tagNovels and NovellasSorrento Pt. 02

Sorrento Pt. 02


Thursday started overcast and remarkably cool. I was happy to wrap up in Jeans and my cardigan. I confess that I had slept remarkably well and despite the change in the weather, I started the day feeling refreshed and remarkably alive. Somehow I knew this was going to be a very good day.

I was so glad that Tom had fallen asleep when I arrived back to the room; I had been convinced that he would know what I had been doing just by looking at me, or worse still, smell sex. I had been convinced that every man in the hotel had known what I had been doing, but somehow that just contributed to the warm glow that had developed inside me; I had become a woman that was desired and wanted. I felt special.

Tom had set an early alarm. As we sat and enjoyed breakfast together, he brought me up to date with work. I have always taken an interest in the job he did, and always made sure I was there to listen to ideas and grumbles whenever they arose, particularly if he needed to just vent. I was genuinely concerned that this round of talks had not gone well, but when he told me that he had to go to Rome, I found it hard not to cry out with joy.

I would have a whole day alone. A whole day to do whatever I chose without having to face the reality of what I was; a faithful married woman. I know that I should have been questioning my judgment, reminding myself of the vows we had made when we got married, but if those thoughts were there in my head, they did not linger. I wanted to enjoy myself. I wanted to experience new things. I wanted to experience sex in new ways. I wanted to be fucked by someone I did not know.

Tom had organized a rental car with the hotel, and told me that he would drive back this evening if the meetings finished early, otherwise he would stay over and return in the morning. I sincerely wished him luck. I genuinely wanted things to go well for him, but secretly hoped he would have to stay.

The woman from reception came to tell Tom that his car was ready and waiting for him. When he ran back to the room to pack an overnight bag and collect his papers, she handed me an envelope, simply saying 'a message for you, Mrs. De Carlo.'

I puzzled at first who might leave a message for me. Tom had been sitting next to me until a few seconds ago, and any family or friends would have called his cell. Then I realized. This was from whoever was making out with me on the terrace.

I looked round the room thinking that whoever it was must be watching me. The restaurant was busy with people taking breakfast. A few people seemed to notice that I was looking, and acknowledged me with a smile. The other guests, the waiters, there were any number of possible candidates, but none gave any hint that they had enjoyed licking and finger fucking me last night.

I opened the envelope. It was standard hotel key folder with a room number, and a time. Inside the key folder was a key card. I glanced at my watch. It was just after 8.00am. I had six hours to wait.

After Tom left, I tried to distract myself by reading, but thoughts of the things that had happened, and imagining the things that might happen, made it impossible. I read the same couple of pages several times over without grasping a single sentence. I tried flicking through a magazine, but the articles dwelling on the excesses of celebrities, and glossy images of women in sexy underwear, just made it worse. It was going to be six hours of agony.

I went for a walk. I stopped for coffee and a pastry and then made my way to the boutique where I had bought the dress. I had made up my mind that if I was going to be seen in my underwear by a stranger, then it was going to be the sexiest underwear I could manage. I did not want to use my bank card, that would alert Tom to what I was doing, but I hoped I had enough cash.

The sales girl remembered me. I had thought that my limited knowledge of Italian, and her broken English were going to cause problems, but it soon became clear that she thought I was planning a surprise for the husband that bought the dress, and translated my thoughts perfectly, even if the man was not my husband.

I ended up with lilac satin panties and bra, trimmed with black lace. They perfectly matched the dress that I thought of wearing. And as I had been encouraged to step into the changing rooms, undress, be properly measured, and try them on, I could attest that they fitted perfectly, and looked adorable.

By 2.00pm, I had showered, dressed, and spent forever with make up and hair. I wanted to look perfect. I wore a knee length, sleeveless purple dress, and black high heels. I tried hard to hold on to the thought that I looked classy, but being dressed up in the middle of the day made me extremely self conscious. Thankfully the room was towards the back of the hotel and I passed no-one.

I arrived exactly on time, feeling nervous and very, very horny. I knocked, but after a few moments of nothing, let myself in. The room was a smallish twin, but furnished in much the same style as the suite that Tom and I occupied. The window opened onto a small, rather dusty courtyard, so the room appeared quite dark, but someone had left fresh flowers on one table which gave it a friendly, homey sort of feel.

On a second table stood an ice bucket, a bottle of Prosecco, and some glasses. On the bed a black scarf. In the few minutes I had alone, I opened the bottle, downed a full glass of wine, and tied the scarf tightly over my eyes. The wine was Dutch courage. I felt less certain why I wanted to be blindfold, but somewhere in my head I thought, if I did not know who was fucking me, I would not be embarrassed after.

I heard the door. I stood by the end of the bed and soon felt the presence of someone standing very close to me. Lips kissed me gently on the mouth. I recognized them; their feel, their taste. I knew it was the same person that had kissed me the past three nights. I felt strangely safe and loved.

