tagLesbian SexSplit Chance Ch. 01

Split Chance Ch. 01


"I swear to every living soul I will kill you if you don't hand me my phone back! DAMN IT FRANKIE!"

"Ms. Edwards!"

"Sorry!" Liz walks away from the teacher and rushes after me as soon as we are out of his sight.

Laughing, I finally stop and cover my face as Liz begins smacking me on my arms and face.

"Okay okay stop it Liz, sheesh...haha oh man your face when Mrs. Robins yelled at you was hilarious." I smile while giving her her phone back.

"That wasn't funny you asshole."

"You should have let me see the damn picture."

"You know Kayla loves sending me nudes and I don't want you looking at her body. What if you fall for her and steal her from me, then I'd have to kill you."

"Sunshine, you know I love older women I ain't got time for your girl." I walk into my English class smiling at everyone before sitting down.

"Yeah, well don't knock it till you try it."

Laughing, I look at her and wait for her to realize what she said. "Wait don't try it with my girl. Try it with anyone else, everyone but not mine."

"Ah man, I'm going to miss you Liz." I smile and give her a quick hug. "Also don't worry like I said I prefer older women."

"She's eighteen like us Frankie, how much older do you want her to be." Liz smirks at me waiting for my response.

"Older than eighteen, anyway you have to come visit me during breaks."

"I am, don't you worry. I still can't believe your dad is making you go live with your mom and her other family."

"I can't either but what can I do, sure I'm eighteen. Legally, I can refuse but then that would upset my dad and that's one thing I don't want to do. At least not till I finish high school.

"True, anyway remember we are only four hours apart and we can always try visiting each other on the weekends."

"Yeah, I guess you have a point." I turn around to face the class as the bell rings. As I look around I can't help but wonder what the other school will be like.

You see my dad is leaving to England and instead of taking me with him, he's sending me to my mother. A woman I haven't seen since I was fourteen. Yeah, she calls every now and then but she's been too busy to visit the past four years.

I don't care really, my dad's great, the very best, until now. I still can't believe he's leaving me with her. Then to make things worse it isn't just with her. It's also with her family.

Then to add salt to my open wound she lives in some small town. It's not super small where everyone knows everyone's business. However, it is small enough where people can recognize you after the second time they see you.

Regardless, I'm going whether I want to or not. As Liz said she'll only be four hours away, so hopefully things won't change too much.

I smile at Liz knowing she'll be my saving grace in this whole ordeal. "What are you looking at me for you weirdo?" Liz grins at me making me grin back.

"Nothing important." I reply with a chuckle before turning my eyes back to the front giving my attention to the teacher.


"Yo Pops! I'm home!" Liz walks straight into my kitchen and straight for the fridge.

"Ha nice to know my two daughters are home." My dad, Richard, walks into the kitchen and gives me a kiss on the forehead and one on my best friend.

"Hey, you're basically my dad. Just like my parents are basically Frankie's. I still don't understand why you just didn't let her stay with us while you're gone pops."

"Ah Liz, you know I could never do that to your folks one of you is enough for your parents and me." My dad laughs at Liz's expression.

"Hey! I take serious offence to that, I'm not that bad...okay...well maybe just a tad bit but still."

"Anyway, I think it'll be good for Frankie to spend to time with her mother." I look over at Liz as my father says this and she looks like she is about to burst from laughter.

"I see, well I just hope you know that if this is your plan to separate us it'll never work, right Frankie?"

I look over at them holding the spoon full of nutella near my mouth before replying. "Yeah, definitely."

Chuckling, I finally eat my nutella while I look at my dad realizing this will be the first time in my eighteen years I wouldn't be with him. Suddenly, not hungry anymore I put the nutella away and walk away from them and up to my room.

It wasn't until ten minutes later that there is a knock on my door. I know it's my dad, he's the only one who ever knocks. I open the door and sit back down on the edge of my bed.

"What's the matter Frankie?"

"Nothing dad, it'll be weird not having you around though."

"Look Frankie, I will always be part of your life. Sure I'll be living in a different country but that does not mean I won't still be part of your life. I'll call you everyday."

"I know you will always be part of my life. I'm also just worried it'll be weird with her you know."

Smiling he gives me a hug before pulling back. "Yeah I know, but like I said this time with her will change things. Hopefully in a good way. Now, let me go make sure Liz hasn't destroyed everything before tomorrow. Are you done packing?"

