tagIncest/TabooSon Comes Home Early

Son Comes Home Early


"Are you ok, Michael?" Mr. Woodard asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright. I just came down a little strange on my ankle." I responded as I rubbed my ankle.

I was in the middle of 8th period gym class playing basketball. I went up for a rebound and another student stepped underneath when I came down on his foot, and rolled my ankle.

"Let's get you to the nurse's office and put some ice on that." As he helped me up.

I limped my way across the gym floor, and through the stadium doors. Just across the hall was our nurse's office. Ms. Heethrow was sitting at her desk and smiled as I walked in.

"Michael, what brings you down this way?"

"I rolled my ankle playing ball in gym. Mr. Woodard wanted me to come over here and have you take a look. Maybe put some ice on it."

"Uh-oh.. I'd be happy to help. Take a seat in booth 1."

I gingerly hobbled over into the nook, and sat down. The throbbing warmth on my sprained ankle becoming a little more apparent as I took my shoe and sock off.

"Hold this ice pack on there while I wrap this up. You'll probably need to take the next couple days off from Track to rest this up. It doesn't seem too bad, but you don't want to miss the relay invitational this weekend!"

"I suppose. I guess I can just head home, and play some video games this evening." I watched as her hands wound around my ankle with the bandage. The chill of the ice pack stinging against my skin. "Thanks , Ms. Heethrow!" I stepped up, and made my way towards the door.

"Anytime. Take care of that ankle!"


As I turned the corner to my house I noticed my mom's and someone else's car. Assuming she must have a friend over. Dad is stuck out of town this week on business. I pulled up to the curb, and slowly got out of the car. I awkwardly made my way up the pathway, and opened the door. As I walked through the kitchen I stopped at the fridge to grab a bottle of water. Suddenly I heard my mom upstairs. Strange that they were upstairs I thought.

"Mom! I'm home!" I called out as I made my way to the stairs, and up to my bedroom. I could hear my mom scurrying around. As I came to the top of the steps I saw a strange guy rush through the hallway into the bathroom naked with clothes in his hand. I looked over and there stood my mom. Standing there in her light blue silk robe. At 5' 6" tall, long dark wavy hair, dark seductive eyes, and slender succulent lips. Her hair resting against her shoulders, and draping down over top her large breasts. Who was the guy? Was mom cheating on dad? I must have been just as white and she had in that moment. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to feel. My hands both firmly wrapped around the railings.

"Michael... I uhm... What are you doing home so early?"

"Who is that, mom?! Why was there a naked dude streaking through our hallway?!"

"Michael, I can explain. Can I just have a few moments to get decent?" Mom looked like she was going to pass out. I couldn't believe it. Mom was cheating on my dad. I didn't understand. Dad is such a great guy. He does so much for us, and is always willing to sacrifice. My mom totally betrayed him.

"Explain what? Are you cheating on dad? I can't believe this! And who is this guy?!"

"Michael, I need you to go to your room. I'll have my friend leave and we can talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about! How can you even do this to dad?! How can you do this to me?!" I turned away in anger. Momentarily forgetting about my swollen ankle, I took a step on it trying to make my way down the stairs and stumbled. I began to fall down the steps. Rolling, and banging against the wall. I came to an abrupt stop at the bottom of the stairs.

"Michael! Oh my god, are you ok?!" My mom came rushing down after me. Her friend emerging from the bathroom in a rush as well. Quickly arriving at my side, I could feel my mom's hands on my shoulders.

"Get off of me! You don't deserve to touch me after this, mom!" I said disorientated.

"Let me help you up, son." The guy said as he reached out to offer a hand.

"You've done enough! Get the fuck away from me!" I yelled out as I rolled away from them, trying to get myself up, and make may way to the sunroom to get away from them. I shut the door harshly, and cracked the glass window.

"Joe I think you should go. I need to talk to my son. I'm sorry." I overheard my mom say to this stranger.

"It's ok. I understand. It's too bad our time was cut short. Let me know how everything goes." He said, and he made his way through the house and on his way.

I hear a knock on the door, and saw the knob turn. "Michael, I'm coming in. I just want to talk to you."

"There's nothing to talk about. Leave me alone."

My mom made her way into the room, and noticed me sitting at the computer rubbing my ankle. She noticed the bandages and ice packs quickly. Suddenly her already guilty conscious went into overdrive, with her motherly instinct to take care of what appeared to be her injured son.

"Oh my god, Michael, what happened to your ankle?"

"Leave me alone. I'm fine. I don't want you anywhere near me." I could see the pain in my mother's eyes. She was devastated. My disdain for her in this moment was unbearable for her. So much so that I almost couldn't bear it myself.

