tagTranssexuals & Crossdresserssophie Meets Mistress for the 1st Time

sophie Meets Mistress for the 1st Time


i had been dressing for many years, but had decided to stop purging all my Female clothes and things (as many do occasionally) and admit that i loved to get dressed up as a sexy Female. That had been about 4 years ago, since then I had learned over time that i was not only a Transvestite but i was also submissive and loved to be controlled by a Lady and to make Her happy.

The internet was the real opening for sophie to experience more of what the world had to offer a crossdresser and places to go to where you will be accepted as what you are and not as society says you should be.

The internet was also where sophie met several Dommes over time, but this latest one seemed to be something special. She was not only Domme but had become a good friend long before any domination had even come into the relationship. Well Mistress Sam had started dominating me online by controlling what underwear i was to wear each day. Anything from nothing at all, to stockings, suspenders and of course panties, sometimes other things would also be included like clitty rings (yes Mistress had decided it was to be called my clitty), butt plugs and pink ribbon tied in a bow around my clitty. This i'm sure will not be the end of this and will progress as time goes on.

Recently i decided i wanted to get some gel nails fitted for a bank holiday weekend of dressing and photographs. When i informed Mistress Sam, She asked for the name and telephone number of the salon and my appointment time, this should have got me worried, but my trust for this wonderful Lady was so complete i readily gave the details.

The night before my 2pm appointment i was told by Mistress Sam that the time had changed and i was to be there for 1pm, i was not worried and agreed to be there at the new time.

The following day i finished work at lunch and went directly to the salon for my appointment. On entering i gave my male name (as i was not dressed up in female clothes) and was asked to take a seat until Maxine was ready for me. Then this beautiful young Lady came out from the back and called me into a small room, She told me to remove my shoes and socks as i was getting a pedicure, as well as the gel nails. i had never had a pedicure before although i always had my toenails painted; it was a truly wonderful experience and transformed my ugly damaged toenails with beautiful deep red ones.

Following this my life continued as before but my longing to go back to the salon was always there as i had a wonderful afternoon being pampered and treated as any other Lady would be. They have also agreed to do waxing for me (except for bikini waxing), Mistress Sam had tried to book me an appointment in several salons to get a full body wax, all refusing to do the treatment on a male. So i hope in the future i will be going back for another pedicure and manicure, and who knows maybe getting a full waxing as well.

The Fantasy

The Salon

The Monday morning started as usual with me waking up, making a coffee, then a shave and shower. This was followed by my usual routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise my face before getting ready for work, i had received my orders on the underwear for the day. i was to wear stockings, suspenders and i had been given a list of 8 different pairs of panties, to be changed every hour on the hour, and pictures sent to Mistress Sam's mobile.

i dressed in the lingerie with the first pair of panties on, the rest i had been informed must be kept in my trouser pockets. Just as i was about to shut down my laptop and leave for work, i received an email from Mistress Sam so quickly opened it in case it contained new commands.

Hello dear sophie,

I know that you have been dreaming of serving me real time, but as you are aware this is not possible due to my real life with my husband.

Well I have decided to allow you to serve another Domme for the upcoming bank holiday weekend, I know you have 4 days off so it should give you plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

I will chat with you tonight online. Enjoy your day of panty changes.


Mistress Sam

After reading the email twice, i was going to be late for work if i didn't leave immediately, so shutting down my laptop i ran out the door (pockets bulging with panties). All day the only thing i could concentrate on was the email, i had so many questions running through my mind: who was the Domme, where does She live, what would i be expected to do. But underlying all these thoughts was the feeling of total excitement at finally being given the opportunity to live my fantasy.

That evening while chatting to Mistress Sam, She told me who i was to be serving for the weekend and if this went well then it may happen again. To my surprise it was a Lady i had chatted too many times online, Mistress Pantera. i was informed that i should email Mistress Pantera asking for instructions to complete before i was to meet Her.

Immediately after the chat finished i quickly composed the short email to Mistress Pantera.

