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Spanish Fly'd


Chapter 1

The Mark

"Holy crap I can't believe it actually came!" Stanley Jackson said to his friend over the phone. Stan was a nineteen year old recent graduate of Churchill High. He wasn't the smartest kid in his graduation class but he could top anyone one of them in slyness. Stan was always cooking up some scheme to either make a quick buck or get in some poor girl's pants. Stan used to brag he had more lines than a Shakespearean play! Most of the time when he was up to one of his half cocked plans he would end up pulling his best friend Jack Travis in with him. Jack was a year younger than Stanley and had always looked up to his friend.

"You really think it will work Stan?" Jack asked Stan, they were talking about the liquid aphrodisiac Stan had ordered from the back of one of his many smut magazines.

"Says right here on the bottle, four drops and she will be dropping her clothes!" He smiled when he read the words on the Spanish Fly bottle. He was excited that he now had the means to get any woman he wanted in bed, he just didn't have one chosen yet.

"What about your sister, man?" Jack asked. Jack had a thing for Stan's twenty year old sister Mary. He had good reason; the young girl was a cute tiny thing just like her mother. Both the Jackson ladies were very short, very pretty and very, very busty! Jack had often fantasized of fucking the both of them and on more than a few occasions he painted the inner rim of his toilet with his jizz with these thoughts.

"Man, Jack you are sick! Lay off about my sister. You probably want to do my mom too!" Stan said to his overly horny buddy. As he thought about what he said he felt a stirring in his groin. Like most red blooded boys Stan had the occasional lustful thought and vigorous jerk session thinking about both his mother and sister. There was no way in hell he would tell Jack this secret though, even if Jack was his best friend!

"So who we gonna do then?" Jack said excitedly.

Stanley thought for a second, and then it came to him. "I got it! We should do Mrs. Keating. Her husband just left for Iraq a couple of weeks ago, and she is always inviting me in for cookies and lemonade after I cut her lawn"

"That is great for you but what about me?" Jack asked. Stan assured his friend he would come up with the perfect plan and to just be sure he got to his house for 6:00 pm. Stan told Jack that it was time for him to cut Mrs. Keating's lawn anyway.

After hanging up with Jack, Stan called Mrs. Keating to see if her lawn needed cutting. Her sexy older voice sent chills through his eager young body. He was so excited from just her voice he almost missed it when she told him her lawn did need cutting and this evening would be just fine. After he hung up with his sexy neighbor Stan then waited three excruciating hours for his friend to get to his house. As the time ticked slowly he just kept staring at the bottle of supposed love potion and hoped.

Chapter 2

Mrs. Katherine Keating

Katherine Keating was a thirty eight year old married woman with no children. Not because she didn't want kids, she adored children and would have had a whole brood if she ever got to spend enough time with her husband to actually get to making them. Her husband John was a Sergeant in the marines and hadn't been home for longer than a six month stretch in the fourteen years they had been married. She loved him to death but she began to feel her biological clock ticking away. Now with his latest deployment to Iraq she would be without him for nearly a year. It made her heart sad. Not only did she miss him terribly when he was gone, she knew her chance at motherhood was going to pass her by. Perhaps that is why she eagerly accepted Stanley Jackson's offer for him to tend to her lawn.

It made her feel so good to watch the boy work in the yard. She was always inviting him in after he finished, offering a cold drink and cookies. He would sit and tell her his plans and dreams sometimes he even shared stories of his latest girlfriend or a date he had been on. Katherine felt just like a regular mom when they had these moments. It made her heart swell. She just knew she would be a great mom!

It was a two sided coin with Kat's emotions though. She really wanted to be a mother but on the other had she also missed sex period. She was so lonely all by herself while her husband was off being a hero. She would use her vibrator nightly but it didn't satisfy the hunger burning inside her. She would actually find herself speaking out loud sometimes. "I'm a 38 year old fox dammit! I should be getting sex all the time. I am going to miss the prime of my sexual life if this keeps up." She said to herself while looking in the full length mirror. She stared and admired her body. Sure she had a little chunk but her chunk was in all the right places. She even noticed herself leering at her young gardener Stan when he was over cutting her lawn. She noticed he would also stare at her curvaceous form. She loved the fact she was able to give the youngster a hard on from just looking at her. She was even at the point were she would make sure to wear her two piece suit out on the deck to sun herself while he was there! She would lay there pretending to read a book whilst unbeknownst to him she would be gawking through her darkened sunglasses.