"Almost, Liz is going to help me with the last bit then I'll be off tomorrow." Nodding, he smiles at me."Good, I'm sorry it was so abrupt. At least you'll have the weekend to settle in before starting."

"It's okay dad, they actually start school after Labor day so it's not like I'm starting a month in already."

"Oh yeah, I forgot they went back to school later there. At least that's something good. I'll be leaving tomorrow as well, but like I said, just give me a call and I'll give you a call too, yeah?"

"Yup, sounds good."

"Hey Pops! Why'd you leave me, anyway it's cool, by the way there's no more bananas." Liz says as she walks into my room, her arms full of snacks.

"Sheesh kid, maybe you shouldn't eat so much." Laughing, I watch his eyes widen in realization as Liz drops her snacks on my bed.

"Are you calling me fat?!"

"N-n-no...I didn't mean it like that kid."

"I don't know pops, it sounded like you did."

"I think I'm going to go now." My dad says as he ran out of my room.

"Stop tormenting my father Liz."

"I'm not doing anything, in fact he started it. I mean, I'm not fat, am I Frankie?"

"Naw, not at all." Laughing even more now I put some music on then start packing once again. Liz finally gets her ass up to help me after changing my music.

All in all by midnight everything was packed and we were exhausted. My room is pretty much bare, it looks weird and empty, which I guess it is but still.

"I still can't believe we aren't going to finish our senior year together." Liz says as she tackles me making me fall back on my bed.

"Yeah, I can't either but I guess that's what happens when your parent has a dream. I should have been selfish and told him it wasn't okay with me."

"You could have, but then you would have hated yourself." Liz yawns, her stinky breath hitting my nose making me cringe.

"Gross, go brush your teeth it smells like something died in there." I push her off me and onto the floor making me laugh.

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up but you'll miss me when you're gone bitch."

"Obviously but I won't miss your nasty ass breath."

Liz growls at me before standing up to wash her teeth. Lucky for me I had already done so. "I'm exhausted." Liz says as she begins to strip down to her undergarments and jumps into bed.

"Yeah, me too." I change into a muscle shirt and boxers before getting back in bed. "You know I always wonder what would it be like if we actually found each other attractive." Liz asks as she turns to look at me.

"I'm not sure, I think we'd be fucking, maybe dating but definitely fucking." I say as I pull her in my arms. Liz has a gorgeous athletic body, 5'8", long curly blonde hair, which at the moment was dyed Frosty white, and grey eyes. "You're such an asshole, I thought you didn't like girls your age."

"I don't, but you will always be my only exception. Plus, I don't think we would ever get to that point." I nuzzle her neck. "Yeah, you're right, you know you're like a fucking teddy bear."

"How so?"

"You love cuddling, that's how." She tightens her arms around me and begins to shut her eyes.

"I do, but then again, who doesn't?"

"True, so you think this is too intimate?"

"Probably, but it's not sexual, we're human, sometimes we just crave another's touch."

"Yeah, you're right. Sweet dreams Frankie." -----

"You all packed right?" My dad asks as he stands at the doorway.

"Yeah." I look down, and take a deep breath. "I'm going to miss you dad." I give him a big hug.

"Me too sweetie, I love you, make sure you text me when you get there. You're dropping Liz at her house right."

"I love you too dad, and obviously I don't think I could get away with kidnapping her."

"Hey, I won't complain if you do." Liz gives my dad a hug before standing back next to me.

"I'm going to miss you too pops and I love you."

"I'll miss you too Liz, make sure you visit my girl, and you know I love you too kid. You two better head on out now." My dad said with a smile and tears in his eyes.

Nodding I grab Liz's hand and walk to my baby, a matte black audi r8 coupe, sure it was pretty flashy but I loved my car. That's one thing I am grateful about. My dad is pretty wealthy, he comes from old money. He could live comfortably for the rest of his life and so could I if he ever decided to no longer work. I don't like to broadcast it, well usually I don't but I can't deny my baby.

"You okay?" Liz asks as I look at my father who was sti standing there looking at us. He was so much like me or technically I was so much like him. We could have passed for sibling to be honest, but he's my dad and my best friend. Pulling out the driveway, we wave goodbye before I drive Liz back to her house. "Yeah, I mean I have to be, don't I?"

