tagSci-Fi & FantasySpit-Take Ch. 03

Spit-Take Ch. 03


Acknowledgements: Tabico, as always, plus the departed and sorely missed Parker, as well as Jasmine, Jord, The Collector, Haywaine, and lots of other visual artists over at The Collective.

N.B.: I must be watching WAY too much "Lost" recently, since I decided to try something a little ambitious with the timeline in this final chapter, and may or may not have pulled it off. It sure took forever to finish writing and editing. You be the judge as to whether it worked. All manner of comments, criticism, insults or adulation are welcome.

* * *

"Hiya Becka!"

"Hey Maggie," Becka said, extending a hand to shake over the net. "Good to see you again. You warmed up yet, or should we hit for a while first?"

"Actually, I just got here - I haven't even stretched yet. Would you mind helping me loosen up a bit?" Maggie asked, as she set down her bag and unzipped her jacket.

"Mmmmm, damn, you've got a nice body!" Becka thought lewdly. "Not at all," she said politely. Becka had given her student a very thorough ogle as she walked over to the court, just like she had done every week since Maggie had started taking lessons from her. And just like every week, she really liked what she saw.

It had been a rough two months for Becka, and she had come to anticipate her weekly lesson with Maggie with a strange mixture of excitement and dread. It should have been impossibly awkward to give tennis lessons to someone this close to the woman who stole her lover, but for one thing, Becka had stolen enough lovers from other women to know that she had no reason to blame Maggie for any complaint she may have had with Alex. Second, there was something about Maggie that made it hard to hate her. She smelled really nice, or something. It was hard to pin down, but for whatever inarticulable reasons people have for being drawn to one another, Becka could tell she was drawn to Maggie.

It certainly didn't hurt that as usual, Maggie's workout clothes looked like a fetish catalogue version of a tennis outfit. It was a two-piece ensemble, featuring a skin-tight top that was thin enough to let her delectable nipples poke through just so and a scandalous skirt that was short enough to reward anyone who paid attention with tantalizing glimpses of ass cheek anytime Maggie exerted herself. Between them, the two pieces framed a dramatic gap that highlighted Maggie's creamy smooth midriff, complete with bellybutton ring. On a lot of people, bellybutton jewelry just looks ridiculous. On Maggie, it looked hot enough to make Anita Bryant reconsider.

"Thanks, how about we sit down and do some hamstring stretches," suggested Maggie. Becka let her eyes linger as she sat across from the young Asian woman's widely spread legs, propped her feet against Maggie's and reached out so they could hold hands. Although neither showed it, both women enjoyed a nice rush from the all-but-overt sexuality of this position.

Becka spoke up to try and focus on their lessons. "Ok now, remember, to get a good stretch you need to roll your back in and out of each--"

"I know how to do partner stretches, Becka," Maggie said with a grin, as she let Becka pull her upper body forward. "Let's talk about something else."

"Like what?"

"Like you. You seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet?"

"Maggie, don't ask me about this again, you know I don't like to talk about it."

"Yes, I do know you don't like to talk about it Becka. But I also know you need to talk about it. You'll never move on if you don't let yourself get over her, and you could get over her a lot easier if you'd just open up about it a little."

Silence. Awkward eye contact, and them more silence.

"Ok, suit yoursel--" said Maggie.

"Are they happy?"


"I know you see them together every day, Maggie," Becka said quietly, "and I want to know if Alex makes Debbie happy."

"Well, yes. I believe Alex has made Debbie very happy. I hope this makes it easier for you, Becka, and not harder, but yes, I really believe they make each other happy."

Yet more silence.

"You could be happy again too, you know," added Maggie with a meaningful glance into Becka's eyes. "There are other fish in the sea..."

Becka had been hit on by tennis students often enough to know exactly what Maggie meant, and although she greatly enjoyed the attention - and the view, as she and Maggie finished their stretches - she sidestepped the suggestion by abruptly turning their conversation back to the lessons. "Well, I thought we'd get started this time with some more backhand drills, then work on some passing shots, and finish up with a couple practice games to see how you're progressing. Sounds good?"

"Sounds good, boss lady!" replied Maggie, taking the hint as they stood up to grab their rackets. "Do your worst!"

