tagIncest/TabooSpecial Time with Sarah

Special Time with Sarah


This is a work of fiction dealing with incest. If you do not enjoy Daddy/Daughter sex, you may want to avoid this story. Many thanks to Stargaze for the editorial assistance!

As always, comments welcome...enjoy.


It was a bright Saturday morning and I was sitting in my favorite chair in the family room reading the paper while my daughter Sarah laid on the floor in front of me watching MTV. Sarah was just 19 at time, and was home for the summer after completing her first year of college. I stopped reading for a moment and looked down proudly at my princess, the light of my life. She was laying on her side with a pillow under her mane of blonde hair, her body curled up with her back towards me. It was summer, so she was wearing a short pink nighty, and from the angle she was laying I could just get a peak of her panty-covered bottom. It looked so cute I suddenly had the urge to crawl over and nibble on her tender young cheeks.

"What am I thinking?" raced through my mind immediately after the erotic images invaded my head. Yet no matter how hard I tried, I could not pull my eyes away from the vision laying before me. "She's your fucking daughter man, get a grip," I scolded myself, but my gaze was unwavering. "Holy shit, I'm a fucking pervert!" I thought as my body shivered, and blood began coursing through my veins and unwittingly into my groin. Here was my only child, my pride and joy, and I was having erotic visions of her. Truth be told, I had experienced similar thoughts more than once since Sarah returned from her time away at school. I tried to chalk them up to just missing her so much, yet knew deep down they were much more.

My wife had been called into work for the morning, so it was just Sarah and I at home for a couple of hours. All of the sudden I wasn't sure I trusted myself alone with her, and needed to distance myself from my daughter as quickly as possible. I hoped that maybe a cold shower would clear my head, so I said, "Honey."

She turned to look at me over her shoulder and answered, "What Dad?"

"I'm going to take a shower, I'll be out in a few minutes," I replied, blushing a bit thinking about my dark desires.

"Okay, have fun," she said with a wink.

I smiled back but rapidly retreated to my bathroom, hoping she would not see the aroused state in my sweatpants. I stared at myself in the mirror for a long while as I contemplated the feelings I was experiencing. Could I really touch Sarah, my only daughter, in a sexual way?

I peeled off my clothes and looked down, my cock was still semi-hard from the earlier erotic visions of my princess. I stepped into the shower and turned on the cold water full blast to shock myself back into reality, yet I couldn't escape my own thoughts. In spite of myself, the images of my daughter returned once more and sent blood flowing back to my groin. "Maybe if I jerk-off, my mind will clear up," I thought, so I poured some shampoo into my palm and rubbed my shaft with long slow strokes. Images of my baby girl passed through my mind as I pulled with growing urgency and excitement.

No sooner had I begun when from the other side of the curtain I heard, "Dad, Mom's on the phone for you." Startled beyond words at hearing the voice from my fantasies in the same room, I immediately ripped my hand away from myself feeling an immense sense of guilt. My knees buckled and I almost fell, yet her childlike voice sent shivers down my spine making my hard cock throb painfully.

I turned off the water, eased the shower curtain back just a bit and grabbed a towel. I wrapped the towel tightly around my waist to hide my erection, then pulled back the curtain and found my daughter standing in her little pink nighty holding the phone out to me. "Here you go Daddy," she said with a smile. I reached for the phone, and as I took it from her, I noticed her eyes wandered to my crotch. Sensing she observed the towel tenting out slightly before me, I thanked her and turned away in embarrassment, feeling the inner shame of my actions only moments before.

It was my wife who called to tell me there was an emergency at work, and she'd likely be gone much of the day. She had to run, but assured me she would call again before heading home. I hung up the phone, but when I turned I found Sarah still standing there, and she asked, "What did she want Dad, is everything okay?"

"Yes, Mom's just going to be gone longer than we expected that's all. Why don't you go back out and watch TV, I'll be out in a while," I told her. As she turned to leave, I saw her glance at my crotch once more before heading off. My erection had died down a bit, but the bulge was still noticeable. I turned the cold water on once more to rinse off and clear my head, but thought I'd better not try to rub one out again in case of another interruption.

