tagGay MaleSports Massage from Friend's Dad Ch. 02

Sports Massage from Friend's Dad Ch. 02


Braden couldn't believe he was actually going to the Fourth of July party.

He was in his car on his way back over to his friend Nathan's house—the same house where only a day prior he had taken his first fucking from his father's sizable cock.

He had fucked him in the ass on the massage table. And then he had cum in his mouth—even as Braden could taste his own ass on the cock. And then after a short break he had taken him again. He had used Braden's body in every way imaginable. He had fucked him like a nasty slut, treated him like an absolute cum whore, and for some mind-blowingly strange reason, Braden loved every goddamn minute of it.

Braden's mind was still having trouble catching up with the entire thing. He had believed his entire life that he was completely straight—ripped straight out of an a-typical Super Bowl beer commercial. He had, on his own sexual journey, bedded plenty of beautiful girls whom he'd quite enjoyed his time with...and yet, after just one surprisingly wild day, he suddenly could not take his mind off of cock...the feeling of it...the way it filled him up...the way he seemed to be absolutely desperate for it. And not just any cock. He couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Coleman's cock. Long and thick with a perfect, pulsing vein running down it's middle.

When he pulled up to the house, he swallowed a lump in his throat that he hadn't even realized was there. He was incredibly nervous for some reason and he didn't know why.

He was sure everything would be fine. He certainly didn't want anyone to know what had happened and he was sure Mr. Coleman would feel the same.

When he got to the house around three that afternoon the party was already in full swing. Nathan answered the door and happily welcomed his best friend in with their usual high-five. He ushered him into the house where guests in bathing suits and towels walked throughout the large property as they retrieved plates full of snacks or drinks to head back outside with.

When they got to the kitchen, Nathan offered him a beer from a nearby ice chest, which he gladly took. It was just then that Linus walked in.

"Hey! Braden, good to see ya," he said as he held out his hand to shake as if nothing had happened.

"Hey Mr. Coleman," Braden said, his mind doing cartwheels as he tried to keep things simple.

"Oh, please, call me Linus, Mr. Coleman makes me sound like I'm someone's boring dad," Linus said, and Braden felt a shiver at the insinuation. "So how are the muscles fairing?" He said, as gave Braden a friendly slap on his back. Braden loved the feel of his powerful hand on his body again. If Nathan only knew the subtext of this situation, he thought.

"Oh, much better, I'm feely really loose now thanks to you." He couldn't believe what he'd just said. Who the fuck was he right now, anyway?!

"Isn't he amazing? Toldja he'd fix you up real good, man!" Nathan said as he grabbed a couple towels off the table and beckoned Braden out to the pool. Braden caught Linus's eyes as he followed after his oblivious friend and he could've sworn he saw the most imperceptible of smiles.

The boys headed out to the pool as the smells of the nearby BBQ grill engulfed them in the pleasurable smoke of sizzling meats and skewers of vegetables and caramelizing sauces. The back yard was packed with people they'd grown up with and the outdoor sound system boomed with a fun mish-mash of top 40 radio hits and 90's hip hop with the occasional rock and country mixed in—clearly a set-list for everyone attending.

Nathan had invited over a number of their good friends from high school years including a couple of girls that Braden had had various interactions with in his past flirtations. They looked amazing in their summer bikinis and giant sunglasses. Some hung at the side of the pool with various coasters and plates of chips. There were floating pool toys with beer pong being played both in and out of the water.

Lanterns and streamers and various patriotic regalia littered the property like a scene out of 'The Music Man.'

There was probably around 75 people there—including many familiar faces that Braden had grown up with.

"Come on man, let's get in the pool." Nathan said as he plopped their towels down on the side with their beers and dove in. Braden took off his shirt and shorts to reveal a very small pair of swim trunks that were almost European in their styling.

"Wow, check out Cristiano Ronaldo over here on the runway!" Nathan said as some of their friends did a little mock cheer as they all chuckled at Braden's fairly small swim trunks. They weren't that small...they just weren't board shorts—such was the ribbing of friends.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, laugh it up...laugh it up...just because I look good like this!" And like that Braden did a huge cannonball into the pool which soaked many of his nearest hecklers.

As the afternoon drifted by, more beers and snacks and bitchin' music and games of corn hole toss in the backyard were had.