"Honey, I'm so sorry you found out like this. There's a lot of stuff you don't understand about your father and I." She said contritely. "Please let me explain."

"There's nothing to explain. You're cheating on dad. Now you're going to get a divorce. And I'm going to live with dad. No way would I want to spend time around you ever again."

"Michael! I need you to listen to me right now. I'm so sorry you found out. But your father and I are not very intimate with each other. We haven't had sex with each other in over two years. We care deeply for each other, and for you. But people have needs. You have needs as well. You're a young man. I know you download a ton of porn on the computer. Sexuality is a healthy active part of our lives. It's a necessity in life."

"So, you cheat on dad?! Why don't you try and have sex with him? Why not talk to him? There's no way dad doesn't try and make a move on you. You're a great looking woman. So instead of fixing something that is so important to you, you take the easy road and just go after some random scum bag?"

"Michael, it's not that simple. Your father and I have talked about this many times. I've made many attempts at intimacy with your father. He just doesn't reciprocate. Eventually you get frustrated, and something must give. This was the first time I ever tried anything with anyone other than your father. If it makes you feel any better, Joe and I never even got a chance to do anything. We had just gotten back to the house, and you weren't supposed to be home for another 4 hours...Why are you home so early? ...Never mind. That doesn't matter. You need to understand that your father and I have talked about this many times. For the last two years, your father has made no effort to feel like a woman. You say I'm such a great looking woman, but your father doesn't even touch me anymore. At all. I need some physical connection. I don't want you to tell your father about this. He will be devastated. I just assumed that if I could have some intimacy in another facet of my life then I wouldn't care if your father didn't show me any attention. He's such a great man. An overly thoughtful, and joyful individual. I should be the one to tell your father, but please let me do it on my terms?"

As angry as I was with my mom, she was so gentle with her explanation. You could visibly see the longing in her eyes as they teared up. She had rested her hand on my leg as she knelt in front of me. Caught up in all the commotion, and frustration of the moment, mom hadn't realized that in her haste to get dressed she didn't fasten her robe very well. Her giant, succulent, pierced breasts full on display in front of me. I couldn't stop looking at them. They looked so soft. I wanted to touch them. I want to suck on them. And bite on her pierced nipples. Suddenly I could feel all the blood from my anger shift from my head to my cock as it began to grow in my shorts. The feeling of my mom's hand rubbing my leg, and looking at her giant breasts in front of me. My eyes began to wander a little lower wondering if I could get a glimpse of anything else.

My mom noticed my distraction, and quickly realized that her beautiful mounds were out on display as her arms pulled back quickly to try and cover herself up. She fell backwards and hit her head on the desk. As she fell to the ground her robe opened a little more. I could now see the pouch of her pale stomach, and the dark patch of fur between her legs. My cock felt like it was going to break in half in my pants. I had never been so hard in my life. And I was still so angry. My mind was racing with so many emotions. I had never seen a woman naked in front of me before. I was embarrassed. I was turned on. Why was I turned on?! This is my mom. But god damn she looked good. She began to rub her head as she looked up at me. I don't know what came over me in that moment, but I couldn't help myself. I tried to rationalize it by thinking if mom wants to be a whore, then I'm going to treat her like one!

I quickly stood up, and began to undo my shorts. My mom laid there with a look of shock and horror on her face. I quickly pushed my shorts and boxers down my legs and let my throbbing cock emerge from its prison. It sprang at attention above her. She couldn't take her eyes off it. Her sons veiny, throbbing, uncut cock. She knew she had to get away from the situation quickly. She was so close to feeling a cock again for the first time in over two years when she was interrupted. She was frustrated. Horny. Hungry. But this was her son. She would never let anything like that happen. I, however, had other plans. I saw what was in front of me, and in that moment, I intended to take it.

I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head, and kicked my shorts off. I was going to take my mother. I wanted to watch her boobs bounce and roll in front of me. I wanted to feel her wrap her legs around my waste, locking them around me with her feet together begging for my cum like I had seen in many of the pornos I had watched previously. At 18 years old I was far too eager to let this chance at sex slip away from me.

As I began to lower myself on my mom, she looked in horror. Her own son was about to violate her. She couldn't find the words to tell him to stop. She was paralyzed by her hunger for cock. She could only muster enough to put her arms out, and push back in protest. But her son had managed to grow into a fine young man. Standing at 6' tall, with broad shoulders, black curly hair, dark fury chest, long muscular arms. He was shockingly similar to his father. She didn't have the strength to fend off her son. When she felt his hands grab on to her legs, and pull them apart exposing her juicy, hairy pussy lips she tried to resist. But once again, her son's strength was too much for her to fight.

"Michael! What are you doing?!" She finally blurted out. "You can't do this! You have to stop. I'm your mother!"

