tagSci-Fi & FantasySpacegirl Lisa Ch. 01

Spacegirl Lisa Ch. 01


Spacegirl Lisa flicked the switch and green light from the display in front of her flooded the small room. The readings made her happy. Nothing at all in the vicinity, so she could relax for a while.

She put the ship on autopilot and went back to her cabin, stifling a yawn. These solo flights were boring her, but they did provide a comfortable living.

A quick glance in the mirror brought a smile to her lips. Her latest bioengineered augmentations had turned out quite well. With these new procedures there was no need for surgical scars or foreign objects to be implanted in your body. You simply rearranged a few things in your genetic makeup and the body would over the course of a few months adapt to whatever look you wanted. She'd gone for a set of round, firm DD-cup tits. Her flat stomach and toned muscles were a result of her rigorous training exercises though and she was quite proud that she did not need to have that done at the clinic.

She had also had her skins pigmentation genetically altered, so it was glowing with a rich tan that would have taken many hours of sunbathing to achieve normally. Something quite hard to do in outer space. Her blonde hair was a striking contrast to her tanned skin.

Being self absorbed like this in front of the mirror was nothing new to her, she'd learned to love herself and to make love to herself on these long flights alone in space. Luckily she had many toys at her disposal. A hyper-active sex drive was common among the deepspace pilots, or so she'd heard at least. She felt the moistness between her legs as she was looking at her flawless body.

Meanwhile, the green display in the cockpit flickered for a second, advising of an approaching object, but before the audio alarm was activated, the object disappeared on screen and the blinking stopped.

Lisa was on her back on her bed now, rubbing at her clit, her eyes closed. Her smooth and hairless pussy felt so good to her touch. She hated shaving down there, so she'd just had all her body hair genetically removed.

She reached below her bed and pulled out her box of toys. With a horny grin, she rummaged through the different dildos, anal plugs, vibrators, nipple clamps and various other items before she chose a pale, 10 inch dildo. She had to admit, she liked them big.

After generously lubing up all of her selected toy, she pressed the tip against her wet opening and it slid inside easily. It only took a few strokes before it was buried almost to the hilt. She started pushing it in and out faster and faster, the wet slurping sounds of the lube and her juices exciting her even more. She began moaning and breathing heavily, completely lost in the sensation of the huge toy making it's way up her tight pussy.

Outside her ship, a large black shape suddenly manifested itself right next to the airlock, and slowly, it inched it's way closer to the hatch until it latched onto the outside of her ships hull with a faint metallic clang.

Lisa had attached her toy to the table, using the suction cup at the base to make it stand upright, lewdly dripping with lube and her own juices, before she lowered her hungry pussy onto it and started riding it hard. She was screaming as her thighs smacked against the table and the huge toy went deep inside her, so she didn't notice the noise as her airlocks hatch opened and closed.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me!" She screamed as she bounced up and down on the big toy, totally oblivious to the two figures standing in the doorway, watching her. She had her eyes closed and was nearing an orgasm when she finally heard steps approaching her. She half fell, half tumbled off the toy, making it swing back and forth on it's suction cup as it plopped out of her pussy.

She didn't get far though, before her arms were grabbed. She tried to wrestle free, but the beings were very strong and quite capable of holding her between them without much effort. Her panic subsided slightly and she was able to finally take in what the creatures looked like. They were about as tall as herself and clearly humanoid. Their skin was a kind of a dull silver. They appeared to be naked and she realized they looked a lot like mannequins. They were both female with tits almost as big as hers and unlike a mannequin, they clearly had pussies.

"It seems like we found a horny specimen, Simi," one of the creatures said. Her voice was clear and perfectly understandable to Lisa.

"Yes indeed Suki, and a very pretty specimen too," Simi replied, looking up and down Lisa's naked body with an appreciative nod.

"Just relax, human girl. We are not going to hurt you. We just want to keep you aboard our ship as our sex slave to use whenever we want to in whatever way we want to. We will compensate you for your time of course and give you your very own spaceship when one year has passed," Suki said.

"What are you insane? Let me go right now!" Lisa shouted, struggling futilely against the strong hands holding her arms.

