could see him straining against the cage. Sarah put the key in the lock, and it wouldn't unlatch. "Maybe the lock's broken," Sarah said, giggling now, "why don't you run out and get something to cut it off? I really need a good, hard fuck."

It was Sunday night. The hardware stores were closed. Ted knew that the regular all-night stores would not have the right tool. He looked at Sarah and knew she was teasing him. Ted wondered what her and Nancy had really talked about earlier.

"Nothing's open now," Ted said, feeling dejected.

"That's a shame. I really wanted your hard cock inside me," Sarah teased. "You can run out tomorrow after work, I guess," Sarah said, "Why don't you get ready for bed, and we'll watch some tv. It will take your mind off it." Sarah turned and walked away.

Ted, half-hard again in the cage from Sarah's teasing, trundled slowly to his closet. Undressing, he looked at the cage, hating it. He brushed his teeth, got in bed, turned the tv on, and wished he could stop thinking about it.

Fifteen minutes later, Sarah returned. Standing at the door, she said, "Hey, Ted." Ted looked at her and his mouth dropped open. Sarah was wearing a black corset, matching silk panties, thigh high stockings, and heels. She hadn't dressed for him like this in years. Ted instantly strained against the cage. Sarah walked seductively across the room.

Standing next to the bed, Sarah teased, "Since you can't fuck me, Ted, I thought maybe we could get just snuggle and kiss." Sarah climbed on top of Ted. She was grinding her pelvis against his locked cock. She kissed him hard and deep. Sarah whispered in his ear, "Maybe you can use that talented tongue of yours to get me off."

Sarah rolled onto her back and spread her legs. "Now, Ted," Sarah said. The tone of her voice reminded him of Nancy's firm tone the night before. It was ridiculously hot. Ted kissed Sarah's legs up to her panties. He pulled them down and over her shoes, and went to work.

Ted started by using his tongue outside Sarah's pussy, slowly moving it around his wife's moist mound. Ted figured a little return teasing was in order, so he worked on Sarah's outside for some time. Sarah moaned, but through the moans she teased Ted as he was eating her pussy. "I bet you'd love to put your cock in there, wouldn't you baby," she said. "You're dick won't be getting anywhere near this hot pussy though, will it? I'm going to keep you in that cage for months." This was almost killing Ted, but he continued to lick his wife.

Sarah was ready and she put her hands on Ted's head, pushing his face into her. "Stop fucking around. Make me cum," she directed. Ted darted his tongue inside her now and moved up to her clit. He took it between his lips, and then began working it with his tongue in a swirling motion. Ted added three fingers to the mix and pumped Sarah hard as he worked her over with his tongue. Sarah's legs were wrapped around his back now. "Oh fuck, Ted, fuck, fuck, I'm coming," Sarah screamed.

Sarah's juices spilled onto Ted's tongue as she convulsed. Ted continued to tease her clit with his tongue. She came again.

Sarah came down from her multiple orgasm and slid under the covers. Ted did too. Ted was as sexually frustrated as he had ever felt. Sarah put her hand on Ted's cage and wrapped her stockinged leg over his. She fell asleep. Ted barely slept at all that night.

The next morning, Ted got out of bed early. He had finally dozed off but knew he couldn't have gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep. He intended to skip work so he get the cage off quickly. But when Ted went to the coffee pot, there was a note from Sarah: "Honey, your tongue was very talented last night. I know you are ready to take the cage off, but please don't. Just wear it for a couple of more days, for me. I promise I'll make it worth the effort. And I won't tease you much. Promise."

Ted went straight to work. He did his best to concentrate. Every hour or so though Sarah texted him a picture of herself. She had worn a short skirt to work, with laced-top thigh high stockings. She sent a picture of her legs crossed at her desk. Then her tits, almost bursting out of a low-cut sweater. And a picture of her legs spread, showing her panties, which were obviously wet. Sarah was doing her best to torture him.

At home that night, Ted noticed that Sarah had done laundry. Folded neatly on top of the basket were Josh's blue panties. Something in Ted couldn't stop thinking about those panties; something in him that wanted to put them back on. He restrained himself. The next two nights and days, Ted ate his wife's pussy, barely slept, and suffered through relentless teasing by Sarah. So much for her promise not to tease, he repeatedly thought as he suffered in the cage.

For 4 days, Ted's balls ached. He had not been able to get hard despite his nearly constant sexual excitement. Wednesday night finally arrived. When Ted got home that evening, Sarah was still wearing the outfit that she had teased him with that day, a short brown dress with brown tights and tall boots. They walked over to Nancy's and Josh's house. Ted was nervous. Sarah seemed strangely calm. It had only been days since the mini-orgy with their friends.

Before they left, Sarah handed Ted the blue panties and said, "Give these back to Josh tonight dear." Feeling embarrassed, Ted quickly stuffed them in his jacket pocket.

Nancy answered the door when they arrived. She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress, stockings and ankle boots, and looked too delicious for Ted's taste at the moment. She kissed Sarah and Ted on the cheek when they came in, lingering a little longer with Ted.

In the dining room, Josh was putting food on the table. Ted shook his hand and said hello. He felt incredibly awkward, remembering the last time he had an orgasm, which had been in Josh's mouth. As weird as it felt, Ted was relieved that his torment would be over soon.

Ted did his best at dinner to concentrate on the conversation. Josh, Nancy and Sarah seemed unaffected by the events of the last week. Ted was straining against his cage all night. He kept thinking about Nancy's lingering kiss and how amazing she looked. Ted had lost his chance to fuck Nancy on Saturday in a game of 9-ball with his wife, and he was regretting that.