"If you want dick that badly, mom, then I'll give it to you. You're going to know just how much of a mistake it was to cheat on dad!" I exclaimed as I forced myself on my mother.

My hands quickly parted her legs, and I wedged myself between them to keep her from closing them again. I could feel her squirmy underneath me, trying to get away. I was determined to take what was right in front of me. I ran my fingers through her furry mound, and over her clit. It was warm, and surprisingly moist for someone that was not interested in this happening. Mom let out a whimper as I touched her most private parts. I let my fingers explore even further. Parting her lips, and searching for her opening. My mom was soaking wet. I wondered if it was what I was doing to her now, or if this was left over from that asshole that was here only moments before. My fingers finally found her entrance. My heart was racing. It had been over 18 years since I had been inside her. It felt like I was destined to be back there.

"Mic...chael... Stop... no more...ugh... you can't do this..." My mom pleaded as she felt my finger slip inside of her. Her emotions struggling to make sense of this. She was mortified that her own son was violating her. She wanted him to stop, but she couldn't fight the burning desire between her legs either. Who knows when she would ever get another chance to get stuffed with a big fat cock.

Despite her sexual hiatus, she could not let this happen. Her son's fingers continued to probe her most sensitive of places, but she had to get him off her. She clenched her legs together, and tried to place her knees against her son's chest. Her hands firmly against his shoulder she began to push away, and wiggle underneath him with all her might. Her son's hands suddenly left the confines of her pussy, and she had a moment of regret. She wanted that feeling back again. Now her son with added fervor began to pursue even more. Both mother and son in a physical battle against each other. His cock swaying frantically above her pussy as she tried to push him away. She felt the tip of his cock graze her lips, and her entire body shuddered. The feel of a cock against her lips has been on her mind for ages. And there it is. Her sudden lapse in judgment allowed her son to push a little closer between her legs, and his cock began to rest against her pussy. 'Oh my god!' she thought. 'It's so close. It feels so big... if I just let this happen just once...No!' Her conviction renewed once again with the reminder that this was her son. The physical resistance began once again. This time with her son's cock rubbing against her lips. Dancing around her juicy entrance she was getting a little extra pleasure out of it.

"Just take my cock, mom. You know you want it. You're dripping wet. You haven't had one in over two years. Your son has never been inside of a pussy before. We both get what we want. Just give in mom.

"Michael! Get off me right now! We can't do this. It's not ri—OH!" She was cut short when her sons cock suddenly made its way inside of her. She felt the big flared bulb of his head push through her entrance, as the shaft slid in against her slippery walls. The feeling of what has not been a part of her life for so long paralyzed her. Her body gave in right away. The last hour or so of constant sexual build up, and emotional distress throwing her body into a flux. Her feeling her son back inside of her for the first time in over 18 years was too much. She could feel herself instantly start to cum around this veiny uncut cock inside of her.

"Oh god! Fuck! Mic...chael... I'm cumming!" She was so ashamed of herself, and didn't care at the same time. The feeling of a real cock inside of her again. The resistance and warmth it offered against her crashing orgasm only made it all the better. She was instantly taken over by her desires.

"Oh yes! I don't care anymore. I just want you to fuck mommy, baby. Fuck me hard. Make me remember why I wanted to cheat on your father in the first place!"

"Holy shit, mom... this feels so amazing. I can't believe I haven't had sex before. You're so wet. And you're so tight. I can't believe I ever came out of this whole. It feels so good to be back inside of you!" I began to move my hips up and down. The friction against my cock was invigorating. I couldn't restrain myself as I began to pound my hips into my mother. Watching her giant delicious boobs move underneath me as I continued to impale my mother with my cock. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth.

"Oh yes, baby. Suck on mommy's titties. Just like you did when you were a baby. Fuck mommy just like that! I love it! Your cock is so big inside mommy. I've never felt so complete." She lifted her legs in the air, wrapped them around my waste, and locked her feet together against my lower back.

"Oh god, baby! Mom...mmy is gonna... cum ... ah... ugh... again. I'm gonna cum all... Over... uhhh... that fat cock of yours. I want you to cum with mommy. Uhnnn... ohhh... FUCK! Cum inside mommy, baby!"

I couldn't resist a direct request like that from my mom. My balls tightened, and my cock stiffened.

"Oh yes! Baby... I can feel your cock get harder! OH HERE IT COMES! BABY I'M GONNA CUM SO HARD!"

I felt my moms pussy grasp ahold of my member even harder and I lost it. My cock exploded inside my mom. My vision dimmed, and my body began to tingle. My cock jerked fiercely inside my mom as I felt wave after wave of hot cum rushing though my cock and deep inside of my mother."

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