Spanked By Thy Neighbors Wife

bySampson Burns©

Carolyn was in full form now as her hand continued to smack his bare behind over and over again, covering every square inch of it. Jason's bare bottom was now turning a bright red, as her smacks landed non stop on his upturned ass. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. The more she smacked his bare ass the more Jason's naked body squirmed and wiggled against her beautiful naked body, to her delight. He hoped his squirming and wiggling would lessen the blows or avoid them, but to no avail. Carolyn's tennis game came into play and she never failed to land a good hard smack to his quivering bare behind. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. She was already dominating and humiliating him and now she was adding the final ingredient to the Dominant/submissive relationship, that being pain. His well-deserved pain became her pleasure.

It would be almost a full five minutes of non-stop hand spanking before Carolyn paused briefly. Her hand was sore as was his bare behind but her pleasure made her almost unaware of her pain. Jason was certainly aware of the pain in his bare ass but unfortunately for him it was about to get a lot worse.

Carolyn reached down and picked up her small wooden paddle. It was actually a paddleball paddle with the ball removed. Carolyn loved to spank him with this particular paddle because it was made out of thin wood and was lightweight. Unlike heavier paddles made of thicker wood, it could be used a lot longer because it caused less damage. This of course meant Carolyn could keep him over her bare thighs longer and spank him longer than she could with a stronger paddle. However, as Jason knew all to well this small paddle could really sting and burn.

Carolyn, while watching Jason's eyes in the mirror, raised the paddle in the air and brought it down quickly on Jason's poor bare behind. She watched delightedly as his eyes widened, his head snapped back, his left leg kicked up and he hollered, "Owwww". She quickly landed another smack of the paddle, and again Jason's naked body reacted and he hollered, "Owwww", again.

Carolyn now launched into a pattern of landing quick hard smacks of the paddle all over his very red bare behind. She loved the smacking sound of the paddle, which reverberated throughout the room. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. Over and over her paddle found its mark. The hand spanking was nice but now the good sound serious spanking of the naked 36 year old naughty little boy was well underway by the beautiful 24 year old blue eyed blonde neighbor lady, Carolyn Swanson.

Jason was well aware of the seriousness of the situation as the fire was really building in his bare behind. Although his naked body had squirmed and wiggled against her beautiful naked body while being hand spanked, this was a lot more serious. The paddle was really stinging and burning, and his naked body was really squirming and wiggling in earnest against her beautiful naked body. If only he hadn't been so naughty he wouldn't be in this position, but it was too late now.

In addition to squirming and wiggling Jason was now hollering "ow" and "ouch" with each smack. Unfortunately for him the smacking sounds of the paddle and his howls were like music to Carolyn's ears. Smack, "ow", smack, "ouch", smack, "ow", smack, "ouch", smack, "owwwwww". Those sounds, combined with his frantic wiggling and squirming, let her know she was finally starting to get through to him, but she was just getting started on him.

As Carolyn's paddle continued to find its mark she could see genuine tears start to flow from his eyes. A softer woman might have taken pity on him, but not Carolyn. She had promised him a good, long, hard spanking and it was going to be a long time before she was through with this naughty little boy.

Jason's bare ass was really on fire now but he could do nothing about it. Instinctively his legs began to kick back and forth and from side to side trying to avoid the smacks of Carolyn's paddle. It did no good as her strong left arm held him firmly in place. Because his feet could not touch ground he could not get any leverage to push away or off her lap. He could cry, howl, squirm, wiggle and kick his leg all he wanted to but he could not avoid the never-ending smacks of Carolyn's paddle. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. Jason was getting the paddling a naughty little boy deserved and Carolyn was more than happy to give it to him.

Carolyn was also becoming aware of the pleasant feelings in her own beautiful naked body. Although this was a well-deserved discipline spanking, she could not deny the warm feelings that spanking her 36-year-old neighbor gave her. The more his naked body squirmed and wiggled against her beautiful naked body the stronger those feelings got. However, she knew better than to yield to her aroused feelings. It was more important that Jason received the spanking he deserved, and so it was time for the next part.

Carolyn put down her paddle and calmly picked up her hairbrush. Jason watched in terror as she picked up that dreaded wooden hairbrush, knowing full well what she was going to do with it.

"Please not the hairbrush ma-am, pleassseee!!" he pleaded frantically.

His naked body twisted and turned wildly as if he could somehow get away, but of course he couldn't. He searched her pretty blue eyes hoping to find a glimpse of mercy, but instead found eyes that sparkled with delight at what she was about to do. She smiled smugly at his plight, knowing how much it was going to hurt him and how much she was going to enjoy giving it to him. What she had given him so far was child's play compared to what she was about to give him.

Jason watched with terrified eyes as she lifted the hairbrush high in the air and brought it down quickly on his left bare bottom cheek. The pain coursed through his entire naked body as the sounds of torment came from his lips.

Owwwwww aughhhhhhh!!!!" he yelped.

His legs kicked up and his hips twisted from side to side as if trying to somehow alleviate the pain. Carolyn did not give him time to settle down before landing another hard smack of her hairbrush, producing even more anguish from Jason. Even though Jason had been spanked with the hairbrush many times, he never got used to the intense pain it caused.

