tagBDSMSpanked By Thy Neighbors Wife

Spanked By Thy Neighbors Wife

bySampson Burns©

Jason, a 36-year-old male, walked nervously around the living room of his next-door neighbor's house. He had every right to be nervous as he waited on the appearance of his beautiful 24-year-old blue-eyed blonde neighbor Carolyn Swanson. Once Carolyn appeared from upstairs, he knew he was going to be soundly spanked by her.

Carolyn and her husband Robbie had moved in next door a few years ago. Just like his 34-year-old brunette wife Sara spanked Jason on a regular basis, so did Carolyn spank Robbie regularly. Both Carolyn and Sara believed that when their husbands acted like naughty little boys, they should be spanked like naughty little boys.

Carolyn and Sara also shared the notion in common that it was good for naughty little boys to be spanked by other women as well. Sara and Carolyn both knew that in addition to being painful, it was also humiliating for any male to be spanked like a naughty little boy. They also knew it was even more humiliating to be spanked by another woman. Consequently, Carolyn and Sara regularly spanked each other's husbands, sometimes in private, or sometimes while the other wife watched her husband being spanked.

For Jason it was even more humiliating to be spanked by Carolyn given the differences in their ages. For a 36-year-old male to be lying naked like a naughty little boy over the bare thighs of the beautiful 24-year-old Carolyn Swanson was totally humiliating.

It always ended up even worse for Jason, because by the time his spanking from Carolyn was over, he would end up crying, howling, begging and pleading for mercy. As you will soon see, Carolyn considers humiliation part of the punishment and always goes out of her way to humiliate Jason.

Carolyn entered the living room with flair. She was dressed in a red sexy, two-piece negligee and matching red high heels. Spanking males often turned on Carolyn, especially when they are older than she is. She especially loved to spank her older neighbor Jason. Carolyn believed that she was actually doing naughty little boys a favor by giving them the spanking they deserved, and she had a right to enjoy it as well. She especially loved to taunt them with her own sexuality and make them long for her sexually, and then spank them instead.

Carolyn immediately started the process of humiliating Jason. Looking him straight in the eye she started the all too familiar process to Jason. "Well I understand you have been a very naughty little boy again."

"Yes ma-am!"

"What happens to naughty little boys?"

"They get spanked ma-am."

"How do they get spanked?"

"On their bare behinds ma-am."

"That's right young man and that is exactly what is going to happen to you today."

Carolyn wasted no time and began to undress Jason, as he stood there helplessly. Jason had already removed his shoes and socks as previously ordered. Carolyn took off his shirt first, then his pants, and then his undershirt tossing them aside. Most men would love to have a beautiful blue-eyed blonde stripping them naked, but not to be spanked by them. Standing there in just his underpants, Jason felt totally dominated and humiliated, but it was about to get a lot worse.

Carolyn was now ready to take his underpants off so he would be completely naked for his spanking. For Carolyn the lowering of naughty little boy's underpants was an integral part of the whole spanking scene. They both knew that his spanking would hurt so much more on his bare behind, and would also be more humiliating for him. For Carolyn it was both a symbolic gesture of domination and control, and one that put an inevitability to the spanking that was about to come. Once the underpants came down there would be no doubt that Jason was going to be spanked, and it would be a painful one.

"Well young man lets get these underpants off so you will be completely naked for your spanking," said Carolyn smiling at him.

Jason responded just like she knew he would. "Please don't take my underpants down ma-am please don't," he pleaded.

"Why not?" she asked, faking innocence.

"It will hurt too much," Jason responded.

"Good, that's exactly why I want them off. You've been a very naughty little boy and the only way to teach you a lesson is to give you a good, long, hard spanking on your bare behind. Believe me young man you're going to really get it good tonight."

The next stage was so important for Carolyn. She reached into the elastic of his underpants and started to lower them slowly. Jason made no move to stop her but continued to plead with her.

"Please ma-am don't take my underpants down please don't pleasssseeeeee!!"

For Carolyn, his pathetic pleading only increased her pleasure. As she lowered his underpants Carolyn kept her eyes focused on his so she could see the helpless, fearful, humiliated look in his eyes, and he could see the look of pure pleasure and excitement in her eyes.