Anytime she looked at his strong youthful frame with the sweat glistening of his body it would cause her nipples to harden and moisture would form between her legs. She would look forward to the nighttime alone where she could masturbate while having pictures of Stan running through her mind. She loved visualizing Stanley on top of her sliding his hard young cock inside her, all the while she would be driving her favorite toy deep in her wet bushy pussy. She had even contemplated seducing the teen but she thought she could never take that step. Two reasons stopped her from doing this; first she didn't want anyone to find out, even though he was of legal age, it would destroy her reputation in the neighborhood. Secondly, if she did let him fuck her she would want to have him make her pregnant so bad that trouble would definitely follow. How would she explain getting pregnant half way through her husband's deployment? Every time she almost went to cross the line the timing was all wrong. If she was ever to let Stan get her pregnant it would have to happen a couple of weeks before her husband was do back or a couple of weeks after he first left. That way if she was with child the dates would somewhat match up. She might even stand a chance of getting away with it!

Chapter 3

The Plan

Stanley welcomed Jack into his house and the two boys went over the plan. Stan told his friend that they would go over to Katherine's house to do the lawn. If she asked why Jack was there Stan would simply tell her he was going on a camping trip and Jack would be taking the lawn cutting duties over for a couple of weeks. Stan would tell her he wanted to make sure it was done properly, they way she liked it done!

Jack thought it was a great plan but asked Stan how they were supposed to get the Spanish Fly in Mrs. Keating's drink.

Stan looked at his friend and said, "Simple I will have the bottle on me, when she asks us in for a drink you will keep her busy by talking and I will get the refreshments and at that time I will slip it in her drink." He was so confident of the plan he was almost cocky.

"What the hell am I going to talk to her about? I don't even know the chick!" Jack asked his partner in crime.

It only took Stan a couple of minutes to work out the problem. He told Jack to wait there and came back shortly with some magazines in his hand. He had three issues of his mom's Better Homes and Garden magazines. "I will tell her I thought a nice garden with a fountain would spruce up the backyard. You can show her the ones in the magazines. It gives us a reason to bring my bag too. It will be easier to hide the bottle in there anyway."

"Awesome Stan... You are fucking genius! I ever tell you that?" Jack said to his mentor. He has told Stan that same line every time Stan would come up with a plan for the two of them. Stan would pitch his idea and Jack would jump in without hesitation. Jack was always happy to be under Stan's tutelage. And this plan could possibly be the best one ever! Jack thought he might not ever get a chance to fuck some older pussy like this again. Unless of course he was to "borrow" some of the potion and try it on his friend's mom or even better yet his own! If he did get some though he would never tell Stan about his plan to fuck his own mother, some secrets one just didn't share.

Chapter 4

Lawn Care

It was 6:25 and the two youths made their way to the house of their soon to be target, they had their poison in tow. When they finally arrived Stan told Jack to follow him to the back yard so they could get started right away on the grass. Stan wanted to get the lawn done as soon as possible to allow them more time with the pretty Mrs. Keating. As the boys opened the back gate their jaws dropped and their eyes bugged out. Lying before them wearing only a light blue bikini was Katherine Keating. She had her head in a book, from the look of the cover Stan could tell it was one of those trashy romance novels his mom read on occasion. She was so engrossed in the smutty novel she didn't see the two boys right before her. As they approached her lounger their pricks began to swell in their pants. Katherine had one knee in the air while the other leg lay flat on the chaise lounge. The position she was in triggered her legs to be slightly parted and the boys could see the dark curly tuffs of hair peeking out of her tiny swim suit bottoms.

Stanley cleared his throat to let Mrs. Keating know they were there. She looked up with a start, her boobs giggling from the movement. The heavy sway was not lost on the two boys. Her cleavage was so ample Jack thought it would be easy to get lost in the deep valley between her beautiful tits.

