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Sorority Initiation


Her legs were splayed wide open and locked to the headboard the same way her arms were. Over all she was a very tempting target, or two, depending on your proclivities. She was also a tad older than your average college student. She looked to be between 35 and 40 years of age and enjoying her reflection in the room length mirror.

It was supposed to be some hazing ritual that all fraternity and sorority applicants went through but it had turned into much more. Shakira, a lovely mocha skinned woman of well above average endowment, lay naked awaiting the next person to use her holes. She'd been blindfolded by the sorority and left in this precarious position. Omega Eta Pi sorority was not only rough on its applicants but had the reputation of being the local slut sorority, so why was Shakira doing this?

Simply put she heard of the sorority, she liked the idea of going back to school but most of all she liked the idea of being gangbanged and/or pulling a train. Shakira is, and always has been, a slut! Well, at least in her mind she was. Unfortunately, her moral fiber and family connections worked against her do so.

What Shakira did not plan for was the fact that not only men would be using her. She also did not plan for the fact that the guy who'd brought her here, whom she'd made slow, passionate love to before coming here, had planned for her to back out when she found out what the initiation was.

His name is Geoffrey Goddard. He was 6' 2" tall, had chestnut brown hair that cascaded down his back to a little past his shoulders, eyes that were limpid pools of hazel green like the color of the ocean off a tropical beach, had large muscular arms ending with massive hands and his muscular legs, large as they were, could not hide the sausage that hung halfway down his pants to his knees. It was this unique look that attracted Shakira and the slut in her practically hauled him into bed with a single word between them—her look of longing was enough for him.

Geoffrey was not nearly her age, he was a typical college student after all, but, whereas he may have been average in some departments, brains weren't one of them. His course of study was chemistry with an emphasis on pain reducing drugs and compounds. It was at least until he discovered the final solution. No, it wasn't a doomsday weapon. Rather the final solution is a liquid with unique properties.

The properties of the final solution, which chemical name has more syllables than a week has hours, include an ever increasing intense heat, which, when applied, slowly but surely increases for several hours—the length of which time is determined by the size of the dose applied. This magic solution also does not wash away; instead it is permanently absorbed into the blood stream after the heat dissipates. As the solution is absorbed into the bloodstream it is passed through all of the various organs, but it is when it hits the brain that its insidiousness becomes known as it short circuits all of the brains controls regarding inhibitions while simultaneously and permanently activating the genes that control submissiveness.

I suppose these properties would be more than enough to gain control of a person, but there is one final trait to the solution—it is only effective on people with large amounts of estrogen—in other words, it has no effect on men. The solution is the perfect solution to turn any woman into a totally submissive slut, thus its nickname "the slut touch."

The touch is every man's dream; it can turn a woman into a whore in mere moments and a very compliant one at that. Geoffrey had tested the touch on Shakira because of her immense beauty and because, although he could have any woman generally, she had spurned him. The fast acting effects of the small amount applied to his fingertips changed her rapidly indeed. From when he laid his hand gently on her shoulder to when his cock was enlarging in her hard sucking mouth was mere seconds.

Now she was here, totally available for use, having herself used as a whore/slut for any and everyone—and enjoying every moment of it. If she was a slut, or at least had the desire to be, before coming to college, Geoffrey's "touch" severely intensified it beyond all known levels. The restraints were not necessary, it just made it easier on her as she did not need to hold the headboard or her legs as she was fucked senseless.

And to think she would have screwed Geoffrey to death if he had been less of a slime ball (or maybe just less clumsy in his attempts at seduction), after all Shakira would fuck anything with a pulse and either a cock or a cunt. The songs "Superfreak" by Rick James or "Freak Like Me" by Adina Howard were perfect descriptions of the type of slut Shakira had always wanted to be.

Now entering Shakira's sweet, wet pussy was an Asian male about 19 years of age. He was about 5' 3" tall and was enjoying taking Shakira's pussy, especially as she was quite filled with the cum of numerous other men. Jai was bisexual and very much the male version of a cum slut, in fact he was addicted to it. As he thrust in and out of Shakira's cunt he stirred her pussy juices as well as the cum of the others that had been dumped there already. Then, after dumping his rather copious load in her, or at least on her as she was free flowing with a jism cocktail, he leaned in and began to drink the sweet yet salty mixed drink before him. His face spread in a large smile as he tasted the sweetness of his juices, the saltiness of the other men before him and he licked her deep. As his tongue reached towards her pleasure centers she exploded and covered him in a very thick coating of her juices and many men's sperm.

After Jai was done the next person in line walked over to Shakira, straddled her carefully and thrust a huge 11" cock down her slutty throat. He may have positioned himself gently over her, but he fucked her face with raw animal fervor. Henry, an unimposing mouse of a man, was indeed blessed in the sex department. He kept at it, fucking her and watching her take his horse cock deep inside her throat for the better part of an hour before he let loose and filled her mouth to overflowing. "Surely," she thought, "I must be sucking a firehose."

As Henry filled her to overflowing Jai went down to his knees to clean her skin and her pussy. Henry himself watched disbelievingly but still the sight made him hard again all that much faster. With Jai then straddling slut's face and licking her pussy Henry then inserted his suddenly hard for the second time cock and shoved it down deep into slut's pear shaped ass.

The simultaneous stimulation sent slutty Shakira over the edge. It was as she exploded, trying to scream in orgasm around Jai's rampant member, that she achieved something most can't—a female ejaculation that left her body with such force that, were it not for Henry and his magnificent tool being in the way, would have shot nearly 10 feet across the room. Even so, the scream she let out reverberated around Jai's cock and the vibrations caused him to let loose an immense load down her throat. Shakira swallowed as fast as she could to catch every drop—she didn't miss a one!

It was at this point the mirrored wall in the room revealed Shakira's audience and the video recording device aimed right at her.

"Well now Ms. Slut," said the sorority president, "if you'd like your secret life to never get out I suppose you will just have to join our sorority—as our bitch!!"

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