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Son's Friend


Hi my name is Celia, Celia Trevors, I am 37, married to a great husband, have two children, boy aged 18, daughter aged 16, have a wonderful life, want for nothing, my husband is a partner in a successful electronics business, own a big house in its own grounds, cars all round, my sex life is still good after 19 years of marriage, I was young when we married, but its been a brilliant life. And I am very happy.

A little about me, I know I am good looking, almost beautiful, but don't show off though, I have many admirers of all ages, Im 5ft 7inches tall, longish Auburn hair which is my pride and joy still, its still luxurious, soft and silky, no grey anywhere, big wide brown eyes, full lips, some friends say pouty, still full breasted, perky nipples which are still very sensitive, I've had some very near misses in my marriage, temptation being put my way, nearly succumbed a couple of times, and very nearly did at a party one night, but managed to keep my vows and integrity.

Until this day came.

My daughter was at her friends for the weekend, my husband and son were going golfing, so Saturday I had to myself, we own a very valuable set of glasses, decanter and goblets that have been handed down through my family for generations, they are kept in a very secure strong glass cabinet and locked at all times and are never used.

I clean them once a year and today I decided to do it as I had all day to my self, when my husband and son golf it's an all day thing, practice ground, putting etc, lunch, then play, they left at 8.30am and I knew they wouldn't be back until 5 at the earliest.

I wasn't wearing anything special, I had no bra on, a thin blue cotton top, long sleeved that was fastened by 4 buttons, so my cleavage was on view a little, my nipples were evident but I was home for the day, so, so what.

I also was wearing a denim skirt that buttoned down the front about 3 or 4 inches above my knees, I have good strong toned legs so I am proud of them, a pair of panties that bordered on a thong, daring hey?

No tights or stockings, and a comfy pair of filled in high heeled sandals that raised my height to about 5, 10"

I had taken the glass objects from the cabinet and into the kitchen, we have an island in the middle so loaded the glass very carefully and gently onto a soft cloth in the middle of it, prepared the solution to clean them with.

At that moment Declan, or Dec as he is known to us, my son's friend and the son of our neighbours, tapped on the door and came in.

He is 18, very good looking, knows it too, but doesn't flaunt it, has an easy charm about him, a twinkle in his eyes that women of all ages have tended to fall into, 6ft, black shiny hair that lives its own life, powerfully built, without being too muscular, he and my son who is also very good looking but differently to Dec have been very successful with lots of girls and I'm sure a couple of married ladies too!

My daughter told me about 3 months ago that Dec had scored with a married female teacher who had left very quickly, but I don't know if it's true.

I had just turned back to the bowl of solution when I heard him enter the kitchen, I turned and there he was in the open doorway, I said "Im sorry Dec but John and his dad are out golfing all day".

He said 'oh drat', and that he had forgotten.

He looked at the glasses on the table and said 'wow I didn't know they were so beautiful, much like you' he laughed.

I smiled, I knew he fancied me but I never felt threatened, and I said 'thanks Dec.'

He stepped forward and reached out to pick one up, I jumped forward and said 'whoa there mister, keep off ok,' he apologised and stepped back away from the island I turned back to my task.

I heard him say 'yes they are really lovely.'

I turned back and to my horror he had picked up 2 of them, I dashed forward to take them from him, he stepped backwards towards the wall as I reached him, I took them from his hands and started to scold him, when he put his hands on my hips, spun me around so now my back was to the wall.

I said 'what the hell are you doing Dec!'

He just said 'don't drop those glasses Mrs T.'

I gasped and looked at my hands to make sure I had them secure, thankfully I had, he then just gently pushed me back to the wall and moved into my personal space, without any preamble, he leaned in and started kissing my neck, which I really do love.

I was stunned to say the least, I didn't know what to do, or how to react, even think straight, he now had his body pressed up against mine, and in between hot kisses on my neck he told me this was something he dreamed about.