Braden talked to Nathan's mom for a bit in the pool. She was still incredibly attractive for her age—dark red hair and a body that reflected the mountain biking she had done her entire life. The entire family really had lucked out in the whole good looks gene pool thing.

There were moments when he'd occasionally lock eyes with Mr. Coleman from across the yard and he'd feel his dick pulse with excitement, or his asshole contract for that matter. The previous days continued to run through his head, and even more so as he downed his fourth and fifth beers of the day.

Soon the crowd grew larger and drunker and even more congenial. There was lots of alcohol to be had all around and when it wasn't beers it was Jello shots (or regular shots for that matter). Everyone was festive and sun-soaked and quite comfortable with each other by now.

As it got darker and the revelers had begun to stake out spots on the lawn for the fireworks display that would soon be starting, Braden got up from his group of five that had made a small, half-circle on a grouping of towels. There was Nathan and three fairly attractive girls that the boys had been hanging out with most of the afternoon, two of which they'd gone to school with.

"Be right back...gonna use the restroom before the fireworks start." Braden announced, though no one was really listening. Nathan was too busy flirting with the girls as they played some weird hand game that had them all laughing to themselves at the results.

Braden made his way into the house and noticed that the first restroom was already occupied with a small line so he ventured further along to the hallway bathroom where Mr. Coleman's office was also located. He quickly jetted into the restroom and relieved himself as he felt his entire body glow with the warm goodness of his alcohol buzz—that comfortable sort of hum that makes you feel all good inside.

When he flushed and washed up he came back into the darkened hallway and saw Mr. Coleman standing there by his office door. He was only wearing his swim trunks and Braden could see his hand was resting on a sizable bulge in them as he gulped nervously as he stood before the man who had thoroughly taken his anal virginity. He felt like a mouse caught in a lion's trap. He wondered if Mr. Coleman had been waiting for just such a moment.

Linus undid the drawstring of his shorts and slid them over the small tuft of hair above his cock. Braden watched helplessly as the impressive silhouette of his tool came into view.

"Get on your knees," Linus said, and Braden immediately did as he was told. He then crawled over as he closed the distance between them and pulled Mr. Coleman's trunks down to his thigh as he took his pulsing hard-on and rubbed it all over his face. Braden moaned against the shaft as it pushed against his cheek and nose and forehead...he felt the soft, firm helmet tip on his eyelids and loved the way the shaft slid past his suddenly needy lips as the precum smeared over his chin and mouth like a salty wh'ordeuvres. Braden couldn't believe it...he was apparently becoming a willing cocksucker too.

Linus finally brought his cock down and held Braden's head still with his other hand as he slid the giant serpent between Braden's open lips with a slow but purposeful push.

If anyone had walked into the hallway at that moment they would've seen Braden having his mouth stretched by the host of the party with his own cock straining against his small swim trunks.

But no one did, and Braden moaned around the cock in submissive lust as he tasted a combination of lotion and pool chlorine. Linus held Braden's head in his hands as he pulled his cock all the way to the very front of Braden's mouth and then pushed it a good five or six inches down his learning throat. Braden gagged a little and felt his eyes water as he struggled to be a good cocksucker. He wanted to be so badly. He wanted to be a lot of things for Mr. Coleman. He thought about the ways girls had sucked on him—the way they pulled their teeth back and focused on their lips and their tongue—the way they allowed their throat to relax to take him deeper, breathing slowly through their nose, the way they actually sucked so that the suction increased the pleasure, especially around his tip and the underside of the helmet.

He tried all of these things. Linus moaned his approval at the way Braden sucked. He jacked him off from the base as his mouth focused just on the head, swirling his tongue around it while using both hands to work the shaft as his fists bounced up against his lips. He really was loving every second of this.

Suddenly they heard a noise at the end of the hall as someone was approaching. Linus hurriedly stood Braden up as the cock slipped from his mouth with a giant string of saliva running down Braden's chin and neck. He quickly ushered him into his office as he closed the door behind them. They listened as someone shuffled past outside the door to find the second bathroom. Soon they had done their business and headed back towards the party.

He pushed Braden up on the massage table near the window with the half-open blinds as the sights and sounds of the party blurred together outside. The office had no lights on but everything was slightly illuminated by the glow of the themed lanterns and sparklers.