After I dried off, I went to my room to dress for the day. Standing naked before my chest of drawers, I couldn't resist giving my semi-hard cock a few quick pulls thinking of my girl. I stopped almost immediately when I realized what I was doing, standing there in my room, cock in hand, without a stitch of clothing. I put on my tightest boxers, just in case my daughter's presence gave me anymore 'accidents'. I then added a pair of shorts, and as I lifted a tee shirt over my head I heard, "Daddy, aren't you done yet? Come watch TV with me."

I almost jumped out of my skin at unexpectedly hearing Sarah's voice in the same room with me once again. I pulled the shirt into place and turned to look towards the door. There stood my daughter with her hands behind her back, her soft blue eyes shining innocent as ever and her lips smiling widely. How long had she been standing there, had she seen me naked? Did she see me stroking my big prick?

"Come on Dad, you're taking too long," she whined with a hint of playfulness in her voice as she smiled and cocked her head in a sexy manner.

"Okay, let's go," I said and walked up to her on shaky legs, put my arm on her shoulder, and turned her towards the door. Just the touch of her body through the nighty made my heart race, and sweat started to form on my brow.

Once we reached the family room, I sat on my chair like before, but was surprised when my daughter stood before me and asked, "Can I sit on your lap?"

I panicked and blurted out, "No Sarah, you're not a little girl anymore. I'm just going to read the paper, why don't you just lay on the floor like before?" My reasoning was simple, I knew that I'd get a major hard-on if she sat on me at that moment.

"Oh, come on Dad, you always used to let me sit on your lap while we watched TV," she pleaded and quickly climbed onto my lap before I had a chance to say no a second time. She then added with a grin, "I missed our special father-daughter time together when I was away at school."

"Holy fuck, what am I going to do now?" I thought to myself. I rapidly pushed my ass back into the cushions as deep as possible to keep my crotch as far away from her as I could.

"See, this is nice, just like old times," she said with a smile.

"Yes it is sweetie," was all I could reply, praying she wasn't a mind-reader as my body was not responding like old times.

"How was your shower, all clean?" she asked with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

"Yup, all clean," I answered, really wondering what she'd seen, and what thoughts she must have had inside her head. I was amazed how much Sarah had changed after just one year away at school. She had been quite shy when she left home only 10 months earlier, yet returned much more confident, even a bit flirtatious. Her clothing was far more adult, as was the way she carried herself. The gawky adolescent I sent off to school had certainly returned every bit the young lady.

I gripped the arm chair firmly with sweaty palms, praying that I wouldn't get a full erection, or that she wouldn't notice my fevered state. She looked up at me and studied my face for a moment, then asked, "Are you okay Dad? You're sweating and you look sick."

"I'm fine baby, just fine," I lied, trying to hide my inner turmoil.

She turned her petite body to straddle mine and asked, "Are you sure Daddy? You don't look good and you're acting pretty weird." I looked into her eyes and then down in shame at my indecent thoughts, and was shocked by what I saw. Upon repositioning herself around my hips, Sarah's nighty had ridden up her body and exposed a wisp of matching pink panties. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight before me, a hint of her pretty mound straining at the fabric of her cute cotton undies, and blood went rushing into my prick once more.

With shaking hands, I reached down and tried to push the nighty back into place, but when I did, my hand grazed the warm skin of her inner thigh which caused her to jump at the unexpected contact. I quickly pulled my hands away, but she wiggled against me and squealed, "That tickles!" She giggled and rolled back and forth on my crotch, pinning my erection between us and driving me mad with lust. "Do it again Dad, tickle me some more," she said in a sensual voice, staring directly into my eyes.

My mind was screaming NO, but my body kept telling me YES, and I just couldn't stop myself. I slowly lowered my hands to her thighs once more, and gently touched her. My hands felt like they were on fire when I made contact with her warm soft skin. Her thighs were spread obscenely around me, and I began caressing her legs lightly with just my fingertips. I rubbed, scratched and tickled her as I stared down almost as if in a trance. She started to gently rock her body back and forth on my lap as she soaked up the pleasure my hands were giving her.

