tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 12

Spreading Seeds Ch. 12


Chapter 12 - Kissing the Monkey

I sat in the kitchen looking at the pipe while listening to June's happy "Undecipherable Pronouncements of Passion", as Sarge called them. I had looked around figuring I'd to let June have her fun and I had nothing better to do so I opened the cooler cabinet and saw that April had even put a light pipe into the back of it so when you looked in you could see the contents. There were two bottles of Sarge's Suds left so I took one and opened it, as June shouted something loudly and yelled, "Suck me you big Bitch!"

I took a drink and sat down and looked at the pipe. It was perfect and I looked at the sample tray. I picked it up and smelled each sample and got the smell of weed and I don't know, tar? I picked up and inspected the small probe June had used to scrape up the samples and saw that the bowl of the pipe was just there and my buzz had disappeared like my erection when I had done the Way of the Weasel so I figured I'd smoke a bowl and let the girls play Kiss the Monkey until the noise died down.

I looked at the samples and could identify each of the samples June had taken from by the scratches in the surfaces of the sample. I turned the case around and counted, yes, there was number three and eleven and that was sixteen. I remembered what Sarge had said about smoking strange stuff but I figured that number three had been mild and June had said she was picking the mildest ones, so I decided to try some of what June had tried, Number eleven.

The scuffle had died down and I thought about returning to the bed room when I heard April's voice, no words just "UPP" but that meant the June was taking me up on my request so I picked up the scraper and decided that I'd at least take only as much as June had scooped for herself, after all I didn't really know the dosages and June did.

I scraped up a little less than June had and called it good. I had observed June rolled it into a ball and I did the same and loaded the pipe.

Now that I had the pipe all loaded I realized I needed a light and because of the sky lighting in Aprils dome home, there were no candles to be found burning. So I went looking and found that the gas ring had a pilot flame and there were pine splinters in an open box nearby. I lit a splinter and hurried to the table and fired up the bong.

I took the hit and held it a long time, it was mild and like number three didn't irritate the throat. I set the pipe down and April was moaning and "UPPing" again and I figured I had it made. June will do the Licking and I would do the Dicking. I laughed at that and laughed some more and realized that this wasn't like number three. No this gave you the incentive to do things like.... I don't know, like fuck a grizzly bear, or ride into Davis and fuck all those bitches.

I was sitting in the chair just smiling when April and June came into the kitchen. "Oh Josh where have you been?" April asked.

I looked up at them, "Just sittin' here." I said.

June came over and looked at the sample case and then at me. "Josh did you smoke some number eleven." June asked.

April asked June, "Is this bad?"

"No," June said, "but we need to get him in the bedroom."

"I can walk" I said. If little June could take it I figured I could.

April and June came to support me and each put an arm around me. I giggled, "Your titties feel so hot."

June laughed and said, "I've got April all warmed up and now you are on big boy."

I laughed and they led me to the bedroom. In truth I really didn't need their help but I held on the both of them and played a little grab ass with them until they dropped me on the bed. April crawled up on my chest and kissed me. "Josh just fuck me. Fuck me Josh, I want your baby in me."

I rolled her over on her back and checked her lubricant level with my fingers. She moaned and she appeared to be topped up so I just spread her legs and climbed on. I was gentle as I entered that soft warm cavity that is on a man's mind more often than not. I settled into her arms and pulled her knees up and out and began.

I started with a Missionary Crawl and converted that into a Cervix Roll then started the Long Banana as she climaxed. I felt like I could fuck a buffalo, strong and hard and hot! But as she collapsed in to jelly I released the controls and started to work up a load that would blow her ovaries in to next week.

I stayed with the Long Banana and in a few minutes had worked the demons into launch position. I started a slow meat slap and worked up the rhythm until April was moaning "Oh OH OH!" every time I hit bottom and June was holding her face and saying "Oh OH OH!" in counterpoint to April's panting and I felt the welcome arrival of the boys!

I positioned myself to put them right at the mouth of the cervix and let them out, Moose coughing and grunting as June exhorted me to give it to her again. I collapsed on to April's chest and held one of her legs up, I couldn't reach the other one and June lifted it up for me. I pulled April's limp form into position and lifted her hips for June to put a pillow under and slowly pulled out. April whimpered and June was kissing her telling her everything was all right. I grabbed a towel and dried myself then cleaned up the drips on April's abdomen and kissed her pussy one last time. April squirmed but she was too tired to do much else.

