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Special Delivery

byindigo sky©

Chloe shuffled busily behind the counter, preparing vases of floral arrangements for delivery, and trying to keep up with the constant stream of customers walking through the front door.

February 14th, Valentine's, the most manic day of the year to be working in a flower shop, and she had volunteered for the insanity. It wasn't too bad though, she mused. Julia, the shop's owner, had promised her bonus pay, because she knew what a madhouse it would be. Being single and a poor student that was an offer she couldn't turn down. Besides, working at a frenetic pace to get the various arrangements out the door in time was, somehow less depressing then being in her dorm to witness their arrivals.

"Blah," she thought to herself. "Just a commercial holiday, nothing more than an excuse to charge a fortune for roses and for people to get laid." Not that either concept was so bad, she just hated being reminded that she was a junior in college, and frightfully unattached.

Her mind drifted back to her freshman year, and the excitement she had had of being free from her parent's house, free from her oppressive High School, free to date whomever she wanted. She could be a lesbian in peace, and surely college would be crawling with potential girl friends. That, however, had remained an adolescent pipe dream.

There were plenty of girls who wanted to hook up with a woman, experiment, see what it was like, impress their boyfriends, or get back at them. But very few who wanted any more than just a story to tell. That had been great at first. No attachments, no one to try and tell her how to live her life, like she saw so many couples doing. But the thrill had quickly faded, and she had really started to worry that she wouldn't find a girl she could just be herself with, someone who thought of her as a person rather than an adventure.

The little brass bell above the front door rang for the umpteenth time that day and Chloe looked up to see Miranda, a regular, standing in front of her.

"Hey there," Miranda said in her cool self assured voice. "You have time to help me today? I have to pick out something special."

"Oh yeah, all the time in the world," Chloe said sarcastically as she motioned around the store. Julia ran to answer the phone, as it officially left its hook, in punctuation of her remark.

"C'mon, you can spare a few minutes for me, can't you?" Miranda pleaded affectionately in response.

Chloe nearly melted at the sight. Miranda's big brown eyes tugged at her, her body went numb as she struggled to keep from looking like an idiot.

In the 8 months she had spent working at the shop, Chloe had seen quite a bit of Miranda. A graduate student in Psychology they had shared many interesting conversations and Chloe had come to look forward to Miranda's visits with eager anticipation. Miranda was everything she dreamed about in girl. Exuding confidence and intelligence, yet with none of the false airs of snobbery or superiority that many of the Grad students she knew exhibited. She was a fantastic listener, and always took a genuine interest in Chloe, advising her on which Professor's to avoid and who gave the best recommendations. Chloe realized that Miranda could be aware of her attraction to her, but she never confronted her on it, or did anything to make her feel uncomfortable about it. She took pretty much everything in stride, just another reason for Chloe to adore her.

Looking at her now, her long wavy brown hair framing her face, the sweater she wore subtly outlining the curve of her breasts, Chloe could not resist smiling uncontrollably at the chance to spend even a few moments with her.

"Oh, I suppose so," Chloe replied dramatically, rolling her eyes all the while beaming with excitement.

"Why thank you," Miranda laughed playing along with the scene. "Now c'mere and help me, I have a very special guest coming over this evening."

Chloe walked from behind the counter, to the array of baskets and displays that filled the shop. Flooded with disappointment and curiosity, Chloe's mind brimmed with questions about Miranda's date.

Mustering up some courage, she feigned excitement as she posed her question. "So who's the special guy, I never heard you mention anyone, hmm?"

"I know, it's someone new. Well, not really new, we've been friends for awhile, but tonight is a first," Miranda, replied, excitement dripping from her voice. "That's why you have to help me pick out something spectacular, I want everything to be perfect."

"I don't want to burst your bubble Miranda," Chloe said hesitantly. "But guys aren't really big fans of flowers."

"Oh, I know," she replied totally nonplussed. "It's more for me, really, to set the stage. I like to have an inspiring environment."

Chloe's heart dropped into her stomach at Miranda's words. They had conveniently managed to avoid the topic of their love lives on most of Miranda's visits. While she was pleased that Miranda valued her opinion for what was obviously such an important night, the idea of helping her seduce someone rumpled quite a few of her feathers.

