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Sophia Pt. 04


Author's Notes:

Sorry it took so long to get Part IV submitted; you're probably getting sick of me saying that. Thanks for all the positive comments for Part III.

To the anonymous person that submitted the exact same "Horrible" comment eight different times for Part III. There are different methods used for scoring on this website. One of those is by the sheer number of comments; it doesn't matter if they are good or bad. So by submitting the exact same comment eight times you inflated the story's score, so to speak. I did not feel that this was fair to other authors, so I deleted seven of them.

Special thanks to my new and first ever editor Yellow Peril, he did a whole lot of work on this story, with repairs and some positive additions to the story. (Yes, I did just copy that part from Part II and III, but it is still true so why mess with perfection.)

Thanks for Reading


Disclaimer: None of this is real and actually right now, you are dreaming this story. So, if it really sucks just wake up. (Copied that too.)


When Don mentioned people grabbing his ass, I saw red. Strangers were taking liberties with my Don! When I went clubbing, not so much nowadays and I could easily give it up for Don, occasionally some jerk would grab my ass, but I always made it a point to cause a scene which swiftly either brought a bouncer to my side or even the cops a couple of times. Guys really didn't have that option, and with the way Don's ass looked last night I could understand why it was so "grabbable", but dammit, it was MY ass to grab!

Megan and Robin finally got up about an hour after I did. Don and I sent them in to see Kathy with a large mirror and I stood by the door with Don's camera. Kathy didn't have the energy to shriek, but she could still moan. That's what the undead are supposed to do, isn't it, ha ha?

Early that afternoon I took my family shopping. Don definitely needed some new clothes, and I wanted to get my girls some robes and slippers. When it came to Don's clothes he allowed me free rein to pick the styles and colors, but he whined a little too much about the prices until I gave him my "your pushing it" look. When it came time to pay, I had to give him the look again and I even had to mention Roscoe before he would put his wallet away. I had a wonderful day shopping; someday soon I'm going to have to get him that Mustang. Maybe a convertible, we would look so good in it.


I had an interesting weekend. Saturday night sucked, but it was still an interesting weekend. Maria went a little crazy and bought me a ton of clothes; I think it was because of the jewelry I got her for Christmas. She even bought me two pair of shoes, and they were four hundred dollars each! I didn't know loafers were back in style. When we got back from shopping I got a call from Kathy during which she profusely apologized for being such a terrible date the last time we went out and asked for another chance next Saturday night. She promised she wouldn't drink any alcohol if I would only give her another chance, so I agreed to try it again – a fresh start and I could certainly use all the practice I could get going out with beautiful women.

On Monday I met with my therapist again and this time she wanted to talk with me about my father. "Don, you told me how all through your father's long sickness you were constantly by his side, starting when you were ten. He gave you advice and instructions on how to care for and protect your childhood family as well as your own family when you eventually got married. You even took notes at the time, which you have shown me. I know you loved your father dearly, but being with him for all those months must have been very traumatic for you. Also, when people are sick and are aware that they are running out of time, they tend to speak a lot more forcefully when trying to communicate words of wisdom and advice. Ten year old children are very impressionable, especially in a situation like that. Don, you are a very good person and a superior care giver." How come I could sense a "but" coming. "But, your behavior, which your father ingrained in you under extreme circumstances, encourages people to take you for granted and take advantage of you. That they take advantage of you is not your fault, it is theirs. But, it is also just a sad part of human nature that most people will behave that way regardless of whose fault it is." Wow, that was a double "But"! "I am not telling you to immediately change your behavior, because that would be something not only difficult to do, it might even be dangerous to your mental health for you to do so too soon. What I do want you to do, however, is to try to be aware of your behavior around others, and just take note of how others react to your own actions. If you have any very close friends you might want to talk with them about this, and perhaps they could try to alert you to the actions you take that encourage others to take you for granted."

She didn't really tell me anything that I hadn't already suspected, but I liked being a nice guy, so if the rest of the world didn't understand, well screw'em! We spent the rest of the session discussing my behavior and why people tended to take advantage of me.

