tagTransgender & CrossdressersSparra the Futa Superhero

Sparra the Futa Superhero


The security guard stared down the barrel of the semi-automatic, his last thought being that it was just embarrassing to be killed with your own gun. He closed his eyes in preparation of his final moment, picturing the face of the seven-year-old girl who would never again run to the door to welcome home her father, and behind her the woman who had given him what little happiness life had allowed him.

A sigh of anguished pleasure startled him into opening his eyes again. The masked man had fallen to his knees and was clutching his crotch as if it had been kicked. All four of the bank robbers had adopted similar positions, moaning audibly, though whether in pain or ecstasy was unclear.

Taking advantage of the moment, the guard reached down swiftly to reclaim his gun from where it had fallen to the marble floor and immediately targeted the masked men. They paid no attention to him, however, and he looked round, searching for back-up. It was too soon for the police to arrive, even if the alarms had been tripped. He glanced over at the cashiers and saw the manager nod in response to his unvoiced question, then point up at the ceiling.

The guard followed the pointing finger, and flinched backwards away from the figure suspended mid-air above his head. 'Sparra,' he whispered, drinking in the stunning curves emphasised so perfectly by that signature black leather corset and matching stiletto boots, confirmed by the youthful, feminine face and short-cropped blonde hair.

She glanced at him briefly, warning him with her pale blue eyes to be careful with the gun he carried, and floated down to land gently, just the slightest tap of her heels impacting the marble that echoed off the walls. Sparra cocked her head, as if hearing a distant noise, then looked back at the guard, her eyes examining him minutely.

Unable to stop himself, the guard stared back, focussing on the crotch of her black, pleated miniskirt, trying to see through the material, trying to see whether the rumours were true. A heartbeat later she was pressed against him, her lips soft against his, her erect cock pressing hard against him through the layers of material.

'I love a man with a big gun,' she whispered in his ear, and was suddenly gone, leaving him to adjust his own hardening cock.


In the alley behind the bank, Sparra worked herself back into her dress and coat, and adjusted the messy red curls of her wig and her thick-rimmed glasses. As quickly as she dared, not wishing to attract any attention in this age of CCTV and mobile phones, she walked away from the bank.

This kind of intervention was dangerous for her. Her own branch! She could have been recognised, might yet be recognised. But she couldn't very well leave the robbers alone, not when they were waving guns about and terrifying children.

She was fairly sure she had saved that guard's life - and he was a cute one, too. And well equipped, so to speak.

What was it about playing superhero that always made her so horny? Sex was her strength, the source of her power, but it was also her weakness, so that the more she used her powers, the more easily distracted she became.

Even this easy save, so undemanding of her, left her with a ticklish desire to find that guard again and bend him over the nearest table. Surely being a superhero allowed her some rewards...

She laughed and crossed the road, relaxing only once she had turned the corner. There were safer places to find what she needed.


A banging on the door woke Tony from his sleep. He stared blearily at the digital clock, trying to bring the numbers into focus. 'It's ten o'clock,' he muttered wearily, guessing immediately who it was. 'Go away,' he breathed.

More banging. 'I know you're in there,' she called through the letter box. 'Come on, Tony. Wake up!'

Sighing, but also more than a little aroused, he crawled out of bed, wishing he didn't have to work nights so often, and wrapped a bathrobe around himself as he stumbled, eyes half-shut, across the hall to the door. 'Hi Jennifer,' he said as he opened the door for her.

She burst through, full of energy, her lips finding his and her tongue darting between. He managed to kick the door shut again before her hands stripped him of the robe. He didn't need his neighbours to see him in boxer shorts decorated with lots of red hearts.

Not that the shorts stayed on very long. Without breaking the kiss, she pushed him back against the wall, her hands tugging at the elastic, working the shorts down to expose his cheeks. She grabbed them and squeezed, her hands cool to the touch and strong enough to bruise. He hissed with the pain of it. 'Sorry, lover,' she whispered, easing off a little.

