tagIncest/TabooSon and Mom Have Sex Ch. 01

Son and Mom Have Sex Ch. 01


My name is Harry. I'm 27 and, for the last five years, I've had an intense sexual relationship with my mom, Joan, who turns 50 next month.

I'm an average guy, five foot eight, 175 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, nicely sculpted body from my work as a construction laborer. My mom is plus sized, five foot three, 185 pounds, not fat, just nicely full-figured, brown hair, brown eyes.

As the oldest of five kids, much older than my sister and three brothers, I was the closest to Mom. With Dad working a full-time job at night and doing as many odd jobs he could handle during the day and weekends, it fell upon me to help Mom out any way I could. I helped her keep the younger kids in line as well as helping her with anything she wanted or needed help with. At sixteen, with an old used car and license, I became the one who took Mom to all the places she wanted or needed to go.

Mom and Dad split when I was 21. I was living on my own now, but made it a point to keep in touch with Mom. Mom began inviting me over for supper a couple of nights a week and she'd ask me to stay until the kids went to bed.

We'd begin sitting together on the couch after the kids were asleep, talking about anything and everything under the sun. Mom said it was nice being able to hold a normal conversation with an adult, since she didn't have any real friends, thanks to Dad, and no family nearby.

It was several months into this routine that Mom felt comfortable enough to talk to me about her relationship with Dad, personal things that she had to talk about. I told her she didn't have to, but she felt she had to vent her frustrations or she'd burst.

She explained to me, in graphic detail, how Dad turned Mom's ideas or thoughts on a subject into an argument, some very heated, that Dad would always win. She talked about how Dad would embarrass and humiliate her in front of other people and how he controlled every aspect of her life. He bought her housedresses, always a size or two too big, to make her look like she wore circus tents. He controlled what she could buy at the grocery store and how the food was to be cooked and seasoned. Dad controlled the money and the bills, only putting enough in the bank to cover the checks and kept the rest in his pocket. He controlled who she was allowed to talk to in the neighborhood as well as who she could become friends with. Dad even controlled the sex, only when he wanted, only how he wanted, and only enough to get her wet enough for his needle dick, her words, only until he got off, then Dad would roll over and go to sleep. Mom told me that if she was in the mood that night, she'd quietly finish herself off, but usually didn't. Mom stated that she couldn't remember when or if Dad ever did give her the big O.

Mom grew very emotional as she got these things off her chest and I found myself trying to ease her pain by holding her hand and eventually slipping my arm around her back, rubbing her back slowly, gently. As Mom poured out her heart to me, she'd stop sometimes and cry. This happened several times over a number of nights.

One night she became extremely emotional and couldn't stop crying. She got up and went into the kitchen. I gave her a minute, the followed her. She stood facing the refrigerator, her hands covering her face, crying uncontrollably.

I walked up to her and placed my hands lightly on her shoulders. Mom turned to face me, big tears running down her face, and reached out for me. "Oh, Harry!", Mom said as her hands found my shoulders. She buried her face in my shoulder and continued crying. My arms slid around her and I began slowly rubbing her back, attempting to calm her.

She continued to cry, even as I whispered in her ear "I love you, Mom. I've always been there for you, I'm here for you now, and I'll be there for you until the day I die." "Thank you, Harry", Mom said over and over again.

Every now and then Mom would lift her head off of my shoulder and would kiss me on the lips. At first the kisses were those of a mom to her son. But as she calmed down, our kisses became longer, harder and deeper, the kind of kisses a man and woman share who love each other.

As our kisses deepened, Mom slowly pressed more and more of her full-figured body against mine. I felt her 42DD breasts pressed hard against my chest, her rounded stomach against mine. Our kisses were now very long and deep and our bodies reacted in what I consider to be a very natural way.

I felt Mom's nipples grow large and hard against me as our kisses were very erotic, mother and son. Her hard nipples against me woke my cock up, and as I swelled and grew long and hard and thick, my cock slid along Mom's upper thigh, then her puffy mound, then finally against her stomach. Mom sighed and now pressed herself even tighter against me.

