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Speeding Penalty


The day wasn't going well for Jennifer; she was late for her appointment and now heavy traffic on the motorway had reduced her progress to a crawl. She drummed her fingers fretfully on the steering wheel and shifted around in her tight fitting business skirt. To make matters worse it was an extremely warm day and the car air conditioning system wasn't working properly. She was hot and uncomfortable and in need of a shower and a change of underwear; there was no way she could go into a meeting in her present condition; it would be harmful to her image and the reputation of her company.

Jennifer wasn't accustomed to having her plans thwarted. She ran her highly successful business like a military operation and brooked no opposition or excuses. In staff meetings grown men would quail when she turned her questioning eyes upon them. Most of the men in her employ were gay; she found it led to less complications. Secretly Sinful was a highly successful up market lingerie business which employed glamorous models to display its wares; hetero-sexual men would have been too easily distracted. As she succinctly put it,

'I employ men to dress my models not to fuck them.'

She herself was an extremely attractive woman with the sort of figure which would normally arouse strong feelings of desire in the opposite sex but such was the force of her personality that she usually emasculated them. As a consequence she led a life of extreme sexual frustration. Once again the traffic ground to a halt.

'For fucks sake!' she shouted in exasperation and pounded the steering wheel with her clenched fists; the heat was unbearable. As the traffic inched slowly along she opened the car window and released the catch on her skirt. That felt better. At the next stop Jennifer unzipped her skirt and wriggled it down to the floor before reaching down and pulling it off completely. Now at least she was more comfortable. Half a mile further on she again came to a halt along-side a giant heavy goods vehicle. She unbuttoned her blouse and savoured a gentle breeze blowing across her bra.

'Nice legs; now show us your tits'' a voice shouted.

Jennifer glanced out of the window and immediately realised that driver of the pantechnicon had a grandstand view of her stocking clad legs and thighs protruding from her mini-slip underskirt. He beeped his horn enthusiastically and opened his window.

.Jennifer affected to ignore him. He persisted.

'How much you charge for a fuck lady?'

Once again the traffic moved on and Jennifer contrived to get ahead of the annoying vehicle. Finally the logjam cleared and she pressed down hard on the accelerator. Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety miles an hour; at last she was free of the traffic. Her annoyance subsided. If she could keep this up she shouldn't be more than twenty minutes late.

She didn't notice the police car parked in the lay-by as she cruised by at over ninety miles an hour. Too late she heard the ominous wail of the siren as the traffic police car pulled out to follow her. By the time he reached her she was driving at a sedate sixty-five miles an hour. As requested she manoeuvred into the inside lane and pulled onto the hard shoulder and sat and waited. In her rear view mirror she watched as two policemen emerged from their vehicle and strode slowly towards her. Suddenly she remembered she wasn't wearing a skirt; she grabbed it hastily and laid it across her lap.

'Good morning madam, would you step out of the car please', the taller one said.

'No I'm sorry I can't, I'm not fully dressed', Jennifer replied with embarrassment.

The second policeman opened the near side door and took in her stocking clad legs and thighs and her unfastened blouse.

'Yes, I see what you mean madam; we don't want to precipitate a multiple car pile up do we?'

The two policemen walked a short distance away and had a brief conversation. Jennifer took the opportunity to fasten her blouse. The taller one, who Jennifer now noticed was a sergeant, returned to her vehicle.

'Right madam will you follow us off the motorway so that we can conduct this interview in a more private place.'

Jennifer nodded in agreement and dutifully followed the police car to the next motorway exit and then along a side road until they reached a forested area where they turned off along a track and continued on until they were out of sight of the road. By now her business appointment was not uppermost in her mind. The two officers returned to her car.

'Right madam, will you step out of the car please.'

She slipped on her high heeled shoes before swinging her legs out of the car and standing up under the inscrutable gaze of the two policemen; a delectable sight in her peach coloured designer underwear.

'Is this your car madam?'

'Yes it is', she replied.

The sergeant glanced at his colleague who returned to the police vehicle where Jennifer could faintly hear him relaying her registration number over the radio. The sergeant spoke again.

'Can I see your driving licence please madam?'

Jennifer turned and reached into the car to retrieve her handbag presenting the officer with a close up view of her pert bottom. She handed over the licence and watched as the sergeant silently read the document.

'Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I see you already have three endorsements for speeding.'

'Yes, I know but can I ....' uncharacteristically she was at a loss for words, her voice tailed off.

'I suppose you know that this means?'

Jennifer nodded her head.

'Yes but isn't it ....' Again she could not think of anything appropriate to say.

'It means an automatic twelve month driving ban, a heavy fine and perhaps even prison.'

Finally Jennifer found her voice.