He moved to the other side of my neck, and began what was to become my utter seduction, although I would have laughed in your face if you had told me this was what was going to happen.

He reminded me about the glasses, I tried to push him away and off me but it was impossible because my hands were useless to me, I was truly trapped, and now I could feel his cock pressing into me and I nearly died at the sensation that it caused me, keeping me there, and kissing me like he was, up and down and around my neck, and into my ears, another turn on for me!

My mind was in turmoil, then without realising it his fingers and thumbs found both nipples, which to my utter dismay were not just sensitive as usual, but were super sensitive.

I could feel myself sinking into submission to my sons friend and there didn't seem as though there was anything I could do to stop it, (I was about to find out there wasn't)

My nipples felt like they were going to explode in to bits, I couldn't stop the treacherous betrayal my body was doing to me, my mind was saying NO!

My body was saying Oh Yes!

His hot lips were still raking away on my neck, and now I couldn't help from moving in time with him so giving him all the space he wanted on both sides, That was when he kissed me properly, it was like I had never ever been kissed before, his lips just moulded to mine like they had been sculpted just for that sole purpose. Where did he get all this expertise at such a young age?

I felt a draught on my body, I managed to glimpse down and to my total surprise, my buttons were undone, and my super sensitive fully distended and engorged nipples were being twiddled away by him, it must have been like turning on a radio, he was tuning me in, and very successfully too, my hands on his shoulders, I was helpless.

Here I was in my kitchen with my sons friend, the son of my neighbour, who I had known for many years and I was being utterly and comprehensively seduced, and now I was really beginning to love the way he was handling me, and making me squirm and submit completely to his wanton ministrations.

Another movement lower down made me realise the buttons on my skirt were being undone, along with me! I tried to wriggle away but he reminded me about the glasses in my hands.

I trembled and stayed still, my hands still on his shoulders, it was the only place I could put them and keep the glasses in safety. It was as if he had ordered me to stay still and I obeyed.

My skirt fell to the floor, his hands went to my outer thighs, and stroked and caressed me, he wiggled me to make my pussy rub across his now hard cock, my panties weren't pushed down he just put his fingers in and pulled them straight off me, which made me whimper in a little fear and some high apprehension to what was about to happen to me, I was now totally in his control, his constant kisses to my lips, neck, shoulders, and ears was driving me crazy, his hardened cock was now placed firmly in my pussy's entrance although it was still inside his pants,

I was about to be taken by this strong, powerful good looking boy, and there was nothing I could seem to do about it, after 19 years, my vows and fidelity were going to be taken by this young predator, I was his prey, and he was having me no matter what I were to say, or do!

He asked if I wanted it here in the kitchen, or elsewhere, like upstairs where he could, and would give me what I was now craving, I saw a glimmer of hope to escape, although I wasn't too sure if I really wanted to now, so I said upstairs, thinking if I could put down the glasses, I would maybe just maybe able to fight him off, but he must have read my mind, he smiled at me, leaned in and gave me that fantastic kiss of his again, which I just melted into, then stooped, put his arm under my knees, and I was up in his arms, and being carried upstairs to my now none negotiable fate.

My shoes fell off some where, he carried me into my marital bedroom, to say I was now in a daze is the understatement of the decade, how could a boy of 18 be doing this to me and so easily too.

He put me in the centre of the bad and climbed over me to keep me captive, he knew what to do every step of the way, he pulled off his shirt revealing his tight powerful body that was about to give me the greatest pleasure I had ever known, he went back to my nipples making me moan and moan.

He leaned forward to kiss me, I was almost delirious now, my hands above my head in complete surrender, I was in total lust, and in his total control

He whispered into my ear, 'put the glasses down on the cabinet next to the bed Celia.'

Without any further prompting I did as I was told, it was then that he took me in his arms, told me he loved me, held and kissed me, I wrapped my own arms around his neck kissed him back as passionately and lovingly as I could, all I wanted was to please him now.

Then I asked him 'please make love to me right now.'