Jason stood there helplessly as his underpants came all the way down and finally off. He now stood in front of her completely naked and ready to be spanked. Carolyn had successfully established that she was the dominant one firmly in control. Jason was the submissive helpless naughty little boy.

Jason had conflicting thoughts. He absolutely did not want to be spanked. He was 36 years old and one would assume too old to be spanked especially by a 24 year old. He also knew his spanking would really hurt. On the other hand he knew he had acted like a naughty little boy and deserved to be soundly spanked. He also knew that Carolyn had the right and responsibility to give him the spanking he deserved, and that she was woman enough to do it. She had the right to enjoy it and definitely would. Of course what he thought really didn't matter. Jason was going to be soundly spanked by his beautiful 24-year-old blue-eyed blonde neighbor, Carolyn Swanson, and there was nothing he could do about it.

With Jason now ready to be spanked it was time for Carolyn to get ready. For several reasons, Carolyn always wanted to spank Jason while she was naked as well, even though there would be no sex. She liked the idea of taunting Jason by allowing him to see her naked body and then spanking him. She also liked the feel of his naked body squirming and wiggling against hers as she spanked him. She felt it was another symbol of control. Once she was naked there would be nothing to protect her and yet Jason would allow himself to be led off to her bedroom to be spanked by her. Finally, Carolyn believed the most beautiful sight in the world was a beautiful naked woman leading a naked submissive male off to be spanked, and then spanking him.

Slowly but surely Carolyn began to remove her negligee starting with her top. Once her top was off her full magnificent breasts with a deep cleavage and stiff nipples were revealed to Jason. Jason couldn't help but notice, but any urges he had were tempered by the fact that he was one step closer to being spanked. Carolyn now removed the bottom part of her negligee and was completely naked except for her red high heels.

There is probably not a man alive that would not love to see this sight. A beautiful 24-year-old blue eyed blonde standing there in all her naked beauty. Carolyn had that perfect figure most women would die for. She had a nice rounded face with those pretty blue eyes and lips with bright red lipstick adding to her sensuality. Below her full curving breasts and nipples was a nice smooth abdomen with no signs of fat, a thin waist, nicely curved hips, and nice soft long perfectly tapered thighs. There was no doubt she was the perfect ten.

Jason, however, looked at her differently. In her eyes Jason could see the calm determined look of a dominant woman on a mission. Her luscious red lips would announce the time of his spanking has arrived, and would taunt and torment him during his spanking. His eyes focused on her smooth bare thighs that he would soon be lying over helplessly, like a naughty little boy. He glanced at her arms knowing the left one would hold his naked body in place over her bare thighs as her right arm would be her weapon to spank him.

Carolyn was an excellent tennis player with strong-arm strength, the effects of which Jason was all too familiar. Finally, Jason looked nervously at her right hand. This hand would soon be landing all over his bare behind and eventually would hold her wooden paddle and the dreaded wooden backed hairbrush.

Carolyn could see by looking into Jason's eyes the look of feared anticipation and helplessness in his. It was the look of complete submissiveness to her dominant nature. There was no doubt he feared what was about to come, but knew he had no choice. He knew he had been naughty and deserved to be soundly spanked and his beautiful 24-year-old blue-eyed blonde neighbor was about to give it to him. Carolyn now taking him by the hand looked straight into his eyes and spoke the final words of doom. "Let's go little boy, it's time for you to be spanked"!

Carolyn led Jason by the hand across the room, towards the stairs leading to the second floor where her bedroom awaited at the end of the long hall. Carolyn always spanked Jason in her bedroom because it had more of an air of intimacy for her while viewed as a punishment room for Jason. Carolyn also loved the dichotomy of taking Jason to a room where one would normally think of sex and him being spanked instead.

For Carolyn the trip to the bedroom was an important part of the whole discipline scene. Here she was completely naked with nothing to protect her, and 12 years younger then Jason, and yet he submitted to her leading him by the hand off to her bedroom so she could spank him. That's Dominance/submission at its best. Jason permitted this for two reasons: 1. He knew he deserved to be spanked; and 2. He had rebelled one time and Carolyn and Jason's wife Sara teamed up on him, and he got the worst spanking of his life from the both of them. After that experience Jason never rebelled again and became a true submissive.

