tagIllustratedSorority Submission: A Spanking

Sorority Submission: A Spanking


Summary: Pledge gets disciplined for not completing her task in time.

In Part 1 Sorority Submission...Anne sorority pledge fulfills her first task to not wear panties or a bra for the day and where a provocative outfit chosen for her. She is then chosen to be the inspection girl to see if all the other pledges have fulfilled the task as well. Since Anne has very small breasts the task is made extra humiliating. She also meets a very nice boy, Harvey.

Note 2: This story is dedicated to the real Anne who is exactly as the story describes: a powerful domme to her man and a submissive slut to other woman.

Note 3: I am Canadian. I never pledged a sorority and base my ridiculous over-the-top plot on my fantasies, a few msn conversations, other stories I have read over the years and a plethora of 1980's movies (although sadly I also imagined it being a lot like that Amanda Bynes movie "Sydney White"...which I sadly also admit I liked...a lot). I have also condensed the timeframe for plot purposes.

Note 4: Thanks to Mab7991, and Leann for editing this chapter.

Note 5: This was released a couple months ago originally without the illustrations and quickly pulled. Thanks to Candi the artwork and fulfilling my vision. (All artwork used with permission of the artist)

TASK 2: A Spanking for not Measuring Up(Tuesday)

I was woken up the next day again by Camree who just handed me a note. She said, "Have fun," and left, her sing-song tone telling me she knew what today's task was.

I opened the note and read it.


Today is another easy task. You must have a fellow male student allow you to take a picture of his fully erect cock. You must take the picture with your cell phone and send it to Beth by six-thirty. As we will every day during rush week, you must meet at seven at the sorority.

Have fun!

P.S. you get bonus points for each cock you get a picture of.

P.S.S. the biggest cock will get five bonus points.

Although the task was a bit extreme, I instantly thought of Harvey. He knew I was pledging and hopefully would help me with this absurd task. I texted him and asked if we could meet for lunch and he agreed.

Since I had no clothing expectations, I dressed casually in jeans, a t-shirt and stockings. The morning flew by as I prepared to ask Harvey the strangest question ever. Although slightly nervous, I already felt comfortable with Harvey and hoped he would not see my request as slutty as it would sound.

After a morning of lectures, I headed to meet Harvey for lunch. As soon as I saw him I got excited, he was a very attractive man and one I thought he had potential as a boyfriend. He walked over and greeted me, "How is Belle today?"

"Magnificent," I replied, trying to sound just like Belle.

"Nice," he said, quoting the movie, "will you be my guest for lunch."

Either he is really witty, really suave or he prepared for today, any of the three were impressive. I replied back, "Lead the way, Sir."

We chatted for the next forty-five minutes about our lives. I admitted my favorite movie was Sixteen Candles, he admitted he loved John Hughes films although argued Some Kind of Wonderful was his best film. I told him my favorite type of music was country and he promised not to judge me for my horrendous musical taste. He informed me he was stuck in the 1970s and his favorite album was Meatloaf's 'Bat Out of Hell' and I too promised not to judge him (although secretly I love 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'). We learned we are both avid readers, both love sports and both like musicals (which is rare in a guy). Time flew by and I felt a connection with him I had never felt with any other guy.

Sadly though, we both had classes coming up and I had a task to fulfill. I prefaced my request first. "You know how I am pledging Pi Delta?"

"Yeeeees," he said, clearly already knowing I needed his help.

"Well, I need a favor," I said, trying to be flirty.

He joked, "You need a hot guy to bring back with you tonight."

"Not far off," I replied, my tone unable to hide my awkwardness with what I was about to ask him next.

"What is it?" he asked, grabbing my hand that sent fireworks throughout my body. "I will do anything for you."

One sentence and I relaxed as I coyly teased, "Anything is a pretty strong word."

"I mean it," he smiled, squeezing my hand gently, "What do you need?"

"A picture of your erect cock," I throw out there, my face going red.

His face showed shock, but he recovered quickly. "Is that all? Do you want that as a glossy or matte format?"

I almost choked as I exploded into laughter from the question. Finally calming down, I answered, pulling out my cell phone, "Digital, actually."

"Oh my," he said, realizing I wasn't kidding. "Usually, I make my date pay for supper before she gets to see what's under the hood."