Mom broke the kiss and whispered "Touch me, Harry. Please touch me. Touch me like a man touches a woman. Please." She proceeded to kiss me again and I responded.

My one hand on her back now slowly slid farther down her back than it had ever been before, down past the small of her back, down past the waistband of her panties, all the way down to her mature, full-figured ass, concentrating on just one ass cheek.. I squeezed it gently numerous times while I stroked, caressed and fondled every inch I could reach. Mom loved it, whimpering and moaning as I gave her the treatment she so richly deserved I switched hands, giving her other ass cheek equal treatment, then used both hand to fully please her. This set her off. Mom now moaned louder and more frequently. Her head tilted slightly, her mouth opened, and when I offered her my tongue, she took it eagerly, working her tongue wickedly against mine. Her hips began to slowly rock and roll, now rubbing her prominent mound against my swollen cock. This lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

When we finally broke the kiss, Mom said she wanted to sit down, because her knees were weak and her legs were shaking. I agreed and stepped back. Mom's eyes looked down at the sizeable lump in the front of my shorts, while I looked at her large, hard nipples pushing through her bra and housedress. She took my hand and we walked back into the den.

"Not here" she said, leading me into the front living room. She stopped just inside the room and now closed and locked the French doors, essentially cutting us off from the rest of the house. I looked at the studio couch in the room and watched Mom go over and sit down, her ass perched on the edge of the seat cushion. I sat down next to her.

We reached out for each other and began kissing again. Mom's one hand was on my shoulder, the other on the back of my head, pulling my lips even tighter to hers. My one hand began caressing her back again, and the other lightly stroked her cheek. She loved the touches I gave her. My hand however soon began stroking the side of her neck, then moved down across the top of Mom's housedress, capturing one of her 42DD breasts. Her nipple was just as large and hard as I suspected, and very, very sensitive, too.

"Yes" Mom said. "God, yes."

I worked the hell out of that entire tit and nipple, wanting to give her everything she wanted and needed before I moved on to the other one.

Mom's hand on my shoulder soon slid downward, learning everything she could about her son's rugged chest, then my tight stomach and abs. It absolutely turned her on!

As we kissed again and again and again, Mom continued to whimper and moan. She got even louder when my hand on her breasts now moved down to feel up her stomach, then even lower, onto her thigh. My hand slid slowly downward along her thigh, down past the hem of her housedress, all the way to her knee. I squeezed it gently, to let her know where my hand was, then slid it to the inside of her knee.

My hand began moving slowly upward along the inside of her thigh, at first no higher than her dress hem, then back to her knee. After three or four strokes like this, I began working my hand even higher, pushing the hem up as I went. Mom moaned into my mouth and her legs slowly parted for her son, the farther up I went. By the time I got to the top of Mom's thigh, she was literally shaking.

I bypassed her pussy for a moment and instead spent a minute or so exploring her plump panty-covered mound, covered completely by thick, curly hair. She appreciated the loving her son gave her, but now took her hand off my chest and stomach, found my hand, and guided it to her panty crotch. I've known a few girls and young women in my time, but never have I found a hotter, wetter, more juicy pussy than Mom's. She was aroused like she had never been before, and knew this night would end in a good, hard, old fashioned fuck. And the fact that this was incest, the nastiest, naughtiest, most taboo sex in the world, had Mom's pussy in the throes of eruption like she never had.

I started rubbing Mom's pussy as she showed me all her special places. Her hips rocked and rolled, fucking herself on my hand, while I paid extra attention to her rubbery clit. "Yes, yes" Mom said to me. "Make me cum just for you, Harry".

Once I had a good rhythm going, Mom's hand left mine. Her hand found my stomach again, then her hand moved down onto the front of my shorts. "Hmmmm", I said, as Mom's fingers curled around the thickness of my cock, then began slowly stroking my manhood, learning for the first time just how large her son really was. I was bigger and harder than I ever was, owing to the fact that this my mom checking out my package.

