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Sorority Antics


"This is just stupid." I thought as I listened to the upper-class woman talk. About two dozen girls had signed on for pledge week at Alpha Alpha Omega sorority. This was the last day. We had listened to lectures on confidentiality and learned the code of conduct, quacked like ducks, scrubbed the floors, and done lots of other inane exercises. We were down to a dozen girls now. The rest had either washed out or quit in disgust.

It wasn't like I really wanted to belong to their stupid sorority anyway. The only reason I was there was to appease my mother who thought it would be cool if we were both mother and daughter and "sisters" at the same time. She had gone to the same college and joined Alpha Alpha Omega during her freshman year.

I was a serious student and really not into partying, plus I had worked for years to save money for college. I'd had a bunch of odd jobs and in the summers was a counselor/instructor at a girls tennis camp. When I won my dual scholarship (academic and tennis) I had money to spare. I rented a little efficiency just off campus where I could concentrate on my studies and it was also close to the sports hub. There was no way I was going to live in a sorority house or probably participate in their campus antics.

So when she announced the final challenge I thought "Really?; 'Find a perfect stranger and give him a BJ without ever seeing his face or him seeing yours'?" The dozen candidates shrunk to eight. I considered bailing out as well but I knew how disappointed my mother would be even though I was pretty sure she wouldn't approve of this final initiation step.


It wasn't like I had never given a BJ before. My stomach churned at the memory of the first one though. I had just turned eighteen and Dan and I had been dating for a while. We were in a parking lot outside the movie theater we were scheduled to go in in a little while. The session began with a kiss and progressed. What started as a mild exercise in petting grew in intensity. Dan was older and knew what he wanted. He guided my hand down and told me to wrap it around his penis. How or when he had unzipped I'll never know. He showed me how to stroke my hand up and down and it didn't take long before he ejaculated all over my hand. He handed me a handkerchief and I cleaned off my hand and him. It didn't do anything for me but did please him.

We went in and watched the movie and again there was some petting involved. I could feel that he was hard through his jeans. After the movie he drove me home. While we were still driving I saw him unzip and pull it out. He took my hand and placed it on his hard hot shaft. I wrapped my fingers around it and began to slowly stroke it like I had before.

"Slow down," he ordered. I did as instructed. When we got in my driveway he ordered me to put it in my mouth while I stroked him. In less than a minute he erupted in my mouth. His hand was on the back of my head holding me down and some went down my throat. It was the most foul tasting thing I'd ever tasted. The closest analogy I can come up with is month old tuna salad.

I pushed his hand away, bailed out of the door and threw up in the flowerbed. I ran in the house and up the stairs to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth three times and used a half bottle of Listerine to try and gargle the rest away. My mother knocked on the door and asked if I was OK. I told her that something I ate didn't agree with me and she said that if she could help just to call out. I vowed to never give a BJ again and went to bed.

Dan called me the next day and wanted to go out again. I could hear the mirth in his voice. I told him to go to hell.

A week or so later Tim told me that he heard Dan and I had broken up. I agreed that we had, but offered no further commentary. He asked me out and I accepted readily. I had known Tim for years. He was shy but active in community activities. Everyone liked Tim, including my parents.

On our third date Tim and I started petting. His shyness was kind of appealing. He took me to dinner at a nice restaurant and asked me to the prom. After a movie he took me home and while in the driveway the petting turned into a hand job for him. It was messy but he was happy. So was I. I enjoyed that feeling of power that comes from controlling another persons bodily functions.

Two dates later and Tim was asking me to put it in my mouth. I remembered the first time and refused. The next night I was baby sitting and after the kids were put to bed I sat down in front of the TV. I channel surfed a bit and came a across an episode of "Sex In The City" I had seen the show before but in this episode one of the stars hated the way her boyfriend tasted when he came in her mouth. She was talking to one of the other stars and admitted that she had done it for lots of other guys but this was the only one who tasted bad.

