tagLesbian SexSouthern Nights Ch. 07

Southern Nights Ch. 07


Southern Nights 07. – Love Training

Somehow the tension was hard to deal with. It was like an invisible cloud in the spacious room – hot and humid, despite of the now smoothly working air conditioner – pressing down on her shoulders like heavy weights - down on her entire body. And then there was the desire, of course. Hot, hungry and powerful; almost sickening in a way; at least the way it made her stomach churn. Like she should be having fever, totally out of her usual state of balance and comfort. And she probably had fever, come to think of it. At least a desire for this beautiful woman that kept scolding her inside exactly the same way.

Still she did her best to play it cool. When her lady felt like talking, she knew she should feel like listening – and even do some communication on her part as well. No matter how hard it could be at times. No matter how much her mind was preoccupied with the sweet notions of sex and skin and stiff nipples and moans and shudders. She almost lost patience and got angry with herself. Wasn't she able to hold on just a little while? She knew she would be back where she wanted soon enough, so why couldn't she try to settle with that? Show a little endurance? Some strength and discipline?

Mary suddenly put down her cup – almost abruptly – and got to her feet. With the open robe folding out like a sail behind her she strode over to pick up a glass and a bottle of fine brandy she had bought down at the beach, and again no attempt to offer anything to Linda.

"I think I'll need something a little bit stronger than coffee right now" she mumbled, smiling a bit sheepishly at the girl as she poured herself a stiff glass. "Do you want me to fix you something from the fridge? Lemon soda? Juice?"

"Oh no! Not necessary; I'll find something myself afterwards, thank you!"

"You probably noticed that I don't drink much, and I certainly don't expect you to touch this stuff in several years yet. So forgive me for feeling that I need one right now; it's a rather special occasion for both of us."

Linda looked back at her, not quite sure if she understood. To her it had been a special occasion all the time! Was she referring to the beginning of her training?

"I'm thinking of the beginning of your training. I know we actually started a little last night, but that was more for me to fall asleep." She chuckled and took a fairly small sip of her drink. Then she placed it down on the table and got serious.

"So, I really don't want to make jokes about this. You know by now how much it means to me – to us. I honestly think we have found something very special, and my highest wish is that we can continue to develop this; make it even more special. And when we have worked together to adjust to each other, I really do think that we can be a higher unity of pleasure; It's actually possible!" Mary's eyes had an expression of frankness and openness that Linda had never seen in an adult before. Not like that. And something that made a new wave of love wash over her mind. Once again her eyes overran, and she had to use the sleeves of her robe to stop salty tears from rolling down her cheeks. This woman could rock her mind in any way she wanted with the wink of an eyelash!

Mary saw her tears coming once again, and swept down the rest of her drink in one, elegant gulp before she went back and slumped down on her recliner. Time to get on with the training before this darling got too emotional. "Come to me, dear" she cooed, leaning back and stretching her arms out against her. The girl threw off her robe and was over in her arms in a second, her face burying down in her lady's neck as she kept striving to control her emotions. Mary felt the wetness from the tears and tenderly put her arms around the girl's naked body to comfort her as she enjoyed the sensational feeling of skin to skin contact with someone she loved so dearly. She held her like this for a little while until she nudged her head up to be able to dive in for a long and wonderful kiss - a very long and wonderful kiss.

As they finally broke away for some deep breaths of air, Mary smiled sweetly up at the girl. She wiped away some remaining moisture from her lover's eyelids with gentle fingers and then ran them through the silky mane of dark hair. "Do you really love me that much?" she whispered sweetly, drilling her eyes into the beautiful blue ones over her. Once again they got moist and threatened to overflow as the youngster bit her lips and held her breath in another effort to control her emotions. For a moment she kept staring back down into her lovers eyes without saying a word, her eyelashes winking moistly, her throat- muscles working lightly and her lips trembling even within the grip of her teeth. Then she let herself slip down and buried her face back into Mary's neck once again.