I again laughed because of his geeky, yet adorable smile. I countered, rather aggressively, "Nothing gets in my garage before I have appraised its value."

His eyebrow went up. "I like to think I have a classic corvette."

"I hope not," I countered.

"Why not?" he asked.

"They are all look and speed," I quipped, "I want one that likes to go for long relaxing drives and enjoys the scenery."

Both of us were laughing, covering up the sexual tension that was now dripping with each word and action. "Well, I am an explorer. I love to just roam and see where I end up."

I could feel the heat in my cheeks and the slight chill in my spine from the playful innuendo. I finally returned us to the task at hand. "So, can I get a quick peek of your car for an appraisal of worth?"

"Hmmmmm, and what do I get in return?" he asked.

I countered, using a sports term, "A vague commitment of future considerations."

"I don't know," he said playfully, "I was hoping for something more now."

"Like what?" I asked, excited and nervous by his answer.

"A kiss," he answered, adding, "Maybe you can turn this beast into a man."

I responded playfully as I stood up, "I want both, beast and man."

He stood up too and I leaned in and kissed him. It was tender and sweet and I instantly knew he was the boy...the beast...the man for me.

Breaking the kiss, I smiled and said, "So now for your end of the deal."

He seemed as dazed as I did from the kiss, or at least I hoped so. He stammered, "S-s-so, how about after supper, say six at my dorm."

Noticing his suave confidence fading a bit, I played along, "Excellent, text me your dorm number, I am really looking forward to appraising your merchandise."

Before he could answer, I turned and walked away, knowing to always leave the boys high and hard. Not surprisingly, I received a text five minutes later with a room and a time.

I barely heard a word any of my professors said all afternoon as I waited for my after class rendezvous. I hadn't got laid in a while and although I didn't want to look like a complete slut, the thought of getting laid was very appealing. I also was praying his confidence wasn't falsely gained and his cock was indeed an impressive vehicle.

After class was done, I had a quick dinner before I made my way to his dorm arriving the compulsory five minutes late, not wanting to look too eager. Playing the game himself, he made me wait a few seconds after I knocked on his door.

As he opened the door, he greeted me, "Welcome to my castle."

I entered Harvey's messy dorm room and asked jokingly, "Clearly, you do not have the hired help of the Beast."

"Sadly no, but I do have a very messy roommate," he countered taking my hand and leading me to his room.

I quipped, as I followed, "Do you take all the girls you woo in the cafeteria line here?"

He laughed as we entered his very clean room. "You would be the first."

His door closed, I surveyed his rather immaculate room. Again, I was impressed. Unlike the boys I had dated in the past, Harvey was a man and I knew I wanted him. I sauntered over to him, my voice flirty, "So can I inspect your equipment?"

Again his suave confidence faded, as he was clearly not used to an aggressive woman. "Um, s-s-sure," he babbled, but didn't make a move.

I leaned in again and kissed him, this time with more urgency and passion than the first tentative, exploratory kiss this afternoon. Soon our tongues were exploring every reachable crevice of each other's mouths as we slowly moved to his bed. Staying in control, I pushed him onto his bed, before following him down and returning to our passionate kissing. Minutes ticked by before I began manoeuvring my way down his body, unbuttoning his shirt. I kissed his tanned neck, I nibbled his erect nipples and I licked his firm abdomen, a constant tease.

Finally, I was at his crotch. I asked, ever so polite, "May I?"

He let out a half-grunt, "Yes."

I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down and off. I could see his quite impressive, fully erect cock silhouetted in his black briefs begging for release. I asked, my hand squeezing his cock through his underwear, "It looks like your corvette wants to go out for a spin."

"God yes," he moaned, his cock flinching in my hand.

I tugged his underwear free and a very impressive cock, a solid seven inches, saluted me. I complimented, "I must say, the early appraisal is quite high." I don't know why I did it, other than I was horny and loved the idea of surprising this sexy guy, but I leaned forward and took it in my mouth.

Not surprisingly, he moaned loudly. I didn't bob up and down like some hungry co-ed cocksucking slut, instead I just lavishly swirled my tongue around his mushroom top. Every once and a while, I would slowly deep throat him, taking all seven inches in my mouth before returning to teasing just the top.

