tagSci-Fi & FantasySpacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 04

Spacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 04


Hitomi Kotani, better known as Spacegirl, lay on her back deep underground in a humid chamber. She had been placed on a soft fleshy cushion, made of the same spongy tissue as the walls, floor and ceiling of this bizarre alien room. The entire place was alive, pulsing, quivering, and throbbing. A low rhythmic thrumming noise and the gurgle of circulating fluids could be heard all around her. Above her, the domed walls and ceiling were dotted with countless thin tendrils, many of which were beginning to swell obscenely. Many sphincter-like orifices of varying size could be seen here and there, some clenched closed, while others began to open slowly, leaking a clear fluid from inside. The entire room seemed like a foul internal organ of some great beast, slowly rousing to her presence. Spacegirl was more terrified than she had ever been in her long career. She was bound up in a cocoon of a sticky, fibrous material that clung to itself more fiercely than it clung to her skin. She could see and move her head, but couldn't do more than wriggle ineffectually with her bonds.

Making matters worse, a small slug-like creature no more than a foot long writhed between her thighs, keeping her helpless with stimulation. The creature had flattened itself against her groin like the hand of a lover, rubbing her labia gently, back and forth. A sucker mouth suckled at her tingling clitoris, tugging it gently and pushing the tender hood upwards. The thing's tail was pushed into her puckered anus, where it elongated and gently wriggled. The creature seems to possess the cunning and cruelty of a mastermind despite it's apparent primitiveness, for it kept Spacegirl stimulated almost to the point of orgasm, but not quite there. It stimulated her outer parts, but denied her the penetration that would have brought her over the edge. Hitomi moaned softly, partly with pleasure, partly out of desparation. Unable to think, she was unable to use the various implements she possessed - the finger blades, the microbomblets in her hair - even if she could, she was kept dizzy and disoriented by the thick musky pheromones that filled the air in this chamber.

From her vantage point in the center of the room, Spacegirl could see that all around her, the thin streams of fluid pouring from the sphincters had increased in volume. Nearly a dozen holes in the ceiling poured copious amounts of a clear, mucus-like gel onto the floor. Unable to turn her head to see, she could hear it spattering on the membranous floor. Soon, it wasn't hitting the floor at all. With great panic, the over stimulated captive realized that the room was filling with the slime! She began to struggle hopelessly as she felt the first hot fluid seep into the cocoon, and into her hair. The goo smelled thickly of musk and pheromones, disorienting her already pleasure addled mind. As the fluid reached her ears, she began screaming. "Noooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", she cried as the slime began to cover her face. Stuck to the platform by the fiendish cocoon, she was unable to raise her head, and she couldn't even cover her nose to hold her breath! She would drown inside this slimy chamber, like a fly in amber! "I am going to die here", she thought as the slime covered her face and her hearing became strangely muffled. The gurgling and unceasing thumping noise, muted until now, suddenly roared into her ears as the thick gel conducted the sound. It was like being in a womb? she was going to die in this alien womb. She held her breath as best she could, but the slime slid into her nostrils, and the lack of air began to burn in her lungs. Convulsing with the pain of asphyxiation she inhaled involuntarily, and drew the breath that would kill her. Thick gel swept into her lungs, and the burning was replaced.. with oxygen.

Breathing took great effort, but her body heat liquefied the gel somewhat, and Hitomi soon realized that the gel was an oxygenated environment that could sustain her. Opening her eyes, she saw that everything was distorted, like looking through blurry glass.. she was floating neutrally in the thick gel, and the fibrous cocoon was beginning to disintegrate. As her legs came free she immediately kicked out... only to find that movement was very difficult. It was like swimming in clear mud, and the exertion of breathing kept her weakened and unable to struggle effectively. Eventually her arms and legs came free, and she floated helplessly and weightlessly in the gel-filled chamber. Slowly, almost without her noticing, the slug that had occupied itself so cruelly and sweetly between her thighs swam away from her. As it passed her, it brushed against her nipple with its slick, flattened body, sending a thrilling shiver through her. Hitomi could feel the slime slide into the void left by the slug.. filling her vagina slowly but inexorably, opening her gently but insistently through fluid pressure. No sense of violation from this, only a spreading feeling within her. The material of the cocoon disintegrated entirely into a cloudy fluid that drifted in the ooze with her. Lulled by the effort of breathing, the insistent pulse of the alien heartbeat, and the lack of gravity, Hitomi hung helpless as a neonate in the dimly lit chamber. All thoughts of struggle left her, all panic faded away, leaving her only with resignation and a weak sense of awareness. She was unable to think clearly, and it felt as though she was in a sensory deprivation tank, slipping in and out of consciousness without being aware of any difference between the two, unaware of the flow of time.