Hello Mistress Pantera,


i have just been informed that i am to serve You in any way that You see fit for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

If there is anything that You wish for me to do to prepare myself for this honour, then please inform me and i shall ensure that all Your commands are carried out to the letter.

Also it would be greatly appreciated if You could give me a general idea of what will be required of me for my time in Your service, so that i may pack all the correct clothing.

Looking forward to the honour of serving You

Love sophie

The email sent, i settled down to a little net surfing for clothes and uniforms, all the time dreaming of the weekend to come. It was only about an hour later that i received a reply.

Hello sophie,

I see that you are very keen to please, which is a good quality in a sub, let's hope that you prove to be as keen in person as you seem to be now.

The first thing that you are required to do is to purchase a female style coat (knee length) and some open toe high heel sandals (if you don't already have them). Then you shall post to me the cute pink maids uniform and the matching shoes you have in your pictures along with your silicone breast forms. The next thing I require you to do is to stop removing your body hair as of now, this will give 3 weeks of growth before we meet.

I shall inform you of any other requirements closer to the time.

Mistress Pantera

It did seem odd to me that i was to be hairy, having never heard any comments from Her about this type of thing, when we had chatted previously online. But i was not going to refuse the first commands given to me and risk the reprimand and punishment that i would certainly receive.

The next 3 weeks were a total blur of work and dreaming of every conceivable scenario that i could be put through. i had booked my flight and a hotel for the Thursday evening in London, as i was not to start until the following morning. A couple of days prior to my departure, i received more instructions from Mistress Pantera.

i was to travel with nothing but the clothes i was in, my credit card and money. The only other things i should bring were the coat and shoes i had been told to purchase and my wig. The Friday morning at 10am i was to be at a beauty salon as Mistress had booked an appointment for me and She would meet me there later.

Friday morning at 9:45am i was stood outside the salon with a small bag containing my belongings. A Lady walked up to the door and started to unlock it, She said.

"Can i help you Sir?"

"i have an appointment for 10am"

Then a big smile erupted on Her face. "Ah. you must be sophie? My name is Kirsty, but You will call me Miss Kirsty, and from now on, you will address ALL the Ladies in here as Miss"

my cheeks must have gone bright red.

"Don't worry sweetie, you will enjoy your time here today"

Following Her inside and taking a seat while She switched on the lights and music, during this time 3 other young Ladies entered, going straight through to the back. Then one of them came out from the back with a coffee in Her hand and said.

"So sophie, would you follow me please. I am Louise, and i will be starting your treatment for today. Go in here and take a shower then let me know when you're finished"

After i had showered and dried off, i looked for my panties, but everything had gone. All i had was a towel to wrap around me. i called to Louise and told Her i was finished. As She entered i asked about my clothes.

"Don't worry, there nice and safe. Well we better get you started. Come on through here please sweetie"

Going into another small room i was told to lie down on the couch and relax. With just a towel covering me i realised that i was to get my very first waxing. Louise started with my arms, it was not too painful just a little uncomfortable. Then She moved onto my legs, this was slightly more painful but still nothing to much. i was told to turn over as the front of my legs were done, suddenly the towel was pulled off and i was lying naked on the couch face down.

"Don't worry sophie, how can i wax your ass with the towel there?"

She continued to pull the strips of wax off violently, making sure all my hair was gone. The next thing she said took me by surprise.

"Turn over then sweetie"

"What!" i said.

Louise looked at me, raising Her eyebrows "Don't you mean. What Miss Louise?" as She slapped my ass hard.

"I need to do your Brazilian wax now"

i knew i had to comply as all this had been set up by Mistress Pantera, who would of course realise if i didn't get all the treatments booked for me.

Turning over, Louise started to rub the strip of wax onto my balls. Of course the effect was immediate, my clitty grew so hard. Then She pulled the strip in one swift movement. "ARGHHHHH" i screamed.

Smiling Louise looked at my clitty then into my eyes. "Why are screaming, you obviously enjoy it" glancing down to my swollen clitty. "So no more noise please sophie."