Linus pulled Braden's body to the edge of the table and admired the young man's body anew. He was fit and muscular, but also slim and so obviously submissive to him. He easily manhandled him as he pulled off his tiny swim trucks leaving him naked.

He pushed Braden's legs back and exposed his ass as he dipped his face in and licked Braden's asshole. Braden moaned again as he his taint and hole were thoroughly rimmed by his Mr. Coleman. He loved the feeling of the tongue on his ass—something he'd only ever had happen once before with a particularly kinky girlfriend. His ass was quickly covered in spit and slippery wet.

With absolutely zero room left for doubt Linus immediately stood up and covered his cock in a dollop of lube and then lined it up with Braden's excited asshole at the edge of the table. He put each of Braden's legs up on his shoulders and slowly pushed his giant cock back into Braden's craven booty. Braden felt his own cock grew to full size as if it was being directly inflated in correlation to the amount he was being filled.

"Unggghhh fucckkk," Braden moaned, immediately loving his return to this new pleasure island. Mr. Coleman pulled all they way out and then pushed all the way back in eight times before he had fully bottomed out in the younger boy's ass as Braden felt his tightness giving way once more.

"Tell me how badly you need to be fucked right now, Braden." Mr. Coleman said in an incredibly confident voice. Braden couldn't believe how dominant he was...how instantly he took control of Braden's entire train of thought and demanded subservience.

"Sooooo badly!" Braden moaned back as he felt Linus's cock thrust into him as he held his legs firmly in the air.

Braden couldn't believe the image. He had his legs up around this silver fox's shoulders like a total whore—he was being totally used by his friend's father for his pleasure—it felt so reversed from so many of his past sexual encounters. So many times he had fucked a girl just like this, with her slutty legs thrown up over his shoulders for easy access. Now here he was, being taken by his best friend's dad for the second time in two days. And he was absolutely desperate for it. He even stuck some fingers into his mouth because he wanted to suck on something while he was fucked. Then he pulled Mr. Coleman's own hand up and started sucking on some of his fingers while he was fucked. He liked having something to moan on while his ass was filled. It was all so strangely brand new to him—this new role that he wanted to play—this need to have cocks inside of both of his holes. It was a shock to his sexual status quo and he moaned even at the thought of his brazenly burgeoning inner slut as it began to come out more.

"Are you gonna be a good little cockslut for me, Braden?" Linus asked him as he bounced into the boys butt with firm, pounding pumps which sent loud skin smacking slaps into the air. It sounded like a cheap porno.

"Mmmm. Yes. Please. Make. Me. Your. Cock. Slut. Fughh. Mmmmm. Ughhh. Fughh!" Braden moaned one word at a time as if each powerful thrust of Mr. Coleman's cock was taking control of him both sexually and grammatically. He felt his ass pulsing with wave after wave of excitement each new time this gorgeous penis opened him up and rubbed it's bulbous head against his prostate. Braden moaned with such a delicious pace that it sounded like he was riding a bucking bronco while also trying to recite his ABC's.

"That's a good little SLUT," Linus really leaned into that last word as he continued his oil drilling of the willing ass that bounced back towards him on the edge of the table. "And Braden, from now on, I want you to call me Daddy when I fuck you, do I make myself clear?"

"FUCK...Yessss, Daddy!" Braden's own cock seemed to get even harder at being made to use the word 'Daddy' for Mr. Coleman. Now this wasn't just his first gay sex...this was his first kinky gay sex—a new Xbox achievement unlocked. This was glorious. It was so damned everything. It was so fucking yes.

"You like being fucked by Daddy, slut?" Linus asked.

"Yes, Daddy," Braden moaned back.

"You like the way Daddy's big cock fills your tight, little asshole? Your hard cock shows me just what a little COCKSLUT you've already become for me."

"YES, DADDDY!" Braden moaned back again.

Fireworks had begun to explode outside in the distant air as purples and violets and tangerines jumped through the slightly-parted blinds of the office and illuminated the back walls. As Braden watched, he couldn't be sure if it was the actual fireworks, or if his prostate was shooting actual colors out into the night as it discovered new zones of erogenous bliss.