Suki and Simi both laughed. "That's what they all say at first and then after their year has passed, they beg us to let them stay longer."

Suki stepped behind Lisa and grabbed the arm Simi was holding. "Give her a little taste of what is to come Simi," she said with a smile.

Simi ducked down between Lisa's wet thighs and started licking at her juicy pussy. It only took a few seconds before Lisa was moaning and writhing in pleasure. This girl knew how to eat pussy and her tongue was amazing, long and flexible, yet soft and smooth at the same time.

"Do you like it, human girl?" Suki asked her with a grin.

Lisa had lost all her will to resist and could only moan in response.

Simi kept eating her pussy until she'd had at least three orgasms and Lisa was just a piece of putty in their hands now. They helped her up and made her sit on the bed.

Suki glanced over at the toy still standing erect on the table. "It seems you like to have your holes filled also, would you like us to help you with that, human girl?"

Lisa had regained her composure somewhat and was just incredibly horny now. "Oh yes, please! But stop calling me human girl, my name is Lisa," she laughed.

Suki smiled. "Ok, Lisa it is." She closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate for a moment and before Lisa's eyes, Suki's silvery pussy transformed into a cock, that just seemed to grow and grow until it was about 9 inches long and 2 wide.

Suki looked down at her new appendage. "Is this size satisfactory Lisa, or do you want it bigger?"

Lisa gasped. "Ohh a little bigger please!" She licked her lips and grinned hornily, watching the huge cock in front of her grow even more. It stopped at 12 inches and 2½ wide.

Suki raised an eyebrow. "Big enough now?"

"Yes, lets start with that," Lisa said, smiling up at her new friends. "So how do you want to do me?"

"Get on your hands and knees on the bed Lisa. I will take you from behind, it's what your kind call doggy style I think. I still haven't found out why you call it that," Suki said, climbing up on the bed next to Lisa.

Lisa laughed, "Well that's kind of a long story." She got on her hands and knees and arched her back, making her ass stick up high. She looked back over her shoulder at Suki. "So are you going to fuck me or just stand there?"

Suki just smiled and eased the tip of her massive cock into Lisa's tight pussy. "You must let me know if I move too fast Lisa, we do not wish any harm to come to our slaves."

"Yes, yes I will. Just ram it in there already!" Lisa said impatiently, trying to push back on the massive dong making it's way up her pussy. It was warm like a real cock, but felt slightly different. It was rigid, but soft at the same time, like nothing she had ever experienced.

Suki had gotten a firm grip around Lisa's waist and was stuffing inch after inch of her monster rod into the hungry pussy in front of her. When she had it buried to the hilt, she began moving it back and forth slowly, being careful not to be too rough on their new sex slave, at least not until she knew what she could handle.

"Oh yes! Fuck my pussy harder! Harder!" Lisa screamed, trying to impale herself on Suki's huge cock, gripping the bed sheets until her knuckles turned white.

"A very horny specimen indeed," Suki laughed and increased the pace she was thrusting into Lisa's pussy, her hips smacking into Lisa's ass. She would have pushed the girl off the bed with her thrusts if she hadn't had a secure grip around her waist.

Simi stood next to the bed and enjoyed watching her friend fuck this sexy human slut. She reached out and started caressing Lisa's big tits, twisting and pinching the nipples gently. She had always been into tits and this girl had the sexiest pair she'd ever seen.

Lisa came in an explosive orgasm, but Suki just kept on fucking her, not missing a beat as the girl writhed and moaned in pleasure. Finally she pulled out and Lisa slumped forward, panting and sweating.

"This may turn out to be our best catch ever," Suki said with a smile and went up in front of Lisa, her slippery cock dangling between her legs, still fully erect. "Now suck it Lisa, taste your own juices. Simi, try our new slaves ass, we have to make sure she can take it in all her holes."

Simi grinned and nodded and closed her eyes for a second and right away, a cock grew out where her pussy had been. It turned out to be a perfect replica of Suki's. She climbed up behind Lisa and thrust in and out a few times of the sloppy pussy to get her cock lubed up for the slaves ass.