"Yeah, I promise to visit soon okay, make sure you call me when you get there. Maybe, I should go, yeah that would be best."

"Liz, it's okay." I finally pull up to her driveway, put my car on park, and turn to her. "No, Frankie it isn't. What am I going to do without you, you're my best friend and you're leaving and so is my pops, I'll have no one."

"You have other friends, you'll be okay hun." I say smiling at her as tears start running down her face. My perfect friend, I won't lie, I'm going to miss her a lot like a lot a lot but as much as I want her to come with, her family would never let her.

"I don't think I will, you'll be gone, my girlfriend lives like ten hours away and my pops will be across an ocean."

Pulling her in my arms I hug her tightly letting her cry before speaking again. "Look, it's like you said we'll only be four hours apart. You have a car, I have a car we can visit each other, sounds good?"

"Yeah, I guess. You should start heading out, I love you teddy bear." Liz smiles at me making me roll my eyes at her nickname.

"I love you too sunshine." I said making her smile bigger knowing I hate being too affectionate with words. Smiling more she gave me one last big hug before jumping out my car.

Pulling out her driveway, I start heading towards my destination. I grip the wheel trying not to break down. My best friend and my father wouldn't be there everyday like I was used to. I hated this but taking a deep breath I knew I couldn't change it so I might as well enjoy it. I mean for all I knew something great might just happen to me.


Looking around I realize I was semi right about the town. It was a small town there was a bit of a hustle but still small. Pulling into a McDonald's I go ahead and park. I felt like stretching my legs a bit after sitting for four hours.

I call Liz as I get out the car making sure I have my sunglasses on. As I start walking towards the door I realize how everyone seems to be staring at me.

"Yellow bitch this is the cloud how may I help you?" I couldn't help but laugh at her greeting.

"The cloud and yellow, seriously Liz?" I get in line, ignoring the claustrophobic feeling.

"Yes, I was your sunshine but now that you're gone I am the cloud." Chuckling I order my fries and large sweet tea, thanking the young woman.

"Bitch are you eating McDonald's, I want some."

"Go buy some then." I grab my order and leave. Once I get to my baby I get in and take a deep breath. "Dude everyone was fucking staring at me. I felt like I was on display or some shit."

"Haha I mean you are six feet tall and a woman with short hair. I mean you look like a dude the only reason people know you aren't one is your pretty features and your boobs. Hell that's only if you wear a tight shirt. Even your voice is deep obviously not like a man's but it's still deep and husky."

"I know I know, oh man I can already think of all the questions and stares. I want to go home."

"I want you to come back too, hey maybe you can come back." Taking bites of my fries I chew before drinking my tea.

"I would but my mother would probably call my dad."

"True, I miss you." Smiling I pull out the parking lot and drive to my mother's I park outside her house as soon as I find it and stare at it. It was nice, two stories high, nice garden, and it looked homey from the outside.

"I thought this town would be more modern but it's still oldish. There is a bit of a hustle but not really. I'm outside my mother's."

"Bitch, I said I missed you and are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's been four years but how weird can things be right, she's still my mom. I mean sure she hasn't seen me in a while but she sent cards..."

"Yeah, naw bitch things will be awkward but I'll visit and you can too. We'll always be here for each other. Now go, get to know your mom again. I love you."

"I love you too sunshine."

Looking at the two story house I get out and walk up to the door. Taking a deep breath I knock twice and watch as the door opens and in the doorway there's a pretty redhead.

"Uh, are you lost?"

"No, I'm looking for my mother, Brittany Wells." I say as I see her check me out with a frown.

"Are you Francesca?" She asks while staring at my chest making me feel uncomfortable. "Yeah, look is she here?"

"Yeah, she's going to be back soon, she just went to get some food. I'm Emily by the way, you can come in and have a seat in the meantime."

"Thanks, you can call me Frankie." I say as I walk in, take a seat, and wait for my mother to get home.

The longer I waited for my mother to get here the more I wanted to leave. Emily keeps eyeing me as if I am a fucking unicorn. She looks to be about my age or a year or two younger. These days though she could be older or a lot younger than I thought.

That's not my point though my point is that my mother was not here and I was getting uncomfortable.

"I should come back later." I finally say.

"Why, you're going to live here aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I don't know you, it's awkward and you keep staring at me."