* * *

"Debbie!" Alex called cheerfully, as Debbie stepped into the doorway of her office. "Hey there, sexygirl, get in here!" Alex grinned at Debbie conspiratorially as she stepped quickly around her desk. She walked across the room to take Debbie by the hands and give her a quick kiss. Alex was aiming for the mouth, but Debbie awkwardly turned her cheek just as Alex's lips arrived. "Right, wait a sec," said Alex, in light of Debbie's lukewarm response, "better get the door."

Just in the instant Alex touched her, Debbie felt a now-familiar rush as her pulse quickened and her nipples went all nipply. These sensations of arousal held no real surprise for Debbie anymore - and physically they were still very pleasant - but instead of reveling in this surge of sexheat like she had just hours earlier in Alex's living room, right now Debbie was redoubling her resolve to get some answers.

She bit her lip to try to silence her private turmoil, and as she turned back to go close off Alex's office she scolded herself. "STOP it, dammit, this is weird!" she thought. "Get a hold of yourself - a year ago back at State, you would never gone all gooey like this." Lots of things were different a year ago. Lots of things were different twenty-four hours ago.

Alex, meanwhile, had perched herself on the front edge of her desk, and smiled as Debbie returned to have a seat on the far side of the adjacent couch. "So, young lady," Alex asked wryly, "care to explain why you're so late this morning?"

Debbie turned up the corner of her mouth in the vaguest possible smile in response, but her apprehension was practically written across her face.

"OK, fair enough, lame joke," said Alex. "It's just that you really look a little freaked out - I figured it couldn't hurt to try and lighten you up a little."

Debbie's continued silence spoke for itself.

Unfazed, Alex continued. "Look, I know this is all a little weird, but c'mon. So what? Ok, fine, you're not supposed to screw around at the office - but really, so what? Don't you ever drive 66 miles an hour? Honestly, Debbie, I really didn't expect you to be so shaken up by this. I know you're not going to try to tell me you didn't enjoy yourself last night, so think about it: as long as we really communicate with each other, there's no reason we can't have a hell of a good time together, right? And everything will be fine!"

"Fine?!? FINE???" Debbie finally broke her silence, standing up to confront Alex eye-to-eye. That turned out to be a mistake, though, as the smouldering eye contact she got from Alex seemed to fire sexsparks right back into Debbie's nipples and clit. She quickly looked away and began pacing beside the coffee table instead, and although she stopped herself from shouting, she failed utterly to keep the emotion out of her voice. "How the FUCK is everything going to be 'fine,' Alex?"

Alex paused for a moment, and said "Oh, Debbie, come on. You think I've never been through this? What, you think you're the first girl who ever had a crush on the boss?"

"God-damn it, Alex! That is not what I'm talking about, so stop trying to trivialize this!"

If Alex was ready to give any indication that she understood Debbie's display of anger, she sure didn't show it. "OK, Debbie, fine, but take it easy. How am I trying to trivialize anything?"

Forcing herself to calm down, Debbie replied, "You're trying to pretend like you actually think I'm freaked because I'm worried about the 'rules of the office,' or because I can't be trusted to be discreet about a fling. This is not about a 'crush,' and you know it."

"I do?" Alex said. "How fascinating. Honestly, I can't imagine what you mean, Debbie, so I'm afraid I must be missing something. So please, tell me: if it's not a crush, what it is it?"

Debbie just stood in silence, struggling to find the words to respond, but her emotions were bringing back a familiar flush to her face and neck.

"You're all worked up about something, Debbie, but I obviously can't help you if won't tell me what it is," said Alex. "So tell you what," she continued, walking over to hand Debbie a bottled water, "first, how about you settle yourself down a bit, okay? Sit down, take a deep breath, have a drink of water, and then tell me exactly what you recall happening between us last night."

* * *

From their very first lesson, two months ago, Maggie had surprised Becka with her skill and athleticism. Even more than Debbie, she had the makings of a damn good player but Becka's superior talent and experience still allowed her to control the play. She quickly got a read on Maggie's strengths and weaknesses, and in most of their lessons she made Maggie work very hard - running her sideline to sideline, plopping in impossible drop-shots to draw Maggie into the net and then either tantalizing her with lobs, or scorching passing shots by her with ease.