'It would really be most inconvenient not to be able to drive and I couldn't run my business from prison', Jennifer said desperately. The second policeman returned from the car; the sergeant showed him the licence.

'Yes that's OK', he said. 'The registered owner is Ms Jennifer Williams.'

'Have you been drinking Ms Williams?' the sergeant asked.

'No of course not.'

The sergeant moved closer and smelt her breath.

'Are you on drugs?' he continued.

Jennifer shook her head. His colleague moved round and opened the passenger side door and looked in the glove compartment then he opened the hatchback and rummaged through Jennifer's lingerie collection.

'Mind how you handle those garments they are very expensive design samples' Jennifer called out angrily.

'Nothing here sergeant', he confirmed.

'Turn and face the car and put your hands on the roof', the sergeant ordered.

'Are you carrying a weapon or do you have drugs concealed on your body?' he continued.

'No of course not', She replied indignantly.

The policeman ran his hands from her waist to her shoulders gently probing the sides of her bra on the way.

'OK, put your arms down and turn round.'

He waited while she obeyed.

'Will you take your blouse please Ms Williams', he continued.

'What for?' she demanded angrily.

'You have committed a serious criminal offence and we need to be sure that are unarmed and not carrying drugs', he responded. 'And since you are apparently in the habit of driving about in your underclothes why does it concern you?'

'I can explain; its not the way are normally drive.'

'You can save your explanations for the court', he replied.

Jennifer unfastened the buttons on her blouse and opened it wide. She was pleased to see that both of the officers were showing a more than professional interest in her scantily clad body. Perhaps she could distract them in some way; she would do almost anything to retain her licence and stay out of prison.

'Is it really necessary for this matter to come to court', she enquired as she slipped off her blouse.

'What? You think you should just have your wrist slapped and be sent on your way. You were travelling at nearly one hundred miles an hour.'

The officer in charge noted the seductive allure of her beautiful figure.

'Now your slip, please madam.'

'You want me to take it off?'

'Yes madam, I need to ascertain whether or not you have drugs secreted about your person.'

Jennifer slipped the shoulder straps down her arms and allowed the garment to slide down her body to the floor. As she kicked it aside the junior officer picked it up and examined it carefully.

'Nothing here serge' he said as he completed his inspection. He licked his lips in anticipation of the next stage of the strip search.

The sergeant was now staring intently at her bra.

'Have you got anything hidden in there', he asked.

'Only my breasts', Jennifer said rather archly.

'Unfasten it.'


'You heard; unfasten your bra; that's where women like you hide drugs.'

Jennifer unclipped her front fastening bra so that her beautiful breasts were exposed to the admiring gaze of the two policemen. She could tell from the bulges in their trousers that both of them now had erections..

'Is there no other way I can be punished without it coming to court?' she enquired innocently.

'I've already told you this isn't a wrist slapping offence.'

'How about a bottom smacking offence?' she persisted.

The sergeant paused and stared out her closely while he absorbed the significance of what she had said.

'So if I gave your bottom a good smack you would remember not to drive too fast next time?'

She nodded. He paused again and glanced at his colleague.

'You realise this is a very serious offence and that I should have to give you a very hard smacking on your bare bottom with my leather belt.'

Jennifer suddenly felt herself trembling with a mixture of fear and sexual excitement.

'Yes sergeant', she said meekly. 'I'm entirely at your disposal; you can fuck me as well if you want to.'

'Oh we want to madam, we really do. Very well; George, get four sets of handcuffs and two short lengths of rope.'

Jennifer experienced a further frisson of apprehension and had an overwhelming desire to touch her vagina which was already wet with her sexual juices.

'Right Ms Williams; what we're going to do now is tie you down on the bonnet of your car with handcuffs and ropes. Do you understand and accept the punishment?'

'Oh yes', she said. 'I do.'

'Take your knickers off', the sergeant commanded firmly.

Jennifer did as she was told. She was now completely naked apart for shoes, stockings and suspenders. The junior policeman clipped a handcuff on each of her wrists another pair on her ankles. Then she obediently lay down on the car bonnet with her arms stretched out while her hands were secured to the wing mirrors with the handcuffs. Ropes was attached to each of the handcuffs on her ankles and threaded through the spokes of the two front wheels before being pulled tight forcing her legs apart. The bonnet felt warm on her naked flesh. The two policemen, one on either side of the car, began to undress. Jennifer admired their firm muscular bodies as they both stripped naked to reveal rampant cocks pointing stiffly upwards. The sergeant pulled his belt free of the restraining loops of his trousers. She was trussed up and immobile at the mercy of the two police officers.

The sergeant moved behind her. She felt the wet tip of his cock brushing against her buttocks. He began to massage and pat her bottom.