"Hi Stanley... Who is your friend?" Kat asked noticing instantly the young boys' enthusiasm as they presented it out front of their pants. She silently took in a breath; a shiver went through her body when she observed the two large bulges in front of her. The quick glance at the two boys' crotches made Kat's pussy instantly wet, the sudden uncontrollable chemistry her body was going through startled her.

"Umm this is Jack. He is gonna help me today but don't worry about paying extra. He is here to learn how to do your yard." Stan said.

"Why does he want to learn how to do my yard?" Kat asked.

"Oh sorry, I am going camping for a couple of weeks and I wanted to be sure I had a replacement so your lawn stays nice. I want to show him how to do it right!" Stan rambled on and for a split second he thought Mrs. Keating would see right through his lie.

"Well isn't that just mature of you Stanley! It is sweet you would worry about me like that." Katherine said and she could see the smile light up on his face as she made her praises.

"Mrs. Keating I also have some ideas for your backyard as well. I told Jack about them and he can get started while I am gone then maybe the both of us can finish when I get back from my trip." Stan told her, setting his plan in motion.

"What do you have in mind Stan, and how many times have I told you to call me Kat. Even Katherine would be fine; Mrs. Keating makes me feel old!"

"Oh you're not old at all Mrs... I mean Kat." Stanley caught himself.

"That is better Stanley, so what is it you have planned for me?" Katherine asked the boy.

Stan almost choked on his words, he knew what he had really planned for her but he wasn't going to say. "I think a garden would really spruce up the backyard. Maybe put in a nice fountain with lighting? I got some magazines in my bag here that show some really good ideas. We can look them over with you later if you want?"

"Oh that sounds so wonderful, I think I would like that a lot. You treat me so good Stan!" Kat finished, "I am going to go back to my book now. You boys don't work to hard."

Unlike Stan, Jack was totally silent. He was so transfixed by this beauty before him it rendered him temporarily mute. After Kat lifted her book back up and started reading again Jack put the bag that contained the sex concoction and the magazines on the patio table and the two boys went to work.

Chapter 5


Kat really liked the idea of the garden it would bring a nice tranquil setting to the whole place. She decided to take a look in Stan's bag for the magazines to see some of the plans. As she grabbed the bag it fell sending the magazines sprawling over her deck. Along with the magazines a bottle fell out. She picked it up to put it back in the bag and was stunned when she read the label.

Spanish Fly aphrodisiac. Four drops and she will be dropping her clothes. Guaranteed to have any woman wanting to fuck!

Katherine was stunned as she looked at it. She all of a sudden realized the whole nature of Stan being so eager to cut her lawn today. "Those cheeky buggers!" She said to herself. The horny bastards were planning on drugging her and having their way while she was out of it. Kat although mad at first soon had desire sweep over her. She felt an all too familiar dampness form in her pussy. She knew what she had to do and quickly made up her mind to carry it through. She just hoped the concoction was for her! If they wanted to play this out she was game but she was going to set the rules and do it without them even realizing it. A smile pursed her lips at the thought of getting everything she needed, hopefully pregnant and a plethora of orgasms! The timing was perfect with her husband just leaving a few weeks prior and Kat being right in the middle of her most fertile period. No one would know it wasn't John's baby and that excited her even more.

Chapter 6

Cutting the Grass

Even though it was early evening, the air was still holding tightly to the heat. Even breathing caused you to sweat and the boys were soaking in it as they vigorously worked on the yard. Stan showed Jack how to pattern the cuts so it would look like a professional baseball diamond. He let him know he changed the direction every second cut to keep the grass healthy. Stan really enjoyed cutting Kat's lawn and would have liked it even if he didn't have ulterior motives in mind. Every time he finished he would look back at his handiwork and feel a sense of accomplishment. He liked it so much and did such a good job of it he was even considering starting his own lawn care business. As Stan showed Jack how to do his patented diamond design, Jack followed with the power trimmer, getting rid of any of the grass that was along side the fence. Stan cut the engine on the gas mower and took a quick break. The two boys started to chat about the plan again as they got some air and took off their sweat drenched shirts. Each rubbed the salty wetness from their brows.