Becka knew it was probably a little unfair of her to dominate their exchanges like this, probably didn't create the best learning environment for her student, but Maggie didn't seem to mide and Becka really needed the release. On a psychological level, Debbie's disappearing act had forced Becka to confront the fact that she was not the one in control of that relationship. That hurt a little, but more than anything she was surprised by the realization that she wouldn't even have minded that much as long as she could still be with Debbie. Becka had never been a bottom to anyone, but over the preceding couple months she found that her feelings for Debbie were strong enough to make her open to new possibilities. Or at least, she would have been open to new possibilities had Debbie not left her so abruptly - the frustration of it all was enough to drive her crazy.

Accordingly, it felt great for Becka to be back on top of somebody, and it certainly didn't hurt for that "somebody" to be the fetchingly attractive young woman across the net.

Maggie held up very well, considering - she would have lost to Becka badly had the women ever kept score, but under the circumstances she gave a very good account of herself. She continued to surprise Becka with flashes of excellent play, and oddly, she seemed to deeply enjoy how engrossed Becka got into the game, even though it meant losing to her even worse.

Maggie's not-so-subtle suggestion during their stretching stayed with Becka as they worked their way through this week's lesson. "You know," Becka thought as she sized Maggie up for her next serve, "it's such a cliche to go bang someone close to the person who took your lover, but even so, Maggie would make a helluva good rebound fuck. Think about it: she's got that perfect curvy ass, she seems to be into girls, and she definitely enjoys being dominated." Receiving Becka's serve, Maggie wound up a flawless backswing and, with a Seles-esque grunt, smoked that serve back past Becka for a return winner.

"Okay," Becka thought, "maybe she's definitely into girls, and she only seems to enjoy being dominated."

* * *

Debbie sat back on the couch, and made a point of inspecting the tamper-seal on the water bottle as she screwed off the cap. She took a deep breath and a sip of water before responding to Alex, "Right - as if you don't remember what we did last night."

Before answering, Alex casually slipped out of her suit jacket and sat back on the couch next to Debbie. "Actually, Debbie, I remember last night quite ... vividly," said Alex with a shameless sigh, "but I'm very curious to learn how much you remember. A lot of girls I've been with have only hazy recollections of their first night with me - overcome by their emotions, I guess - but you seem to be reacting quite differently." Alex unclipped her barrette and shook her hair out of its tight ponytail as she spoke. "So, please - indulge me, Debbie - and tell me what it is you think you remember."

Now Debbie paused, took a long drink, stared down Alex for a moment or two and said, "What I know I remember is that you fucked me, Alex. And I don't mean with a dildo, or a toy, or anything artificial, but with a cock. You fucked me last night like a guy would. You. Fucked. Me."

Debbie evidently meant to sound accusatory, but the flush in her skin and the catch in her voice gave away her conflicted frame of mind. Alex recognized her advantage and pressed it. "Really? I fucked you! With a cock, you say? So, I'm actually a transsexual? Who knew!?!" Alex seemed to be enjoying this immensely, which was not the reaction Debbie wanted to get. "Oooo, this is gonna be a hell of a story, isn't it?! Do continue, please! What else?" Alex asked, turning her hips towards Debbie and propping up her head on her hand.

"It's not funny Alex, it's messed up. And I don't think you're a transsexual, it wasn't like that. Your body, I mean - it wasn't exactly like a guy's, but it was ... different. Similar, but different - I just ... can't really remember how. And that's actually the main thing I don't understand, Alex - there are some parts I just don't remember, but the parts I do remember are just bizarre."

"How so?" Alex asked, licking her lips.

"Well, it was like you had some kind of control over me. It felt like you drugged me or something, I remember being really dopey and groggy, but hot. I mean, really hot. I've always wanted you - I even bragged to my girlfriend once about wanting to seduce you, and I definitely thought you might make a pass at me when you invited me to your house - but once we had that wine last night and started talking and everything, it was like I was just out of control. I mean, I seriously felt like I couldn't control myself."

"Oh, how terrible!" Alex said with a smirk. "You must have been horrified!" Her left hand had started caressing her own neck, and her right hand had crept down between her knees. "Gimme details."

Debbie found that words were coming a little faster now, and although she wanted to stay focused on being angry, what she was really feeling was arousal - and it was only getting stronger. She didn't want to give into it, but neither could she stifle it. Instead, she just kept talking.