There was the sound of patriotic big band music booming majestically from the live orchestra at the nearby park as it accompanied. And in that moment, Braden had to confess that the current song was correct: he was a grand old fag, a high-flying fag.

"Do you wanna watch the fireworks while I fuck you, slut?" Mr. Coleman asked suddenly.

Braden was confused for a moment, but then he understood. Mr. Coleman pulled his cock out and flipped Braden over onto his knees in a doggy style position on the edge of the massage table facing the window. Braden pushed his ass backwards, already excited to be taken again from behind. This was his favorite position so far. There was something so naughty about it—about being bent over for another guy...he loved that. He loved being bent over like a slut. He understood why girls loved it so much now. There was a power in it...a seductive and yet submissive power. His body was in absolute awe of this new ecstasy—of being the slut—of being taken—of having his ass on display like he was a piece of meat to be purchased and devoured.

Mr. Coleman pushed Braden back on the table so he could climb up and properly doggy style him. They were both totally naked now and had a great view of the fireworks show going on up in the sky as Linus slid his cock fully back into Braden's loosened buns.

"How big are you, Daddy?" Braden asked, as Linus fucked him.

"I'm over seven inches Braden, and I'm thick." Braden himself was just a hair short of seven inches and he knew that girls typically liked his size quite a bit. He could tell that Mr. Coleman was thicker though because his ass truly did stretch a lot to the sides when he was fucked to accommodate the invader. He remembered the first girl whose ass he had ever fucked, how stretched her hole looked around his shaft...he wondered if his hole looked the same for Mr. Coleman...he hoped that it did.

"Wow," Braden responded. He was amazed he had taken so quickly to such a sizable cock. Two days ago he was as straight as a drive through Kansas and now suddenly he had zigzagged into a total cock slut for his best friend's beast of a dad.

"Yeah Braden, you're doing a very good job with my big cock in this ass. That's because we've discovered that you are definitely a cock slut. Braden loved it every single time he was called that. It checked off a very new box that he didn't fully understand, but he liked it a lot.

Braden bounced his ass backwards to meet each thrust as his own precum dribbled out of his dick from the pounding assault.

Loud moans paralleled loud explosions up in the night sky.

Braden's eyes were rolling back in his head as he enjoyed every second with his new Daddy's cock when all of a sudden...

...the door to the office was opened.

Since his back was to the door and shielded from view, Braden didn't know who it was...he tried to get up and hide but Mr. Coleman simply held him in place on his cock. He was strong. Braden couldn't move.

Then he heard the voice of Nathan's mom, Mrs. Coleman.

"So, which 4th of July slut did you seduce this year my sexy husband?" She mused as she walked into the room and over to Linus. She looked over his shoulder and saw Braden bent over with his ass completely stuffed with her husband's manhood.

"Oh my god!" She said as Braden looked over his shoulder at her with a terrified expression. "Well this is definitely a twist," she said, but she seemed absolutely delighted by the entire thing, as if there wasn't anything sneaky going on here at all.

"Oh my God, Mrs. Coleman, I can explain..." Braden started, but she cut him off as she walked over his side and put a finger to his lips as her other hand touched the small of his back. She smelled like vanilla suntan lotion.

"Braden, you don't have to explain anything at all sweetie. You're getting fucked by my husband because you like his cock and my husband is fucking you because he likes your ass, it's as simple as that, do you understand?" She said it with such authoritative certainty that all he could do was nod back at her even as he moaned from Linus's sudden flexing of his cock.

"Good then, now, please, get back to what you two were doing when I walked in. This is my favorite part of the Fourth of July party—watching my bull husband take naughty sluts in his office."

Linus began pumping Braden's ass once again and Braden moaned as he felt Mrs. Coleman's soft hands move down to his ass cheeks to spread them apart. She watched her man dominate his prey with an experienced pride even as she pulled Braden's buns apart even more for her husband.

"Ya know, I've gotten so used to watching you scandalize our neighbor's daughters and wives...that I forgot that you occasionally liked to seduce straight boys into becoming cock sluts for you." She said admiringly to Linus, as she leaned up and kissed him while he kept a nice pace in Braden's ass. Braden couldn't believe what he was hearing—where he fit into all of this as she talked about him like he was a simple notch in their belt.

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