I could tell that by her actions, that it was no longer just a Father tickling his daughter, but had become something altogether different as soft "Ohhhs," "Ummms," and "Ahhhs" escaped her lips every now and then. I watched as her hands traveled slowly down between us, grasped the bottom of her nighty, and pulled it just over her waist. Her panties became completely exposed to my hungry eyes, and she said, "Do it higher Daddy."

My hands stopped moving as I stared at her special place, the most lovely thing I'd ever seen. The pink panties were stretched perfectly across her mound, and I could just make out the hint of little lips hidden beneath the fabric. The fair skin of her legs contrasted so beautifully with the pink of her delicate undies. Finally, I forced my eyes away from her hidden treasure and looked up into her eyes. She was staring at me intently, knowing full well I could see her more intimately than I had since she was a toddler. Sarah broke into a sly smile and said, "Please don't stop, it feels sooo good."

My hands began to move again almost on their own as I looked back down at the pink V created by the panties between her legs. She leaned back a bit then spread her legs open even further, giving me greater access to her treasures. Her movement also forced her ass down onto me, putting more pressure on my rock-hard cock. "Ohhh God, that feels sooooo nice," she whispered.

My fingers roamed lightly up and down her thighs, moving slightly inward with every stroke. She began slowly rocking into me again, and I wondered if she could feel my erection against her. My hands finally made it to the seam of her panties and I traced along the edge with one finger on each side, gently up, then down, drawing a long sigh, "Ohhhhhh Daddy."

There was no way I could have stopped even if I wanted to. I continued to rub the warm skin at the hem of her panties, then slowly moved my fingers onto the soft cotton. I ran my fingers very lightly to the waistband of her undies, just above her pussy. My mind raced, was this really what she wanted? My eyes quickly traveled up her body to try and gauge her true feelings. Her head was thrown back, her face flushed, and her nipples were poking through the thin fabric on her nighty, so I prayed she was as turned on as I. Taking a deep breath, I decided to move on.

I slowly traced my fingers down her crotch until they rested right over her tender young mound. I gently applied more pressure as I rubbed up and down her slit. "Ohhhhhh Daddy," she moaned again, only louder. I looked at her face once more and saw only lust staring back at me.

Sarah's body began to react as she slightly pressed her pussy against my hand, clearly desiring greater contact. I could feel the warmth of her body through her panties, which dragged my eyes down once more. I saw a small wet spot had formed on the front of her panties, which sent a shock wave through my body. I traced my fingers all around the spot for a long while, feeling the dampness of her secretions. As if in my own world, I removed my fingers from my little girl's crotch, and slowly brought them up to my face. I took a long sniff of her feminine musk which crashed like thunder through my brain, making my body tingle all over. The scent was intoxicating, certainly not that of a little girl, and was simply the most lovely thing I'd ever experienced.

I was shocked back into reality when I heard my daughter say, "Do you like that? Do you like my scent?"

"Ohhh yes," was all I could whimper in response.

"Taste them Daddy, taste your fingers for me," she said in a whisper, and I only moaned in reply.

I moved the hand to my lips and inserted the fingers into my waiting mouth. My eyes closed as my lips clamped down on the damp digits, and I ran my tongue all around them to savor my daughter's sweet nectar. When I finally opened my eyes I saw Sarah staring at me intently with a sexy smile on her pretty face. "Taste good?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

As I took the fingers from my mouth, all I could do was moan and answer, "Oh God yes baby."

"Touch me some more, I love your touch Dad," she whispered breathlessly as she gazed deeply into my eyes. Like her puppet, my hand slowly traveled back down her body, only stopping when it came to rest back on her mound. "Yesss," escaped her lips as I once again began gently caressing her pussy through her panties. "Ohhh Daddy," she moaned and softly began humping herself against my hand, which once again pressed her bottom against my throbbing cock.

Lust had completely overtaken my body, and I needed more. My fingers moved to the seam of her panties, and I slowly pushed them inwards, uncovering more of her tender flesh as I went. After a short moment, her young pussy was completely exposed to me, and I'd never seen anything so perfect. A small tuft of hair sat above her little lips, which at that moment were covered in a sheen of dew.

