South of the Border


Pulling my cock back from her mouth, I slowly slithered my body back down hers until I was once again lying on top of her. I could feel her hard nipples, large and inviting, pressing against my chest; my erection between our bodies, pressing against the softness of her belly. I ran my hand down her side and underneath; my fingers caressing her hip and slipping under her bottom. I kissed her lips. She responded, hungrily sucking my tongue into her mouth just as she had my cock moments before. I rose slightly, leaned to one side to allow my hand to explore her breasts once again. I trailed the kiss from her lips and chin and neck, gradually kissing my way down her body. I slid my own body back and out of the way until I was on the floor. Pressing against her body, I urged her to scoot up further onto the bed.

Pushing her legs apart, moving my body between hers to prevent them from coming together again, I bent my head to her body. Lifting her breasts, I kissed their under-side, slowly moving my tongue and kisses down her belly. I snaked my tongue into her belly button which apparently tickled, as she giggled and pushed my head away.

I continued lower on her body with my mouth while my hands, which had been stroking her legs, slid up her thighs. Forcing her legs wider, I insinuated my left fingers under her panties, pushing them to the middle until they slipped over her lip. Rising to my knees, I looked down to see her panties were now splitting her pussy, one meaty lip exposed. Moving my hand to the other side, I pulled the other side of her panties to the middle so they covered nothing but her clit. Stroking and fondling her pussy lips, I pressed into her body, rubbing them, pulling on them, touching everything except the sensitive button at the top of her slit. I pulled her panties aside so that I could once again slip a finger inside of her. At first, she tensed, but when all I did was slip my fingers into her pussy one more time, she relaxed.

I couldn't figured it out, these mixed messages that I was getting. Just where was she coming from? This was a warm, beautiful woman with a beautiful daughter. She'd had a husband, she knew her way around a cock, she was no virgin, and she'd come with me, ostensibly for sex. She had let me know that she wanted to come with me, and when I had indicated that we should come to my room she had readily agreed. She practically stripped me of my clothes, and although neither of us had as yet had an orgasm, there was no doubt that she wanted -- no, rather that she needed -- to orgasm.

Still slowly working my mouth down her body, I had reached her pubic hair. My finger caressed inside her, but her writhing was obviously attempting to get my hand to touch her clit. The more she twisted into my hand, the more I avoided her need. Instead I kissed still lower. As my mouth almost reached where I could tongue her, her hand came over and touched my head. I looked up to her face, an expression of "What are you doing?" readily apparent on her face

"It's okay, Maria. Trust me." Her hand, against my head as she was gently trying to push it aside, eased its pressure. I'm sure she didn't understand my words, but she understood the meaning, and regardless of whether she understood or not I stopped the downward motion of my face. Instead, while smiling up at her, I touched her clit with my thumb.

She jerked in response, a sharp gasp escaping from her mouth, her eyes going wide with surprise and pleasure. That's what she thought she had been wanting, and I gave it to her unexpectedly. Playing with her pussy expertly, two fingers inside her, I brought my other hand over to caress her clit more gently than I could with my thumb. Her stomach contracted in response to my touch, her hips rising to push herself against me. When her eyes closed, I leaned forward just that little bit more and replaced my fingers with my tongue.

I'm guessing that her eyes flashed open, but I wasn't looking anymore. Her mouth spewed Spanish. I don't know the words but I'm sure she was saying "no, don't do that! That's nasty!" But I continued, my tongue caressing her clit, the protests diminishing, her body responding more and more. I recognized as her pelvis rose, her juices flooding my fingers, her verbal protests changing to just panting and moans. Her fingers were gripping the bed, trying to hold herself down even as her hips were rising, her back arching, to meet my mouth. At last, with a gurgling scream, her body spasmed in orgasm. Her stomach contracted, her hips shook, her clit -- swollen to twice as large as it had been when I started -- throbbed beneath my tongue. I stilled my motions, just holding my tongue against her nub, feeling it throb several times more. As her body quieted, I heard a sob. Pulling myself from her pussy, I couldn't resist running my tongue a little lower, tasting her juices and then dragging it across her clit one more time, a shiver running through her in response as I moved my body next to her in bed.