Mom's fingers eventually left my cock long enough to undo my shorts as well as my boxers. My cock jumped out at her, all nine inches of thick, hard man meat, her son's man meat. Her fingers curled around it and she slowly stroked it, marveling in the dick that she wanted, no needed, inside her, her son's dick, in his mom's pussy.

I pushed the crotch of her panties aside and now working my longest finger into her wet, wet pussy. She jumped a little, then pushed herself even deeper on my finger. I finger-fucked her to lube up my finger, then slid that finger up her pussy lips and began rolling her large clit. It wasn't long, mere minutes, before Mom broke the latest kiss and croaked "I'm cumming. God help me, I'm cumming". Mom's entire body started to spasm and convulse as Mom had a violent orgasm. "God, god, oh god" Mom said over and over and over again, her orgasm hitting her like a ton of bricks.

Once she settled down and caught her breath, she kissed me more intimately than she ever had before.

"Fuck me, Harry" Mom said. "Fuck me, make me cum again and fill my pussy with your spunk. Do me all night long, I beg you."

"Assume whatever position you want, 'cause your wish is my command" I told her.

While she stripped off her panties and laid down on the couch, I stood and took off my open shorts and boxers. Mom laid on her back, her legs drawn up, bent at the knees, her thighs open, her pussy oozing her juices. She looked at my cock and whimpered "God. I hope I can take all that!" "Don't worry, I'll go easy on you, Mom" I told her. ""I hope not" she said. "I need a good hard fucking".

I moved between her legs, working my knees up against the back of her upper thighs and then stretched out over her, holding my weight above her, on my knees and forearms.

"My big, hot, hard son is going to fuck his horny mom, I know that" she said as I rubbed the large swollen head of my cock against her puffy, wet pussy lips. I worked it up and down a couple of times to tease her then found the sweet spot and pushed in just the head.

"Fuck" she said. "That monster cock is just what I need, Harry. Make me your whore, your slut, your slave to that cock of yours. Spoil me with big rod, baby. Make me want it morning, noon and night."

I slowly worked back and forth, in and out, opening up her pussy for me. She was tight, tighter than others I had known. I guess being used to a small dick has it's advantages when nine thick inches comes along. The deeper I went, the crazier Mom got. Her hands were all over my body. She kissed anything she could reach. Her legs came up around me, first one then the other, around my hips, her rough heels digging into my ass, her hips tilting, giving me access to parts of her pussy no man had ever reached.

Mom loved it, fucking like a woman possessed. The couch squeaked and creaked, Mom whimpered and moaned, she bit my shoulder, her fingers digging into my back as she orgasmed more times than I would like to count over the next hour plus. I pumped shot after shot of cum into her, big loads of cum, two, three, four times or more, until we were both exhausted.

Than I did the smartest thing I ever could have done. Still on her back with me still inside of her, I rolled us over on our side and kissed and touched and played with her until my cock finally softened inside her.

"Damn, Harry. You're quite the stud. No one has ever fucked me that long in my life. No one has ever fucked me that hard. No one has ever given me that many orgasms, never with that much intensity, nor as often as you just did. Harry, if you and I had hooked up a couple years ago, your big, thick loads of cum would have knocked me up many times over. And I would have gladly, proudly been pregnant by you as many times as I could, 'cause you, Harry. are a Grade A Number One fuck."

"You inspire me, Mom, to want to put a big smile on your face. I want you to glow with the feeling of my cock and cum deep inside of you. I want to fuck you in every position possible as many times as I can. I want to do for you the things you've thought about or read about, sexual things Dad would never do for you."

"Harry, where have you been all my life? I know it isn't legal, but if given the chance, I'd let you fuck me every chance you get, no matter who's home, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Harry, be my full-time lover."

"Your wish is my command, Mom."

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Harry and his mom are the main. Two pieces of the story just as in chess there are King and Queen. Loved each word of the incest/taboo story as a matter of fact, this is what makes the story sizzlingmore...

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