And repeat....

It wasn't as if I could take notes, and this went on for a long time, as the Wizard's cock and mouth existed merely to provide titillation to four women.

It was pure bliss, and it seemed to last an eternity. But, eventually, all four women were entirely fucked out, and my cock and balls were aching.

The Wicked Witch of the West made the call, "Well, ladies, I believe we have all had more than our fill of Wizard cock and mouth. I believe he has earned a release, don't you?"

The Wicked Witch of the East was back at my head, stroking my hair, "Absolutely, Sister Witch, why don't you do the honors?"

The Blonde Witch became commanding again, "Women of Oz, time for your reward, place your heads on the Wizard's stomach."

I felt two heads settle in, below my waist and just above my cock.

With that, the Scarlet Witch removed the blindfold. The room remained barely illuminated with candles, and a few drifting tendrils of smoke or fog still lingered in the room. The Wicked Witch of the East held my head, nestled in between her ample, perfect breasts. All that I could see in front of me was a mound of intermingled blonde and brunette hair, spread in a wave over my body, covering me like a sheet.

Without ceremony or warning, the blonde Witch stripped away the bands preventing my balls and cock from spraying cum all over the four women before they were finished with me. My cock and balls began tingling as if needles were running through them, as blood returned.

My own personal Wicked Witch taunted, "Don't worry ladies, once his cock recovers, he'll be blasting cum in a shower in just a few moments. He's supercharged."

She began fondling my balls, and then her fingers found my cock, and went to work.

By now I had already recovered, and I knew she was entirely correct, I was right on the edge, and those sensations were conquering my cock and balls.

Each Woman of Oz had her own hand buried deep at her crotch, and were clearly furiously masturbating themselves.

The Wicked Witch's hand kneading my balls opened, and her fingers slipped beneath me. I suddenly realized what was coming next. This time, my pleadings were real, "No, please witch, not that, please witch...no...." Just as before when my pleadings were faked for the scene, the Wicked Witch of the West ignored me, and penetrated my ass with her wand again.

The Blonde Witch gave her sinister wicked witch cackle, "You have no choice, take my wand up your ass, Wizard. As it stimulates your ass and balls, it will consummate the spell that has been cast with your cum over the Women of Oz. All over the Emerald City right now, the Women of Oz are riding cocks, on all fours taking cocks from behind, on their back with legs spread wide, their pussies being pounded by hard cocks. "

With that, she began firmly stroking my cock, and fucking me with her wand. As before, my thighs were trembling, my hips arching, balls and cock tingling.

The Wicked Witch of the West in real life well knew her way around my cock, and after having my cock being ridden to oblivion by not less than four smoking hot women without coming, it only took a few moments.

Sure enough, those talented hands that I knew so well, tonight with dark green fingernails, stroked me off in record time. Holding out any longer was simply inconceivable. I couldn't have lasted a minute, before I was bellowing like a berserk bull. I pressed my head into the pillowed breasts that were cushioning my head, dug my heels into the bed, roared and delivered what felt like five minutes of lightning shots of cum everywhere.

I felt total exhaustion begin to overwhelm me, but I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to observe the two Women of Oz arise from my stomach.

The brunette Women of Oz must have taken my first blast, for a thick, prominent shot of cum extended across her face, beginning with her chin, adorning her mouth and nose, up her cheek, decorating her ear, and into her hair.

The blonde Women of Oz had clearly taken the remainder of it, for her entire face was cum-covered, with liberal quantities of my cum smeared, splashed and dribbled all over her chin, mouth, lips and face.

What a mind boggling sight to fall asleep to!

Chapter Five

A Midnight Spell

Hours later, I woke up again. The hour must have been late for the house was empty, except for Dee cuddled up against my body. I felt that she still had her stockings on, but nothing else. All the light, candles and smoke were out in the house. It wasn't the Wicked Witch's castle anymore, it was just my house again, at least until Halloween tomorrow.