Miranda looked at her sweetly, and, as if sensing the tension growing within her, reached out and gently rubbed Chloe's arm. "You're a very creative girl, that's why I need your help. I wouldn't trust just anyone with something so important."

Her frustration easing under the delicate caress of Miranda's hand and the affection in her voice, Chloe's body filled with warmth as she looked into the other girl's expectant eyes.

Determined to pick out only the best for Miranda, she began combing through batches of red long stem roses as she threw herself into the task. Next she poured over the white roses, star-gazer lilies, and white lisianthus selecting the best she could find for the floral arrangements. Finally, she set about collecting petals from fresh roses, and then enhancing them with silk ones, picking out scented and tea light candles all to accent the beauty of the flowers; and Miranda's own beauty, she thought surreptitiously to herself.

She packed what she could for her, as she gave Miranda instructions on how to care for the roses. There was too much for her to take with her, though, and the floral arrangements still had to be prepared for her.

"Ok, someone will drop the rest off tonight, by 7. Is that ok with you?" Chloe asked.

"Great, that's perfect," Miranda replied with a quizzical smile. Thank you for all your help Chloe, and have a Happy Valentine's Day."

"You too," Chloe answered, the words burning her throat as she spoke them.

Chloe watched her as Miranda turned and left the shop, her packages securely in tow, wondering jealously what exactly the would night would bring for her.

The phone screamed loudly in her ears, as it demanded attention. Chloe reached out for it instinctively allowing herself to once again get swept up in the hectic speed of the day, and erase thoughts of Miranda from her mind.

Gathering her things to go home, Chloe spotted Julia coming in her direction, as she reached back to slide on her coat. It was 6 o'clock and she was ready to drop after the day she had had.

"Chloe, could you do me a huge favor?" Julia asked nearly out of breath. "I forgot to send Miranda's delivery out with Dave, and I'm supposed to meet my husband for dinner on the other side of town. Her apartment is on the way back to campus and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind dropping it off for me. I'd really appreciate it."

Chloe felt sick as she listened to Julia's request. "Of course, no problem," she answered without thinking. Her mind buzzed with a mixture of excitement and dread.

Chloe packed the delivery in her car and studied the card with Miranda's address on it. 1274 Nyack Street it read in Julia's bubbly script. The letters seemed to leap up at her as she considered the best route to Miranda's house. Tucking the card in her pocket, she climbed into the driver's seat and turned the ignition. Roaring to life, the old Volvo seemed much more anxious to get under way then she was.

It was a 10-minute drive to Miranda's and Chloe restlessly searched the radio for something to listen to. Each station seemed to be playing their sappiest tunes, and she groaned painfully when she heard WFNJ announce it's upcoming Michael Bolton hour.

Finding a spot on the street directly across from Miranda's door, Chloe killed the engine and sat in silence for a minute, afraid to face Miranda, afraid her jealousy would show. She walked slowly, taking careful steps, carrying one of the vases, while the other one waited in the car. Ringing the doorbell, she immediately turned around so she wouldn't have to face Miranda when she opened the door.

"This is stupid," she thought to herself. "Miranda is my friend, why am I acting like an infant?"

Turning back around, Miranda appeared before her, in the open doorway. Standing just slightly shorter than she, Chloe had to muster every ounce of energy she had to keep from dropping the flowers. She looked amazing, although she was dressed exactly as she had been that afternoon, she seemed to radiate in a way she had never noticed before. Her perfume wafted across the entryway, and Chloe could feel her cheeks go red, as she found herself staring once again at the outline of her shapely breasts. Mesmerized by the waves of brown hair that danced teasingly across them.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Miranda asked with a wide smile.

Stammering for composure Chloe responded quickly, "Julia forgot to send your things with Dave, so she asked me to drop them off on my way home. I hope you don't mind."

Chloe berated herself silently as soon as she finished her sentence. "I sound like an idiot, why did I say that for?"

"Of course I don't mind," Miranda replied, ignoring the awkwardness Chloe was stewing in. "I'm glad you're here, I could use some company. Why don't you come in and have a glass of wine with me, you must be exhausted."

"I don't want to keep you though," Chloe responded reticently.

"You're not, trust me, come in for a bit, you need to relax, too," Miranda prodded.

"Alright, just for a little bit. Let me go get the rest of your stuff," Chloe said, caving in to the desire within her.