For a long time they lay motionless like that. Mary continued stroking the silky brown hair with tender fingers as she felt the girl's heart beating against her own. Then she lovingly urged her up and put up her hands to gently cup the girl's face between her palms.

"I love you too!! Oh, you're so sweet, so wonderful. I'll never be able to live without you again." She stole another sweet kiss before she continued. "We'll make love a lifetime worth. Enjoy each other all day and all night… just as long as I can take it. As long as we can take it! Oh, it's going to be wonderful!"

The girl seemed to have overcome some of her emotional meekness, and her kiss was more craving as their lips met for another tribute to their outspoken love.

"I take it you're ready to play a little again; aren't you? At least I hope so. Your love is making me so warm… and so horny. Exactly like it should be between lovers. I have to admit I felt a bit sated after our first pleasure, but now I'm more than ready to go again. How about you?"

Now the girl even gave her a small smile, using her own hand to caress Mary's hair with gentle fingers.

"I love you" came the answer to her question. And then, "Can I please love you again?"

"Yes, oh yes – you can!" Mary breathed as the girl's tongue started painting a wet stripe down between her full breasts. As her heart started racing once again, she shot her chest up against the flushed face and slowly drew up her legs and parted them graciously, kind of meeting the downward slide by invitingly opening her entire self. The girl's knees bumped down onto the carpet one after the other as the tongue took a break to make love to the soft dip of the belly button.

Mary kept caressing the silky mane – with both hands now – as she felt the passion take hold of her body once again. A feeling so sweet she thought she would never be able to live without it any more. And the little rascal hadn't even touched her sweet lips to her yearning pussy yet! She had to resist an overwhelming urge to lift her pelvis to ardently meet the wonderful touch. She was so impatient she could scream!

Still she managed to play it cool and continue caressing the soft, girly hair as the dark head painstakingly slowly worked itself downward. Now she felt the lips nibble the curls of her pubic hair ever so gently. It caused such intense tickling she felt itching shivers rush up and down the length of her spine. The sweet lips played breathlessly on top of the pubic bone for a moment until they both let out a deep moan exactly at the same time. Mary just couldn't help but spreading even more - by pure instinct - as she finally felt the lips slowly continue their playful journey downward. Oh, the mouth was soon there… any moment now. Any moment she'd be back in pleasure paradise once again.

No, she really couldn't help it! No darn way. No matter how much patience she ever tried to put up. As she felt the mouth come dangerously close to its final target, she grabbed her knees and pressed them up against her chest to expose herself even better and totally surrender her burning pussy to the love of that wonderful mouth. Her trembling got even stronger and spread out into her entire body as she awaited the ultimate kiss with her head thrown back in blissful ecstasy.

And then it came! The tongue… that fantastic tongue. She felt its wetness bury down on the hood of her clit and then slip further down along the groove before it made a persistent upswing right over the rock hard nodule. Then she felt the soft lips following right behind, encircling her throbbing clit in an embrace so warm and passionate that her entire body shuddered spasmodically. Mary squeezed her head backwards and kept her eyes tightly shut as she tried to cope with the overwhelming sensations; the glowing feeling of passion that threatened to driver her to the peak of ecstasy before they even got properly started. Before she would be able to absorb the full pleasure of it at all.

This girl was unique. As the tongue started making caressive love to her burning clit, drawing it in between her lips and massaging it with soft seductive strokes, her passion escalated beyond anything she had experienced with her so far. It was from the stimulation itself, obviously; but also from the clear fact that she as by instinct felt how the girl now went for her orgasms with full focus. As an element of maximizing her own submissive rapture. The rapture of bringing her supreme mistress to the very peak of pleasure. The way of putting her up onto the pedestal where she belonged! As the tongue continued its loving caresses, the flame in her clit spread into her belly to build the burning knot that signaled the early making of a new, thunderous orgasm. The second one of the evening; before they had even started the real training. The very training that should ensure – among other things – that the youngster learned to build her up in such a way that she wouldn't cum too soon. The training that would ensure she had a long, and a very stable build- up; one with an gentle and uninterrupted rise – with precise and rhythmic stimulation that took her upwards without even a single miss; not one clumsy or careless move to slip off the right spot! That was what she wanted; not just a wild rush to orgasm to calm her nerves for a little while until the frustration was all over her again. And wasn't this exactly the kind of rush she didn't want right now?