It was extremely common for Dee and I to have a middle of the night fuck session, unscripted, unplanned, spontaneous, pitch black, no lights, just our naked flesh, possibly a few lace scraps of silky fabric wrapped around her more intriguing curves, frantic crazed couplings in the middle of the night, the time unknown, the duration uncertain, the sex incredible, the climaxes amazing, deep sleep always following.

So I was not surprised when I felt Dee stirring beside me.

I knew where we were going when she began to lightly stroke my cock, building it up to the granite state that she so desired, as it always afforded her the rough, vigorous, driving fucking that she relished, and which never failed to pummel multiple climaxes from her body.

She supplied the dialogue, "So how did you like your visit with the Wicked Witches, dear?"

I responded with the obvious, "Absolutely unbelievable. I didn't know that I could come so hard and long."

She gave a little, light giggle, "And I can promise, you, wizard, that Halloween will offer you a whole lot more."

That was all it took, as my cock rose to full hardwood.

She uttered a little noise, half gasp, half breath drawn in, and leaned forward to commence nibbling upon my ear, "You horny bastard you, you've been wanting to fuck Johanna since the first moment you set eyes upon her. And you do know, she fucked you tonight, without you knowing it?"

I sighed Deeply, "Oh, yes, did she ride me?"

Dee kept up her ministrations, "The Scarlet Witch rode the Cock's wizard and face anonymously, and I might add that she seemed to enjoy both a great deal. She came extremely hard, but kept quiet so as not to give herself away. You should have seen the look on her face as reached her climax using your cock. The Wicked Witch of the East appeared to be quite well satisfied with Wizard Cock...well enough satisfied that next weekend we're going to give you a threesome. But you have to promise me to save something for the Blonde Witch, while you're fucking Mrs. Johanna into oblivion. J.O. wants the full treatment from you, Mr. Wilson, I told her how you've been fucking me after our nights out together. So, how does a couple of drinks Friday night for happy hour sound, followed by multiple happy hours at our home together immediately thereafter?"

I gave the Blonde Witch her answer, by violently yanking her astride me, putting my straining cock at the entrance to her pussy, grabbing her ass cheeks, and pulling her onto me. This wasn't the Kama Sutra with carefully scripted sensual positions. This was the hard, rough, animal fucking which both of us needed.

There were no complaints, I might add, except for a strangled, "Oh yeah, so good, SO GOOD!"

Dee began slowly riding me, as she always did, starting slow and steady, permitting things to heat up. I reached out for her breasts, kneading and massaging them, pinching her nipples, precisely the way she wanted, "J.O. knows how you've been fucking me fantasizing about her, and wants you to fuck her without restraint, using her any and every way your dark, perverted mind can come up with."

I told her in no uncertain terms that this was a really good idea....

Dee leaned into me, her pace starting to increase, and she began to lightly thrust her hips down upon my cock. Her breathing became slightly more forced and shallow and ragged. She was still a long way away, but we were well along our journey together.

She kept arousing me, "And how did you like my blonde friend with the great breasts, wasn't she hot?"

I replied, fervently, "I only got to suck her tits, I really wanted to watch them bounce as I fucked her, and I really REALLY wanted to slide my meat in between them until I decorated her neck with my cum."

My blonde witch continued, "We met at Curves, and I convinced her to come play with us last night. And, if you're lucky, stud, the Blonde Woman of Oz is going to show back up for Halloween. Funny, I almost forgot, I have something extremely fascinating to relate to you. You, my stud, are going to find this so fascinating. The blonde's name is Mrs. P.J., and she has an extremely demented fetish she wants us to fulfill."

I could barely gasp out, for Dee had started to increase the pace and intensity of her ride, and we were both starting to lather up, "Tell me more..."

Dee gave her little sexual giggle, "Well, it seems as if P.J. has an anal fetish. She wants to get her ass fucked, and wants to experience some intense anal play. P.J. has a nice, tight virgin ass. Her husband thinks anal sex is dirty, and won't even give her his finger up her ass. "

I tried to ask, "Does she..." but Dee filled in my thoughts, "I explained to Mrs. P.J. what surrendering her ass to you entails, and she didn't even hesitate. She wants to wear your tattoo on her lower back for the rest of her life, and her pussy squirted all over my face as she promised to surrender her ass to you for all eternity. And she wants for me to become very intimate with her. That's how we're going to spend Veteran's Day weekend, Mr. Wilson, wrecking that hot blonde's virgin ass. Her husband is out of town on business, and she wants her fetish fully satisfied, with no restraints. No matter HOW MUCH she might plead for mercy."