Well soon it was all over, there i was with my entire body from the neck down smooth except for a small strip above my clitty, and i loved the feeling more than ever before. I took another shower and was told to put a white gown on, then come out to the front of the salon. When i emerged i was seated and another 2 Ladies started working on me, one giving me a pedicure as the other applied the acrylic nails. This took a couple of hours and i felt so feminine all the time being pampered in such a way. Some of the other customers (Female of course) did give me some funny looks and chatted to their beauty technician, who obviously told them about me, as they all would turn around looking again and giggle.

When they finished i had long bright red finger nails and matching red toe nails. Thinking this was the end of my day there i asked if they had seen Miss Pantera.

In a loud voice so everyone in the salon could hear Kirsty said "Don't you mean Mistress Pantera, i'm sure that is what you have to call Her isn't it sophie?"

"Yes Miss Kirsty" i responded.

"She will be here later just before you're finished" i was told.

i was then led to another chair in front of a big mirror. Knowing what was coming i started to worry as i had no female clothes to wear. But with no way out i sat down while my eyebrows where waxed and shaped, then full make up applied. All the time i was facing away from the mirror so had no idea how dramatic it was going to be. Eventually She finished and produced my wig which had been washed and styled, placing it on my head; i was turned around to look at myself in the mirror.

What i saw was a vision i had always dreamed of, i really did look like a real female, not very beautiful but female all the same. At this point Mistress Pantera came in.

"Wow sophie you look adorable, better than i even dreamed." i stood up and greeted Her with a curtsey.

Mistress Pantera said to Kirsty. "are you all finished with her now?"

"Nearly, just the breasts to fit then she is all Yours."

Kirsty then came over carrying my breast forms; i could see they had already applied some surgical adhesive to them. She told me to lie back in the pedicure chair while they were positioned and the adhesive set.

After 5 minutes, Kirsty tested to make sure they were stuck firmly; She then turned to Mistress Pantera and said. "All finished now, and these breasts will not come off for quite a while, we don't usually use Super Glue but as You insisted then i'm sure they will last for as long as You need."

I shot a startled look at Mistress Pantera, She just smiled and said. "Well go and get ready sophie, we have lots to do today"

I gave another curtsey "yes Mistress." All the Ladies were giggling at my display.

Walking away in the gown, i realised that i didn't know where my clothes were, so i turned to Kirsty and asked. She told me that they were back in the shower room waiting for me. I entered to see that all that was there was my female coat and high heels. I came back out and asked for my other clothes.

"They are gone sophie, you don't need them anymore. So go and put on what is in there." Said Mistress Pantera. Later i found out they had been posted back to my house, so i now had nothing but a pair of high heels and a feminine cream coloured coat.

When i came out i asked about my wallet and was given a lovely purse which had all my cards and money inside. i then paid for everything and was given a handbag to put my new purse in. As i opened it, i noticed that it already had lots of make up inside, all that had been used on me before as well as other colours for use later during the weekend.

So there i was naked except for high heels and a coat, my breasts, firmly attached and bouncing as i walked in the heels.

"Time to go shopping sophie. I know just how much you love shopping, and we have lots of goodies to buy today"

i turned to all the Ladies and gave a curtsey saying "Thank You so much, it has been a wonderful experience"

i then followed Mistress Pantera out into the street, where She hailed a cab; i opened the door to allow Mistress to enter and then climbed in myself careful not to allow the coat to swing open to reveal my naked body beneath.

The Shopping Trip

Mistress Pantera indicated for me to sit on the fold down seat in front of Her. She told the driver where to go, then turned to me again and said.

"I have a little present for you sophie! You will wear this until I release you from My service after the weekend."

With that She reached into Her bag and produced a steel collar, holding it open in front of Her, i dropped to my knees in the back of the cab as She fitted this lovely collar and locked it in place. The key was on a long silver chain, which She placed around Her neck. From that moment i knew that i would be totally at her mercy and try my best to follow Her commands and please Her for the whole time i would be in service.