Her face immediately turned to mine, her eyes wide in wonderment as her hand reached up to stroke my cheek.

"Madre de Dios," she whispered her eyes cloudy with droplets of tears. She wasn't sad, I wasn't quite sure what that crying was about, but I instantly forgot it as her mouth attacked mine. My hands were once again stroking her body, which apparently didn't need much stroking. She pushed me sideways just that little bit onto my back, her mouth now lavishing kisses on me.

Her kisses left my lips, covering my face, while her hands were all over my chest. She rolled over on top of me, sitting up on my stomach. I helped push her upright, and marveled again at her massive breasts. Lifting one with both hands, my fingers seeking her nipples, I pushed them back and forth watching them wobble above me. She giggled at my play. Raising my head I pulled her nipples to my mouth as her fingers were twiddling my own. Leaning down, again pressing her breasts to my chest and hands, she returned to passionately installing more kisses onto my neck, onto my chest, finding and sucking every inch of my upper body.

Her hand reached between us, finding my cock and gripping it. She looked back at my face, a devilish glint in her eye. I knew what she was going to do even before she did, so was not surprised when she slid down and once again wrapped her breasts around my cock. As massive as they were she didn't have to hold them together to fuck my cock but she did, her fingers wrapped over the front stroking her own nipples.

She moved her body up and down - she was obviously familiar with this position. I suspected her late husband had been a fan of fucking her tits. As pleasant as it was, it paled in comparison when she slid further down and holding my cock upright with one hand lowered her mouth onto my erection. Something about the way she was doing this, I could tell this was no longer foreplay; she intended to suck me off.

Her body was now down to my legs, practically out of reach, but I got enough attention that she moved sideways where I could reach her, at least with one hand. Laying on her side, my cock in her mouth most of the time, her eyes were open looking at my face. With my left hand I went from nipple to nipple, stroking each in turn. I ran my hand across her belly towards her panties. This time, when I could only reach her with a hand, for the first time she willingly raised her upper leg, opening herself to my fingers' caress. Her panties had slipped back into place from my earlier touches, but she readily allowed me to move them aside again. Her pussy was wet. I easily slipped one and then another finger into her, stroking inside momentarily before sliding them back up so that her clit rode in the groove of my well lubricated fingers.

I could sense the heightening arousal of her body as I stroked her, the sudden contractions of her stomach, moving her crotch against my fingers, occasionally losing concentration of the action that her mouth was doing to my cock. But always she came back, forgetting her own pleasure. This time she wanted to make sure that I came. I managed to hold off my own peak, but she didn't. I recognized the uncontrollable clinching and spasming of her pussy and lower body as she came the second time, yet she hungrily continued working on my cock until I too, came.

She took me in her mouth, her tongue swirling around my cock head. She made no attempt to swallow, just sucking twirling, letting me cum, excess dribbling out of her mouth. As soon as my cock had quit throbbing, she moved aside, spitting whatever was left onto my belly, and then returned to suck my rapidly shrinking erection into her mouth again. A bit of my semen came late; she took it into her mouth, spit it again and returned to my cock until she'd expertly sucked me dry. Although she wasn't a swallower, she was every bit as good as anyone that has ever sucked my cock. For the moment, both of us at least temporarily satisfied, she crawled back up beside me, snuggling into my arm. I stroked her arm, getting quite drowsy as we relaxed until we finally dozed off.

I realized vaguely when she stirred and moved away in bed. I woke enough as she climbed out to watch her move to the bathroom. I heard her pee, followed by water running in the sink. A moment later she was back on the bed, where she wiped and washed away the glob of semen that she had spit on my belly. When she returned a second time and snuggled back into my arm, I had awoken from my dozing enough to begin to stroke her body one more time.

Her nipples had shrunken back into her breasts but they responded appreciatively as I began to stroke them with my fingertips. Swirling gently around them, they grew to my gentle teasing. She lay there in my arms, watching my fingers on her body and for the first time since our first few minutes together said something in English. "You like?"

