tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 07

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 07


"Mr. Ravo was staying in the hotel "Five-Star". He was in town for selecting employees for his company. After whole day's hectic schedule of taking interviews, selecting the right candidates, he was tired by the evening. Every cell in his body wished to relax. He went for a shower, but when he turned on the tap, some drops fell on his back and stopped. He came out of the bathroom and phoned the receptionist.

"I'm in room no. 25. The shower doesn't work."

"Sir, today is Thursday, the day of a water-cut in the city. So you must wait.

"But the hotel name is "Five-Star" and even we can't get a shower." Mr. Ravo said, annoyed.

"Its name is "Five-Star", not rated as five star."

"Then you should have named it "Zero-Star"

"Very funny...huh."

"Receptionist, organize at least two buckets of water. I won't use soap." Mr. Ravo begged.

"Hello? Hello? I can't hear you clearly. Hello?" and the receptionist disconnected the call to ignore Mr. Ravo.

"What a fucking hotel my secretary has chosen. Her month's salary won't be paid."

He wiped out some drops from his back and stretched on the bed wearing only a patterned brief in the hot Indian summer. He smelled something on the bed. He searched to find the source. After a while, he discovered that the pillow under his head was spreading this stink. He removed it from beneath his head and threw it away, sighing, "Shit...Five-Star"

His mobile put on the table near his bed rung "Just walking in my heart..." It read, "A new Message" on the screen. It was one of his colleagues, Venu. It read:

"God blessed man by creating a little window between woman's legs."

"It sounds like Venu has one day to use his remaining SMSs otherwise this greedy pig would never send me messages." He put aside the phone. The message was playing in his mind. 'It's doubtless. Her pink bud...thrusting deep inside...its tight clutch on my meat...it's really a spectacular experience....want to fuck more and more...each time with double intensity.' He felt his cock shaping and strain against his briefs. His cock was trying to release itself from the prison-like material and wanted to hide itself in a pink fresh cunt.

He dialed the receptionist.

"Hello, the receptionist has gone somewhere for urgent work. Can you call later?" The man was speaking but attempting to sound like woman.

"Bastard, you don't fool me. Play this type of trick with your mother, not a customer."

"Oh sir, sorry. I thought you were the guest of room 12 who complained repetitively to replace his broken-legged bed."

"Oh, it means many victims do the same blunder as me."

"It's not your blunder. It's your wisest decision to stay here."

"Yeah...yeah...wisest, the hotel with no water to bathe and a damaged bed to sleep."

"You're too negative. How can I help you?"

"I need....a juicy cunt," said Mr. Ravo rubbing his cock through brief.

"From which range? Five thousand, one thousand five hundred..."

"Nice varieties. I choose always the best - five thousand. Send her to my room."

"In this range room delivery is not available. You have to use your legs to reach there, Room No 3."

"Thanks" Mr. Rao proceeded to Room 3 in only briefs and his hand was now inside the waistband toying his cock.

He turned the door handle. She was Sonia, laying on the bed as usual, naked under the blanket which covered her face. She sensed that the customer had arrived but the face was still hidden in the blanket. Mr. Ravo adjusted himself near her on the bed and moved his finger between her legs, to her little window. A cry came out from Sonia. Ravo thought first, she was pleased by his touch, but next second, he deemed that she was sobbing. He opened her face from blanket. He saw, her face was wet with tears, and eyes were shut.

"You can do whatever you like and then leave," she spoke out but her eyes were still closed.

"I can't enjoy it if you don't." Ravo became sentimental seeing her condition.

She didn't reply.

"Can I ask the reason? Maybe I can solve your trouble."

"You can't,"

"You're too pessimistic."

"Can you give me my family back?"

"Can you give me more details?"

"Please leave me alone."

"I promise I will do whatever I can" Sonia for the first time felt genuine affection for her in Ravo's eyes, which she had never found in any of her customers.

"What do I say? Mister, I'm thrown out of society. Every one looks at me with sensuality. Even my family doesn't speak to me. My mother hangs up when she hears my voice. It's only because Sonia is a whore, I'm a whore."

"But why have you joined this, against your parents will?"

"I didn't join this. My lover has brought me here when I was eighteen. Opposing my parent's decision, I eloped with my lover. He slept with me for a week. Then he disappeared and never returned. I phoned my mom, that I accepted my fault and would never do it again. But she said I was no more her daughter and couldn't step in my house. I passed one more week, thinking about my future. The money I stole was spent on the rent of this hotel's room. The Receptionist took pity on me and enrolled in this business. I was in revengeful towards my parents and joined it, as I'd no idea how to find the job. I thought parents might melt and accept me but they never did."

"So marry a good man, and start second life."

"Mister, who will marry a whore? Who wishes to hear the taunt of society by accepting me as a bride of their family?"

Ravo had no words to say, so he hugged her. He tried to decrease her sorrow by patting her back. They lay without speaking a word. An hour passed. She stopped crying. The weight of her heart lightened by sharing her sorrow. She first time in her life felt love.

"Hey mister! Have you forgotten why you came in my room?" She thought to render him the best service for his kindness.

He didn't answer. He was lost in Sonia's ordeal.

"Where are you?" Sonia spoke again and pinched his cock. His train of thought suddenly derailed.

"So are you ready...huh?" He moved his hand from her back to her cunt.


He positioned himself between her legs and started eating her. She moved her hip in an attempt to have her clit touched. He sensed her demands so pushed two crooked fingers in her cunt and fluttered her clit with his tongue.

"Aahhhh...more inside..." she shushed.

As he did, she sprang on the bed and precum emerged from her cunt. He abandoned her clit and began licking her juice. To get more, he shoved his tongue inside. She clenched his head in her legs to deepen his tongue probing.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me with your cock." She begged and pushed him off her legs.

He stretched on his back and invited her on the top. First she pulled off his briefs and his thick dick sprang up with its pink shining top.

"Oh! I like "on top" the most but never got the chance," she exclaimed and place her cunt on his cock top. He held it and let it slide inside and disappeared in her. She changed the angle of penetration by leaning forward. She adjusted perfectly and began move to and fro slowly. And felt each part of his cock creating ripples inside her.

"It feels so good on the top of you."

"I know, that's why."

He locked his legs around her ass, and made the fuck tighter. He put a free hand on the clit to stimulate her more. She increased her speed because she was burning with desire.

He came but she didn't stop.

"Will you marry me?" He proposed feeling satisfied after his shoot.

She was moving speedily in the joy of fuck, and when she heard it, she reached at another level and experienced the sudden orgasm.

"Yes....yes," and she squirted juice. She fell on his body loosely.

"You leave this business and this hotel and come with me to my home as my wife."

"Oh! How sweet you are! God! I can't believe this." She planted a kiss on his lips.

The evening was progressing, and the newly married couple was caressing each other, waiting for the bright dawn of their life, especially Sonia. She accepted God was nowhere but in him. Yes...tomorrow was her second birth on this earth.


My heartily thanks to starryeyedkitkat for editing it and my many other stories.

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