Sophia Pt. 04


I climbed into the passenger seat as Maria gave me a puzzled look because I had taken so long. I had needed time to get my breathing under control. The interior was beautiful and I settled back into the seat, luxuriating in the moment. Something was strange, though. There were some odd silvery toggle controls attached to the steering wheel. Maria saw the direction of my gaze, "These are called paddle shifters, Don. It is much easier to shift using them because you don't have to take your hands off the wheel when you're going fast." She then smiled sweetly to me, "Freddie has been giving me a few driving lessons over the last couple of weeks, too."

Oh shit!


I think Don closed his eyes for the first ten minutes. I really wasn't going that fast though, nothing like the way Freddie drives.

When we arrived at the club I wished Vanessa hadn't thrown out Don's VIP card; it would have made parking so much easier.

When we walked in, we were shown to a table where we set our stuff down before we started to dance. Once we began dancing we took a break about every half dozen songs or so. Eva came over briefly but I don't remember much about what she said or we said back to her, and certainly no one came to chat with us like they did when Vanessa was Don's date, but that was okay, too.

We had a marvelous time on the dance floor, but we sometimes forgot ourselves and did one of those silly shuffling things that most people call dancing. I think I recall hearing Moon River a lot that night. Otherwise when we remembered what we were doing I think that we put on a credible show.

I was very surprised when Eva approached our table late that night. I suddenly noticed that here didn't seem to be any more music, and realized there evidently hadn't been any for quite a while, which also surprised me for some reason. "Maria and Don, we're getting ready to close up now, so I'm sorry, but you're going to have to leave. Here's a VIP card for next time and don't worry about your drinks or the tip, that has already been taken care of and I hope to see you back really soon."

Don and I looked around and saw that the place was completely empty except for us. I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost forty minutes past closing! How did that happen?

"Oh, Eva, I'm so sorry if we've caused you any problems," Don replied, reiterating my sentiments, "we didn't notice you were closing."

"Honey, you haven't caused me a bit of trouble. I expect this place to be packed for weeks by women dragging their dates here just for a chance to see you two. You can come back anytime," she sauntered off, as Don and I looked at one another in stunned silence.


Business was going well in the club when Eva noticed Don walk through the doors with a new date. It took her minute to recall the woman's name, Oh yes, that's Maria, she thought. Maria had been keeping herself a bit scarce lately ever since her sexual peccadilloes had come to light. Eva was little bit disappointed that she had failed to land Don, but she would find someone else, she always did.

She was amazed at the dancing performance the two put on. Talk about chemistry and being in tune with your partner! Those two wrote the book on it. The rest of the customers were enthralled. Then the band started to play Moon River and they went immediately into a clinch on the dance floor. At the end of the song, they walked back to their table hand in hand.

Normally when a couple dances so well, a few other couples will stop by to congratulate them and chat. Around the two of them, however, was something like a wall and no one wanted to intrude on them. Eva approached them cautiously and had to be quite forceful to make herself heard by the two of them. Getting replies was even worse. She finally seemed to understand that Don had either lost or never received his VIP card. She would make sure to correct that issue, but the two of them would only need one card.

That evening she and her customers had a lot of fun. Whenever Don and Maria were dancing, someone would slip the band a twenty to play Moon River. As soon as the song started it was instant clinch time, and as soon as it stopped they would walk off hand in hand for a few songs and then return. The band must have played Moon River at least ten times that night. In fact, they stayed a few extra minutes to play it one more time just to send the two lovebirds to their table.

Eva had never seen a couple so much in love, but for some reason she wondered if they knew that they were in love?

If I could only bottle what those two have, I could make a mint, she thought. Hell she would drink a case of it herself! This got her thinking about her ex-husband. He really had been one of the good ones, damn it!

To be continued.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/20/18


- If indeed this author has passed.The story needs an ending and we know where it is going. Can one of the other excellent authors on this site, put his/her mind to finishing it, maybe as a tribute tomore...

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by Anonymous04/04/18

just fantastic

Please please post the next instalment if you have it or know if one exists this is the best story I have read and needs to be completed.

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by cyboji03/20/18

Dont know if its true.

Googled castlestone, someone metioned that he passed away. I hope not. Best story ive ever read. It even reminds me of the house boat by the style of humor.

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by Anonymous01/23/18


Where the hell is the next part?

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by Anonymous01/22/18

is it true?

enjoyed the text. is this person not alive? if so it's a shame. the four part were enjoyable. king of food for the soul. a little stretched out, but interesting reading. slap hapy papy #9

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