tagBDSMSpicing Slice of Sexual Life Ch. 01

Spicing Slice of Sexual Life Ch. 01


It had been a long time since Linda had a day off, but here she was home alone and bored. With a chance to flip channels without her husband home to hog the remote, something on Jerry Springer caught her attention. It was a demonstration of bondage and discipline. She had heard of it, of course, and even joked about it, but never had she seen an actual demonstration of it. Wondering if it was for real, intrigued by the underground mystery and taboo surrounding it, she watched the characters, a woman leading a man around on a chain, while acting out their roles.

The woman, Mistress Catherine, a tall and striking redhead, was dressed in sexy lingerie, a pushup bra, thong panties, with garter belt and hose. She was the Dominatrix, who led a man, named Peter, dressed in black leather and wearing a dog collar, around the stage. She spanked his ass with a paddle, while telling him that he was bad, very bad. By the excited look on his face and the obvious bulge in pants, the man being spanked was getting more aroused with every paddle. Something that would hurt her, if being spanked like that on the ass, he appeared to enjoy being spanked and humiliated. Definitely, he enjoyed not only being bossed around by this sexily dressed and attractive woman dominatrix, but also controlled by her. Obviously, he'd do anything to please his Mistress Catherine.

"Yes, Mistress Catherine," he said groveling and without making direct eye contact with her.

Linda couldn't believe her eyes. Mistress Catherine treated her sexual slave, Peter, worse than anyone would treat their dog. Matter of fact, no one would treat their dog in such an inhumane way, by paddling their ass. She even made him lick her boots.

Married too long and bored with her sex life, this sudden and surprising alternative sexual lifestyle of bondage and discipline not only intrigued her but also sparked more than her curiosity in Linda. Suddenly wanting to dress like that, the sight of seeing Mistress Catherine so sexually dressed made her sexually aroused. Nonetheless, temporarily putting such sexy thoughts aside, she went about her household chores not thinking any more about bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism, until later in the afternoon, when she found herself on the computer and surfing the Internet.

A voracious reader, she stumbled across Literotica, a web site of erotic and pornographic stories. She couldn't believe the number of stories, hundreds of thousands of them, perhaps, even millions, that this web site offered for free. Excitedly, she scrolled down to the BDSM category and read a few stories that interested her.

She read one particular story, by BostonFictionWriter, that immediately appealed to her called, Slap Me Again, Only Harder This Time, about a woman being blindfolded and tied up by a masked intruder. The man stripped the woman naked and every time she resisted, he'd slap her ass harder and harder, until she submitted to his will. He squeezed her tits and pulled and twisted her nipples to her obvious sexual delight. Instead of being fearful, the ass slapping, tit squeezing, and nipple pulling and twisting was sexually arousing the woman so much, that she and her intruder had hot sex, the hottest sex she has ever had. He forced her to do dirty and nasty things to his body and she willingly did them without resistance or complaint. He made her his sex slut.

Similarly, much like the woman in the story, Linda was a mother and a housewife. Never had she imagined that this sexually depraved lifestyle would appeal to her, no less turn her on so, but it did. Oddly enough, the funny thing was that the masked man was the woman's next door neighbor. Lusting over her for years, he had been spying on her and watching her in all stages of undress. His bedroom window faced her bedroom window and he had been watching her get dressed each morning and undressed each night. When the woman's husband went on a business trip, by so concealing his identity with a mask, the neighbor took the opportunity to introduce himself sexually to his unsuspecting neighbor.

The story ended with the woman leaving her husband and moving in with her neighbor, where she was forced to have sex with not only him but also his wife. The woman would do anything to please her master, even to have hot, lesbian sex with his wife, while he watched and participated in a threesome, later. A sexual sight to behold and a sexual fantasy that was now quickly becoming Linda's own sexual fantasy, she couldn't believe that there was such a subculture of sexual delight and debauchery out there, just waiting for her to embrace it and participate in it.

While reading more of the story, she discovered that during her time with this man, he even forced her to have sex with the pizza delivery man. Certainly, she was old enough to be the pizza delivery man's mother but that didn't stop her from disobeying her master and not having hot sex with him. She had to have sex with him to please her master, who was watching her from the hall closet. It was all part of her probation and training, he told her. It was all geared to see, if he could trust her to obey her and to take orders.

Later, he even forced her to have incestuous lesbian sex with her sister and her sister-in-law. There were no limits to the control that her master had over her. She was his sexual slave. Fortunately for her, in her ability to please her master, what were the odds that her sister and her sister-in-law would want to have lesbian sex with her? No matter, indeed, it was just a story, a fictional story at that, and Linda suspended her reasoning of disbelief for the sake of the story and to inspire her imagination for her to embrace more of this unbelievably exciting scenario as her sexual fantasy.

The story so turned her on that she started touching herself. She imagined being blindfolded, tied up, and spanked. She imagined a strange man having her wicked way with her, while forcing her to do dirty and nasty things that she never even did with her husband. So sexually aroused, after reading that story, she stripped herself naked, slapped her ass, squeezed her tits, and pulled and twisted her nipples, as she fingered her soaking wet pussy and clit. Aroused by the sexy sexual thoughts of having hot, incestuous, lesbian sex with her sister and her sister-in-law, she imagined being forced to lick another woman's pussy and forced to have her pussy licked by another woman.

Just like in the story, the thoughts of being forced to have sex with her neighbor and the thoughts of having lesbian sex were too much to imagine and made her so hot with desire for him. She imagined being forced to have sex with the pizza delivery man, the Fuller Brush man, the mailman, and the UPS man, while her master watched her perform from the hall closet. She masturbated to a nice orgasm thinking about her next door neighbor, Paul, forcing her to do dirty and nasty things to his body, to his wife's body, Julie, to her sister, to her sister-in-law, and to whatever man dared to come to her front door. Suddenly, she was depraved with sexual excitement, after reading that story, Slap Me Again Only Harder This Time, about incestuous bondage and discipline between a mother and her son.

Coinciding with the story, as it turns out, her neighbor had been watching her, when she skinny dipped with her husband in the pool at night. Now knowing that he was there peeking over the fence excited her and she spent plenty of sexually frustrated nights masturbating over the thoughts of Paul seeing her naked body. She wondered if he masturbated over the sexy sight of her. She wondered what he looked like naked. She wondered how it felt to kiss him, to touch and to feel his cock, to make love to him, and to suck his prick.

Fully aware that he was there watching her, being that she's always been a bit of an exhibitionist and giving him a real voyeuristic show, she enjoyed teasing him by toweling herself dry beneath the patio light, while making sure that she turned to face him and giving him a good show of her trimmed pussy, round ass, and big tits. Now, whenever she thought of him and whenever she saw him spying on her, she imagined him dressed in leather, tying her up, and stripping her naked. She imagined him pounding her pussy with his big, hard cock and doing whatever he asked her to do. She imagined him spanking her, squeezing her big tits, and forcing her to blow him. She found the fantasy so erotic that she thought about playing it out with her husband, Freddie.

She typed in the words bondage, discipline, sadomasochism and thousands of web sites appeared. It didn't take her long to find what she wanted. She grabbed her husband's credit card and ordered everything she needed to satisfy her every wanton, sexual desire and had it shipped next day air express, so that she'd have it for this weekend. That was yesterday and this is today.

To be continued...

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