Emily has the decency to look down, as her cheeks get rosy pink before replying, "Sorry I guess, well the thing is, you look like a boy."

"Yeah I do, so why do you keep staring."

"Well it's kind of weird. I mean you're a girl but you look like a boy. I know you're a girl because your boobs. They're small though and it's almost hard to see them."

Now it was my turn to blush. I'm not sure if it was out of frustration, embarrassment, or something else but I did not enjoy blushing.

"Right, well Emily, I'm a lesbian, a stereotypical butch lesbian. I have short hair, small boobs, I do not want to be a man. I enjoy men's clothing, they're comfy and I've never been a fan of long hair. I prefer having it gelled up like a dude. I'm still a girl though so staring at my chest is freaking me out, so please stop."

"Sorry." Emily said looking up at my face. Finally!

"It's cool, so how old are you?" I decide to change the topic instead of talking some more about my sexuality.

"I'm seventeen, what about you?"

"Eighteen, you're a junior?"

"Yeah, I'm guessing you're a senior." She said with a smile. Eh, I guess she wasn't too bad.

"Yup, so are there no lesbians in your school or why were you so surprised?"

"There are, but they don't look like you. I mean for one thing most of them aren't as tall as you. Most of them have long hair and the shortest they have it is to their shoulders. Also, they have bigger boobs than you. The rest are your typical feminine women."

"Ah, okay that makes sense then. Most people will more than likely have a bit of trouble. Especially when I wear black button ups. My boobs seem to disappear."

"Yeah I bet they do, hey that's mom and dad pulling up now." Emily looks at the door as we hear a car pulling up into the driveway. I look over as well, my heart hammering in my chest as the doorknob begins to turn.

Clenching my jaw I watch as she stands there smiling. She looks the same to me. Dirty blonde curls, baby blue eyes, and the same smile I remembered.

"Hey, Em who's your friend?" The man behind her asks as my mother continues to stare at me.

I still have my sunglasses on so I know she couldn't see my eyes. I'm not sure if she recognizes me though. My hair has gotten darker in the last few years. I also am a lot taller than I once was and I admit a lot more fit. I used to be a brunette, average size, blue grey eyes and average weight. Now I stand at six feet tall, have dark brown hair almost black, grey dark blue eyes, like a storm and I was obviously gay.

It's almost as if when my mother left my body rejected any resemblance to her. I am more like my father and I sure as hell was not complaining.

"Francesca?" My mother finally asks as she puts the groceries on the couch and walks towards me.

My heart is hammering a lot faster than before as she takes a step closer and closer to me, only stopping as she reaches me. I decide to stand still and watch her reach her hand towards me as if to touch me, but stops herself.

"Yeah, hey..um...uh.." Oh shit, I am trying to say mom but my mouth did not want to say it. My mouth seriously did NOT want to say it.

"Hey, I'm Rick Jacobs, it's nice to finally meet you Francesca." The dude finally breaks the silence as my mother keeps staring at me.

"Hi, yeah, nice to meet you Rick, you can call me Frankie." I said shaking his hand. He seems pleasant enough, shorter than me at 5'7", with brown hair though you can see some red streaks in there at certain angles. He wasn't fat but he sure wasn't fit like my father.

"Right, well I'm going to put this up, dinner should be ready in a bit. Emily, how about you come help me."

"Sure dad." Emily follows Rick out the living room and into the kitchen leaving me alone with my mother.

"You've changed." She finally says as she hugs herself looking at me. Internally I cringe knowing she wasn't okay with me but to her I continue to have a stoic expression.

"Yeah, I have. You look the same." I said putting my hands in my pocket.

"Thanks, I guess, Frankie why do you look like a man?" My mother decides to ask as she continues to stare at me. Obviously, she wants answers more than anything which makes me me snap.

"What...no...like...what? I haven't seen you in four years and that's what you decide to ask? There's no I miss you, sorry for up and leaving when you needed me the most. Sorry for never visiting for the last four years even though I live four hours away." Yeah...I have no idea why I was acting the way I was. I mean I didn't care yet I couldn't seem to stop my mouth.

"Frankie, you don't understand. I wanted to, I did, I just never..." I couldn't listen to this shit. "No, it's fine. I'm sorry for my reactions, it's been so long I wasn't sure what I was expecting. And to be honest you're my mother. I missed you and I hope we can have a connection again while I'm here."

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