The idea was stuck in my head all night that perhaps I shouldn't prejudge Tim because of my experience with Dan. The next night I let Tim cum in my mouth. It tasted like watered down school glue. Not pleasant but tolerable. It was spring break and we dated three or four nights a week. On the last date he asked me to swallow. I refused and he got mad and told me all the other girls were doing it. That pissed me off and I suggested that he try dating them. As I left his car he told me our prom date was off.

I had already bought my dress and was pissed. The next day I was getting some sun in the backyard when Timmy, the proverbial boy next door, came over. I had known Timmy virtually all my life. We were even born on the same day in the same hospital. He was what you would call a nerd. He is about 5'8' and scrawny. He had been invited to apply to MIT and granted a full scholarship. 800 Sat's and all, he was a nice nerd.

"Are you all set for the prom?'" he asked. I told him I wasn't going and that Tim and I had broken up. I didn't, of course, give him details. He surprised me with, "Could Timmy be a substitute?"

I looked at him in surprise. Timmy is about two inches shorter than me and I was afraid that in even the moderate pumps I had bought I'd dwarf him. I knew that he was sensitive about his size. I asked if he was sure and he eagerly nodded. I agreed. The prom was just three weeks away.

The next morning I was again working on my tan.. I had already run six miles that morning and was pretty sweaty. Timmy came over and asked what color my dress was so he would know what type of corsage to buy and what color Tux to rent. I invited him in so he could see it for himself. He sat in the kitchen while I carried my dress down. He made notes.

The two weeks flew by. School was back in session and so was tennis practice. The thought of the prom was pretty much pushed from my head. When the night came I was prepared. At my Mom's insistence I went to the hairdresser that afternoon. The place was full of my classmates. That done, I went home and began to get dressed. My mom help proudly.

Timmy showed up at precisely seven o'clock. His powder blue Tux was a perfect compliment to my dark blue dress. His bow-tie and his cummerbund matched my dress perfectly The light blue orchid corsage he presented me with was exactly the same hue as his suit. I was a bit overwhelmed and the puny boutonniere I pinned to his lapel seemed lacking.

Parents were there taking the mandatory pictures and finally we headed to the prom site. Timmy was a perfect gentleman. He held doors and drove sedately. At the prom he held my chair while I sat down in the beginning and after every dance. He was also a fantastic dancer. Even if he was much shorter than I am it was fun to dance with him. We had a good time. The prom ended at 11:00 and since we hadn't been invited to any of the after-prom parties we headed home.

Again he was a perfect gentleman and pulled into my driveway and ran around to my side of the car to open the door for me. He walked me to the front door and gave me a kiss on the cheek before opening that door for me. There was nothing sexual or even sensual but it was just two old friends ending a perfect night.

A few weeks later Timmy and I were talking over the back fence. We had both been mowing. Timmy lamented the fact that he was going to be the only virgin at the graduation. I laughed and told him he wasn't alone. He looked incredulous.

"I just figured that between Dan and Tim you had done it." I assured him that I hadn't, not going into what I had done. We both went in to shower and study for finals.

Two days later, on a Saturday morning we met again at the fence. I had been thinking about what he said and being the last two virgins in our senior class. I told him it had been in my mind for two nights and asked if he would like to correct that situation.

He was stunned. He actually stuttered. "Yyyes. IIII've been ddddreaming about it for years!"

I told him to come over and up to my bedroom in two hours. My parents would be gone. He showed up two hours later. And I could see the little bulge in his shorts. I was laying in the bed with just a sheet covering my naked body. I had placed two layers of old towels under my bottom. I had no idea how much blood would be involved. I had been playing with myself for the last hour and probably had soaked the towels already.

I let the sheet down to uncover my breasts as his jaw dropped. I beckoned him to come closer and rolled on my side to undo his pants, caressing his small but hard penis as I did. He was anxious and pulled his shirt off and his pants down quickly. I had no idea what an average size penis is. I was pretty sure that Timmy was quite small. But it was hard and pulsing. He pulled the sheet all the way down and was the first man, other than my doctor, to see my pubes.