"Oh God, Maria." I said, my eyes traversing from her breasts to her eyes. "I like very much." Trailing a finger up her body, I touched her cute pug nose and said "I like." Moving down to her lips I repeated the phrase and again as I lifted and squeezed a massive breast, as I twirled a finger around her now more pronounced nipple, yet again as I stuck a finger into her belly button. When my hand reached her panties, I said nothing as I slowly worked down inside feeling her pubic hair, slipping between her lips, and drawing a finger back out until it rested on her clitoris. She didn't say anything, but I could see her growing desire as I looked into her eyes.

"Are you ready to do it again?" I could tell from the look of puzzlement she didn't understand. "Uno Mas?" (One more) I asked her, not having a clue how else to ask her if she was ready for another round.

She smiled, pulling her bottom lip once again between her teeth, in that adorable way that said she was going to ask something. I saw the hesitation, and then her finger came up, touched my lip and then she slid her hand down between her legs, touching her panties over pussy. At first I didn't click on what was she was asking, but when she shyly stuck the tip of her tongue out, at the same time tapping her panties I understood what she was asking. And just like that, with sudden clarity, it all came together; her trying to keep me from going down on her to begin with and now her wide-eyed asking for it. I was suddenly certain she had never had anyone perform oral sex on her before. It was obvious she was adept, actually quite good at sucking cock, but I doubted her husband, or anyone before him if there was someone, had ever gone down on her.

When I understood exactly what she meant, I didn't hesitate. Kissing my way down her body she allowed me to pull her panties aside. I took my time, making love to her pussy with my mouth and tongue and fingers, lying between her legs where she could not even touch me. She tried to get me to move sideways but I resisted, staying where I was, where she could do nothing but just lie there and allow me to love her. For some reason she still wouldn't allow me to remove her panties, but allowed me to pleasure her with them moved aside; sucking, nibbling, and tonguing her pussy. I slipped my tongue as deeply into her vagina as I could. I tongued her perineum and sucked her pussy lips and her clitoris, finally finishing her off -- after I had her writhing in ecstasy -- with my tongue on her clit and two fingers inside. She reached orgasm and I kept her there, at her peak, quivering and shaking until once again she was literally crying in pleasure.

I slid up beside her in bed, her arms immediately going around me, holding me close. She made no attempt to stop her crying this time, her muted gasps of "Madre de Dios" muffled against my shoulder. I stroked her hair, just holding her as she composed herself. Her sobs died off, her face turned up to mine. Our lips met again in a soft embrace. "Tan Bueno, Tan Bueno" she said. I recognized she must be telling me it was good, whether that was the exact translation or not.

We lay there together, my erection resting against her leg, until she reached down, grasped me with her hand and began to slowly stroke me. I let her play with me for a few moments before rolling more onto my back. I slid my hands along her shorter body, over her back and into her panties under her bottom. I squeezed her bare flesh, and moving my hands back up I caught the edge of her underwear and began to inch them down one more time. No sooner had I begun to move her underwear off her body than immediately I saw panic in her eyes. I stopped my fingers immediately, but I just didn't understand. "What's the matter, Maria?"

I don't know whether she understood or not but she answered, "Por favor, no puedo. No puedo quedar embarazada."

There it was again, and still I didn't understand. "Por favor," I recognized as" Please," and "embarrassed" I also recognized. Here she was again saying, "Please I don't want to be embarrassed"? I pulled my hands from her underwear, and realized that although I had an erection, I really needed to go to the bathroom also. I was frustrated, I felt she really wanted to make love, but something wasn't translating. I rolled away from her and off the bed, realizing that suddenly my revitalized erection wasn't quite as rigid as it had been. "El Bano," I told her as I headed for the bathroom. Despite my flagging erection, it still took a couple of minutes standing over the toilet before I could get it to drop enough to allow me to pee. Once I began, the multiple glasses of wine and beer that I'd had all came out, and I peed like a racehorse.

As I was standing there peeing, I felt Maria's hands on my back. She ran them down to my butt, slid up behind me, her arms going around my waist, her breasts mashed against my back. I finished peeing, but stood there for a moment feeling her voluptuous body against my back. My erection began to rise again, whether she could see me in the mirror or just sensed it, her hands lowered until they found my cock which, one more time, rapidly grew to full erection in her skilled hands.