The cab ride was only about 15 minutes, Mistress said nothing the whole time after placing the collar on me, and so i remained silent as well. Then suddenly the driver pulled over and said. "Here you go Ladies." Just that little statement was a joy to hear, i did not know if he had realised that i was not a genetic female, but i saw no sign of anything being different in his face.

As i got out of the cab holding the door for Mistress, and then paying the driver from my lovely new purse. When i turned around Mistress Pantera was waiting by the door of a shop. Quickly i moved to the door again holding it open and following Her inside, as i entered i saw so many long flowing gowns all of which could have come from a historic costume shop. When i looked around closer there seemed to be a theme running through the whole style of the shop, Gothic! That was what it was i realised.

Then a sales assistant came over and said. "Hello, may i help you Ladies"

Again i felt a thrill knowing She had not noticed i was actually a male under this expert make up and styled wig. Mistress Pantera spoke up saying.

"sophie here would like a new corset"

"No problem Miss, I'm sure we can help You find something suitable. Is there anything in particular You are looking for?"

Again Mistress Pantera spoke, "I think she should get a fully boned overbust corset, with at least 6 suspenders. And it has to be very restricting."

The sales Lady looked at me and asked. "What size are you?"

i spoke for the first time "i usually take a UK 16 for tops."

"Well let's get you measured so we know exactly, shall we."

It was only then that i realised that to measure me i would have to remove my coat. Mistress Pantera could see the look on my face and went over to the sales Lady and whispered something to her. Then She shot me a startled look, followed by a big smile.

The sales Lady came over to me saying, "In that case I think we should measure you in the cubicles. Follow me sophie"

"OK! Thank You." I replied

Mistress Pantera shouted "sophie! That is no way to address a Lady is it. you know better than that I'm sure."

"Yes Miss. i am very sorry." Dropping my head in shame. i turned to the sales Lady and said. "i am very sorry for being rude and not addressing You correctly Miss. i do hope You will accept my apology"

I was then taken to the cubicles where i was told to remove my coat. Standing there in front of this young Lady naked but for high heels made me blush so much even the make up could not hide my embarrassment. She got a tape measure and started to measure around my chest then to my stomach and eventually to my hips.

"i think we have a few corsets that would be suitable for her, and give a much more feminine figure" with that She left and soon came back with 3 corsets. The first was black with frilly lace at the top and around the bottom edges.

i was told to turn around while the corset was passed around my waist then laced up. I could feel the corset getting tighter as the laces where pulled from the top then the bottom, this process repeated until it seemed very tight.

Mistress Pantera, looked at me as i gave a twirl. "Mmmmm! Very nice. But the lacings have fully closed at the back of the corset; she will need a little space to be able to constrict it more over time."

The sales Lady agreed saying a size smaller would be needed, as she took the other 2 away and came back with the same style corsets just smaller. This process was repeated with the 3 new corsets, until i was back in the original style but smaller, this was laced just as tight as before when Mistress Pantera said to me.

"Breath in deeply now sophie, lets see if you are comfortable?"

i did as commanded, then suddenly the laces were pulled again taking it even smaller around my waist. This left me in a position with my stomach sucked in which pushed my chest out.

"That is definitely the one .... And a nice inch gap to allow for it to be even tighter" Mistress chuckled.

i was then given some very sheer seemed stocking with lacy frills that matched the corset frills, to attach to the 6 suspenders, this was a lot more difficult than it usually was, as i could not bend at the waist and the long red nails. But eventually i got them fitted and was told to come out of the cubicle and show Mistress. Both the sales Lady and Mistress Pantera said they loved the look of the corset and how much it pulled me in giving me a sexy curvy shape.

i went back into the cubicle to get my coat and handbag, only to find the coat missing, so i grabbed my handbag and came out of the cubicle with my clitty in the open for all to see. i saw that Mistress Pantera was holding my coat and breathed a sigh of relief, just a small one due to the corset of course. Mistress handed me the coat and i put it on, as i tried to fasten the buttons i found they were all missing. Turning to face Mistress Pantera, She had a huge grin on Her face and held out Her hand showing me the buttons, which soon disappeared into the waste bin.

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