Tony knew who she really was, of course, though he pretended not to. He liked the simplicity of these visits, and the way her fear of discovery added just a hint of vulnerability to her.

Jennifer dropped to her knees, pulling the shorts down to his feet as she did, and his cock sprang up to meet her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as her lips fastened about his shaft, and she looked up into his eyes adoringly as her tongue caressed the soft head. This was the ultimate pleasure for him, to have a genuine superhero on her knees worshipping his cock.

As usual, though, it wasn't his pleasure she had come for. Having proven his hunger for her, she stood and kissed him again, her tongue now wet with his salty precum. 'Get on the bed,' she growled.

Tony walked slowly through to the bedroom, letting her enjoy the view, and crawled onto the bed, parting his knees and raising his ass in invitation. Jennifer was behind him instantly, her mouth against his tight ring, one hand caressing his balls. Her tongue teased him deliciously, and penetrated him playfully. She pulled away, only to spank his cheeks, a sharp brief pain that gave way to a pleasant heat as she dived into his ass again, stroking his cock as she did.

His ass loved her tongue, but that was just the prelude to the main act. One more spank of his cheeks and then she was kneeling behind him, the huge head of her hard member demanding entry. Tony had no wish to deny her entry, and could not have done anyway. He gasped involuntarily at the pain of being stretched by her beautiful cock.

He knew most men would be horrified at the thought of being ass-fucked by a girl with a cock, and no doubt many more would be humiliated to sleep with a girl whose cock could rival most porn stars for girth and length, but Tony loved it. He loved those first few seconds of being stretched, as the pain slowly gave way to pleasure. He loved the feel of a cock forcing its way steadily deeper into him. Most of all, he loved to feel a cock convulsing deep inside him with superhuman strength as it filled him to overflowing with thick, creamy cum.

Which was what normally happened on these morning visits. A quick flying fuck, so to speak. She would be on her way soon, leaving him to sleep with his ass full of her cum. It certainly made a mess of the sheets, but boy it was worth it.

There was a mirror by the bed and he watched her pounding his ass, her expression full of determination, her breasts bouncing beautifully in time with her thrusting. The thought of a man doing this to him always weirded him out, but with Jennifer he was able to relax and enjoy every minute, every inch and every drop of the experience. 'Fuck me, Jen,' he hissed. 'Harder!'

She was happy to oblige, grabbing hold of his hips and pulling him back against her as she thrust with greater and greater depth. 'I'm almost there,' she said.

'Do it, baby!' he shouted. 'Fill me with your girl cum!'

'Fuck!' she screamed and forced herself as deep as possible as the first blast of her thick cum triggered Tony's orgasm, and they convulsed together in blissful synchrony.

The collapsed together onto the bed, Jennifer curled around him, her cock still in him and pulsing gently as he drifted slowly to sleep, barely aware of her eventual withdrawal and departure.


Clean from her recent shower and feeling much refreshed, Sparra walked the short distance into town, stopping for an early lunch at her favourite coffee shop.

Being the world's sexist superhero was all well and good, but it didn't really pay the bills. The unwritten rule of being a superhero was to help other people, to give without expectation of receiving. By and large, she was able to do that while in uniform, though she couldn't resist a little bit of teasing now and then, but in her human guise as Jennifer she wasn't above using her powers for her own advantage, so long as no one got hurt.

Or very hurt, anyway. The young barista who served her did so with that particular sneer that some women reserve for those others who exude sexual confidence. She didn't say the word 'slut', but it echoed about her expression like a cocktail of anger, jealousy and self-superiority. Sparra smiled back at her sweetly and stirred within the girl such a sudden hungry desire that she yielded to a quick, furtive kiss before blushing furiously, the earlier contempt quite replaced by panic. Ten minutes later, on the way out the door, she blew a kiss to the poor confused barista who hadn't stopped blushing the whole time.

One of the robbers had had a business card in a trouser pocket. Sparra had liberated it before fleeing the scene, and now she looked again at the writing on the back: '12.15'. Presumably a time, and possibly lunchtime that very day. If the place was the address on the business card, then there was time enough for Sparra to change into her uniform and fly across the city to interrupt the meeting.