"I can see why she likes you cutting her grass man." Jack said to Stan, "You sure do a hell of a job. It looks like a fucking golf course or baseball diamond!"

"Thanks Jack," He said to his friend. "It sure is hard work but the sites make it worth it!" Stan said as he pointed over to Mrs. Keating. The two boys took their much needed break and lit up a smoke between them. They began going over the design Stan had for Mrs. Keating's garden, even though it was part of the plan to get her to drink the Spanish Fly Stan really did want to spruce up the back yard. He wanted to make it look great incase he got a portfolio together if he started his own business.

"Man it is hot out! Speaking of hot, you said Mrs. Keating was hot but she is inFUCKINGcredibly hot... " Jack said to Stan. "Did I ever tell you, your genius man?"

"Dude keep your fucking voice down! You don't want to blow this do you?" Stan replied.

"Blow what?" The boys jumped when they heard Kat's question. The two of them had been so wrapped up in their chat they didn't notice her walk over.

Stan who was always quick on his feet quickly answered her, "We were talking about how to blow the grass away after we are done cutting it." He hoped she bought the lie.

Katherine didn't really believe what Stanley was feeding her, she had heard her name during the conversation, but she let it go. "I'm going to get another drink, you boys want one?"

It was now or never for the two Stan thought. "Well we are practically finished and it sure is hot out here. Why don't we all go inside your place where there is some air conditioning and then me and Jack can finish up later?" Jack liked the sounds of that idea because he knew what it meant

The three of them walked back to the door. The boys made sure Kat was in front of them and they drank in her lovely ass watching it as it swayed to and fro. The boys had their eyes glued to the little dance of her ample cheeks and almost ran into her when she stopped to get the door.

Chapter 7

Putting A Plan In Action

Stan was almost falling all over himself going through the bag. He quickly grabbed the magazines and handed them to Jack. Katherine went to get everyone a drink when Stan stopped her abruptly. "Hey Mrs... I mean Kat I will get those, let Jack go over the plans with you!" Stan made his way to the cupboard that had the glasses and got out three. He made sure he got two that were the same color so as not to get the drinks mixed up when he handed them out. He giggled at the thought of either Jack or himself getting the wrong glass and getting Spanish Fly'd. He quickly poured the drinks and turned to make sure Jack had Mrs. Keating engaged in the magazines before he opened the bottle of the love potion.

Katherine pretended to be paying attention to Jack and the garden ideas he was presenting but she kept her eyes on Stan through the reflection in window right across from her. She watched as Stan poured the drinks while at the same time kept telling Jack how interesting the plans were. If she saw Stan pour the stuff into her drink then her suspicions would be confirmed and the game would be on. She soon noticed after he was done pouring the three lemonades he made a slight movement with his hands like he was unscrewing something. She watched as he pulled the eye dropper from the bottle top and read his lips as he counted his drops. One... drip... two... drip... three... drip... four... drip. Just like the bottle had said she thought. The rush of exhilaration that ran through her was intense. Not because she worried about the Spanish Fly, unbeknownst to Stan she had dumped the contents earlier and replaced it with plain old tap water, but because she wanted it to happen so bad. She would play the helpless victim and let the boys ravish her body. She wanted to feel them all over her, she needed to feel them!

Stanley brought the drinks over to the table and handed them out. Kat gave him credit in her head; to think of using two glasses of the same color and making sure hers was different showed a real slyness on his part. The two boys sipped their lemonade while Katherine pounded hers back finishing it up in mere seconds.

"Oh my you'd think I was thirsty," she said and laughed. The boys' eyes bugged out of their head when they watched her gulp down the tart drink. They both thought at least it they wouldn't have to wait as long for the affects to happen. The three of them went over the plans together and Katherine totally played along. She actually hoped the whole garden scheme wasn't just part of their plan to bed her because the boys had some really good ideas and it would make her backyard her own personal getaway. She had always like to lay in her yard and a nice serene fountain would make it that more delightful. The talk soon got away from the garden and the three were really enjoying the time spent with each other. Katherine always knew Stan was a great kid and she started feeling the same way about Jack. She thought she couldn't have better choices to get her pregnant if her husband wasn't going to do the job.

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