She stopped her action for an instant, "Don't you DARE come, hold it, hold it good, I'm going to take MY pleasure now, and no coming from you."

Sure enough, Dee's pelvis and pussy suddenly went crazy atop and around me, she began pounding me like a piston that was out of control, but not for long. She uttered a strangled screech that cut off as her entire body tensed, pulsed and went absolutely rigid atop and around me. I could feel her pussy throbbing as she came, and I could feel her pussy juices running down my thigh as she squirted all over my cock.

It was all too familiar, but it was a sensation that I never, ever tired of. I could feel her entire body trembling, as tremors ran through her pussy muscles, then she began to slowly, imperceptibly, move again, building towards a second and final climax that would dwarf this first one, no matter how intense and powerful it had seemed at the time. And, of greatest significance, I would be permitted to join Dee's repeat performance.

I couldn't stand it any longer, and just had to ask, "And the brunette MILF?"

The Blonde Witch was out of breath, but she managed to gasp, "That gorgeous hot brunette is Mrs. Laura. Did you like her?"

It was my turn to gasp, for Dee was beginning to speed up to terminal fucking intensity and velocity, "Oh yeah, she was smoking hot. I wanted to do her."

Dee started laughing, "Wizard, you fucked and licked to orgasm all three women for Hallowed Saints Eve, my hot friend J.O. that I know you've been wanting to fuck so badly, and P.J. with the big tits, and that hot older brunette Laura. You just didn't know who, or when, or in what order. Did you like coming on P.J.'s and Laura's faces?"

I was approaching the point where I could no longer think intelligently, "You know I did."

Dee initiated her endgame, her serious riding that only led us together down one road. Her pussy felt absolutely amazing wrapped around me, it belonged to me and I belonged to her, we were perfect together. Absolutely perfect.

I grabbed her tight ass and guided her body in just the way I wanted, precisely the way WE wanted, "I want more Witch and Oz pussy."

She responded, with more than her voice, "And that is exactly what you're going to get for your special Halloween present."

I didn't want to come, I didn't want for US to come, before I had one last question answered, "Tell me, tell me now, what is Laura's fetish?"

Dee grunted it out it between my thrusts, "Laura wants cum...she wants cum all over her face...over her breasts...in her hair....filling her mouth....her husband thinks coming on her face is disgusting and won't do it...she wants to wear men's cum....she wants to wear your cum."

By now I was straining and grunting in term, "Did she like me coming all over her face tonight?"

Dee was straining and grunting herself, her body was slick with sweat. I knew, for by now I was holding her waist in a death grip as I drilled her pussy down upon my cock, "The Wizard fulfilled her lifelong fantasy but she wants more. The first weekend of December...oh my, OH MY, that is so good...Laura wants bukake...she wants to be your bukake slut."

Both of us were nearly to the point that we could no longer speak, "When...when...."

Dee nearly sobbed, "Weekend of Thanksgiving, just you and I, your cum all over Laura's face and tits, then the first weekend of December."

It was all I could do to hold back from blasting into Dee before she came her second time, "The swinger Christmas party...tell me...tell me...."

Dee was openly grunting with the intensity of her body pounding around and upon me, "Laura will be our guest of honor...all male guests have to shoot all over her as their admission...imagine her hot brunette MILF face wearing multiple cum shots...I want to see you coming on her hot face....your cum in her mouth....on her tits...she wants it...I want it....I'm coming...I'm COMING!"

And that finished us off for the night, in a wave of orgasms, sweat, pussy juice and my cum spraying and mixing everywhere.

We shifted to avoid the wet spot that we had just created, and together collapsed into the arms of Morpheus for the remainder of the night.

For tomorrow was Halloween.

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