Or at least spy on it and see what if anything was going on. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, mysterious meetings proved to be nothing more than a tedious business meeting with men discussing random whatever over plates of sandwiches. But occasionally, just occasionally, it was something worthy of Sparra, the city's superpowered futa-heroine.

At 12.15, the city's superpowered futa-heroine, undisguised in her leather corset and boots, was perched unobtrusively on the rooftop above the address on the business card.

'Did you bring the money?' It was a deep voice with a gravelly texture.

'There was a problem,' replied another. A young man's voice; anxious.

'I don't like problems. Problems make me think you don't take me seriously. Problems make me want to cut into this pretty face.'

This last was accompanied by the muffled scream of a woman in distress.

Sparra cursed and flew down and in through the window, ignoring the glass that exploded into the room with her. There were four men arranged around a woman who sat bound to a chair, a hood over her head. With a wave of her hands, Sparra incapacitated the men with a sexual desire so intense it rendered them incapable of coherent thought, and they slumped to their knees clutching their crotches in sweet agony. This was Sparra's favourite method for dealing with hostile men. It wasn't nearly as effective with women.

Pulling the hood off the woman, she asked, 'Are you okay, Miss?'

The woman smiled at her with eyes that glinted with victory. 'Hello, Sparra,' she said, as a large steel net plunged from the ceiling to the floor, catching the startled superhero in its embrace.


Bonarra grinned at her captive. Sparra had struggled the whole time, the whole way, but Bonarra knew too well the limits of her strength, and now she had the futa heroine naked in exactly the position she wanted, ankles pulled wide and manacled to rings embedded in the concrete floor, wrists chained to a ceiling hook.

'Now isn't this better?' she said. 'Now we can talk properly.' She spanked the exposed cheeks and teased a finger between tender folds before removing the steel ball gag.

Sparra sighed miserably. 'Bonarra. I thought you were dead.'

'You always pull your punches, Sparra. Next time hit harder if you really want me dead.' She laughed at this and embraced the superhero from behind, mauling her breasts and pinching the nipples hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. 'Tell me you've missed this. I know I have.'

'Leave me alone, you bitch!' Sparra hissed.

'You can't fool me, Sparra. Your body betrays you.' She released Sparra's nipples and instead wrapped her hands around the very erect cock. 'So hard, Sparra! Tell me what you want. Is it my mouth? My pussy?' She dug sharp fingernails into the shaft. 'It's my ass, isn't it? You're just dying to bury that meat in my ass, aren't you?'

Bonarra stopped her torture of the proud shaft and caressed it gently, lovingly, enjoying the way Sparra thrust against her hands in a desperate quest for stimulation. 'I remember you used to love my ass. And there was something else you loved, wasn't there?'

Letting her robe fall to the floor, revealing a body as blessed and as beautiful as her captive's, Bonarra knelt in front of Sparra, just out of reach. 'But you'll have to beg for it this time.'

'Never!' Sparra cried, even as her cock strained to reach the promised vale. Bonarra slipped a finger between the lips of Sparra's pussy, careful to avoid any contact with the prominent clit. 'Mmm, so wet, you little slut. You know you want me. Ask for it!'

With an anguished growl, Sparra yielded. 'Your tits,' she whined. 'I want your tits. I want to fuck your tits.'

'All you had to do was ask,' Bonarra said, wrapping them eagerly about the cock that thrust hungrily between them. 'Is that good?'

'Oh fuck yes!' Sparra rammed her cock between Bonarra's large breasts, fucking between them with wild thoughtless passion. Bonarra adored the sensation of smooth skin and hard flesh caught by her own smooth skin and tender flesh.

But more than that, she wanted to strip away the image of purity that Sparra kept trying to hide behind. 'Say my name, slut!'