Handing Miranda the remaining flowers, she stepped into the apartment, immediately in awe of what she saw. Miranda had really gone all out. Lit only by the glow of candles and a roaring fire, she spotted an eloquent table set for two on the far side of the room. Shadows danced upon the walls, highlighting the bouquets of long stem roses that were strewn about the room. As the aroma from the scented candles filled the air with just the right balance of romance and relaxation underscored by a cello concerto playing soothingly in the background

"Let me take your coat," Miranda offered, having returned from depositing the remaining flowers about.

Still looking around in astonishment, Chloe removed her coat and handed it to Miranda. "This looks amazing," she breathed.

"I'm glad you like it," Miranda smiled. "After all, you had a lot to do with it. Why don't you go sit down, I'll get us some wine. I'm sure you could use it."

Miranda motioned toward the couch in front of the fire, and Chloe went and sat down, her tired body sinking into the couch. Her mind too numb to think, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the heat from the fire as the music lulled her into submission.

"Here you go," Miranda said softly, arousing Chloe from her solitude to hand her a glass of red wine, and then proceeding to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of her. "It's Merlot, I hope you like it."

"Mmm, it's delicious. Thank you," Chloe murmured, still somewhat lost in her own world. "I hadn't realized what a long day it had been until I sat down."

"Well it is the busiest day of the year for Julia's shop you know," Miranda teased. "Valentine's Day is the mother of all holidays when you own a flower shop, silly girl."

"Hey, don't pick on me," Chloe whimpered. "I had a long day."

"I'm sorry sweetie," Miranda said with sincerity, her eyes meeting Chloe's for a long moment. "So what is a beautiful girl like you doing working late on Valentine's Day anyway? Some fabulous girl should be sweeping you off your feet with a romantic dinner and chocolates."

"Hmph," Chloe sighed dejectedly. "Not much chance of that. I haven't really had much luck meeting anyone. At least not someone I'd get serious with."

Chloe shrugged her shoulders indifferently and took another sip of wine, nearly draining the glass. She could feel the heat in her cheeks rising as the alcohol permeated her system.

Miranda picked up the bottle of Merlot and added to Chloe's glass, then topped off her own. Sitting back down she looked attentively at Chloe.

"Well that doesn't make any sense to me," she countered. "You're a great girl, maybe you're just not paying close enough attention. You do spend an awful lot of time studying and working, maybe you just haven't had the time to notice."

Chloe looked hard at Miranda, anger and sadness gripping her insides. "Why is she lecturing me?" she asked herself, annoyed with Miranda's lack of compassion. "I have to work in order to pay for school, and I'm not about to waste my time not doing well, when I'm paying so much for it," her brain continued at lightning speed.

"Maybe I should go," Chloe said tersely, trying to hide her hurt and frustration. "I don't want to distract you, besides you have company coming."

Miranda held Chloe's gaze, not saying a word, her eyes soft as she reached out and tenderly rubbed Chloe's leg.

The alcohol taking over, Chloe could not hide her reaction as Miranda touched her. Swallowing hard, she averted her eyes from Miranda's, as she silently petitioned her muscles to move and take her home.

Waiting for Chloe to look back to her, Miranda spoke tentatively. "Chloe, I was just saying, that sometimes when we're so focused on certain things, we miss what's right in front of us."

Chloe glanced over at Miranda, her anger fading as she continued to speak.

"You are a great girl, I or anybody else would be a fool not to notice that. Besides you can't go, you wouldn't want to leave a girl all by herself on Valentine's Day, would you?"

Confusion spread over Chloe at Miranda words. Not waiting for cognition to take hold, Miranda rose and moved toward her, reaching a hand out to delicately stroke her face.

Breathing softly in disbelief, Chloe involuntarily closed her eyes as Miranda continued to caress her. Moving slowly, Miranda leaned in and kissed her softly, first on the forehead, then each cheek, until she finally rested her soft lips on Chloe's. Showering them with kisses, she then pulled away to get Chloe's reaction.

Opening her eyes, Chloe was greeted with Miranda's beautiful face, a warm smile spread upon it, only inches from her own. "I had no idea," she said breathlessly. "I mean, all this, you were expecting me? I don't…"

Miranda kissed her again quickly before responding. "I've liked you for months, silly girl. Why do you think I always happen to come by when you're working? Julia didn't forget my order, I put her up to it."