I wrapped her in the towel and put her in the egg position. Got her all set and fell back on the bed. June and April cuddled and kissed, whispered and laughed, I let them have the moment and smiled with my eyes closed catching my breath and thinking about how happy I had been able to make them.

I pulled the covers over me and thought about how hard my dick was after plowing such a furrow. I thought it was the feeling of helping these two talented and giving women that inspired it. The women were whispering and then I heard April say, "Well ask him."

I looked over at them and June looked at me and smiled, pulled the covers up on April and tucked her in. I knew what was coming and did the first verse of the weasel in my mind as June came over and slipped in beside me and wrapped herself around me. "Brr it is getting a little chilly," She said.

I wrapped my arm around her and said, "Just lie here with me a while. April needs to marinate for a half hour."

She laid her head on my chest and kissed my hairy nipple. "I don't know how to thank you Josh. You ..."

I squeezed her and said, "Can I say that I enjoyed myself, that it was the first time I've felt at home since I left Davis? That is all the thanks I need and I owe you and April many thanks for letting me into your home and allowing me to participate."

She looked up and kissed me and then kissed me again then drew back, laid her head on my chest and said, "Josh?"


"April wanted me to ask you if.." She hesitated and pushed her smooth warm belly against my hip; "if you would allow me to feel it inside me" she finished hurriedly.

I drew back my head and looked at her; she was smiling an entreaty and a very impelling one. "Do you really want to do this," I asked.

"Well April said I had to feel what it was like to really share the experience and," She looked at April and smiled then back at me, "and I ... I thought that day in the fields..."

"Yes" I asked.

"Well that you were so kind and hopeful, I thought that I wouldn't mind having your child. That I knew that you were a good man and would have good genes. Last night in the bath house you were so understanding and today you were so much fun. Well I want to feel you inside me just once." Her head was on my chest and I could feel the tension in her neck as she waited for my answer.

I let her wait a bit refreshing the weasel one more time and said, "If you are sure that you want to and April consents," I looked over at April who grinned and nodded, "Ok but junior is going to need a little encouragement. I left a big load in April and he's a little tired."

June's head came up and kissed me on the cheek.

"A little more encouragement than that," I laughed.

June then took her time, lay one perfect breast on my chest her pelvis on my hip, pulled back her hair and bent to kiss me. She put a hand in my hair and sucked me in.

I fondled her breast and pulled her nipple and opened the controls a little. "June, if you were to kiss it now it might come back. April is so powerful I think she may have spoiled me for other women."

April laughed and June said, "I know, isn't exciting the way she holds you?"

"June, I think you might find some of April's essences under the foreskin." I said trying to look mischievous.

June looked at me shocked then smiled evilly and patted my cheek, Josh! I think you're wicked!" and then squirmed under the covers.

Now I was about half hard and I knew she wasn't going to deep throat me, but I was stoned enough that it didn't matter. I turned on my side so she had easy access and let the dogs out.

June had me hard as a rock in a minute but kissed the big end for a little longer until it was very solid. "Now where was that buffalo you wanted me to fuck?" I thought.

June came up my chest kissing me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Was the sufficient encouragement?" If she hadn't been so smug I wouldn't have shut down the third control.

I spun her onto her back and split her legs with my head and started licking her to get her wet. That took 10 maybe 15 seconds. Holding her firmly and moving her powerfully but smoothly I sat her on my lap and had her lift her hips while I guided my penis into her.

She accepted the first three inches easily then stopped, her eyes opened, "Oh Josh," and I pulled it out a little and she put it in a little and I pull it out and she would put it back in. She was looking at me the whole time and changing facial expressions on each stroke, so I started letting her stroke while I eased about six inches in to her. That got her smiling.

I let her smile and take it all. By the time she hit bottom she wasn't smiling but she was happy.

June was enjoying herself and April was laughing and I wasn't feeling exactly sorry for myself either but I moved her into a supine over stroke position. That would exercise her clit as much as possible and limit depth. June was right, I was wicked.

I had her by the fourteenth stroke and June whispered hoarsely in my ear softly, "Oh Fuck me you Big Bastard!" and I did.

It was magical. She was climaxing and I was grunting into a meat slapper and as she broke and she was moaning, I shifted in to slow Long Banana and she relaxed and rode the crest of the wave all the way to the beach. I moved in to a belly slide and just let it pop in and out and she never pushed me away even though she was "UPPing" all the way.