Sparra was past the point of denial, too close now to her climax. 'Bonarra! I love your fucking tits! I love fucking your tits!' She came with a cry, thick, creamy white cum splashing across Bonarra's shoulders and neck, dropping down to cover her breasts and filling the channel between.

As the flow diminished to a mere dribble, Bonarra stood, massaging her breasts with the cum, and walked round behind the captive again. 'My turn now,' she said, positioning the tip of her cock at the entry to Sparra's ass, and forced the thick head through the tight ring.

Sparra whimpered from the pain of the intrusion and tried to escape, but Bonarra grabbed her hips tight and thrust deeper. 'Such a tight fucking ass, Sparra. Have you been saving yourself for me?'

'It hurts!'

'Patience, my love. Soon you'll be begging me to fuck you harder.'


Bonarra pulled out slowly, until just the tip was wedged within, then thrust in again as hard and as deep as she could, loving every bit of friction against her cock. 'Your ass and I are going to become very good friends, I think.'

'No!' Sparra's cheeks were wet with fresh tears. 'No!'

Another long, exquisite thrust. 'I'll make you a deal, Sparra. Let yourself enjoy this and I'll set you free afterwards.'

'Why should I trust you?'

'Because I know that after this you'll want me to capture you again.'


'Yes. Say yes, Sparra.'


'Good little slut. Say it!'


Bonarra's thrusting was growing regular, each thrust forcing a 'Yes!' from Sparra. She wanted this to last forever, but Sparra's beautiful ass felt too fucking good. Bonarra was getting close. 'I'm going to come in your ass, Sparra. Tell me you want that.'

'I want your cum, Bonarra,' Sparra cried. 'Fill me with your girl cum!'

That was too much for Bonarra. 'Fuck I love your fucking ass. It's so fucking tight!' She came with a roar, her teeth and fingernails digging into her captive as her cock erupted deep inside Sparra's ass.

Delicious though it was, it wasn't enough to satisfy. She reached round to grab Sparra's breasts, and resumed her fucking of Sparra's cum-filled ass, pounding hard and fast until consumed by a second orgasm, and a third, until, finally exhausted, she slumped to the ground, her arms wrapped about Sparra's shaking legs.


Jennifer's text had been vague about everything except the address. Either she was in some sort of trouble, or she was planning a surprise for him. Either way, Tony didn't want to keep her waiting.

The address led him to a warehouse of sorts. A small one, long abandoned. This part of the city had once been a thriving industrial zone, but nowadays it was quiet, almost a ghost town. If this was a surprise for him, it wasn't a very nice one.

He pushed the large wooden door open enough to squeeze through into the dark. 'Jennifer?'

There was no answer to his call, but as his eyes adjusted he realised it wasn't so dark inside. There was enough light coming through the windows, a burning orange light from the setting sun, to reveal the naked figure suspended from the roof and splayed grotesquely.

For one horrible moment he thought she was dead, that they had killed her, but then her chains rattled as she fought to free herself.

He hurried over. 'Oh God, Jennifer. What happened to you?' Indeed, the evidence of what had happened to her was pretty clear from the cum running down her legs and pooling on the concrete ground beneath her. It was only when she didn't answer beyond an angry moan that he noticed the steel ball gag. He pulled the harness from her head and the gag from her mouth.

'Bonarra, you bitch!' she screamed. 'You fucking bitch!' Suddenly she was sobbing, tears coursing down her cheeks. 'Tony,' she whispered. 'I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me.'

Tony stared at her in some confusion, wondering what exactly she was sorry for. He shook his head. 'I could never hate you, Jennifer - or you, Sparra. I love you both. Now how do we get you down?'

She smiled at him through her tears. 'Thank you, Tony. The key is hanging from a nail in the wall over there.' She nodded to indicate where. 'Although,' she added, smiling a little wickedly, 'I'm all bound and helpless, completely at your mercy. You may never get this opportunity again...'

Any doubts in Tony's mind about the seriousness of her suggestion were banished by the cock rising swiftly to attention.

He laughed as he felt his own stirring in response. 'Well, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity...'

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