"Well, for a long time I know we just talked, but something was already happening to me. I was kind of out of it from the moment I walked in the door, but I was also so hot. So turned on... It was like, just taking a breath or just glancing at you was practically a sexual act." She looked over at Alex as she said it, making solid eye contact with her for the first time since just after she walked into the office, and she immediately regretted it. It was a sexual act, all right - the wanton look in Alex's eyes sizzled through Debbie like a soft, humid breath across her pussy. She allowed herself a quick glance down to savor the sight of Alex's pebbly nipples and then just forced her brain to get out of the way of her mouth.

"I remember how ... wet I was, and how bad I wanted us to fuck, but I couldn't do anything about it. I felt like that for so long, wanting you so bad but not being able to do anything about it, but then something finally started happening between us. I think I tried to leave or something, but we started making out instead, and then you took your top off and had me, ohhhh, ssssuck your tits."

Debbie had to practically moan out those last words as she watched Alex slide her hands up her body to cup her breasts gently. Alex sighed gently and licked her lips.

"It felt like something spiked at that point - I remember the rush I got as soon as my tongue touched your nipple." Debbie's arousal was mushrooming just like Alex's now. She held her water bottle tightly in both hands to try to keep them off her body, but just recounting this recollection had Debbie nearly panting. "And you tasted like heaven. You were lactating, but not milk - it had the most wonderful taste... So much stronger than milk, but for some reason it was just the hottest thing ever. It was like the more I sucked and swallowed the groggier I got, but always just more and more turned on. My head was spinning but the rest of my body was so sensitive. I could practically feel each air molecule in the room, but I doubt I could've thought traight enough to tie my shoes."

"And then what, Debbie?"

"Then I ... guess I went down on you, after that, and somehow I remember eventually sucking something. Not at first, but after I had been licking you for a while I ended up sucking, like, sucking a dick. Your dick. It was really big, and I know it has to have been a toy but I swear it didn't seem like one - it was hot and firm and wet and, like, pulsing in my mouth. And then I leaned back so we could fuck, and we did and ... it was really fucking big and hot and I remember ..."


Debbie went silent again, but an unmistakable blush shot right across her face.

"Go on, Debbie," whispered Alex, sliding up next to Debbie and softly brushing her hand up the front of Debbie's waist. "Tell me what you remember next."

"The next thing I remember," Debbie said, practically drooling with lust, finally staring deeply into Alex's eyes, "is you spurting something hot and big deep inside me ... and how hard I came when I felt it." Debbie scissored her thighs hard against each other as she spilled out this confession, giving further proof of exactly how much these memories were affecting her. She could no longer keep a hand from stealing its way up to stroke the skin of her chest just inside the collar of her shirt.

"Wow," said Alex, putting an arm around Debbie's shoulders and leaning in close to whisper in her ear. "That is one fucked up little story, Debbie." She reached up to toy with a lock of Debbie's hair. "No wonder you were so upset - it's so graphic and bizarre and troubling and just freaky. I'm sure parts of it would strike a lot of people as downright abusive. But I don't think what happened last night is what's really bothering you," she said. "I think the real question you're struggling with," added Alex, as she ran her other hand high up between Debbie's thighs, "is why it turns you on so much."

Debbie couldn't even find words to respond anymore, instead she just sighed. Her resolve was simply gone, and in an abject act of surrender she brought both her hands up to pinch her nipples through her shirt and bra, and opened her legs to silently invite Alex's hand all the way in between them. Alex wasted no time responding - reaching up to stroke Debbie's soaking wet panties and leaning in to french her deeply.

Debbie was hot, very hot, and felt her clit swelling up like never before. Strangely, in fact, she actually felt her clit pushing out hard against the soaking crotch of her panties - practically tenting them up. She marveled at the electric sensation of Alex's fingertips caressing her through the taut, wet nylon, while their tongues played in Debbie's mouth. After a few delightful moments enjoying this foreplay, Alex broke their kiss and sat up.

She smirked a little as she methodically unbuttoned her shirt. Alex's bra latched in the front, and after she unclasped it she allowed her hands to gently caress each perfect breast from base to nipple. Drops of thin, milky fluid appeared at their tips as Alex casually stroked herself. "It always starts here, doesn't it Debbie? You've got such beautiful breasts, too - I bet that's what first attracted Becka to you, wasn't it? It's funny how often guys get the reputation for being hung up on tits, but women get just as hot for the really exquisite ones, like these."

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