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Special Delivery


Baby Girl had been a customer for years. One of my best ones, always courteous, didn't get pissy if I was later than usual delivering her packages to her, left me little gifts at Christmas. Twice a month -- at least -- I was walking up her walkway, a box or two in hand, my brown delivery truck idling in the driveway.

Generally, I could time it so that I was at Baby Girl's house at 3:15 every afternoon. If she were home, she was comfortable, usually wearing t-shirts and panties, sometimes simple cotton that rode high on her shapely legs, other times the barest wisp of a silky thong. Braless goes without saying, and her oversized t-shirts barely covered her luscious pale pink cheeks peeking out beneath the hem.

Two boxes, 3:17 p.m. and her car was sitting in the driveway. I walked up to her door and knocked, balancing the scanner on top. As I heard the lock tumble, I set the boxes down, knowing she'd have to bend over to pick them up. Baby Girl opened the door, brown curls tousled, as if she'd been running her fingers through them or sleeping, and whisky brown eyes smiling up at me. True to form, she was wearing a hot-pink t-shirt that skimmed the tops of her legs and barely covered her full pussy. Underneath was a wisp of nearly transparent white material that revealed her bald mound. Blood pooled in my groin and my mouth went dry as I anticipated what the rest of the panties would look like.

Baby Girl signed the scanner and bent over to pick up the first of her boxes. The hem of her t-shirt rode up in the back, revealing the two round globes of her beautiful white ass, separated by a thin strip of white transparent material. Damn! How much is a man supposed to take before he succumbs to temptation?

With a groan I reached over with one hand, grabbing the "T" at the top of her thong and pulling her towards me. With her hands braced on the box, she fell forward until her face rested right against my now throbbing cock. I pulled a little more on the thong, knowing I was causing it to separate her full lips and rub against her clit. Baby Girl knows what to do with a cock in her face, and she started nuzzling against the bulge under my brown shorts. I dropped the scanner and unzipped my pants with my free hand, releasing my throbbing member. Her pink lips parted and I slipped my thick brown head in between them.

The sight almost made me shoot my load right then and there. I tunneled my fingers through her hair, releasing her thong once I was sure she wasn't going anywhere. She moved to sit on the boxes, freeing her hands to play with the length of my thick black cock that wouldn't fit in her small mouth. Her legs spread on either side of mine, exposing her pussy lips to anyone who happened to be going by, as she avariciously sucked my member.

Her head bobbed up and down, tendrils of her hair brushing against my stomach and the tops of my thighs. Every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of her tongue, the pink an erotic contrast to the dark, bulbous head. She must've felt me looking at her, for she looked up at me, eyes wide and golden with desire, my cock between her lips and the hint of a smile tilting the corners up. Oh yeah. Baby Girl was loving what she was doing. With a wicked glint in her eye, she brought a hand underneath me, cupping my heavy sack in her small hand, rolling the balls together. One finger reached under, found the bridge between my nuts and my anus and pressed gently. Holy fuck! I rose up on my toes while ramming my dick deeper and harder into Baby Girl's mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands, I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. I could feel her gagging against my penetrating thrusts, but I didn't care; the way her throat squeezed my head felt too damn good. Her magical fingers continued to rub against the hidden bottom of my shaft even while they lingered teasingly, tantalizingly close to my asshole.

Baby Girl's hand that'd been stroking my cock left its spot and wandered down to tease and rub her swollen pussy lips. Soft moans reverberated around my cock and I could tell she was getting more and more turned on. "Oh yes, Baby Girl, just like that. Rub your pussy for Daddy. You like that, don't you?" A quick nod of her head was her answer. "You like my big black cock in your little mouth, baby? Like me fucking your mouth, using it for my pleasure?"

"Hmmm-mmmm." Her tone and more head nodding let me know just how much. Just a few strokes more and... I yelled out my pleasure as streams of come shot from my cock into her eager mouth. She sucked it all down like a woman dying of thirst, shooting a very satisfied smile up at me as she licked her lips.

Kneeling in front of Baby Girl, I gently pushed her shoulders back so she was leaning against the door. My long fingers found her now soaked thong, pushing it aside so I could feel her swollen pussy. Her clitty poked out from between the folds of her lips, begging me to rub it. I spread her full lips, gently pulling it from its hiding place. My mouth replaced my fingers, lapping at her juices. She tasted so sweet, and her essence was flowing down my chin, despite how much I was trying to drink it down. Capturing her clit between my lips, I sucked on it like a little cock, driving her to higher peaks. Her hips thrust up to my face, grinding against me. I knew I'd be smelling and tasting her the rest of the day.

Baby Girl's legs were over my shoulders, granting me maximum access, and I could feel them trembling where they rested, letting me know she was close to peaking. I changed position, bracing my knees on the top step and, positioning my once-again hard cock against her slit, rammed into her. I almost lost it instantly. Her pussy fit my thick member like a silken glove that was a size too small, squeezing and grasping it. With her legs still on my shoulders, I bottomed out, filling her sweet hole and burying myself to the hilt. As I thrust in and out of her, my sack swung and slapped against her exposed ass. Her hands grasped my arms, holding on, while her shoulders rammed against the door.

Each time I pulled my cock out, I could feel the head of her clit rub against it. Her juices continued to soak my shaft, some dripping down to tickle my balls. I ripped her shirt up so I could enjoy her full breasts, the milky white globes bouncing up and down, the tight, rosy brown tips begging for my mouth. Never one to turn down such a warm invitation, I tilted my head down to take one in my mouth, sucking on it in sync to my thrusts and about as hard.

Baby Girl's fingernails dug into my arms as her body tightened under me. With a scream that could be heard well into the next county, she came, her succulent pussy gripping my cock even tighter as her convulsions ripped through her. The pleasure was more than I could bear, and with my own yell, I poured my seed into her waiting womb. We stayed locked like that for several minutes, never minding the traffic going by on the road or the sound of a lawn mower going just a couple of houses down. For the moment, it was just her, me and the culmination of a couple of years' worth of fantasies.

Finally, mindful I had to finish my route, I raised up and zipped my pants, trying to ignore her look of disappointment as I covered the source of her afternoon's pleasure. I helped her up, then handed her her boxes to take into the house. With a brief but hot kiss, I left her. She turned to go inside and I turned to go down the steps, neither of us noticing the curtains in the house across the street fluttering closed.

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