Hands started to fondle my breasts, very gently and very slowly. Each time they brushed over a nipple, a tremor traveled down my body to my already aching groin. I felt the zip of my dress being pulled down, and allowed it to slide off my shoulders. As my dress landed in a heap at my ankles I tried clumsily to step out of it, and two hands took mine to help steady me. It was then that I realized there was still a hand on my back. Three hands. I gasped and stiffened.

Something was said in Italian which I did not understand, and then the voice spoke to me. 'I am so sorry, we did not mean to frighten you.' The voice was female. I felt so confused. The hands holding mine gently guided me so I could sit on the edge of the bed.

'If you wish us to leave, we will do so immediately, but please accept that I am sorry, I did not mean to upset you.'

'I thought you were ...' I started.

'A man? Please, believe me that right this very moment, I wish that I were. I am very attracted to you, and I thought from our little exchanges, that you felt the same.'

My mind raced. Those moments on the terrace were with a woman? Of course it made sense, the softness of those hands, the kiss, the tenderness. But I had deluded myself that it was a man. I had so desperately wanted to be fucked by this person, that I had not even considered the possibility that it was anything but a man.

Taking my silence for dismissal she stood and started to move away. I instinctively reached out for her hand, and said, 'no, please, it is I that is sorry. I want you to stay. I want you both to stay.'

There was a moment of stillness. Silence. She leaned forward and kissed me. 'Thank you. I thought I understood what it was that you wanted, and thought that this would make you happy. If I had a penis, I would not dream of relying on someone else, but sadly I am not a man.'

I could not think of anything appropriate to say, so I simply squeezed her hand and stood, hopefully showing both of them that I was ready. I tried to imagine how I looked in the lilac satin panties and bra. I hoped that the extreme sense of being aroused was not leaving unsightly wet stains.

'I have one question,' she asked, 'do you wish that he wears a condom?'

I thought about the joy I had felt when Tom first made love to me without a condom, how wonderful it was to feel him cum inside me. 'No,' I replied. I did not once think about any risks.

Hands once again started to touch my breasts and caress my skin. I was acutely aware that this time, the hands were masculine, the feminine one being tightly held in mine. It was not long before my bra and panties were skilfully removed and I stood there completely naked, scrutinized by two pairs of eyes. It is a truly exquisite feeling knowing that you are being looked at with desire and lust.

I was guided to sit on the edge of the bed, and listened to what I assumed was the sound of the man undressing. A hand gently took the back of my head and pulled me forward until I felt the man's penis brush against my face. I used both hands to reach forward and guide it into my mouth.

I have already confessed that Tom is the only man that I have been intimate with, so my experience of size was non existent. What I now grasped was far larger than I imagined a penis could be. I was able to hold both of my admittedly small hands around the shaft, and still have room for the beautifully bulbous head to fill my mouth. I felt it push against my tonsils. I know that I audibly sighed, and I felt a sudden rush of warmth in my groin. I could feel the bed covers where I sat becoming damp with what was flowing from my vagina.

I was then guided to lay back. The woman was behind me so my head rested on her leg. I instinctively reached for her hand, wanting her to be part of what I was experiencing. The man lifted my legs off the floor, raising them high up towards my shoulders. I managed to hold one. The woman, the other.

I imagined how I must look. I imagined how inflamed and engorged my cunt lips and clitoris were; I could feel them burning. I imagined my swollen cunt fully stretched and exposed in front of a man that I did not know. And not just stretched and exposed, but dripping and leaving puddles on the bed. I imagined seeing my tight little bum, puckered and twitching. I imagined all of me, waiting to be taken.

The head of this enormous cock was soon rubbing the entrance to my cunt. He clearly wanted me every bit as much as I needed him. Each time his penis touched my clitoris, an earthquake went off inside me, sending shudders through my whole body. When he did finally enter me, I had an immediate orgasm. I screamed out words; obscenities. I had never sworn in whole life.

Thankfully all of this was taken as encouragement. He did not stop. He continued to feed his cock into my now aching cunt. Slowly, with each successive thrust, taking it deeper. I felt the end of it pushing against my cervix, but still he continued to thrust and push, distorting and stretching my insides in ways I did not know possible.

I felt his testicles slapping against my bum, the wet now oozing from me making them stick, so it sounded as if they were slapping me. Finally I felt the lower part of his belly rubbing into mine, squeezing my clitoris between our bodies. That and the sensation of being fucked deep and hard sent me over the top one more time. I screamed and I shook, and I continued to shake, as he continued to fuck me.

The thrusting and pushing eventually gave way to a moment of stillness, as he exploded inside me. I could feel his cock throb as he released hot sticky cum deep into my womb, the force of it seeming to fill me even more.

When he withdrew, it was to mutual sighs from us both, while my cunt joined in with the sound of what can only be described as a fart, as if it were blowing bubbles. Far from being embarrassed by the noise, I felt as if I could rejoice in it. I felt wonderful.

The woman, who had held my hand during the whole experience, now leaned forward and kissed me, the sweetest and gentlest of kisses that is possible to imagine. 'Please do not move,' she asked, 'I will be right back.'