Oh yes! Oh no! This was going way too fast! The first orgasm was the one that was supposed to calm her down for the lecture she was planning for the evening. Now she was all stirred up again. One more like that would leave her exhausted before the evening had even started! Before she had been able to give a single instruction. Instinctively she tried to ease the intensity by letting her legs down and pressing her thighs together around the bobbing head. The girl gave out a heated moan from the passionate embrace, intensifying her massaging of the tip of her pleasure pearl, reveling in the feeling of her almost slave- like submission.

"Ooooh… Linda… nooo!!" she groaned as the glowing knot escalated into a raging inferno in her belly, making her body slowly stiffen as the orgasmic spasm got hold of her. Then she had to mobilize all her strength to get away from the wonderful mouth. The push was so abrupt that the girl tumbled and almost fell backwards. She remained up on her knees thanks only to the grip she had around the soft upper thighs. As the woman slipped over to her side, squeezing her legs shut as she tried to hold back the upcoming eruption, Linda searched blindly to find her way back into the wonderful haven again. Her eyes were still filled with tears of emotion, blurring her vision as she moved her head back in. Her face nudged against the full curve of a shuddering ass cheek, and when she had wiped her eyes enough to see again, she saw the whole fabulous bottom jerk and convulse as the woman tried to get control of her body. She had her hand squeezed flatly over her pussy in a kind of instinctive move of protection. Only the sexy little anal ring quivered and contracted spastically as the raging convulsions worked all hell out of the gorgeous body. As she watched, the woman curled up even more, making an obscene display of her puckered anal opening gaping against her in a kind of lewd invitation for a tender and worshipful kiss. As the woman continued struggling to regain control, Linda was bewitched by the quivering opening, feeling drawn towards it as it reached out for her. What an extraordinary sight! Such an unparalleled visualization of ecstatic life and energy. Should she really accept the invitation? Would it add to the lady's pleasure, or would it just be annoying. Then she recalled what was actually happening, and understood why she had been pushed away. And Mary's words about their training came to her in a feverish flashback. She pulled slightly back as she watched with a trancelike fixation how the twitching gradually subsided and the delicious opening and the entire body started relaxing again.

She waited patiently back on her haunches as her lady recovered, her body tingling with passion as she drank in the awesome view of the glorious bottom. Glorious in its intruding, raw femininity, smooth and peachy with a few spots and a birth marks scattered about, adding to the breath-taking, tenacious conviviality of it. Still small aftershock rippled through the powerful thighs and buttocks. A shiny droplet of pussy juice seeped out between the fingers covering the pussy. Breathlessly she watched as it ran down her fingers and disappeared into the crease between hand and thigh. She was absolutely sure; this was magic… passion as she would ever see it in her life! Oh how she loved this lady!

All of a sudden the body seemingly sprang to life as the lady turned over to sit up a bit. Her face was flushed and slightly strained as she looked down at her darling with warm smile.

"You… You are… just… I – I nearly blew it! You're just incorrigible… wonderful… you…" Her incoherent babbling combined with her slightly sheepish smile and disheveled hair to make out a look of a total stranger. Just for a very short moment though. Linda was torn out of her trance- like state as the lady bent down for another deep kiss on her lips again. They both were so out of breath though, that they had to break away in just a few seconds. Their eyes met over the lady's knees until the strange expression made them both burst out in a relieving but still slightly agitated laughter. Mary let her legs part and graciously slip out on the armrests again, opening up to the hot gaze of her young venerator. Immediately the atmosphere thickened in burning passion as kissy lips were drawn magnetically against pussy lips for a new and strongly awaited reunion. Instinctively – before she could control herself - Mary's hips undulated forward to meet the young lips with a welcoming vulva. It was as though she couldn't feel quite sane before she had that mouth firmly planted on her starving pussy.