He sort of gasped. "YYYour so beautiful!" I certainly didn't think I was but took his hand and placed it on one breast. "OOOh shit" was all he said and I was afraid he would finish right then. I took his hand away and he reached down in his pants pocket and took out a condom. He was shaking so badly that he couldn't open the foil pack and I took it from him and tore it open. He unrolled it down his little shaft. It was so much bigger than him that I wondered if it would even stay on.

I spread my legs and let him see what was awaiting him. I was wet from my my last hour of self play and told him to just put it in me. He eagerly complied.

I could barely feel it until a certain point and then I had a minor twinge of pain. Realistically, putting in my first tampon hurt more. It only took him a few minutes before his face contorted and he came. I had actually done more for myself than he had done for me but the deed was done. When we got up there was a small spot of blood on the towel. Timmy beamed and thanked me heartily before leaving. I got up, inserted a tampon, pulled on a robe, and went to the family room.

My mother is a big Peggy Lee fan. I pulled out a mini CD of "Is That All There Is?" I played it at least twenty times. Timmy and I never repeated or even spoke about what we had done. Graduation came and went. I went to my job as a camp counselor. It was a good summer with eager young girls wanting to learn the game. I really didn't think that I had the skills to make it big time on the tour but thought I could be a great coach.


I broke out of my reverie and realized that everyone was looking at me expectantly. The upperclassman leader did a recap for me. "The other girls are going to the glory hole at the bus station. The hooker that owns it will let them sub for her. Do you want to join them?" My reaction was immediate.

"No. I'd rather put some adventure in it. I think I'll visit one of the men's dorms." They looked at me like I had three heads but I had been in that bus station and seen (and smelled) the kind of men who hung around there.

One watcher was assigned a camera to film the seven of them and one was assigned to me. The seven departed in a van and I was asked where I wanted to go. I gave her the name of the hall. It was where all the freshman jocks lived. I added that at least I knew they took a shower every day. She laughed at that.

"That's where my fiancee lived when he was a freshman." I was tempted to learn more but resisted the urge. I had originally been assigned to this dorm. The bottom floor was all male and the second floor was for females.

She parked on the side of the dorm and I walked between the shrubs and windows. The rooms were dimly lit by the full moonlight that was coming in their windows. The first room was surprisingly empty. In the second I think I learned why. Two guys were obviously having fun with each other. At the third window I hit pay dirt. The window was open and I could hear the sounds of gentle snoring.

I went back to the car and told my watcher that was the room I chose to try. She removed her key-chain from the ignition and slid off a key. "That was my fiances room. Please don't lose it."

As it turned out I didn't need the key. His door was unlocked. I snuck in quietly. He was sleeping just underneath a sheet but that only covered him from the waist down. His upper body physique was amazing. I wondered what his sport was but guessed football.

I took a deep breath and moved on to the next stage of my adventure. I could see the red light on outside showing me that I was being recorded. I slowly pulled the sheet down and saw his full six-pack abs. He stirred a bit and I paused, ready to run. Finally he began snoring again and I gently pulled the sheet back until I could see his manhood.

I had to stifle a gasp as it was revealed to me. It was huge! After having experienced only Timmy's little thing in me I wondered what it would feel like to have something that big fill me up. I could feel my panties getting wet at the thought.

I took a deep breath and then bent over to take just the head in my mouth. That woke him, of course, and he reached down as if to throw me off him. I guess that when his hand found soft breasts he was OK with it.

I took more of him in and marveled at how great it felt to feel it pulse and swell in my mouth. My other times with Tim Or (Ugh) Dan they had already been hard by the time my mouth was there.

It only took a minute or so until he was totally hard and I came off him and looked at what I had done. It was beautiful and once again I wondered what it would feel like to have it inside me. My panties got even wetter but I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Dan, Tim, and Timmy had all been done in seconds. As much as I was actually enjoying this it felt like it was taking forever.

I had heard about deep-throating and tried to get all of him in. Each time I gagged and after a few tries gave up. He was just too big.