Lisa was still groggy from her amazing orgasm and didn't realize what was going on, until she felt the tip of another rigid, yet soft, massive cock push against her tight ass. She began to moan and opened her mouth to protest, but that only led to Suki grabbing her hair and sliding her slick cock inside Lisa's mouth. She had no choice but to suck it, as best she could.

"She has a very tight ass, but it seems quite compliant too," Simi stated. "I think she has practiced with her toys a lot."

"I'm sure she has," Suki smiled, as she thrust her cock deep down Lisa's throat. "She's quite adept at sucking too. She's definitely the best human specimen we've found."

It was as if Lisa's entire sensory apparatus was being overwhelmed. All she could think about was the massive cock fucking her in the ass and it's exact twin pushing it's way down her throat. She just wanted to be fucked, that's all her mind could process. It was like an animal, instinct taking over and conscious thought taking the back seat.

She completely lost track of time, it was like a dream state, only she was pretty certain she was awake due to the sheer amount of sensation coming from her ass and mouth.

Suddenly, Simi's rapid thrusting into her tight hole stopped and she felt the massive dong pull out. She was vaguely able to register what was going on around her again.

"It's time for your last initial test Lisa, we will now fuck both your holes at the same time, a skill that our slaves must be able to manage," Suki said in that matter-of-fact tone she tended to use.

Lisa gasped as Suki got on her back on the bed, those menacing 12 inches sticking straight up. Being double penetrated by these enormous cocks was something she wasn't sure she could take.

"Hop on," Suki grinned.

Before Lisa could do anything, she felt Simi grab her waist and effortlessly lift her up, holding her suspended above Suki's cock. Slowly, she was lowered onto the huge rod and immediately started moaning as it made it's way deep in her wet pussy.

Suki grabbed onto Lisa's tits and started playing with her nipples, pinching them between her silvery fingers that felt warm and smooth against Lisa's skin.

Lisa felt drunk, slightly disoriented and groggy all at the same time. However, all those feelings were overpowered by an immense lust and she had never felt as horny as right this moment. What she would find out later, was that all members of the vixxxen race, of which Suki and Simi belonged, could transfer a powerful aphrodisiac through skin to skin contact alone. In fact, her fate as a sex slave aboard a vixxxen ship had been sealed the moment they had grabbed her arms. If the recipient was already sexually aroused, it only enhanced the effect.

She was bouncing happily on Suki's enormous rod, when Simi pushed her gently forwards and brought the tip of her cock against the tight hole she had fucked once already. Lisa took a deep breath and gasped when Simi plunged her massive dong inside. She could feel both the huge cocks rubbing against each other, only separated by a thin membrane. She moaned and writhed, but Suki had a firm grip on her tits and Simi on her waist, so she wasn't going anywhere. Not that she wanted to, she was perfectly happy right here, sandwiched between her two future mistresses.

The next hour or so was a blur to Lisa, all she remembered was orgasm after orgasm until Suki and Simi finally pulled out of her sore and well-used holes. They placed her on her back on the bed and stood on either side of her, stroking their monster cocks until a gooey liquid erupted from the tips and splattered all over Lisa's face and tits, some of it got on her lips and in her mouth too. It felt warm and sticky, but unlike human cum, it tasted quite sweet, almost like sugar. She licked her lips greedily, eager to get all of the sweet liquid. She wanted to suck the remaining liquid from their cocks too, but when she looked up, they had reverted into their original state and only a silvery pussy was all she could see

Suki and Simi smiled at her and Suki went to the door and picked up a bag Lisa hadn't noticed before. It must have been one they had brought when they boarded her ship. From the bag, she pulled a collar with a long chain attached to it and still smiling, she placed the collar around Lisa's neck.

"We are happy to say that you passed all our tests Lisa. From this day on and for the next year, you will be our sex slave and obey our every command, do you understand?" Suki said and lovingly stroked Lisa's hair.

Lisa felt like she should have been afraid or apprehensive, but instead all she felt was extreme happiness and a sincere desire to please her new mistresses.

"I understand," she said with a bright smile.

Suki smiled again. "Very well, let us show you your new quarters then." She tugged at the chain connected to Lisa's collar and started walking towards the airlock. Lisa followed her eagerly, admiring the shapely figure pulling her along.

To be continued...

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