Chloe smiled enormously, her eyes ready to overflow with tears. "I've liked you for months. I would have never…" Her voice trailed off as she lost herself in Miranda's soft expression.

Miranda kissed her again, exploring Chloe's soft supple lips and sweet tongue. Her hands softly massaging her back as the two girls fell entwined on the couch in a passionate embrace.

Rising to her feet, Miranda took Chloe's hand and guided her toward the bedroom. Pulling her close as they walked, her arm snaking around Chloe's waist, as she kissed her once again, letting her lips absorb the soft sensation of the girl's warm skin.

The bedroom was just as lavishly decorated as the living room. Candles surrounded the room, with long stemmed roses laid carefully on the dressers and night tables. The petals that she had so carefully selected floated in small vases filled with water, lit from the center by the tea light candles she had picked out. The silk petals were sprinkled on the bed, while another bottle of Merlot and 2 glasses rested on the nightstand beside the bed.

Miranda pulled Chloe toward her, devouring her with passionate kisses, as she began unbuttoning her blouse. Chloe's body tingled from Miranda's touch, as her head floated from the mixture of alcohol and endorphins swimming through her veins. With expert care Miranda removed her shirt and bra freeing her breasts from their bondage. Aching to feel Miranda's body against her own exposed flesh, Chloe embraced her tightly, her nipples erect with arousal as the fabric from Miranda's sweater chafed against them.

Miranda softly nibbled on Chloe's neck, tracing her fingers lightly up and down her back. Letting each finger outline the subtle muscles and tease the fragrant skin, as she consumed Chloe piece by piece. Pulling her over to the bed, she laid Chloe down and lifted off her own sweater. Taking the time to admire Chloe's beautiful form, tracing the taut muscles of her stomach and legs with her eyes. Delighting in the rhythm of her already tense breathing, as her heaving chest prominently displayed the sweet voluptuous breasts that begged for more attention.

Chloe watched enraptured as Miranda removed her bra, exposing the breasts she had been dreaming about for months. A shudder passed through her as she stepped out of her jeans, and pulled off her panties, spying the curly black pubic hair that hid her nether lips.

Miranda bent over Chloe, kissing her stomach as she unbuttoned her pants and slid them off effortlessly. Chloe inhaled deeply as Miranda's hair swept across her torso. Sending enflamed shocks throughout her. Her pussy throbbed as she reached out to run her hands through Miranda's hair. Losing herself in the wavy locks, as Miranda made her way back up Chloe's body to her breasts.

Taking one of Chloe's erect nipples in her mouth, Miranda rolled her tongue around it playfully, as she rubbed the other with her finger. Tracing her index finger in a slow circle around the breast to the areola, and finally the expectant nipple. Chloe pulled Miranda closer, arching her back and moving her chest ever closer to Miranda's busy mouth and hands. Enlivened by Chloe's excitement. Miranda lapped hungrily at the other nipple as she let a finger stray down her stomach in search of the sensitive flesh between her thighs.

Her senses heightened, Chloe shivered from anticipation as the pads of Miranda's fingers danced upon her inner thighs, carefully avoiding her aching pussy. Looking up to enjoy the sight of Chloe's desire, she smiled lovingly at the girl's wanton torture.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," she cooed softly as she kissed up Chloe's neck to her hungry lips.

"God, I want you," Chloe replied heatedly, breaking from the kiss, as she thrust her hips towards Miranda's hand. Burying her head in Miranda's shoulder she moaned pleadingly as she bucked rhythmically, begging for release.

Aware of Chloe's desperation, Miranda allowed one finger and then a second to brush against Chloe's erect clit. Moaning loudly from the sensation, Chloe struggled for air as Miranda explored her velvety wet lips, sliding a finger into the hot slit and pumping it furiously. Chloe panted uncontrollably, as her cunt devoured Miranda's finger.

Not content to miss the sight of such pleasure, Miranda kissed her way down Chloe's body, as Chloe molded her hands tightly around Miranda's shoulders, pumping her hips wildly. Chloe's pussy in sight, Miranda blew softly through the curly hairs across her tender nub, sending Chloe into an even louder frenzy. Enraptured by the beauty of her sex, Miranda kissed it gently, momentarily oblivious to the maelstrom of yearning that surrounded her.

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