Sons of the Evening Star


When he was forced to stand up to shuck his pants she pouted and he chuckled but then she rose up to her knees and unclipped her bra. Chase froze as she let the lace drop to the ground at his feet. Her D cup breasts were tight and her rosy nipples were hard and needed to be sucked. Frankie ran her hands across them. Gently pushing them together and then releasing them to jiggle back into place.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and reached out to touch Chase's granite cock through the material of his boxer briefs. A low growl of desire was his response and Frankie grinned up at him as she reached inside the material and pulled his smooth erection out to find her waiting lips. He clutched at her hair when she slid him into her hot mouth, his knees weakening as she sucked gently on the head of his cock and swirled her tongue from the sensitive underside and up darting into the eye, which oozed pre-cum for her to taste.

Chase pulled one hand from her curly raven colored locks and ran his hand down her spine and under the edge of her panties, pushing them off of her rounded ass, so that he could slide two fingers across her puckered ass and deep into her sopping cunt.

Frankie moaned and rocked her hips back to meet his intruding digits while she pushed his ample meat deep down into her throat.

Several frenzied minutes later Chase pulled his fingers from her hole to slap her ass hard, disengaging her mouth from his manhood before he shot his load down her throat. He pushed her onto her back and then grabbed her ankles to pull her ass to the end of the bed. Resting her feet on his shoulders he pushed his ballend to the gate of her center. Then he paused and glanced down at Frankie. Her eyes were clenched shut, her hands groping seductively at her own breasts.

"Francesca," Her name passed his lips and her green eyes flew open to meet his emerald ones.

She realized after a moment that he was waiting for permission.

"Chase I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you. Plunder me. Make me yours. Please don't make me wait a second longer."

At her words Chase slammed his cock forward to deeply embed himself into her soft flesh. When he was so deep into her body that his balls slapped into her ass, he slid back out slowly and then slide home again. Grunting, thrusting, moaning, gasping, Chase and Frankie coupled with the intensity that had built itself up over days. They were perfectly matched, each one reading the other's needs before they could express them. Every time Frankie was engulfed by an orgasm, Chase would switch positions and she would come back to herself, greedily working with him to find the new precipice of her desire and fall off the edge again.

Finally, they sat up together Frankie in Chase's lap, facing each other with their legs stretched out behind each other's backs. Frankie twirled her hips slowly, shifting Chase within her body creating a delicious friction as she tasted his mouth with her own. She could feel that he was getting close to his own release as he swelled inside her tightening pussy. She nibbled down his neck and he moaned appreciatively as she scraped her teeth along the space between his shoulder and his neck. She gave him a playful nip, he moaned again and he moved his own lips to her throat. She continued to grind, the pressure almost at its ceiling. Neither of them would be able to hold on much longer. Then she just caught the sound of him mumbling something against her skin.

"Mo shíorghrá," he breathed the words across her skin as his teeth scraped across her pulse line.

Frankie had no idea what the words meant but something in the way he said them made her chest heave and her heart skip a beat. She had no idea why the feelings had developed so quickly between her and Chase but a force inside her made her bring her lips up to his ear.

"You are meant to be mine," She whispered. "Love me."

Chase's tortured cry to her words were cut off as Frankie twirled her hips one last time and his teeth pierced the delicate flesh of her neck and his lips suctioned to her skin. Both Frankie and Chase plummeted from the passionate height they had climbed to together and dove directly into an ocean of rapture. Her legs shook, her mouth opened in a scream but no sound escaped. Her blood pumped into Chase's mouth with each beat of her heart. She could feel him pulling the life force from her veins and the combination of pleasure and pain was too much for her. Frankie's eyes fluttered closed as the tide of exaltation pulled her under.

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