With the prey safely immobilized in the test chamber, the Intai Juhen Hive Mind went to work. Long experience with humans had shown what was required to immobilize them. Normally, it was sufficient to simply restrain them through brute force or drugs, but the Hive Mind had special intentions towards the one known as Hitomi Kotani. It needed her mind unaltered for its tests, it needed her body unhindered and unharmed as much as possible. The gelatin that filled the room served several purposes... it sustained the metabolic processes of the test subject, it suspended them for easier manipulation by the many small tendrils that lined the chamber walls, and most importantly for the current subject, it would absorb the shock of Spacegirl's poorly understood ability to generate a powerful explosive force under times of extreme stress. This would allow the Hive Mind to safely witness even this ultimate power, to trigger it and study it directly while remaining unharmed. After all, it surmised, direct experience was the most efficient form of learning... and the Hive Mind was nothing if not efficient.

Membranes along the walls emitted powerful vibrations, barely audible under most circumstances, but Hitomi was able to feel them throughout her entire body. Using the vibrations, the Hive Mind gained a clear picture of her luscious body, inside and out. As her body reacted to the vibration with quickening pulse and slight arousal, the Hive Mind registered slight annoyance... Spacegirl's womb hosted five larval trapping beasts... useful bioforms normally, but they were in the way here. Their presence would interfere with normal sexual reactions, and should the explosive pulse be triggered, the larvae would certainly be destroyed. "No sense in such wasteful behavior", thought the Hive Mind, "host forms are plentiful". It quickly resolved to remove the five larvae from Spacegirl's womb. They would have to be coaxed out by stimulating the host...

Drifting in the thick gel, Hitomi was only dimly aware of what happened around her. She was startled into consciousness by a forceful vibration that seemed to emanate from all around her. She felt it inside her, in her lungs... it was like a buzzing vibrator, all through her body, all at once. After a moment, it seemed to focus on her pelvis. She could feel the tingling sensation flow down her torso, pausing over the muscles inside her vagina. Her clitoris, still sensitive from the torment of the slug a few minutes before, immediately responded. A wave of pleasure surged out from the nexus of nerves, as though touched by a vibrator. But without pressure or contact to trigger an orgasm, she languished near the edge. Hitomi gasped, inhaling the clear gel laboriously. Her arms and legs began to move, seeking something solid to hold, something to brace against, but again she was denied. A tortured moan rose from within her, strangely garbled. Hitomi arched her back, pelvis beginning to rotate on its own. Her head hung backwards, eyes half closed, and her helpless arousal grew, as she felt something stirring within her womb.

Focusing on the sensations within her tingling cunt, Spacegirl did not see or feel the paddle-shaped tentacles that reached for her limbs. Coiling softly around her arms and legs, the ends of the tentacles settled across her breasts. Smaller filaments extended from the paddles, twining around her pert, firm bosoms. On each nipple, a single thread wrapped it and pulled, making it harden up. Hitomi snapped her head up when she felt this, but it was too late, she was already quite secured. She felt her nipples drawn inside warm sucker mouths on the underside of the paddles, suckling her vigorously. As her breasts were pulled up within the cupped tentacles, it was as though thousands of lovers kissed her breasts. All around her was warm fluid, and pleasure. The two tentacles securing her legs settled on the inside of her thighs, parting them and bending her legs as though at an examination. Despite the muscles in her strong but trim legs, she was unable to budge them. Despite this, the Intai Juhen horrors were being unexpectedly gentle with her. This concerned her even as the pleasure rose within her. Tendrils snaked out across her thighs, and delicately stroked her groin... like boneless fingers, the tentacles teased her labia open, gently tickling each centimeter of crimson flesh, moving up and down, but not penetrating within. Finally, the tentacles moved, and the thin filaments fluttered across her clitoris, and Spacegirl came. The tendrils tugged and pulled at her clitoris, almost roughly. The orgasm caused her to shake and shudder, straining against the bonds of the thick tentacles that held her, but she couldn't scream for release. She could only gulp against the thick gel... oxygen was being used faster than she could bring it in, and her vision grew blurry... Hitomi humped her pelvis in vain, trying to find something to fuck, reacting with mindless animal lust. But she found only empty fluid, nothing to fill her with. This was more subtle cruelty than she though the Intai Juhen capable of.