After dinner, Nancy said, "Ted, help Josh clean up the table and wash the dishes. Sarah and I are going to go relax and talk. Oh, and Ted, bring Sarah and I one of your famous cocktails." Nancy looked at Ted as she said this. It was clearly not a request; it was an order. Ted remembered being smacked by Nancy. He did as he was told.

Ted made the ladies a drink and took them out. Sarah and Nancy were laughing and having a good time, seemingly the same friends they had always been. When he got back to the kitchen, Josh was scrubbing dishes. Ted inquired, "Why don't you just use the dishwasher, Josh? We can get this done quicker."

Josh replied, "Nancy says they get cleaner this way. I don't mind. Help me out with the towel, Ted." Josh continued washing and Ted dried. They finished the job in about 20 minutes. Ted poured a couple of drinks for him and Josh, and they joined the women in the next room.

Ted noticed two things when he walked in the room. First, Nancy and Sarah were sitting next to each other on the couch. Nancy's hand was wrapped around the inside of Sarah's left thigh, just below the hem of her short dress. Second, a small key was lying on the coffee table directly in front of Nancy.

Nancy spoke, "Ted, go top off my and Sarah's drinks." Again, he did as he was told. Ted wasn't quite sure why he was letting Nancy order him around, but it seemed natural to listen to her commanding voice. When he returned with the drinks, Nancy and Sarah were both laughing again. Josh was sitting silently.

"Thank you, Ted," Nancy said as he handed her the drink. Nancy continued, "We have a bit of a dilemma here Ted. Sarah tells me you are ready to come out of that cage. Is she right?"

Ted stumbled on his words, intimidated by Nancy's firm tone, "Um, yeah, um, I mean it is pretty uncomfortable."

Nancy continued, "I think you have something that belongs to Josh; why don't you give him back his panties." Ted fumbled in his coat jacket and awkwardly handed the blue panties to Josh. It was humiliating to hand his friend a pair of panties in front of his wife and Nancy. His dick was as hard as it could get in the cage.

Nancy went on, "You know Ted, no one can make you wear that cage, you realize that don't you? "Yet, you've been wearing it for several days. Why is that?"

"I, uh, um, Sarah asked me to Nancy. We were playing the game for a few days," Ted said.

"A game, huh?" Nancy said. "The key is right there on the table Ted. Take it, go home, unlock yourself, and fuck your wife," she challenged.

Nancy was rubbing the inside of Sarah's thigh. Her hand slipped under the hem of Sarah's dress. Ted watched while listening to Nancy. Things were getting hotter and more difficult for him by the minute.

Ted stared at the key. Nancy stared at him piercingly, watching. Ted picked up the key and held it in his hand, nervous.

"Before you go fuck your beautiful wife Ted, I want you to think about something," Nancy continued, "Sarah has told me all about how hot the sex has been for the last few days. After you fuck her tonight, you will probably still be all hot and bothered for a while, and so will Sarah. But, it will fade, Ted. It always does. In two months, you'll be back to the sex life Sarah used to tell me about, a pump and dump every month or so. Is that what you want, Ted?"

Ted turned the key over in his hand. Nancy had a point, he had to admit. Whatever he and Sarah had been doing was hot as hell, even if he was frustrated beyond belief. But his dick was begging him for release from the metal confines biting into him. Ted had a serious case of blue balls after only 4 days. He worried any longer might actually kill him.

As Ted pondered this, Nancy went on, "One more thing, Ted. The girls and I have been talking it over." Ted looked at Josh at her reference to "the girls." Josh was blushing slightly. Nancy said, "Sarah and I are going to sweeten the deal for you. You keep your little dick locked in that cage for 6 weeks like we discussed, and when you finally get out, you can fuck both me and Sarah. At the same time."

Ted bent over in actual pain his balls were so tight. He looked at Sarah and she gave him a dirty smile. Nancy had the same look as she moved her hand further up Sarah's skirt. Nancy started rubbing Sarah's pussy over her tights and panties.

"Admit it, Ted. You love being in that cage," Nancy taunted. She continued, "You have 30 seconds to make a decision. Stay in the cage another six weeks and you get to fuck me and Sarah on your release date. If I don't have your decision in 30 seconds, I'm unlocking you myself, taking my cage back, and sending you home." She looked down at the watch on her wrist and started counting out loud.

It took Ted ten seconds. Finally defeated, Ted put the key back on the table. "Ok, Mistress Nancy, I'll keep it on," was all he said. Nancy smiled triumphantly.

"Excellent, Ted. Now we have things to do," Nancy said, picking up the key. She pulled a necklace out from under her dress. There was one key on it already. She latched the key to Ted's submission onto it. "Sarah has agreed to let me keep your key for the next six weeks, just in case she is tempted to let you out," Nancy said.

Nancy continued, "First, sissies like you wear panties. Take your pants off and put Josh's blue panties back on."

Ted did not hesitate now. He took his shoes off, unbuckled his belt, and took his pants and underwear off, revealing his dick straining against the cage. Josh handed him the panties. Ted put them on.

"Josh, it's time to get Ted properly plugged like a good girl," Nancy said. With that Josh came over to Ted and slipped his panties down to his knees. Josh pulled a small tapered butt plug out of the table next to him and lubed it.

"Bend over Ted," Josh said, "this might hurt a little at first, but I'll be gentle." Ted bent over. Josh pushed the plug into Ted slowly, allowing Ted to adjust to the size. The feel of the plug filling him did hurt at first, but he got used to it as Josh stroked it in and out of his ass, pushing it a little further in with each stroke. The stroking in his ass started driving Ted wild. Then the tip of the plug hit his prostate.

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