I shook my head, not understanding. She loved playing with my cock. She loved having me go down on her. She loved me fingering her. She'd sucked my dick without hesitation. How, after all that, she could be embarrassed about her pussy I wasn't sure. But, despite her embarrassment, as long she would allow me to push her panties aside as I had when I went down on her, we could still fuck that way. Reaching into my shaving kit on the back of the toilet I found the package of condoms that I always have and took them out. Turning, I slipped my arm around her nearly naked body, guiding her before me as we moved back to the bedroom.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her body to me. Standing before me, her breasts were exactly at mouth level. Although she definitely needed a firm support bra while dressed, they were to my eye, absolutely perfect. Fondling her melons with both hands, I thumbed her nipples, lifted her breasts in my hands, sucking first one and then the other of her areola and the attached nub into my mouth. I hadn't hid the condoms when we returned to the bedroom, I'd merely dropped them onto the bed as I'd sat down. Now, while I nuzzled and suckled her breasts she suddenly gasped, "Tiene condones?"

I pulled away from her breast to see what she was saying just as she bent beside me and grabbed the package of condoms to hold them before me accusingly. I don't know exactly what she had said but she repeated, "Yo tiene condones?" which sounded something like "condoms" so I acknowledged them with a nod.

"Yeah, I had condoms in the bathroom. They were in..." She pushed me back onto the bed, devouring me with a kiss as she did so. I realized that somehow before she must have been telling me that we had to use condoms or no play time, and sure enough, this time when I reached for her panties, there was no turning aside. There was no coy little move to distract me, nor any claim of embarrassment. She waited while I slipped her panties over her thighs, and reaching to take them with her own hand flipped them off her legs onto the floor. For the first time both of us were totally naked.

With a sigh of delight she pushed me onto my back and settled herself onto me so that the folds of her labia caressed my dick. She leaned forward, sliding her pussy up and down along my cock. I could tell she was rubbing her clitoris against my erection. Sliding back and sitting up, she held me upright between her legs, opened the foil and expertly unrolled a condom onto me.

There was no question about how we were going to do it, she merely rose up and with her hand directed my now raincoat covered erection into her waiting warmth.

Whereas before we had been adventuresome and exploratory with each other, now that Maria knew I had condoms, she was insatiable. The obvious apprehension about having sexual intercourse gone, she was a ready and willing partner who was either a nymphomaniac, or a woman who had done without for way too long. Having already cum once, and wearing a condom, my build-up was slow enough and the sensation weak enough that Maria had orgasm after orgasm before I finally came the second time.

This was a woman who loved to screw, and knew how two bodies were supposed to fit together. We would do it in one position for a while, and then move to another. We would do that position for a while and then move to a third. She knew just what she needed to get herself off in every position; and even though it was quite some time before I purposely allowed myself to cum again, we both thoroughly enjoyed the coupling of our bodies.

We collapsed into each other's arms, after I'd cum again, and fell asleep. I don't know how long we slept, but it was after five when she woke me again, her hand playing with my penis, trying to get a reaction from me. I awoke slowly, gradually realizing what was happening, and began stroking Maria's back and bottom with the lower part of the arm that her head was resting on. Although I was slightly beginning to respond to her caress, I felt grungy.

When I rose and said "let's go take a shower," indicating washing motions with my hands, she understood perfectly. I washed her body and she washed mine, and by the time we were done I was once again totally erect and ready. We dried each other off, and when we were done, she laughingly led me back to the bed with my cock.

The bed was virtually destroyed, even though we had never even crawled under the covers. I pulled the comforter and top sheet down, giving us clean sheets to crawl in on. She took pillows, plumped them against the headboard and sat down, her back and head against the pillows. Sliding in next to her I leaned in and began suckling and playing with her breasts again. She just sat there, most of my body out of her reach, her hand stroking the back of my head. She spread her legs for me, I let one hand slide down between her legs and soon enough she was dripping wet again. I looked over to the bedside table where the package of condoms were and motioned for them. They were out of my reach, although she could have reached for them, she didn't. I looked into her face and found an impish look. She'd understood me perfectly, but hadn't followed through. Knowing that I wasn't going to fuck her without a condom, nor did I want to, I wasn't sure what was happening. Something about her impish look, I looked at her sideways with my own smile in return and asked "What are you up to?"

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