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Ohhh no, not another essay to stir the debate about whether or not you should spit or swallow his cum after a blowjob!

Actually, no.

I want too talk about spit, as in saliva--and spitting.

You see, during a blowjob, saliva is your best friend.

This clear, amazing, renewable liquid is your major source of lubrication while you're sucking cock. It's a good thing our mouths just keep making more when there's something in it, isn't there? Heat, wetness and friction are what cocks love, and most men will find it hard to discern which they like better, the slick sheath of a pussy or the hot suck of a mouth.

Saliva helps your mouth mimic the wet warmth of your pussy, but there are lots of fun things you can do with saliva to make things more interesting in the bedroom -- or wherever it is you happen to be sucking cock. *wink*

Are you ready?

Sexy string
No, I'm not talking about the thong -- or butt floss, as it were. I'm talking about saliva. There's something incredibly sexy about that long, unbroken string of saliva from the head of his cock to your mouth. Let him see it streeeetch out... break... and then dribble down your chin. Trust me, it's not gross. Even if it feels that way. In the heat of the moment, with your eyes looking up at him, that one deliberate act is going to be so hot he'll have to do everything he can not to come right there on the spot.

It's not just for babies and invalids anymore! Your mouth is going to make a lot of saliva during a blowjob - a lot. Let some of it slide down and wet your chin...even your chest and breasts. Rub his cock over your cheeks so they shine and glisten with your saliva and his precum. His eyes will light up like a little kid on Christmas morning opening the last Wii Toys R Us had in stock.

Okay, some people find this just too gross for words, I know. But spitting during sex isn't the same as spitting out your car window. Just like real estate, it's location location location! With the right person, in the right context, at the right moment... spitting can be really, incredibly hot.

Now, I'm not talking about hawking a loogie here (that really is gross! And incidentally, that's a fly by night spelling because, sadly, loogie is not officially in the dictionary... but I digress!) I'm talking about using that magical mouth lubricant to your advantage and making a bold, daring move. There's something about that taboo act, something we normally think of as "nasty" or "dirty" which transforms in the midst of the sex act to something of an outrageous turn-on.

Think I'm kidding? Watch some "throat job" porn. Or, hell, just try it yourself on your guy, and watch his reaction. Granted, there are a few guys out there who don't like it -- who will give you the impression that you, someone of the feminine persuasion, should be much too ladylike to make such a gesture.

Of course, these are usually the guys who list, "walking on the beach at sunset" as one of their hobbies on Facebook, because they think it's what women really want to hear. But what are the odds he's being honest? Perhaps if men weren't always wondering what it is we women want or like, they'd be able to fill their "hobbies" section with the truth and "Watching NFL Monday night football and women spitting on my cock during a blowjob" just might make the list!

But if you've got a guy who likes it when you talk like a dirty sailor or enjoys it immensely when you call him Daddy once in a while during sex, I imagine the cock-spitting maneuver is one can you add to your repertoire without too much risk of some sort of negative reaction.

And while it might sound gross, you won't know until you try, right?

So gather your courage... and some of your saliva in your mouth... and spit it onto the head of his cock, working it in with your hand. And then do it again. If you're brave enough to try it, you might be surprised by his groan of appreciation and a tell-tale thickening of his cock in your mouth!

So the bottom line is this: don't be afraid of the spit! It's not time to be ladylike. It's time to let go and get wild and messy. You and your saliva should be BFF when you're giving your man oral pleasure-so don't forget to use and be thankful for those salivary glands!

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