Carolyn was not about to show him any sympathy. He deserved everything he was getting, and she was bound and determined to give it to him. Her hairbrush rose and fell relentlessly on his poor unprotected bare ass. His bare behind was now totally colored from the tops of his bottom cheeks to the top of his thighs. After only ten smacks, Jason was once again crying, and his legs kicking wildly in all directions, as his naked body squirmed and wiggled uncontrollably against Carolyn's beautiful naked body.

From the first moment Carolyn told Jason he was going to be spanked, she looked forward to this finale with excited anticipation. Carolyn had her 36-year-old naked naughty little boy neighbor right where she wanted him and he was really going to get it good now. Jason was well aware that he was going to get a good, long, hard spanking with the dreaded hairbrush, but there was nothing he could do about it. She was going to spank him for as long as she wanted to and she and she alone would determine when he had enough.

Carolyn loved the sight and feel of his naked body in action knowing he could not get away. She began to taunt him as she spanked him unmercifully. "Take that you naughty little boy!" Smack, smack, "And that!" smack, "And that!" smack.

"Can't get away from my hairbrush can you?" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

"You deserve everything you're getting!" Smack, Smack, Smack.

"And I am just the woman to give it to you!" Smack, Smack.

"You've got a lot more coming little boy!" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

"I haven't even started on you yet!" Smack, Smack, Smack.

"I wish I could spank you every day!" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

"Squirm and wiggle all you want to, it won't do you any good!" she chuckled as she continued to spank........ SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

Poor Jason was crying hysterically now and his naked body was twisting and turning wildly, his legs kicking uncontrollably in all directions, all to no avail. Carolyn continued to methodically apply the smacks of her hairbrush to his now very bruised bare behind. The more he carried on, the better she liked it. The joyful feelings of total domination filled her soul.

There was one final step that would complete Jason's total humiliation. He could take it no more and finally broke down and began to beg and plead for mercy. Somehow he knew it would do no good, but he would do anything to get his spanking to stop.

Smack, "Ow please no more ma-am please!"

Smack, smack, "Please ma-am, I'll be a good little boy, I promise!"

Smack, smack, "Ow owwwww!!"

Smack, smack, "Please Ms. Swanson, I won't ever be bad again!!"

Smack, smack, "Owwwww, owwwwww!!"

Smack, smack, "Please ma-me, I'm sorry honest I ammmmmm!!"

Smack, smack, "Please Ms Swanson, I can't take it anymore!!"

Smack, smack, "Owwwwww, owwwwwwww!!"

Smack, smack, "Please ma-am, I won't ever be naughty again I promise ma'am!!!"

Smack, smack, "Owwwwww, owwwwwww, oh please ma'am, I've learned my lseeon, please no more!!!"

Smack, smack, "Owwwwww, owwwwwww!!!!!"

Smack, smack, "Please Ms. Swanson, I'll do anything!!"

Smack, smack, "Please no more ma-am pleassssseeeee, pleassssseeeee, please!!!!"

For Carolyn, these pathetic, pleading sounds were absolutely beautiful as they symbolized her total domination over him and his complete submission. She had her 36 year old neighbor lying naked over her bare thighs like a naughty little boy, squirming wiggling, kicking his legs wildly, crying howling, and begging and pleading for mercy. Making it better for her was the fact that she ignored his pleas and kept right on spanking him like a true domme should, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. She and she alone, would decide when he had enough.

Just when Jason thought he would pass out, Carolyn stopped. She could have spanked him longer but did not want to cause permanent damage to him. Her main goal had been to see that he was a very soundly spanked naughty little boy and she had definitely accomplished that. She let Jason remain over her bare thighs for a few moments as he cried his eyes out.

Once Jason calmed down she let him slide off her lap and kneel in front of her. She took his chin in her hands and looked into his tear stained eyes. "Are you going to be a good little boy from now on?" she asked firmly.

"Yes ma-am, I won't ever be naughty again!" he responded.

"I hope not," she replied, "Because if you are naughty again, you will get it worse next time."

As they looked into each other's eyes they both knew the real truth down inside their souls. They both knew that no matter how hard he tried, Jason would end up being naughty again. It was only a matter of time before Jason would end up in the privacy of Carolyn's bedroom. He would end up lying naked like a naughty little boy over the bare thighs of his beautiful 24 year old blue eyed blonde neighbor's, being soundly spanked all over his bare ass. Jason could almost read Carolyn's mind, which said 'please let him be naughty again.'

Carolyn let Jason go down stairs and get dressed. She smiled to herself thinking not only about the spanking she had just given Jason, but also about her own husband Robbie. While she was spanking Jason, Jason's wife, Sara, was next door soundly spanking Robbie. She could see him in her mind lying naked like a naughty little boy over Sara's bare thighs, squirming wiggling, kicking his legs, crying and begging and pleading for mercy. She knew Sara would show him no mercy and when he got home he would be a very soundly spanked naughty little boy. Carolyn felt really happy and fulfilled because two naughty little boys had received the spankings they deserved. That is the role of women to spank naughty little boys when they deserve it.

Carolyn lay back on the bed still naked waiting for Robbie to come home. The more she thought about the spanking she had just given Jason, and the one Robbie was getting, the more sexual feelings became aroused. Once Robbie got home she would have to have those feelings satisfied.

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