Suddenly, Hitomi felt penetration, but from within! A meaty tube-like creature suddenly wriggled and writhed its way down her birth canal, forcing open her cervix and causing a brief stab of pain to interrupt the surging pleasure that dominated her senses. Forcing herself to look between her thighs, she saw it, like a small eel, as it swam away. Muffled screams of pleasure turned to horror, but the orgasm continued. Hitomi's womb began fierce spasms as it expelled more of the foul things. The sensations were too confusing... like a penis or a tentacle, but from the inside out! Hitomi's inner walls clenched against the slippery alien life forms, vainly trying to hold them within... her body betrayed her, seeking only the joy of penetration while her mind rejected this impossible thing that was happening. With each new birth, another wave of orgasm, centered in her belly, surged out. Hitomi's head snapped back with each pulse, a mix of pain and pleasure like she had never felt before.... Gasping futilely, her head swam, her vision blurred, and everything faded to an orgasmic darkness. Spacegirl slipped away from awareness on a tide of revulsion and overwhelming sexual bliss. Unable to take anymore, she lost consciousness.

At long last, the larvae were coaxed out of the safety of the subject's womb and shepherded off to alternate hosts. The hive mind was aware of similar scenes being duplicated in several chambers...screaming human females being brought involuntarily to orgasm as the slithering creatures insinuated themselves into their clenching vaginas. Despite their best efforts, the women were unable to even hinder the implantation process. Within minutes, each woman slumped in an orgasmic hell. The Hive Mind could feel some of them losing sanity already. "So weak", the collective entity thought, "this is the best this species could send against us...".

But not so for the hated enemy...with each new bit of information, the Hive Mind gained more respect for its foe Spacegirl. Though she had blacked out from the sensation, and had been kept in a mixed state of orgasm and terror for quite a long time by human standards, Spacegirl's consciousness remained intact. Her orgasmic energy was several times that of the women who replaced her as host form... indeed the fact that she still attempted to struggle, even with five trapper larvae within her showed how potentially strong she was, and how much she could endure. And for all that, the Hive Mind sensed that she had not approached the limits of endurance, not even close. Truly a formidable being! Perhaps the species that produced one like her should not be underestimated. The battle drones sang songs of vengeance, crying for her extinction. "Death! Danger! The Spacegirl is a threat, destroy her now, while she is in our grasp!", they cried, forming a persistent buzzing in the Hive Mind's awareness. But it refused to heed the call of its warriors, and instead pressed forward with its foul plans, curiosity winning out over caution...a trait it shared with the enemy species, humanity. It did not fail to appreciate the irony of this.

Deep on the fringes of the Kentauris system, an unearthly white flash split the inky black void, reflecting like lightning off the numberless bits of ice and dust which circled the system primary. Something huge fell out of nowhere, arriving in normal space with the energy of Creation. As the glow faded into darkness, the Legionary warship Raiden, a light cruiser built for long range and speed, slid quietly in system, passive sensors listening for traces of the expeditionary force that had lost contact so abruptly days before. Circling Kentauris-7, the sensors detected a faint radio pulse... the emergency beacon of a Legion warship in distress. The expedition was here after all... the Raiden turned slowly towards the system primary, and began the long fall inward.

Help was on its way.


Aphrodite's Legion is used in this story with the permission of Stormbringer

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