Once I had him completely at my will (which let's be honest is the second a woman touches a guy's cock, never mind putting it in her mouth), I decided it was time to take the picture. I took his cock out of my mouth and announced, "Picture time."

He opened his eyes, a clear look of disappointment in his face, but stammered, "S-s-sure," before adding, "It's just going to be my cock right? Not my face?"

"Yes, baby," I purred, attempting to calm his insecurities and compliment him. "There will be no facial evidence to the proud ownership of this beautiful cock, this very nice Lincoln Continental."

He laughed awkwardly at my luxury car reference as I reached for my purse and pulled out my phone. I joked, as I zoomed in to his delicious flagpole cock, "Say cheese."

"What?" he asked, suddenly nervous, but not covering his face.

"Just kidding," I replied as I snapped a picture. "Give me a second as I text this to Beth."

A few seconds later, sending the text at 6:33, a few minutes past the deadline, Harvey's cock was in cyberspace, an impressive memory of my second task completed. I returned to Harvey and pulled him to the edge of the bed and asked, "Now, where was I?"

He stood up and smiled, "I think you were making me fall in love with you."

He moved away from the bed slightly and I grabbed him by the cock. "And where do you think you are going? I'm not done with this beautiful cock of yours," I purred playfully.

He stammered, "W-w-where have you been all my life?"

I smiled provocatively, "It doesn't matter where I have been, it matters where I am now."

"Touche," he agreed.

"Do you like where I am right now, Harvey?" I asked, demurely, my hand firmly on his big cock.

"God, yes," he whimpered as I returned to sucking his cock, this time slowly bobbing up and down. Hearing his breathing increase, I allowed his cock to slip out of my mouth. "Tell me when you are going to come, okay baby."

"Sure," he whimpered, clearly he was putty in my hand or my mouth to be more precise.

I took his cock back in my mouth and continued a slow burn blow job. I wanted to savor the moment, let him know just how good it could be, pull him in with sex and soon have him wrapped around my finger like my pervious boyfriends. A couple of minutes of constant, slow, up and down and I decided to go for the kill. I shifted from slow and sweet to faster and in less than a minute I heard him grunt, "Soon, Anne."

I think he assumed I would quit sucking, but instead I took that as my cue and began to hungrily bob up and down, deep throating him with each downward movement. The increased pace was the final straw and he grunted loud as he sprayed his sweet seed down my throat. It was a surprisingly full load and I swallowed it all hungrily. I slowed down to a snail's pace as I retrieved the final remnants of his cum before letting his delicious cock slip out of my mouth.

I moved up and kissed him hard sliding my tongue in his mouth, allowing the last lingering remnants of his own cum to be tasted by him. It obviously surprised him, but as expected he let me take control. Breaking the kiss, I said, "I would say the appraisal will come in quite high."

He smiled nervously as he asked like a gentleman, "Can I return the favor?"

"I'll take a rain check, I need to be back at the sorority in ten minutes," I said, disappointed that I couldn't appraise his cunt licking ability.

"O-o-ok," he said, clearly thinking I was brushing him off.

I tried to clarify I wasn't. "No seriously, I am expecting the royal treatment. I expect my garage thoroughly emptied before you fill it."

"Holy shit," he gasped, a smile crossing his face.

"What?" I asked.

"I think I love you," he replied, clearly in awe.

I winked, "Be careful what you say, sexy. I am a very hard woman to please."

"I am up for the challenge," he replied.

Glancing at his still erect cock, I retorted, "So it seems." I blew him a kiss and left his room, leaving him again wanting more. I hurried across campus just making it to the sorority in time.

"Cutting it kind of close, aren't we, Little Annie?" Jamie smirked as I arrived.

Amazing how after just completely controlling a situation, I could so quickly be cut down to size and feel little. I avoided eye contact as I apologized, "Sorry, it won't happen again."

"Go wait in line," Jamie ordered, slapping my ass.

I quickly joined the other pledges as we patiently waited whatever was in store next.

A couple minutes after seven, Beth arrived and opened with, "Congratulations ladies, you all completed today's task." There was polite applause by the sorority sisters, before Beth pointed out, her tone shifting from praise to disappointment. "But one of you did not make the 6:30 deadline."

I felt my cheeks red with shame, a glowing show of guilt. I prayed someone was later than me...I was only three minutes late. Alas, I learned she was indeed talking about me.