Finally he reached over and pulled down my now soaked panties and tore them off. He simply said, "me too" and picked me up like I was a rag-doll and placed my womanhood on his mouth. His tongue quickly found all those spots my fingers had taken years to find. I could feel that my climax was close and began to stroke his shaft in the opposite direction my mouth was moving. I came just seconds before he did and when he did the amount of it was huge. I was still in the throes of my orgasm and just swallowed every spurt that came out of him. It tasted fantastic.

I realized I had to get out of there without being seen and rolled out of the bed and bolted out the door. He said something but I didn't hear it all. I ran for the entrance door and waiting for me was my watcher.

"I admit to watching a little porn, but that was the hottest thing I've ever seen! You know that when we get back to the house we're all going to watch the videos together. You will be the envy of the other seven. I almost came while watching it happen. There will be some well lubed Alpha Alpha Omega pussies tonight. They're going to ask you what room and dorm he was in. You don't have to tell them. He seemed to please you and if you want to follow up it's OK. The rules simply state that the first encounter be anonymous. It's how I met my fiance!"

We got back to the house and someone had queued up the video of the girls at the glory hole. They didn't look like they were having a good time. A twenty would be pushed through the hole in the closet they were in that bordered the men's room. It would be followed by a penis. There was a milk crate, set up as a stool, next to the hole and one by one the girls would take turns on every one presented. When done they would spit and rinse again in a pail that was there.

In contrast, all the others ooh'd and ah'd at my choice. Five of them did ask for the dorm name and room number. I declined. I felt a tinge of jealousy despite not even knowing the guy's name or seeing his face. My watcher gave me a lift home. She lived not to far from me with her fiance. I thanked her for the ride home and let myself into my little haven.

I stripped and took a shower. I wished he was there to wash me. I'd never had that but had read about it a few times. When I washed my parts I was tempted to go further but resisted the urge. When I was done and it was time to brush I found that I didn't want to lose the taste of him in my mouth. I sighed and did it anyway.

I turned out all the lights and went to bed without getting dressed. I'd never slept like that before but it just felt right to do it that night. In fact, it felt deliciously bad. My fingers found my places as I drifted off wishing it was his tongue there again.

A half hour later and I was having a wonderful dream that it was his tongue instead of my fingers down there. I began to wake but fought it, wanting the dream to go on. When I woke I realized that my dream was coming true. It was a man's tongue in my womanhood. I pushed his head away.

He said, "You left your calling card, Debra. You should never start something you're not ready to finish." He handed me the panties he had ripped off earlier. They were left from my camp counseling time and had my name tag neatly stitched I to the top band. I pulled his head back toward my womanhood. I did want him to finish the job. I wanted to feel that big thing inside me.

He inserted one finger at first and I felt it move inside me as if searching for something. His tongue found my clitoris and he began to gently lick it. I could feel the swell of an orgasm coming on. His tongue and now lips continued to work on my clitoris while he slipped a second finger in my vagina. They found the spot they had been looking for, (I later learned it was called 'The G-Spot'.) and they massaged it until I had and even stronger climax that earlier that night.

He slid up and withdrew his fingers and began running the head of his penis up and down my slit. After just a few minutes of this I was begging him to be inside me. He obliged, but slowly. It felt fantastic to have him gradually fill that empty void between my legs.

When he was almost all the way in he began to stroke in and out. In the position he was in his shaft was caressing that spot he had just found in there. I knew I couldn't last much longer before my fourth climax of the night overwhelmed me. I begged him to fuck me harder. (I had never said that word before.) I began to contract inside and squeeze his manhood as he went faster and faster.

Finally the sweat began to pour from my body and I lost all control. He did too and I could feel his sperm fill every nook and cranny of my vagina. It was a wonderful feeling. He slid up a little further and laid his head across my breasts. I felt more tired than if I had just run a marathon and then played three sets of tennis.

"Do you mind if I spend the night? "It's a bye week for the team so I have nothing planned until about eleven on Tuesday" I ran my fingers through his curly hair and told him that would be be just fine with me before pulling the sheet up over both of us.

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