I moved my fingers to contact her naked pussy for the first time and she sighed, "Ohhhhh." Her little peach was so warm and wet, it invited my caresses. I slowly ran my finger up and down her slit, barely penetrating her tender folds. Her body rocked against my hand as she tried to suck my finger deeper into her abyss. After a short while, she began blatantly humping herself against my hand, seemingly without a care, and appeared to be loving every minute of it.

Suddenly Sarah lunged forward, placed her arms around my neck and pulled my face into hers, attacking my lips with her own. Her advance startled me at first, but I quickly gave into the moment and began kissing her back with equal gusto. Our mouths mashed together and our tongues explored each others with a passion I'd never before experienced.

My right hand still worked on her below, but she had become very wet so I easily slipped one lone finger into her depths as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth and kissed me harder still, "Yesssss." I began moving my finger in and out of her and felt her body as it began to move with my penetrating digit, arms still holding me tightly. I rotated my hand so I could put my thumb on her budding little clit, touching it for the first time as I continued fingering her tender young snatch. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," I heard instantly and she rocked wildly against me, then threw her head back once more.

I moved my left hand from her crotch and placed it squarely on her bottom to support her and guide her movements. I added a second finger of my right hand into her special place, and used my hands in concert with one another, forcing her body back and forth onto my pistoning digits. She quickly responded to my tempo, and moved herself to the rhythm I had established. Her head was back moving slowly from side to side, eyes closed and mouth open. She mouthed words over and over as she humped my finger, "Yesss Daddy, soooo good Daddy, more Daddy, please Daddy."

Sarah suddenly moved her head forward and rested it on my shoulder. She no longer formed words, but uttered moans, grunts and sighs instead. Her arms gripped my neck tighter as she rapidly fucked my finger, before she finally let out a long contented, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," and collapsed against me. Her spent body folded into me like a wet dish rag, her sweaty forehead buried in the crook of my neck as she gasped for breath.

I hugged her tightly to me feeling more love for her than I ever thought possible. One twisted yet pleasant image raced through my mind; I just gave my very own daughter a screaming orgasm. The thought amazed me and I almost came in my shorts on the spot.

My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, and begged for release. After what I'd just done to my daughter, and in my lust-filled mind, why not go the distance I thought? I pushed her hips back away from me, and reached for my zipper. I pulled it down, then unbuttoned the shorts, opening them as wide as possible. I dug my hand into the hole in my boxers and awkwardly dragged my aching cock out into the light of day. It was hard and slick with a covering of pre-cum, the head a deep purple.

I put my hands back on my baby's hips, and slowly moved her closer to me once again. Sarah's legs were still spread widely around my waist, and her young pussy was open like a flower before me. I moved my left hand back to her ass while my right firmly grasped the base of my rigid penis, and slowly touched the tip of my cock to her warm wet snatch. I only heard the sounds of heavy breathing from her as I gently ran the head of my prick up and down her moist little slit. The feeling was intoxicating, taboo, yet terrific.

I heard soft moans coming from my daughter as the tip of my cock caressed her overheated lips, yet her head still rested squarely on my shoulder. From the sounds she was making I assumed she was enjoying the attention, so I inched her bottom forward with my left hand, and sank my cock a bit deeper into her hot hole. "Ohhhhhhh Daddy," was all I heard as I slid it in just past the head. Her pussy was amazingly tight, and I felt like I was in a velvet vice which made me even hornier.

I was unsure if Sarah was ready for more, so in my fevered state I began to slowly rub my exposed shaft while the tip rested snugly inside her warm clam. One image ran through my brain over and over, I was inside my baby girl.

My princess finally lifted her head from my shoulder and looked down between us. She gaped at our joined bodies, most of my hard cock still lewdly outside her stretched pussy. I waited for her next move in stunned silence as my cock pulsated wildly just inside her warm folds. Even though she earlier asked me to taste my fingers, this was something altogether different and far more taboo - Daddy/daughter intercourse. I felt like I has on death row, and only she could save me.

"Daddy, you're inside me," she stated in barely a whisper, then looked up into my eyes.

I had no idea how to respond, so I stared back and hoped for a small sign of what to do next. Her face was flush, and her eyes glassy, so I prayed she wanted more, or at least was not too upset with me.

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