I did move, but it was only to slide further up the bed to get more comfortable. I could hear the rustling of clothes, and a hushed conversation in Italian. I made out the words 'grazie' and 'molto bravo' but little else. After the door closed, there was more rustling of clothes, and a body slid down onto the bed next to me. A naked body. A naked female body.

'My my,' she said, 'he has always claimed he was built like a horse, but I thought he was just bragging. I can see I will have to take him more seriously in future.'

'I have never imagined being fucked by a horse.'

She laughed. A sweet, contagious, easy laugh. She reached for the scarf. 'Shall we take this of?'


When it came off there was a brief moment where my eyes struggled to focus, but then I recognized her. Her beautiful smile. Her beautiful large black eyes. It was Anna.

It was Anna that had greeted us and checked us in when we had arrived at the hotel. It was Anna that I had laughed and joked with almost every time we had passed the reception desk. It was Anna that had seemed so very sincere when she said she would do anything to make our stay a happy one. It was Anna that passed me the envelope this morning.

I had judged myself to be only a few years older than her, but now, seeing her naked body at such close quarters, her absolutely perfect olive skinned body, she looked a lot younger. She was petite, slim, with long black hair. She had perfectly formed pert breasts with large dark brown nipples.

After all the times I had complained about Tom and other men not looking at women's faces when they spoke to them, here I was staring at Anna's breasts. Transfixed by them. 'I am glad you approve,' she said.

'May I touch?' I stupidly asked.

'I really wish you would,' she replied, reaching for my hand and placing it so that it cupped her. Her breast seemed to fit perfectly into my palm. It felt so very, very good. I smile up at her face. Her beautiful face.

'I take it you have never been with a woman before.'

'No,' I admitted.

'Is that because the thought repulsed you?'

'No, it is because I never imagined that I could be with anyone but my husband.'

'Hmmm. That seems to have changed.' She laughed, and moved to kiss me. It was wonderful feeling her lips against mine, and quite magical when our breasts touched. I instinctively put my arms around her, pulling her ever closer, and kissed her deeply and passionately.

'If you have never been with a woman, then you have never tasted a woman.'


'And does that idea repulse you?'

'On the contrary,' I said, 'I am quite looking forward to it.'

With that she pushed herself up onto all fours, and shuffled across the bed. She placed her feet either side of my shoulders, then sat back so that her bum hovered above my face. I was able to raise one arm so that my hand was again able to touch her breast. She clasped her hand over mine. I had no control of my head, the most I could do was open my mouth and stick my tongue out. There was no room for other movement.

My tongue first seemed to make contact with her perineum; that tender area of flesh that separates vagina from anus. I knew the term from the number of times mine had been cut and subsequently stitched in childbirth. But for Anna, this part of her body was clearly very sensitive. She gave an involuntary sigh as my tongue slid over her flesh.

As she eased her body back, my tongue reached the lips of her cunt. Wet and swollen. I used to masturbate regularly when I was a teenager and licked my fingers often, so I knew what the taste was like, but it was very different having that taste direct from another woman. It was sweet and salty at the same time, and seemed to coat the end of my tongue.

Anna continued to move until I reached her clitoris. I thrust my tongue out as hard as I could, wanting to pleasure her, but no sooner than I thought I was making contact, she moved, and slid her body forward, forcing my tongue against the tight sweet hole to her bum. This was something I could never have imagined. The end of my tongue seemed to tingle. It was delicious. I could feel her anus relax and widen allowing my tongue to enter her.

And Anna moved yet again. One moment I was licking her vagina, the next her bum, the next she would push down and my nose and mouth would be covered by her now dripping cunt. I wondered if it were possible to suffocate like this, but then, if I had to pass from this world, I could not think of a more delightful way.

I have no idea how long we continued. I had instinctively reached between my own legs with my free arm and was now well on the way to reaching my third orgasm. Anna's movements were becoming more frantic and random. I was conscious that she was using her free hand to rub her clitoris, as it kept pushing my nose to one side.

When Anna came, she screamed. A flood of liquid seemed to gush from inside her, filling my mouth. I had no idea whether it was liquid just pushed from inside her vagina, or whether the orgasm had made her pee, but I truly did not care. As soon as I could breathe, I swallowed.

I came a few seconds after Anna, more powerfully than the last time. Noises emerged from somewhere deep inside me, and my body shook involuntarily. I continued to rub myself, and as I rubbed, so the orgasm just went on and on. My back kept arching as the muscles in my whole body kept contracting with each spasm. It was like an earthquake, with a long series of aftershocks. It was wonderful.

Anna sidled down next to me, her head propped up on one arm, the other lazily laying across my body. I reached up and kissed her. She laughed.

'What?' I asked.

'You have something dribbling down your chin, and I think it is my pubic hair stuck to your nose.'

I made no effort to wipe either away. 'If it is part of you, then I don't mind in the slightest.'

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