While dancing with Maria on Wednesday night, I decide to broach the subject that my therapist had mentioned. Megan and Robin had already gone back upstairs, and we were dancing again to "Moon River." Maria seemed to like that tune as much as I did.


"Yes, Don?"

"Last Monday I was talking with my therapist and she mentioned that I had an unfortunate behavior pattern that encouraged people to take advantage of me. She suggested that I might want to discuss this problem with some very close friends. I know we have only known each other a short time, but do you think that we qualify as close enough friends?"

Maria's arms tightened about me and she pulled me in close; her arms seemed to be trembling a little. "Don, for my part, I know that I consider you to be my very, very, very close and dear friend. If you want to share anything with me, I would be overjoyed to listen."

That seemed to be a yes, so I told her everything that my therapist and I had talked about.

"Don, what you've told me concerning your father's death certainly explains a lot of your behavior. As for alerting you to things that you do, which encourages long time associates to take advantage of you, Don, that is going to be difficult, but I'll try my best. Not only I, but all of our friends, too, have been aware of this facet of your personality since shortly after we met you. We've tried to resist taking advantage of your generosity, yet we catch ourselves still doing it! It just seems to be something pervasive in your behavior, a sort of kindness and a quiet competency along with the knowledge that you will always get the job done, no matter what. The only solution we have been able to find to our taking advantage of your kindness has been for us to attempt to treat you as kindly and generously as you treat us."

For the rest of that dance lesson we didn't so much dance as hold each other really close and shuffle across the floor. Maria had the CD player set up to repeat 'our song'. We finally stopped when Robin called us upstairs to watch movies; we were both a little embarrassed. Maria really is a good friend.

On Thursday I was able to get in a sparring session with my tenant, Phil. My schedule had been so busy lately that our sparring sessions had decreased from three times a week to once per week most of the time. I had to be very careful with my strength to not hit or grip him too hard; he had it all over me in technique and speed, but when I connected it was normally over pretty quickly. If he just weren't so good at dodging I would win a lot more often!

Saturday night was my big makeup date with Kathy. I made prime rib for dinner and THE CAKE for dessert, as per her request. Once again Maria and Kathy picked out the clothes they wanted me to wear. At least the new pants were a lot more comfortable this time and I didn't feel like I was getting a prostate examination with every step.

We went to two clubs and we drank nothing but soda water. The clubs Kathy took me to this time were much more sedate and you could talk without screaming, so I had a good time and was enjoying myself; she started to teach me how to dance to more modern music, too.

After leaving the second club Kathy looked at me a little hesitantly and made a strange request. "Don, I've got a favor to ask. There is an underground party club that I've been dying to go to for a long time, and I'd like you to take me there tonight. I know where it's supposed to be this month. It is rather notorious, but would you please take me to it? It will be only for one quick drink, but I really want to see what it's like."

"Kathy, I don't like the idea of taking you to some illegal operation. I've heard too many stories. Call me a wimp and a scaredy-cat if you like, but a good way of avoiding trouble is to stay away from places like that."

"Please, Don; I've got friends that have been there and I just want to see it."


"Please, Don, Pleeeease; I really want to see it once, just so I can at least say I've been there." She started giving me puppy dog eyes. Kathy is a person who I never would have thought would give anyone puppy dog eyes. Against my better judgment I agreed to take her, but I had a major bad feeling about it, as I had heard about some of the things that go on in those clubs.

"Okay, but you have to promise to stay close to me."

"I promise, I promise," and she skipped along like a little girl.

The place we went to was an old warehouse, and the parking lot was jammed full. We had to pay a forty dollar cover charge at the door! When we came in I was shocked. The music was deafeningly loud and the crowd was totally out of control. There were at least three raised platforms with cages. Within the cages were completely naked women. Two of the women that I could see were dancing, but the other one was sitting on a chair and screwing herself with a dildo. I bent down to Kathy's ear, "They must pay a lot of money for the strippers."