Now was the time to really show some discipline though. If she could just go through with this in a proper way, it would be time enough all the rest of the night for their carnal lusts to unfold freely. And it would be so rewarding when they had seen it through.

She let her fingers bury into the girl's dark hair again, applying a light pressure backwards to signal for her to hold back a little moment before she plunged back in. Then she let her thumb slide tenderly over her forehead to kind of lure those beautiful eyes open to look up at her.

"My sweet little girl! You've made me so hot I'm nearly exploding… even before we've started!" Her hand started shaking as she strove to hold the girl's head up from her gaping pussy lips. The beautiful blue-eyed gaze keep switching between her face and her obscenely spread pleasure rose.

Mary cleared her throat. "Now, to make it as good as possible for me, and for the both of us, it is important to build the pleasure in a steady and predictable way. At least that's what works best for me." She let her other hand slide down to stretch the full lips a bit. "The best thing is to start off with som very light teasing – especially if I've had som orgasms already – just kind of play along to create the right mood. Just use the tip of your tongue to tickle the inner lips and play a little between them and over and around the urethra. That soon creates this warm and intense feeling of lust and hunger; the very basis for a good and deep orgasmic build."

The last words were said in a hiss as she had to interrupt her lecture with some heavy breaths. Wild passion grabbed hold of her just by talking, and it was like a blissful relief to gently guide the dark head down to seal those red lips over her pussy. Finally!

Immediately she felt the tongue push its way into her love channel in zealous hunger, making it spasm uncontrollably in a warm and wet welcome – as by pure and unadulterated instinct. Mary gasped as she moved to push hard down on the dark head. In the split second of laming passion before her body cold respond to her mind, the youngster got grip though, and pulled back wetly to push the tip up against the urethral base. There it started wiggling gently, spreading a new flush of glowing heat into Mary's overcharged body just as the previous one passed over. Her heart thumped like a hammer in her chest and blood rushed crazily through her veins, making her skin glow and her nipples stiffen almost painfully. The stimulation was according to her instructions though, so Mary tried to relax and absorb as she concentrated on the next step of her planned training.

"Yes… oh yes… That's it. Take it easy please… don't rush it too much. Remember the feeling should… ugh… be building gradually…" She had to gasp again as a totally uncontrollable spasm mad her body jerk. "Oh yesss… gradually and predictably. I should be able to expect and prepare for… even joyfully anticipate… your every move in this… Ooohhh… early stage…"

They both moaned in unison. Linda concentrated intensely on her teacher's words and tried to be as predictable as possible. Her own passion was so intense that she had trouble getting enough air through her nose. This was just too much to even comprehend; she was giving so much pleasure… imagine! She could feel it in every nerve of her body. And every nerve of her mistress' body! This close and deep contact made her sense every tiny shudder and ripple of Mary's joy at least as strong as she did herself. Each single one being a mental stimulation twice as strong as her partner's physical one! At least!! Oh yes… she could tongue and suck this wonderful pussy for ever and ever. Just scream out her senseless joy every time it erupted ferociously in her mouth. Over and over again. Till the end of time… and far far beyond! She didn't know it was possible to be so much in love!

Somehow they found a steady rhythm and remained more or less motionless for a little while, the heavy breathing wrestling with the humming of the conditioner to be the dominant sound in the room. Linda's tongue wiggled wetly back and forth over the same spot as the two bodies twined almost imperceptibly, interrupted only by small shudders and jerks. Mary felt the tongue gradually work itself into a particularly sensitive spot and start another glowing knot in her belly. A knot that would bring her out of control in no time if she would let the play continue. But she did right – exactly right – and should have her due credit for that!

"Oh yes… that's exactly it! Linda… O yesss! Just like that! Exactly like that. This builds me right up… makes it impossible to… uuuuhhhhhh…"

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