tagNovels and NovellasSpeeding Sarah Ch. 02

Speeding Sarah Ch. 02


Sarah brought the car to a halt and and walked out towards the reception area. It was dark and, although Sarah she wasn't too tired to keep driving, she was making good time and a long night was just what she felt she needed. Despite her attempts to drown out her thoughts, her mind had ceaselessly wandered back to the incident six hours earlier. The feeling of it in her hands; the warmth as she took it in her mouth; the bitter taste of the hot, sticky substance as it hit her tongue. Every moment of the act remained clear in her memory, and even though she was embarrased and ashamed to admit it, she wanted to try it again.

The motel she'd arrived at was far from the best; but it didn't seem too dangerous a place to stay, and she'd felt the need to stop for the night.

"Enjoy your stay," the woman at the reception smiled at her as she handed exchanged key 202 for a handful of coins and notes. The girl was beautiful and tanned. She'd also dressed for the hot weather, her breasts supported by no more than a bikini top, not too dissimilar to the one that Sarah was wearing. Sarah couldn't help but steal a few glances at her chest as she reached to accept the key.

Sarah had always known she was attracted to girls, before even she'd realised her attraction to men. Her experience with the fairer sex was even more limited than that with boys however. She'd only ever had one girlfriend, and they weren't dating for too long before her partner decided she wasn't gay after all.

The furthest they'd ever got was making out on Sarah's bed whilst pushing their hands against each other's tits, but she reckoned she'd be better at pleasing those of her own gender than men – she was, after all, a girl herself, and she knew how to please herself. The focus of her eyes on the receptionist resulted in the fumbling of her key.

Sarah heard the door open behind her, but she was lost in a mumble mix of apologies and thanks as she bent over to pick the key back up. With it in hand, she pulled her suitcase behind her as she climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered the second room along the corridor.

The room was fairly furnished: a small bathroom greeted her on the right and a double bed opposite a small T.V just past that. The room was small though, and there existed only one small window and a few drawers otherwise. She found nothing in the drawers so she threw her case onto the bed and went to look in the bathroom. The simplest of appliances were all she found – a small sink, a low toilet, a mirror and a cramped shower, along with two rolls of toilet roll, a small bottle of shampoo and shower gel, and a few condoms on the one side.

A shower, that's what a I need. So she untied her bikini top and threw it to the bed before pulling off her shoes and letting her skirt drop down to the ankles before stepping out of it. It was then that she realised two things which made her cheeks turn a bright red. Firstly, she'd forgotten about her underwear – she'd taken her panties off to avoid the wet discomfort between her thighs and had failed to pull them back on before entering the motel.

Secondly, she'd failed to notice a small stain on her skirt, no doubt left there after the officer had ejaculated on her chest and face and a few drops had been left to fall unnoticed from his drooping cock as he knelt over her, triumphant. Had the girl at reception seen the stain? She was deeply embarrassed by the thought. I'll have to avoid her tonight. She had no desire to discuss the event with a friend, let alone a stranger.

The hot water calmed her as she stepped in to the shower, but as she rubbed the shower gel into her chest, her thoughts turned once again to how roughly he'd handled her tits. She pushed it from her mind. She let the sweat run off her, built up by the hot day and the hot cock between her breasts. There was also dirt on her knees from when she'd positioned herself in front of his crotch which she scrubbed away vigorously. She stepped back out and reached for the nearest towel, but stopped as she sighted her naked self in the mirror. She had a good body, she knew; despite all her feigned disinterest, she was secretly proud of her shapely legs and and bust. She wrapped the towel around her and left the bathroom.

After 40 minutes of flicking through the limited channels on the T.V, she decided she was hungry, so she set out down the stairs toward the small café and bar she'd seen adjacent to the reception area. She shied her face away from the girl at the counter as she walked through, hoping to avoid any kind of conversation. She passed through without being harassed and walked up to the counter, ordering a small burger and a glass of coke before sitting down in a small booth against the wall.

Her meal arrived before long and she quickly devoured it. Afterwards she ordered a strong rum and coke before sitting back down at her booth, slowly becoming more and more intoxicated. Alcohol, she thought. That's what I need to drown out these dirty thoughts. It was cooler now that the sun had set, but it was still warm enough to warrant wearing a skirt, although this time she'd remembered to wear her panties and her torso was covered by tank top rather than just a glorified bra.

Before too long a man she didn't recognise came and stood next to her, looking down. She figured she must've looked pretty lonely on her own.

"Hello there, pretty lady," he greeted her in a very forward manner.

Sarah was wary, but she replied with a polite, "Hello to you too."

"I saw you in reception about an hour ago. Just as I came in I saw you bend down..." Sarah felt her face start to turn red. "When I saw you here alone I figured you must be looking for some... company."

At any other time she would have quickly declined his less-than-subtle offer, but the alcohol had clouded her judgement and she was still thinking back to her roadside activities. Her eyes moved to the crotch of his jeans, a visible bulge pressed hard against the buckle. It's not like there's anything wrong, is there?

Instead of "no", she replied with a suggestive tone, "What do you propose we do tonight then?"

She felt an excited rush as he took her hand and led her away. There was no need for talk. He guided her through the building and up the stairs to the third. He stopped at the fifth door on the left and pulled out a key, slowly guiding it into the crevice that formed the lock. With one quick turn and soft push he opened the door. She followed him in. I'm drunk, she thought. I wouldn't be doing this if I were sober. Or... or would I? Why did she have to be drunk to enjoy herself?

"Do you want a drink?"