'Well George have you ever seen such a beautiful pert round arse?' the sergeant enquired of his assistant.

'Absolutely wonderful sergeant and all laid out for you to give her a really good smacking.'

The sergeant wrapped the belt round his hand leaving about fifty centimetres free for a lash. He trailed the belt across her buttocks in a caressing motion. Jennifer shivered in anticipation of the impeding chastisement and gave tiny whimpering cries as he gently flicked the belt on her bottom.

'You don't need to cry out yet madam I'm just warming your cheeks up for a very serious spanking.'

Gradually the intensity of his strokes was increased; then he paused to unwind a further six inches of the belt. He slid the fingers of his left hand between her legs and into her cunt.

'The bitch is getting quite juicy now George. I think she wants me to fuck her.'

He began to lash her hard one, two, three, four, five strokes. Jennifer writhed in an ecstasy of pleasure and pain. He continued with the punishment.

'When you're ready for me to fuck you just speak up.'

'Yes, yes', Jennifer gasped.

'Yes what?'

'Yes I want you to fuck me now.'

The beating stopped. Jennifer felt a mixture of relief and regret; the pain had been exquisite. The sergeant laid his belt down on the car bonnet; moments later she felt his cock sliding into her cunt. He fucked her vigorously for about five minutes before fierce jets of semen and gasps of pleasure signalled his orgasm. Now it was the constable's turn.

'If you don't mind madam, I think I'm going to bugger you. Have you got any hand cream or something similar?'

'In my hand bag', Jennifer replied faintly, still missing the presence of the sergeant's prick.

The junior officer retrieved her handbag and rummaged through until he found a suitable lubricant. She watched as he stood beside the car lubricating his cock.

'I need to be a bit careful here, I don't want to come before I get it inside you do I', he said with a smile.

When he was ready he eased his cock between her parted buttocks and up into her anus.

'Christ, she's very tight sergeant, it's almost like fucking a virgin!'

Almost as soon as he spoke he lost control and Jennifer sensed his warm spunk pulsing up her backside. As he withdrew Jennifer noticed that his colleague was erect again and ready for a second session..

'Right bitch, now I'm going to give you the fuck of your life to remind you of the day you were driving dangerously on the motorway.'

He entered her again and began fucking her with long deliberate strokes. Occasionally he would withdraw and spank her backside with his belt before resuming. By now Jennifer was in an ecstasy of nearly continuous orgasmic pleasure. The policeman was right; she had never before had such a gorgeous fuck. Finally after fifteen minutes of slapping and fucking the sergeant withdrew his cock from her cunt and sprayed his cum all over her back. The other policeman prepared to re-enter her until he was checked by his senior.

'Just a minute George, I think she needs another spanking for being such a slut and corrupting two police officers.'

He began to lay into her with his belt until she fainted in an ecstasy of pleasure and pain. When she came too a few moments later she found that her shackles had been remove and that she was now lying face up spread-eagled on the bonnet of her car. George was standing in front of her with his cock erect. He moved forward, lifted her legs onto his shoulders and thrust his cock into her cunt and began to fuck her while at the same time squeezing her tits. After a further ten minutes her pleasurable punishment came to an end and the two policemen began to put their clothes back on. Once they were fully dressed they switched seamlessly back to official mode.

'Well madam, I hope you will think twice before speeding on the motorway again, it's very dangerous'

'Oh yes sergeant, I will', Jennifer said meekly, but silently thought that she would break any number of regulations to have such a pleasurable experience again.

'Good day madam.'

Jennifer stood beside her car and watched as the policemen got in their vehicle and drove away. She retrieved her hand bag from the car, lit a cigarette and perched naked on the bonnet in a state of totally relaxed pleasurable cathartic exhaustion. Jennifer had never felt so at peace with the world. The fact that her stockings were laddered and her expensive lingerie was scattered about on the muddy ground now seemed to be of no importance. Her frantic desperate scramble to get to her meeting on time now seemed to be a world away. Eventually she picked up her mobile and casually explained that she would be unable to attend the meeting today because of delays on the motorway. It was arranged that the meeting would take place the following day.

Jennifer put on her skirt and blouse and threw her damaged underwear on the back seat of the car. She contemplated with some satisfaction a day with no deadlines or matters requiring her urgent attention. Slowly she drove back on to the motorway and cruised along for twenty miles before turning off again and heading for a luxury hotel where she had stayed on previous visits to the area. She was welcomed effusively as a valued customer although the receptionist was rather surprised by her casual unkempt appearance. Jennifer looked forward to a long warm bath followed by a leisurely dinner, some gentle masturbation and a good night's sleep.

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