tagNovels and NovellasSpeechless with Teeth Ch. 07

Speechless with Teeth Ch. 07


I lay on the rooftop of the teeny little house I had been shadowing for so long. The sun had just gone down and night graced itself with the usual chills and starry beauty.

James and Len. They'd been in there since early that morning with their newborn, Sierra. A pretty little girl she was, but not nearly as pretty as mine would have been. I sat up, staring up at the moon as I brought my knees up to my chest. My heart began to pound at what I was getting ready to do. For a split second, I was amazed at myself, finally feeling something other than pain. Shaking my head and pushing my feelings off, I turned over to sit on my knees, crawled down, and jumped to the side of the house.

I looked inside the window of where I planned to go. A nice little room it was, all painted with pink and trimmed with little girl designs. I dug my nails into the screen and tore into it, very quietly pulling it off and placing it on the ground. I placed my fingers on the window and slowly pushed up. Damn. It was locked.

"Hmph," I said to myself. I had planned for this. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a sharp scalpel, cutting a small enough hole into the top of the window for me to reach my hand through, then down to unlock the window. Smiling smugly to myself, I slowly opened the window, making not a sound. I looked around my new surroundings as I stepped into the carpeted room. It was so quiet. I looked around more, my eyes adjusting to the dim light. In the corner was a white rocking chair sitting so peacefully in front of the adjacent plug-in nightlight. I walked slowly towards the chair and looked to my right to see the baby crib. There she was. Baby Sierra.


In the next room Len whispered, "James, wake up."

James grumbled in his sleepiness, turning away.

"Len, the baby isn't even crying." She sat up and pointed to the camera monitor.


James must have sat up and looked at the screen. There I was, standing over the baby crib. James sprung up, now alert.

"Shit!" he mumbled. I gave a crooked smile to the camera.

"Nice to finally see you again, James."


James and Len both sprang from their bed and ran to the nursery while I calmly picked up their sleeping baby girl and sat in the rocking chair with her. I felt almost proud of what I was doing. I rocked slowly with her, intending no harm. She was a rather peaceful newborn. Interrupting my thought process, James threw open the door and ran over to me, stopping short when he saw me with little Sierra in my hands.

"Shh," I began, "Sierra's sleeping."

James tried to walk closer to me, only for me to turn away and pull the baby closer to my chest. I wasn't going to let go. Len, following in cautiously behind James, walked slowly toward me, as if to reason with me. I glared hard at her.

"This doesn't concern you," I stated coldly. She whimpered. The fear was written all over her face as I began to rock anew, looking down and smiling softly at a still-sleeping Sierra.

"What the hell are you doing, Xiara?" James whispered fiercely. I shushed him again.

"Don't talk. You'll wake her." He growled loudly.

"Dammit woman, stop playing this fucking game with me!"

I looked up and sighed. "You know, James, we could've had one too. In fact, we almost did, remember? Do you remember what you said to me that day in the clinic? How you would give me a baby when we were ready?" He could only look down, somewhat ashamed.

"I remember, Xiara. But you never were ready and you know it!"

I gritted my teeth hard and growled loudly, my anger now piqued.

"Fuck you! Sorry that I wasn't ready to 'pop a kid' right after you made me agree to have my first child killed inside my own body!" Len, who'd been there to hear the entire conversation, looked over at her husband, seemingly in shock.

"An abortion?" she whispered. I chuckled sickly.

"Fucking straight. An abortion. Did your loving husband ever tell you how he hit my head against the door and locked me in the car for not wanting to kill my baby? James, did you mention that part to her before you knocked her up?"

Len stood immobilized, her mouth wide.

"James," she whispered, "I don't understand..." I looked up and laughed again.

"Here, let me put it into home-wrecker terms for you since that's what you understand the most. Your newly wedded husband promised me a baby. He never delivered on that promise. So since he has a little one and a way to have more while I sit home alone, it looks like little Sierra will just have to have a new mommy, though I always liked the name Jennie. You can always have more."

"What do you think, James?" I added.

No longer afraid or ashamed, James looked hard at me, anger and resolve showing in his face.

"I think you're insane."

I let out a loud cackle, resounding across the entire room. Len shivered.

"Insane?! Oh no. Not even close. I was insane when you left me. I was insane when I was having all of those wet dreams. I was insane when I found out how therapeutic cutting myself and overdosing on pills was. But now? No. I'm not insane. I'm getting what you promised me."

His stance didn't change. He instead raised his eyebrows as he glared heavily at me, his piercing stare no longer striking fear into me.

"Getting what I promised you?" he questioned. "And risk my killing you?"

Len gasped, grabbing her husband's arm. "James, please don't," she whispered. I looked up at the ceiling and sighed heavily.

"You know, James, what I really wanted after you left me was death. But the sad part is, I wanted you more than I wanted death. I wanted to have you back so much, and I wanted a family so bad, that my overwhelming need for death died down."

James clenched his fist, no longer in a negotiating mood. "Xiara, enough! This game is already old. If this turns into a fight, you will lose; just give Sierra back to Len."

I pulled the baby back up to my chest, pressing her to me. "No."

At my answer, James pounced. He grabbed my neck and slammed my head against the back of the chair. My hold on the baby loosened.

"Len, get the baby," he yelled to his wife. She quickly walked over and pried the baby out of my arms, backing away afterwards. But that wasn't enough. James's hold on my neck only got stronger. I jumped, trying hard to gasp for air. He looked down and groaned lowly, tightening his hold on my neck. I kicked and fought to no avail. He pushed me once again to the back of the chair and I got sleepy as I heard him whisper to me,

"I didn't want to do this, Babes." Within seconds, my air deprivation got to me as my sleepiness took over and I passed out cold.

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