Spice Ch. 02


Jodie always felt so stupid pulling up in such an oversized vehicle. Its giant silver mass was so redundant, especially when her little child clambered out and pulled on his back pack.

Even now, as he sat behind her, lost in the swathes of stitched leather, the sheer decadence of the car annoyed her. Except, it wasn't decadent; everyone pulling up had the exact same car, or some derivation thereof. She could have walked him to school, and burnt up a few unused calories too.

Tomorrow, she would.

Today though, they had bundled out of the house a little late, and she cursed herself for leaving her purse behind. It meant a trip back home before she could do some shopping for tonight's meal. And that meant delaying going online to chat.

She turned in her seat and watched David struggle to unbuckle himself from the restraints. He was eager to get out and run inside, and she was pleased he enjoyed school so much. She never did.

As his little fingers tugged open the door, she stopped him. "Got your inhaler?"

"Ye-eeeesssssss," he sighed, slamming the door shut before he'd exhaled the final strain of the syllable.

As she sat in traffic, Jodie's mind began to drift back to the early morning. Sex had become stale recently, but even by their own standards this was abysmal. Jake rarely let himself come before she got off, even during a quickie, his fingers working their magic on her clit or his mouth teasing and sucking her the way she liked. But today, nothing. Just urging her on and dumping his load inside her. Not even a kiss.

In fact, Jodie couldn't remember the last time they kissed properly. The more she wracked her brain to try and recall, the more it annoyed her. She hadn't realised it had been so long.

It made her turn the car into the drive with such anger that she barely stopped the bull bars from clattering into the garage door. And the car door made a satisfyingly loud slamming noise as she threw it closed.

"Someone needs a good fuck," she heard from across the lawn.

Jodie rounded the front of the car to see Liberty standing barefoot in the grass, letting the sprinklers dowse her with a generous coating of water. The morning sun was bright already, and little rainbows danced in the moisture. Her thin white t-shirt clung to her pert little chest, and her lycra shorts hugged her hips tightly. Her curly red hair was darkening in the spray.

At twenty-five, Liberty was the same age Jodie had been when she married, and already her neighbour had been divorced for three years.

"Had one this morning," Jodie almost whispered, darting her eyes about to check no-one else was listening.

"Must have been crap," Liberty smiled, kicking one of David's balls back onto their side of the lawn.

The look on Jodie's face must have told Liberty everything, as she returned it with a consolatory shrug. "Let's go out for a coffee then."

"I can't," Jodie sighed, "I'm running late as it is and - -"

"Come on," she ordered, grabbing Jodie's hand and leading her without much resistance to her little open top sports car.

The engine growled in to life, and the wind made it impossible to chat as she sped down the block towards their favourite bistro. Jodie nearly screamed as she gunned through a red light and narrowly avoided being side swiped by a delivery truck.

By the time they screeched to halt, Jodie's heart was racing so much, and the adrenaline was pumping so hard that she'd forgotten all about her morning's lack of excitement. A three block drive with Libby was stimulation enough.

They were halfway through their Mochachinos before Jodie calmed down. And she wished Libby would keep her side of the conversation down a little, convinced that the entire coffee shop could hear them.

"He just left me half done is all," Jodie whispered dejectedly.

"At least your shower massager got some action," Libby giggled, and Jodie joined in, not understanding the joke. She suspected it was a masturbation thing, but wasn't sure.

"You must think my sex life is so dull," Jodie said.

"I'm jealous actually. It's nice having something regular and familiar."

"Is it?"

Libby didn't hear the tone in her voice, "Yeah, sure. Think yourself lucky he's not tying you up and hurting you."

Jodie shrugged. Comments like that used to shock her, but she'd heard so many nasty stories about Libby's ex-husband that nothing surprised her anymore. God, even her friend's past was beginning to bore her.

Maybe the world hadn't changed, and it was just Jodie that had become disenchanted with it.

She did miss being kissed with such wanton longing though.

Who said passion had to give way to comfort?

They drove home in silence, and thankfully a little slower. As Jodie headed back to the house, Libby reminded her they had made a date to go for a run tomorrow. Yes, those extra pounds had to go. She wanted her old figure back, and knew that she'd have to work to get it.

Maybe feeling sexier would make sex better?

The door closed behind her, and her purse stared at her from the stand, mocking.