Carolyn especially liked the trip up to the bedroom because of the effect it had on Jason. She knew his heart was pounding with fear as he anticipated what was about to happen. The trip to the bedroom gave him more time to think about it, which added to the punishment.

Jason also added to the pleasurable anticipation and excitement for Carolyn by pleading one last time in hopes of a reprieve. "Please don't spank me Ms. Swanson please don't," Jason begged.

Carolyn simply smiled to herself and continued leading him up the stairs.

"Please ma-am, I'll be a good little boy, I promise," Jason frantically pleaded.

"It's too late for that you naughty little boy," said Carolyn, "You deserve a good sound spanking and that is exactly what you are going to get!"

"Please no, pleasssseeee," Jason futilely pleaded.

For Carolyn this was a beautiful experience to be leading him off to her bedroom to be spanked, as he begged and pleaded not to be spanked. For any woman who could watch, it would have to be a soul satisfying experience. To see a beautiful, naked, dominant, younger woman leading an older submissive male off to her bedroom to be spanked, as he pathetically pleaded and begged not to be spanked, would have to be a turn on. Obviously for most males the feeling would be the opposite.

Jason's begging and pleading did him no good as they reached the top of the stairs and turned down the wide hallway towards Carolyn's bedroom. At the end of the hall, before turning into her bedroom, was a wall with a full-length mirror on it. Carolyn had placed it there deliberately so they both could see themselves walking towards the bedroom. For Carolyn it was a triumphant picture to see herself in all her naked and dominant beauty, leading a helpless pleading Jason towards her bedroom for his spanking. She could see the pathetic, helplessly desperate look on his face, which only excited her more.

For Jason it was the opposite. He could see the calm, determined smug look on her face and the sparkle in her eyes. He could also see how foolish he looked, which only added to his humiliation. Worse than the humiliation though, was the rising fear in his heart, especially as he looked ahead and saw her bedroom door coming ever closer and all too quickly. Their images in the mirror and the sight of the bedroom door were the final vision that said it all. There was no longer any doubt that Jason was about to be soundly spanked by his beautiful neighbor.

They reached the door and entered the spacious and well-decorated bedroom. The décor was almost a contradiction to her current demeanor. The room was tastefully decorated in very feminine decor with shades of pink and other pastels and lots of frills. It showed the diversity of Carolyn's personality, who could be very feminine on one hand, but could also be a very dominant woman capable of spanking naughty little boys quite soundly.

Carolyn closed and locked the door behind them in a symbolic gesture. It was her way of saying to Jason: we are now alone in the privacy of my bedroom. There will be no one to help you and I alone will determine when you leave. Jason knew full well the implications of it. Carolyn could now spank him as long and as hard as she wanted to, and there would be no one to help him.

In the center of the room sat a simple straight backed upholstered chair which Carolyn affectionately, called the spanking chair. Beside the chair sat a small wooden paddle and more importantly a wooden backed hairbrush made out of oak. Carolyn believed that all the simple but important elements were there for a good sound spanking. She firmly believed that a beautiful naked dominant woman, a naked submissive naughty little boy, a straight-backed chair, and a good wooden hairbrush were all that was needed for a good spanking session.

Carolyn led Jason over to the spanking chair and sat down with Jason standing helplessly by her side. Jason looked down at her sitting there in all her naked beauty but his eyes focused on her smooth bare thighs that he would soon be lying naked over. Carolyn looked up at him and smiled confidently as she took hold of his left arm.

Even as Jason continued to beg and plead, "Please don't spank me Ms. Swanson please don't." She calmly pulled his naked body down over her bare thighs.

Now that Carolyn had him where she wanted him she spent a moment adjusting his naked body into the perfect spanking position. When she was done his head, arms, and chest hung down on her left side and his legs down her right side. She was careful to position his thighs on her right thigh so that his legs stuck out and could not touch the floor. His legs would now be free to kick around when he was being spanked. His bare behind was now planted between her left and right bare thigh, and in the perfect position to be smacked.

