tagIncest/TabooSon Gives Mom a Special Hug Ch. 03

Son Gives Mom a Special Hug Ch. 03


Reading the other two chapters will put this in context but not required. I know Allie, and parts of the first chapter are accurate. I will let your imagination wander about the rest.

Everyone in the story is over 18


Caden returns his mom's look, confident, brash, clearly enjoying her discomfort, and her hard nipples.

"Well?" He asks, patiently.

"Ca, Ca, Caden" Allie replies hesitantly, her fingers lingering near her hemline. "We can't do this, I'm still your mom, This isn't right, you don't understand." She said, attempting to relay to him the depth of her confusion and her need to be taken and led. The hunger, almost craving, to be controlled by a strong male. Allie knows, unlike Caden, that her need is strong, like an addict needs the next hit of crack, or an alcoholic needs his beer, Allie needs a man in charge.

"Mother, (Allie noticing the more formal title) what did I say about being slow? Caden, sitting at the table, patiently looking at his mom began, "maybe you didn't understand. I will ask exactly once, failure to comply will result in your being punished. You didn't move when I asked, so, now, get on your knees.

Allie, puzzled, glanced at Caden once more, unsure, but her legs betraying her, slowly let her them relax, her knees bending, till she was resting on her knees on the cold kitchen floor.

"Comfy?" Caden asked.

"Caden, I can't do thi." Allie started to reply before Caden cut her off sharply.

"I asked a yes or no question mother, are you comfy?" A sudden edge to his voice not present a few seconds ago.

"I, I, I'm not exactly comfortable or uncomfortable," Allie replied, concerned the answer would not satisfy her son.

"Cross your ankles behind you," Caden ordered his mom.

Allie awkwardly complied, her knees now more painfully digging against the kitchen floor. Looking up at her son, the faint pain sending chills up her spine.

Caden has a one word question. "better?"

"No Caden, my knees hurt" Allie said plainly.

Caden smiled a subtle smile of satisfaction. "Good, that's what I intended. I want you to count slowly to 100."

Allie, hesitantly began counting out loud, her knees hurting, embarrassed at her kneeling position, her need for control and the growing moisture gathering between her legs.

"98, 99, 100" Allie winced at the end.

"Stand up mother,"

This time Allie quickly complied, her knees reddened from the nearly 2 minutes spent kneeling on the cold linoleum flooring.

"Now mother, raise the bottom of your shirt, and show me you aren't wearing any panties." Caden quietly said, somehow the softness of his request making it seem even more firm.

This time, as Allie's hands reached down to her toned legs, her fingers grasped the hem of her t-shirt, slowly raising it to her son's devouring eyes.

Allie's neatly trimmed, but still prominent pubic hairs slowly came into view, as if being revealed from behind a curtain. Her hands resting once they reached her hips, revealing her most intimate area to her son's gaze.

"Mother, tomorrow, you will have this shaved, understand?

Allie was surprised at his request, how dare he? But yet, her husband always required her shaved before the divorce, it seems Caden inherited at least one preference from his dad.

"ok" Allie replied meekly.

"ok what?" Caden queried.

"I will be shaved for you tomorrow." The now compliant Allie responded.

"One more thing mother, when I am in control, there are two ways you may reply to me. You will either call me Mr Caden, or Sir. Understand."

Her stutter returning, Allie looked at her son in a different way, "Ye, Ye, Yes... Sir".

"You can put your shirt down Mother."

Allie complied, letting it slip from her fingers, but still standing docile in front of her son.

"Mother, I want another hug," Said her son, indicating for Allie to move towards him.

Allie responded more quickly this time, moving directly to Caden's side. Reaching out to hug him. Caden however had another idea, accepting her hug but pulling her into his lap again, much like the night before.

There was no pretending this time, Caden pulled his mom swiftly onto his lap, pulling her against his erection. Allie was no longer wondering, for now she knew, he was indeed built larger than his father, and she couldn't stop herself from pressing against it as she sat in his lap.

It was Caden's hands now on the hem of her t-shirt as he released her from his hug. With a practiced moved that belied his age, he swiftly removed the t-shirt over his mom's head, leaving her naked, sitting in his lap.

Allie gasped, surprised, but secretly thrilled to be naked so brazenly in front of her son. Her nipples so hard they ached, the damp spot growing more noticeable between her legs.

Caden pulled his mother towards him, drawing her near, her chest mere inches from his face. She watched as Caden leaned in, his lips slowly closing around the breast nearest to him. Caden sucked firmly on her nipple, pulling it firmly into his mouth, his teeth grazing against her nipple, a gentle bite, sending a shock wave directly to her moist cunt.

Caden switched to the other breast, giving it the same semi-rough treatment.

"Much better mother, I had to hold back last night, but now, I will get what I want." said her suddenly confident son.

Allie felt Caden pull away from her breasts, his arms letting her go, before moving to her hips, Allie felt him pushing away, moving her off his lap.

"Kneel mother" Caden said, again quietly.

Allie slid off of Caden's lap, her knees again on the cold floor, looking up at Caden, timidly and willing.

"Take my cock out" he ordered briskly.