I want your cock between my tits and my hands and my legs. I want you to fill my mouth as ride my fingers. I want you to fuck me and make me cum. "Please," was all she said as he poured red wine into two tall glasses.

She didn't care who this man was or why he was staying in this crappy motel when he could clearly afford better. She didn't care about what other people thought. Not any more. Not since she'd tasted the bitter ecstasy only a few fours previously. That perverted man had open her up to a new world of pleasure, one which she never wanted to leave. She didn't even taste the wine as it went down her throat. In her mind, she was already on her knees.

As he stood there sipping from his glass, Sarah's desire overwhelmed her. She placed her glass on the side and knelt down so her face was at his crotch.

"Someone's eager," was all he said as she unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans to his ankles. His erection was making a tent in his boxer shorts, so she quickly pulled them down as well, allowing his cock to spring upwards.

The sight of his magnificent manhood made her gasp. It was bigger than the officer's, that much was certain. She placed her one hand behind it, holding it in place, and watched him close his eyes and shudder with pleasure as she ran her tongue along his length, from base to head. She did it again before enveloping his dick within her mouth and rubbing her saliva all over. She used her tongue and her mouth whilst her hands moved under her skirt and pulled down her panties until they rested around her ankles.

She took him from her mouth and moved her right hand to his cock. She took a tight grip, but not too tight, and started wanking him, twisting and pumping. She kept her left hand for herself – she moved down to her kitty and shuddered as she ran a finger along her lips and around her clit.

"Oh, girl," he moaned, "you're good at this." The comment surprised - this was, after all, only the third time she had ever given anybody a handjob or a blowjob. She moaned around the dick in her mouth and she slipped her middle finger between the lips of her wet, warm cunt.

She pulled away from him for a brief moment and lifted her tank top up and over her head before placing both of her hands on his thighs and taking as much of him into her mouth as she could without gagging and coughing. As she held there for a few seconds she felt his hands fumbling with the clasp on her back.

As she pulled back again, her bra dropped to the ground. But he had no time to admire her tits as she soon had him back in her mouth. Her head bounced on his cock, going as deep as she dared each time. His breathing was getting quicker and hers was getting more sparse. As she pulled away again to breathe she took both of her hands around him and pumped harder and faster than before.

He groaned in pleasure as his dick tensed. The first spurt of jism landed on her cheek, but she caught the rest of it in mouth, slowing but not stopping the pumping action of her one hand. It tasted different to the officer's cum - salty, not bitter - but the texture was the same, along with the warmth. She let it all collect at the back of her mouth before swallowing it in one gulp – this was the first time she had ever swallowed.

The man allowed his legs to collapse and sat down on the bed as Sarah licked away the remaining drops at the end of his cock and use her hand to wipe away what had landed on her face, only lick that off her fingers as well. She didn't give him time to speak before she slowly started massaging his manhood again.

"I need you nice and hard for this next part," she whispered to him as she stood up and walked to the bathroom.

She returned seconds later to find him exactly as she'd left him, only now he was staring straight at her chest. She took his shoes and socks off, as well as removing his jeans and boxers whilst he recovered. She unbuttoned his blue shirt and threw it to the side before slipping out of her skirt, revealing her smooth pussy, glistening with her juices. She was shaven – she'd always felt it was more clean that way, and although she had never admitted it to anyone, she preferred other girls to be shaven, so she felt she should be too - despite her reluctance and inexperience, she was not innocent of pornography. She let him soak in her body with his eyes for a few moments. She put on a short show of playing with her nipples and reaching between her thighs as she watched him grow hard again.

As soon as he was ready she tore open the packaging of the condom she'd got from the bathroom and slowly rolled it down onto his long dick. Once it was on, she pulled his mouth towards her own and kissed him, long and deep, twisting his tongue as she climbed upon the bed and slowly lowered herself onto the first few inches. It was a tight fit, but her wetness helped to ease herself further and further. It hurt, but her pleasure was so great she hardly noticed. She kept his mouth still occupied as she started to slowly move up and down his shaft, dropping herself slightly lower each time.

With a grimace of pain and a surge of pleasure, she forced her way down onto his entire mass. She lifted herself pushed herself up and did it again. She pushed his back down onto the bed and leaned slowly back as his rod ground slowly up and down the inside of her body. She leaned forward again until she was upright – her breathing became ragged as she increased her tempo. Looking down she watched him penetrating her most private of places and a moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

It didn't take long before her pleasure reached its peak and she exploded in orgasm, her cunt tightening around the base of his cock, which she could feel tensing as the pair of strangers let out simultaneous cries of ecstasy. Her bucking slowed to a halt and she watched his cum leaking from the bottom of the condom as she pulled herself off of him.

She returned to her room at some time in the very early morning, a few hours after midnight. She was exhausted, but content – and more importantly, enlightened. They'd fucked for hours and came several times, only stopping once they ran out of condoms, and during these many hours she had at some point to come a thought in her mind, Why does it matter? Why did anybody care who she fucked, or how she'd fucked strangers purely for the thrill and pleasure? It didn't hurt anybody, so Sarah saw no reason not to do it again.

She set out early the following day. Even though she'd enjoyed herself last night, she had no desire to engage in an awkward conversation with a man she'd ridden all night without even asking his name. She was able to avoid the girl at reception as well as some other person was as the counter that morning. Stepping into her car, she was wearing a bikini top again with a different skirt. This time, she wore her underwear. She'd been tempted not to, but she also thought that she might offend someone, or get arrested for public indecency, so she decided it was a good idea to pull them on. It was only a couple of hours now to her sister's new apartment, and she had quite a few new stories to tell at the party.

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