"No, I heard that they're all customers; they just volunteer when they get here. I guess they're exhibitionists and this is how they get off." It takes all kinds I guess. At the bottom of each platform were some really big guys, one per platform. I imagined that was to give the ladies some extra protection, which made me feel a little better about the place, but I was still scared for Kathy. Some of the legal clubs we had already gone to had me feeling terribly uncomfortable, this place completely raised my hackles, my Spider Sense (trademark Marvel Comics) was tingling and I was afraid of spiders! I really wanted Kathy out of this wild, noisy, illegal club and back to someplace safe, but I've always been overprotective of my friends and loved ones.

Kathy and I worked our way through the crowd and we got a couple of soda waters. She got separated from me for just a moment by three college age guys. They closely surrounded her and it almost seemed like a practiced move, which gave me a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I started moving in on them when they broke apart and vanished into the crowd. That incident put me on edge for the rest of the night and it reminded me of the time years ago when three assholes tried to snatch Barbara.

We drank our soda waters and danced to a couple of numbers when we decided we had seen enough and it was time to go.

"Don, I'm not feeling very well, I'm feeling kind of funny and I'm a bit dizzy. I'm going to the ladies room and I'll be right back." I followed her to the ladies room door, located in a narrow hallway in the back of the building, and I tried to wait for her right there. Opposite the ladies room door was the entrance to the men's room. The hallway between the two doors continued on for a short distance and ended at an exit door. A bouncer stood in front of the exit door. There were so many people, especially ladies to whom I'm always polite, trying to get to the rest rooms that I got pushed out of the way and forced back almost twenty feet, but I still kept my eyes glued to that door.

When Kathy came out, she had her hand to her head and was moving unsteadily. Suddenly the men's room door opened and those three college punks from earlier came out, grabbed Kathy and hustled her out the back door right past the bouncer. He didn't do a damn thing to stop them, he even moved out of their way so they could get by!

I started moving as soon as they grabbed her. The bouncer tried to stop me.

"Buddy, you can't use the back door, you have to go......" I didn't bother slowing down to argue with him, he had to be in on it judging by the way that he had let them grab Kathy and leave. I was moving fast and hard and I think he managed to hit me once before I grabbed his face and rammed the back of his skull into the wall as hard as I could and then I was out the door.

I ended up in a dead end alley. The alley was dark, but there was a light over the door giving me enough illumination to see that there were a lot of large steel trash dumpsters and one parked car. Two of the assholes were loading Kathy, who was weakly struggling against them, into the rear seat of the car while the third was getting into the driver's seat. The alley was L shaped with the car parked in the very short lower arm of the L. I wouldn't be able to stop a car, but the dumpsters could. There was one near me and I quickly hit the brake release on the wheels on my side. Then I pushed it as hard as I could to block the car in. I knew it wouldn't be enough by itself, but the driver seemed reluctant to damage his car at first, so he stayed put. As quickly as I could I pushed the other three dumpsters over by the first one, thoroughly blocking the car in. Now they were trapped and the dumpsters were positioned in such a way that if the car pushed against them the dumpsters would in turn be rammed up against the concrete block walls of the alley and jammed in place.

I pulled out my cell phone and called 911. I reported the kidnapping, gave our location, the license number of the car, my name, Kathy's name and the number of kidnappers. The police told me to hang on and they'd be right there. I told them there was no time because it was happening right now! I left my cell phone connected to them and set it down close to the wall of the alley next to a hand-sized piece of a concrete block. I picked up the piece of block and ran for the trapped car.

Even though he was trapped, the frightened driver began moving the car rapidly back and forth as soon as he saw me coming, making it unsafe for me to be alongside it. I waited for my opportunity and jumped onto the trunk of the car and from there I made my way quickly over the roof and onto the hood of the car where I could finally use my left hand to hang on to either the wipers or the lip of the hood. Using my right hand and the piece of block, I started to smash the windshield. I thought about smashing the driver's side window, which would have been faster, but it would have been a far more difficult and dangerous location from which to launch an attack on the driver while stuck on the hood of the car. I could hear Kathy weakly screaming from inside the vehicle. The car was jammed in so tightly, that it couldn't move more than about four feet forward and back, and only a little from side to side.