I couldn't wait to feel him in me, he jumped off the bed, kicked his shoes off, yanked his pants and boxers down, I stared in wonder at the beautiful cock that jumped into view, Im not going to say it was 10" long and 5" thick like you read about in those silly stories, but it was big, a bit bigger than my soon to be cuckolded husband, and certainly thicker.

I nearly feinted with delight, he got on the bed, I felt for him, his cock was so unbelievably hard, and so hot to my touch, I put my left arm around his neck, and my right hand on his hip, I pushed him over me so I could get that wonderful cock inside my traitorous pussy, which was now hot, wet and boiling away for him.

He duly obliged and thrust it into me without further ado, I gasped in a little pain but a fantastic amount of pleasure, I came immediately, my orgasm was cataclysmic, it just tore me apart.

I think I lost consciousness briefly, my feet were over his waist in total surrender now, my arms around him my nails digging into his back, hanging on for grim death, as he began to fuck the living daylights out of me, never have I ever been fucked like this, not even my husband had reached these glorious heights.

I knew in my heart he wouldn't last too long, and he didn't, but I still had 2 more mountainous orgasms and several small ones before he grunted, drove himself deep into me and shot his spunk all the way in.

It felt like it was going to come up my throat so powerful was his ejaculation, it was truly wonderful, we were wrapped tight together now, then slowly let go and subsided into bliss, what I didn't know was, he didn't really go down, he was still half hard and in what seemed like minutes he became fully hard again and then boy did I get the mother of all fucking's, never before have I been taken like that, he was my master in all ways.

He was unstoppable, I came and came and came, and I now do freely admit, I didn't really know what being fucked properly was about.

Sex with my husband had always been good and satisfying, but Dec had taught me in these few minutes that I didn't know a thing, I did now, and I'd loved every second of it, I was spent, and now I loved this man boy, he had not only forcefully removed my vows and fidelity to my husband, he had taken my love too.

I looked at the clock it read 11.00 which meant there was still about 6 hours before son and hubby came home, I was so happy, it meant this man boy, my conqueror, my lover, could spend the rest of the day making me do whatever he wanted, and oh did I want to!

He jumped from the bed, and I asked with fear in my heart 'are you going to leave'?

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the shower where he kept me for a good half hour, where we kissed and loved each other I couldn't keep my hands or mouth off him, he pushed me willingly to my knees where I gratefully sucked his cock, it felt so big and bulbous in my mouth and I felt his balls, and when he eventually came I swallowed the lot frantically, we dried off and went back to bed where we played, made love, he got me on my knees and railroaded my pussy and me in to oblivion and shot another wonderful hot load of spunk into me, we 69'nd, kissed and cuddled for the rest of our time together that day.

It was wonderful, I loved my husband, but I knew I had never ever felt, or ever known love like this.

He said to me, 'Celia have you ever had it up your ass?'

'No' I said, 'my husband has fingered me there, but I didn't like it, so I didn't want it.'

He told me 'I do' with an intent look on his beautiful face.

I looked at him knowing that it was not going to be up for discussion in the future, and nodded my head, 'it's yours' I said 'when ever you want it.'

We had to change the bed clothes, tidy up, open the windows etc.

We went down stairs, where we were very close to each other, I couldn't keep away from his kiss, touch, or stop feeling his wonderful masterful cock.

I put the glasses away without cleaning them, I picked up my discarded clothes, spent the rest of the time in his wonderful strong loving arms, and promised him, I was his whenever it was possible, I would go out to meet him, or he could come here if circumstance permitted, there was no way I was going to give up my young man boy lover now.

At 4.55 I heard the crunch of tyres on the gravel, Dec went and sat at the table after our last loving kiss, which unbelievably made me wet for him.

My husband and son walked into the house greeted me with a kiss, and big hello for Dec, asking how long had he been here.

His answer, which made me giggle was, 'I came about an hour ago,' and neither my husband, nor son knew how true that was!

To be Contd.

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