I stopped for a while but I held her captive with my body kissing her strongly and when her arms regained some strength and when she was about to crush my chest, I moved the belly slide back up and gave her all of it. She squealed and wrapped her legs around my waist and began to thrust.

I rolled her onto my chest and had her straddle me. Her hair was all over her face and she sat back and brushed it all back. I took her hips and pushed them back so she had me full inside her and had her move back and forth. She smiled and lifted her hips and got a little different feel and then her legs gave out and she fell onto my chest panting.

June pulled herself up on her forearms and brushed the hair out of her eyes, "Josh Number eleven is a special product I was working on and I need to ask you"


Do you feel more or less virile?"

"You mean more than normal," I asked and pushed into her a little.

She put her face on my sweaty chest and moaned but pushed back.

Her head came up slowly and she asked again, "Well do you?"

I considered it a little as I stroked her about two inches in and out for a while. She was moaning so much I had a hard time deciding but said, "Yes now that you mention it I do feel more virile."

"Oh then it worked and I felt it too. Oh that's great news." June gushed.

"Inconclusive sample size," April observed.

"But promising results from initial testing, Miss Smarty Pants." June replied.

I laughed and they joined in and I felt virile again and kissed June,

"Can you take a little more?" I asked softly.

"Oh Josh, The way I feel right now I could fuck you silly but I know that it will make me sore. But if you like and go slowly I would love it."

I kissed her and slowly moved her into a Happy Camper. On her side with her lower leg pulled up above my hipbone and her upper leg over my other hip bone. I couldn't get a lot of action but it was comfortable and relaxing to kiss her and slide effortlessly into her pink little pussy.

She was sweating and moaning and getting wetter by the minute so I summoned the demons, and drew a blank. I kept stroking and thought of Charlotte and how she always had a thing for me and how she smelled. Not of sex and sweat but freesia and how one day in the sunflower fields when we were 19 we fumbled our clothes off so fast and did the nasty standing up amid the sunflowers. How she smelled and stood on top of a furrow so we would fit and how the earth moved for her and she slipped down and took it all for the first time.

About 175,000 or so volunteers answered that call and I put it to June hard. She took it hard and climaxed again. Not long, but enough. As my penis pulsed she kissed me and took it all. Moaning and sliding she moved in jerky movements. I put my hand on June's ass and stopped her I just held her close and let her come down slowly.

I still had a hardon for June, she was delightful. I knew that this was a special moment for her and April and despite the sluggishness I felt, I rolled her over and we scooted up to where the women were eye to eye and I could reach a towel. By now my sluggishness was relenting and I felt like I could fuck some more but I withdrew and put June in an Egg position next to April and left the two of them to marinate while I went to find where April had put my clothes.

I went in to the bath room and took a long and much anticipated piss in the urinal on the wall and just stood there draining the dragon without using my hands. It felt wonderful and almost gave me another hardon. I guess Juney's smoke was still working. I found my clothes except my boots, put them on and went looking for my boots and new socks.

I found my boots in the sitting area and heard the women whispering and laughing. So I went around and set on the bed to put on my boots. April put out her hand on my arm, "Josh thank you for everything. June told me you were kind and wouldn't hold us up like Sarge tried to do. Thank You."

"Sarge is not very romantic and he doesn't see what I see. He probably was just trying to get you to find someone else to help you. I am very glad you found me to help you. "

April's hand squeezed my arm and she said, "Come let me give you a kiss. I can't move or Juney will slap me."

"After all the trouble we went through, I just don't want you to spill any of Josh until the conception is complete." June piped up.

I leaned down and kissed April, a soft kiss on her forehead.

She caught my head with her hand and drew me to her lips and kissed me, it was wet and hot and had a lot of tongue. I'll admit that that gave me a hardon and I considered giving April another go-round but alas I had a customer who wanted a shampoo and a special massage and it was getting late.

I went around the bed and sat next to June and kissed her lightly on the lips. She responded but not like April had. June smiled at me and said, "Thank you Josh, I don't know why I have to do the Egg too but it has been nice laying here with April."

"Juney just stay where you are. I looked you up in Ginny's records last night and maybe, just maybe, you could catch too. I mean it is a little early for you, but perhaps your ovaries are a little quick on delivery? Anyway you stay in the egg for a while longer and talk to April. OK?" I kissed her again and stood, "Ladies it was a pleasure, April keep June in her egg and both of you think about the thousands of little swimmers trying to find that egg. Try to open yourselves up and accept the gift of life."

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