"Fuck it," she exhaled. She'd order a pizza tonight. It would just be her and David, Jake would be back late.

Decision made, she grabbed her laptop and slumped in to the sofa. It took ages to power up, and she regretted not making herself a cup of tea in the meantime. But when it finally did let her log on to her chat room, she was pleased to see so many familiar and friendly names.

It was Fred who said hello first, so she decided to concentrate on chatting to him. He was usually good fun, and was happy to listen to her moaning. She explained why she was in the dumps, and he offered up some trite words that made her feel better. Sort of.

Then she explained how long it had been since they last kissed properly.

"Maybe he's having an affair," Fred replied.

The thought shocked her so much she just stared at the blinking cursor trying to take it in. It was so daft. Just because the spark had gone, it didn't mean he was getting it elsewhere.

She was about to type that exact sentiment when he added, "Joke. Sorry."

She smiled, but mostly out of annoyance for the way it had struck her so hard. "Okay," she tapped.

"I got lost in thought," his reply came, "thinking about you fucking."

She didn't know what to say to that. The guys on here tried to turn the chat round to sex at every given opportunity, and most of the time she ignored it, but she'd left herself open for this one having mentioned it herself.

"Were you on top?"

She took a moment, letting her fingers hover above the keyboard, before replying, "Yes."

Normally she would have told him to mind his own business, but Fred had spent a lot of time listening to her problems, she didn't want to be rude.

"Mmm," the screen then added, "I bet you look great with your hair around your face and your tits bouncing with each deep thrust on his cock."

The imagery was so vivid and unexpected, she didn't know what to type back. Before she could formulate something, he sent another line, "Did you cum?"

"NO," she typed so hard the keys rattled.

She thought she'd hit them so hard because the question was so impertinent, but when he said, "Poor you," she realised it was frustration. "You must be gagging still."

"Yes," she typed, feeling stupid even as she did so.

"Mmm," then the next line appeared, "then imagine I am there with you right now, so close you can feel the warmth of my breath teasing your skin. Feel my lips hovering so close to yours right now, feel how badly you need to be kissed, feel how much you want to press your lips to mine and kiss me too. Can you feel it?"

"I can," she half-lied.

"As you feel my lips push onto yours, feel your nipples stiffen inside your shirt, feel my tongue easing its way inside your mouth as I kiss you softly at first, but then more passionately, exploring you and dancing with your tongue with such wanton urgency it makes you snake your hand down to my crotch and feel how hard you're making me."

For a moment she was aghast at the audacity, then annoyed that he'd clearly been waiting for his opportunity for so long, then curious as to what it was she always mocked and avoided in chat rooms.

"How hard am I making you?" she found herself typing.

"Very. Are you wet?"

"Yes," she lied. And she lied again when he asked if she wanted to finger herself for him. She had no intention of doing so, but he seemed to enjoy the idea that she was. He asked her to describe what she was doing in vivid detail, but she had no idea what to say, so just said, "It's hard to type one handed."

"Tell me about it," the message chimed. "I hate having to let go of my cock to type."

She nearly choked on her snort of derision. Was he really playing with himself? Had he got so aroused in such a short space of time? She looked down to see her nipples poking hard through her t-shirt, and realised she wasn't as indifferent as she was pretending.

"How big is it?" she asked, licking her lower lip as she did so.


There wasn't much she could say to that. Jake's was pretty big, certainly the biggest she'd had, but all her past lovers had enjoyed being told they were the biggest. Lucky for Jake it was true she supposed.

"Do you want to suck it?"

"I have to go soon," she lied, hoping he would take the hint. This had already gone further than she wanted, but something made her continue anyway. "But maybe I could suck a ball into my mouth?"


For a moment she realised why she was playing along. It was because she didn't want to think about what he'd said about Jake cheating. This was as good a way to forget it as any, she decided, and typed, "It feels so big and swollen against my tongue."

"I want to cum in yr face."

Her heart sank. Everyone wanted to get themselves off before her.

"I have to go," she typed, and immediately logged off.

As she sat staring at the mantelpiece, she remembered what Libby had said about the shower massager. Maybe she should go and experiment. How would be fairly obvious.

No, she'd never masturbated before, and she certainly wasn't going to start now because of a bloody chat room.

Besides, she was late picking up David.

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