Allie, with hands she couldn't stop, reached for her sons pajama bottoms, opening the one oversized button that contained his male hardness, reaching into the opening, and placing her thin fingers around the shaft, guiding it through the material."

"You know what to do mother." He said.

She looked up at him, holding his cock, searching his eyes for a glimmer of waiver, a show of weakness that would stop this madness. Caden simply raised his eyebrows, indicating his impatience, and Allie leaned forward.

It has been awhile, and her last man wasn't as big as Caden, but, with no further hesitation, Allie leaned forward, looking closely at the purple shaft, seeing the veiny, taut skin, she leaned slowly forward, her warm breath first caressing the flesh through pursed lips, before kissing the head of her son's cock. A gentle, sweet kiss, her lips barely touching, eying the small glistening drop of man dew before dashing her tongue out tasting the viscous but clear precum, followed quickly by another kiss, and another, Allie almost lovingly massaging her son's cock with her lips.

She slowly opened her mouth, letting the thick head probe her open mouth, her tongue swirling against it, feeling him pushing slightly, before sucking it firmly into her warm, wet caressing mouth.

Most women tolerate giving a man head, especially if it means she will get the favor returned, some women hate it, and refuse to perform it once they are married, occasionally, there are women that truly enjoy giving head, either from the feeling of the cock in their throat, the power they have over a man, or, as in Allie's case, love it because of both the subservient position it puts them in and her desire to succumb totally in pleasing her man.

Once Allie took Caden's cock into her mouth, her instincts kicked in, she sucked him firmly, the awkward position of him sitting, and her kneeling keeping her from taking it deeper in her throat, causing her to suck even harder. Caden, recognizing the logistical challenge, slid forward in the kitchen chair, giving his mom better access to his engorged penis.

It was the movement Allie needed, as she greedily sucked her son deep into her throat, her hand reaching to his hips, pulling them forward, forcing him even deeper into her throat. Her gag reflex controlled from practice, she could feel the head of her son's cock pushing deep, seemingly pushing against her very larnyx.

Caden reached down, twining his fingers into her mousey blond hair, firmly tilting her head upward, Allie knew the sign, and looked up at her son, her eyes straining upward, to look into his eyes as she now hungrily devoured his cock. The hunger, need, and desire showing in her blue eyes as she struggled to maintain eye contact with his cock so firmly in her throat.

Caden was surprised, his previous girlfriends never being able to deep throat him, but his mom hungrily swallowing his cock, he could literally see the bulge in her throat, like a snake eating an egg. She worked her head slowly moving slightly forward before plunging on his dick again.

Allie knew she was good, her talents over the years always leaving her boyfriends satisfied, She knows that teasing, or stroking with her hands is not necessary. She knows that what men often want is to simply fuck her throat, and she loves it. Looking up at Caden, her eyes locked to his, pushed her face forward, taking him deep before pulling back slightly before again shoving her face forward till the cock impaled her throat.

"That's it mother, suck it" he said, Allie not needing the encouragement, but liking how it sounded. If she is going to be dirty, she wants to be filthy.

"Take my cock deep in your throat" more instructions she didn't need but loved.

"Suck it harder, yeah, like that" as Caden began to feel the urge that he knew he would soon mean delivering his load of cum from throat fucking his mom.

The entire episode had expired in just a few minutes, but Allies aggressive sucking was having its effect on her son. He knew he was going finish soon.

Allie knew too, from the swelling of his cock, the pulsating head lodged in her throat clearly indicating he need to shoot his load. Allie was going to release his cock, she yearned to see him shoot his load. For Allie, few things are more erotic than seeing a cock shooting it's load because of her ministrations, she wanted to see him cum, but Caden had other ideas.

Holding her firmly by the head, he again turned his mom's face towards his, and with one more deep thrust, pushed his cock deep into her mouth. His ejaculate squirted deeply into his mothers throat, she felt the sudden warm thick liquid pulsating against her gullet. She needed air, there was so much, he squirted again, her eyes watering now, swallowing hard to get it down.

He let go of her hair, allowing her to pull off, a sudden gasp for air, as his cock shot yet another thick, glob of cum, hitting her on the lips, splashing her cheek and nose, she again hungrily engulfed his hard cock, catching the last spurt or two directly in her mouth, swirling it in her mouth as if it were candy, tasting her reward, feeling it coating her teeth and tongue before swallowing, tasting the salty, musky cum for the first time.

"Thank you mother, that was pleasant. Now, go get yourself cleaned up, and don't forget what I said about shaving."

Allie looked at her son from the floor, unbelieving what just transpired, but hearing herself say in a quiet voice, "Yes Sir".

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/01/18

Like a snake eating an egg

Sure, another approach could have been the long-simmering romantic feelings that finally spilled over. I much prefer this approach.

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by Anonymous04/16/18

Well done...

... and unlike the previous reader/commentator, there appear to be quite a few of us who like that bit of D/s between mother and Son. We don't always need a life-long, romantic love affair, or gettingmore...

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by Anonymous04/13/18

It would have been better if they

did it as loving couple not master and slave. Passion between them lovingly is so much better. and where is the ending where they fuck?

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by Alwaystaboo04/13/18

Nice continuance

Very interesting story

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