"Unfortunately, when one pledge fails, you all fail," Beth continued, before staring directly at me.

I looked down, feeling every set of eyes on me.

Beth continued, "You see we are all one here, we are a sisterhood. We look after one another."

I felt guilt wash over me and apologized profusely. "I am so, so sorry. I found a guy willing, but it took longer than expected. Please don't punish the others."

Jamie finally spoke. "You are willing to take the punishment for all your fellow pledges?"

"Yes," I quickly agreed, without knowledge of what the punishment would be.

"You are sure?" Jamie asked, implying the punishment was not going to be fun.

"Yes," I repeated, adding, "I am the one who failed, I deserve the consequences."

"Come here, Little Annie," Jamie instructed.

I winced at the derogatory pet name, but I began to walk over, but was stopped. "On all fours, Little Annie," Jamie commanded.

Humiliated yet again, I crawled to Jamie as Beth continued to explain the expectations of the sorority. "Girls you must understand the utter loyalty that exists between us. The sorority comes first...always. It comes before your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever your sexual orientation, and even your family. We are your family now."

I reached Jamie and waited patiently, full of complex anxiety, for whatever was about to happen.

Beth explained, "Since pledge Anne has willingly sacrificed herself to take the punishment for all of you, we will not add another day to your tasks. Instead we will proceed with a team approach to punishment."

I listened to every word, petrified yet curious what kind of punishment they had in store for me.

Jamie ordered, "Stand up, Little Annie."

I obeyed, thankful to be off my knees.

Jamie ordered, "Take off your jeans."

"Pardon?" I questioned, having heard the question, but unable to comprehend it properly.

"Take off your fucking jeans," Jamie snapped.

Petrified by her sudden outburst, I quickly fumbled with my jeans and took them off as my level of humiliation continued to build.

"You are wearing thigh highs under your jeans?" Jamie asked, surprised.

"Yes, I think they are sexy," I admitted.

"Hmmmm, that they are," Jamie purred, looking me over like she wanted to devour me whole. "Actually they will come in handy. Take off your thigh highs."

I obeyed, curious what her intent was. I took them off and when she offered her hand I gave them to her.

"Panties too, Little Annie," Jamie ordered, as all the pledges and sorority sisters watched my public humiliation.

I trembled as I slowly pulled my panties down and off. Once naked from the waist down, Jamie took my hand and pulled me towards one of the couches. Once there, standing behind the couch, she ordered, "Bend over, Little Annie."

I complied, even as every inch of my body screamed at me to run. I had never in my life felt more vulnerable, more insecure than I did at this moment, yet I could feel my pussy getting wet.

She then used the thigh highs to tie my hands together, making me even more helpless.

Beth explained, "Form a line behind Sister Jamie."

Quickly my fellow pledges obeyed and I could no longer see any of them.

Beth explained, "Pledge Anne has courageously stood up and accepted responsibility for her actions which I respect, yet no disobedience can be overlooked. Pledges, each of you will spank your fellow pledge firmly on her ass. Anne, after each slap, you will thank the pledge for punishing you. Is that understood?"

"Yes," I replied, even though I was tensing up with fear.

"Remember," Beth finished, "only from true respect, true loyalty and true discipline can we be successful as a sorority. Pledge Angela, you may start."

I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable pain, stunned by the reality of my punishment.

SMACK! I winced and let out a yelp on contact. I am not sure what I expected it to feel like, but my left ass cheek stung and burned instantly. I almost forgot my part of the task. "Thank you, Angela, for punishing me."

Beth added, "Each time, Pledge Annie, you must thank your punisher with different words."

"OK," I replied, through clenched teeth, unable to fathom forty-eight more slaps.

"Pledge Carlee," Beth announced.

SMACK! This time the right cheek took the full force of the slap, which echoed through the room. A similar pain burned through me as I thanked my fellow pledge. "Thank you, Carlee, for slapping my white ass."

Jamie laughed, "It won't be white for long."

"Pledge Leah," Beth called forward.

SMACK! A second straight slap on my right ass cheek, doubled the burn and I let out a scream. "Thank you, Leah, for teaching me my place."

"Your place?" Jamie questioned with a laugh.

I realized the absurdity of my last words but remained silent as Beth said, "Pledge Amber."

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