Carolyn looked straight ahead to the wall in front of her. On that wall was a large full-length extra wide mirror that she had specifically installed for this purpose. When she looked into the mirror she could see Jason's naked body lying helplessly like a naughty little boy over her bare thighs. When she started to spank him she would be able to see his naked body squirming and wiggling as the smacks landed on his bare behind.

Unfortunately for Jason, the mirror had a purpose for him as well, and one that he didn't like. Whenever Carolyn spanked him, he had to turn his head towards the mirror so he could see himself being spanked, and see his naked body reacting. This only added to his feeling of humiliation as he could see first hand how foolish he looked. Making it worse he would have to make eye contact with Carolyn as she looked into the mirror. This would serve as a constant reminder that she was also seeing how foolish he looked, adding even more embarrassment for him.

Even before his spanking would begin, they would both see the same sight but from a different perspective. As they both looked in the mirror they both could see that Jason really did look like a naughty little boy ready to be spanked. The site pleased Carolyn, but humiliated Jason. Carolyn could see the helpless, pathetic, fearful look in Jason's eyes, and he could see the look of pleasure and excited anticipation in hers.

As their eyes met in the mirror poor Jason tried to plead off one last time, "Please don't spank me Ms Swanson pleassseeeee!!"

For Carolyn, and anybody who understands the Dominant/submissive relationship, the psychology of the moment was as important as the discipline spanking that was about to happen. As their eyes met, their souls touched, and they both knew the reality of the relationship, and also knew the other one knew it. Jason the older submissive had psychologically yielded control to his Dominant younger female neighbor.

They both knew he had been a naughty little boy that deserved to be soundly spanked and she was the woman to give it to him. They both knew it was going to be a good long hard spanking and that was the way it was supposed to be. They also knew Carolyn would enjoy it as much as Jason hated it. Carolyn could spank him as hard and for as long as she wanted to and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

Carolyn waited a moment wanting to savor the moment and the intense satisfaction it gave her. She had Jason right where she wanted him, lying naked like a naughty little boy over her bare thighs, and ready to be spanked. She had exercised true control over him and had completely humiliated him. Any vestige he had of being a macho man had totally evaporated. He had been reduced to a helpless, frightened, submissive, naughty little boy. There was only one thing left to complete his subjugation to her, his actual spanking.

As Jason watched helplessly, Carolyn raised her right hand high in the air and brought it down quickly, landing with a loud smack on his left bare bottom cheek. Although it was only her hand, it still stung, and his naked body reacted squirming against her own naked body. Carolyn loved to see the look in his eyes as her hand landed on his bare behind. Before he could fully recover she was already landing another smack on his right bare bottom cheek, and again his naked body reacted.

Carolyn quickly settled into a pattern of landing quick hard smacks all over Jason's unprotected bare behind. It took very little time before Jason's naked body began to squirm uncomfortably against her naked body, as smack after smack of her hand landed on his bare behind. This was of course, why Carolyn wanted them both naked for his spanking. She could both see and feel his naked body squirming and wiggling against hers, and it would let her know how well she was getting through to him. The harder and longer her smacks became the harder and faster his naked body would squirm and wiggle against hers.

Jason could also see and feel his naked body squirming and wiggling as he was being spanked, but obviously felt quite different about it. He could see how foolish he looked as he squirmed and wiggled, but could not help himself. He also searched her eyes for some sign of mercy but found none. Instead, he saw a calm woman who was bound and determined to give him the spanking he deserved, and enjoy every second of it.

Carolyn enjoyed hand spanking him for several reasons. She loved the sound and feel of bare flesh smacking a bare behind. She also considered it a more intimate experience between Dominant and submissive when using just her bare hand. It was just she and he, and she loved it. There was, however, a more important reason for it. Carolyn loved having him in this position, and she knew that although her hand would sting his bare behind, it would not cause as much damage as a paddle or hairbrush. Consequently, she could have him lying naked over her bare thighs and spanking him a lot longer, then with a hairbrush or paddle.

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