Even so, there was no way that I could have safely stayed on the ground! The car was jerking back and forth, bashing into the dumpsters that were in turn bashing into the alley walls. It was a terrifying ride, made more so by the screeches and crashing noises made by the impacts with the dumpsters. The lurching car almost threw me off many times, but somehow I managed to stay on. I wasn't scared for myself, I was scared for Kathy. It was like she was in the belly of snarling, screaming beast that I had to rip open and pull her from. NOBODY FUCKS WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Furiously, I continued to smash the windshield until I had hole in it. The three assholes inside were yelling in a complete panic. From their appearance in the club they hadn't looked like the sort to carry guns, and I was sure glad that I had guessed right. This had probably all been a game for them, as far as they were concerned, with no consideration for their victim's feelings. Now it was all too real for them with the apparent forces from hell about to descend upon them, namely me!

I wondered why they didn't just get out the car and maybe grab a tire iron to attack me. It wouldn't have worked, even if they had, because as soon as they would have stopped the car and gotten out, I would have played "Hulk smash puny humans!" I was much stronger than most average guys and there was no way that I would hold myself back like I do when sparring with Phil. Maybe they could sense that, or maybe they were unfamiliar with fighting and just plain afraid!

Punching through the hole as abruptly as I could, I smashed the driver in the face with my piece of concrete. He tried to dodge, but I got him good on the left side of his face and he screamed. With him temporarily stunned, the car stopped moving. I then quickly smashed the driver's side window and was surprised that it shattered really easily; are they meant to do that? During all this time Kathy was screaming and the other two assholes were yelling incoherently. I wasn't paying any attention to their words, though.

I slid off the hood of the car, reached in to hit the unlock button, and threw the driver's door open as hard as I could, hoping to rip it off its hinges. I've heard of people doing that before. I didn't quite succeed, but I didn't think that that door would ever close properly again. Reaching into the car, I pulled the keys out of the ignition and threw them away. The driver was huddled on the far side holding his bleeding face and moaning.

The remaining two assholes in the back seat with Kathy tried to play games with the rear door locks, attempting to delay me from getting at them. They were screaming and yelling things at me, but I had no time to listen. After a few seconds of me playing with the power unlock button on the driver's door (good thing I hadn't ripped it off), I timed it right and got the back door open. Kathy was sandwiched between the two jerks. I grabbed the one closest to me and threw him as hard as I could into the wall of alley where he hit with a thud and slid to the ground in a heap. The other creep was still hanging onto the partially unclothed Kathy, trying to use her as a shield. I reached past Kathy, grabbed him by the throat with one hand and started to pound his head against the door window until he released her. I then pulled Kathy from the car and carried her clear. She was sobbing hysterically. I figured when those three creeps boxed her in earlier in the club they must have dropped something into her drink. You hear about that happening all the time nowadays. Then they just waited for their chance. It probably didn't help their plans that Kathy hadn't had a drop of alcohol all evening.

Reaching the wall by my cell phone, I put my back to the wall and slid down, setting my butt in the muck of the alley. I cradled Kathy with my left arm while I used my right to pick up my cell phone. My hands were a bloody ruin, but they still seemed to be working.

I got back on the phone, described the current situation and asked for police and ambulances. Kathy was shuddering and sobbing the entire time, occasionally saying, "Thank you". I was shaking almost violently too, I had been so afraid for Kathy. The amount of blood leaking from my hands had me a bit concerned, too. I was worried that I would become weak from the blood loss and be unable to protect Kathy until the cops showed up. Maybe I should have tried to get to my car, but the whole area seemed so unsafe that I was afraid to try. Also, I wanted to keep an eye on this spot because I knew that those three rapists were still trapped in the back of the alley and I wanted them prosecuted and thrown in jail!

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