tagSci-Fi & FantasyDemonbeast Invasion Renewed

Demonbeast Invasion Renewed


A stunningly beautiful woman with a voluptuous, hour-glass figure and silky platinum-white blonde hair that reached her shoulders stood on the bridge of an Interplanetary Mutual Observation spacecruiser hidden in the vast shadow behind Earth's moon. The gorgeous woman's real name was Hilde but the all-female crew of the spacecruiser only knew her as Admiral Marshal Lady H, the supreme commander of the IMO.

Hilde wore a high-tech visor covering half of her alluring face and her spectacular, DD-cup bustline filled out a tiny, black string-bikini top that barely contained her full, tanned tits. Her curving hips and long, shapely legs were covered in a skintight black stocking-pants so snug and close-fitting she might have been nude from below her slender waist. She wore a long, bordered cape with embossed shoulder guards designating her high rank and her spiked, black high heels clicked on the glossy, mirrored bridge deck whenever she moved. Although her exhibitionist garments left absolutely none of her curvaceous body to the imagination, Hilde was completely unconcerned with her almost-nakedness as her impossibly blue eyes swept over the bridge

A vast view of the Earth's moon stretched across the forward bridge windows while lovely, buxom IMO agents worked at their stations. They wore mirrored helmets completely covering their faces but apart from armored shoulder pads and hip-boots, most of their well-endowed, sexy bodies were left exposed by meager, black, string bikini-tops and matching thongs pulled high up into their round, firm asses.

Hilde gazed around the bridge, impatiently waiting for reports from the IMO agents she had sent to Earth. The Interplanetary Mutual Observation agency was about to enter an entirely new phase of their long conflict with the Demonbeasts or Yojuu from Quasar BHL5200. Earth and human men on that planet were proving to be the key to it all.

"Bring up the medical bay containing the Human-Yojuu hybrids," Hilde ordered, her honeyed, throaty voice firm with authority. While she waited, Hilde decided she would observe how things were progressing in the medical bay.

"Yes, Admiral!" responded one of the busty IMO bridge officers instantly.

Rectangular screens appeared all over the exterior windows showing views of scores of beautiful, naked women being vigorously fucked by inhuman creatures with vaguely humanoid shapes in the expansive medical bay. The women's gasping cries of revolted horror and breathy moans of helpless ecstasy filled the entire bridge. Every one of the women were IMO agents who had been impregnated and then given impossibly swift birth to the alien creature that was now fucking them, the nude women and their monstrous offspring in countless different positions as they heaved together on the rows of medical beds.

Hilde touched a console on a nearly railing with her slim hand and one of the screens expanded to a close up of a dark-haired blonde with big breasts and smooth, tanned skin laying on one of the beds with a green-skinned, completely bald, human-alien hybrid barely half of her size laying on top of her nude body and eagerly thrusting a massively engorged cock deep into her wide-stretched, golden-haired pussy.

"AAHHH!" cried the naked blonde as the inhuman creature she had birthed thrust relentlessly into her cunt, her limbs splayed over the edges of the bed, her big, firm tits bouncing as waves of pleasure washed through her entire body . "No! Stop-ahhh!" she gasped in horrified ecstasy. "AHHHHH!"

"Mother! Mother!!!!!" hissed the small alien hybrid relentlessly pumping on top of the flushed, aroused blonde. The hybrid's small head just reached her heaving tits as he happily staring up at the much taller, moaning woman with glowing red eyes, The hybrid had a blunt, skull-like face with a wide slavering. fang-filled mouth and a long tongue he used to lick the blonde's sweat-slick breasts as he stared up longingly at her.

"Yessss, Mother! " the hybrid cried out in delirious, joyous pleasure as he pumped steadily between the blonde's open thighs. "We're together, Mother! Doesn't it feel good??"

"Stop!! Oh nooo, stop!! Noooo!!" moaned the blonde but she made no attempt to push away her alien offspring as he lovingly nuzzled his alien face between her warm, soft tits. Monitoring screens above the bed showed that the blonde's heartrate was skyrocketing and her other vital signs going wild as her whole body was stimulated beyond her ability to control.

"EEEEEE!!" The buxom blonde let out a helpless cry of ecstasy as her vital signs spiked and she climaxed with a powerful, overwhelming orgasm from her alien offspring's eager fucking. A counter on the monitoring screen increased by one more to show a total of more than two hundred orgasms experienced by the blonde. The hybrid did not slow down and before the blonde had a chance to recover, he continued thrusting his massive cock even harder into her dripping, tight cunt, his red, alien eyes blazing with desire and lust to make her climax even more.

"OHH!! Ohhh it feels so GOOD!! AAAA!!" The blonde cried out again and her orgasm counter on the screen blinked up one more. Overwhelmed, the blonde's resistance finally crumbled and she threw her arms and legs around her monstrous alien son. She arched her back on the bed, her body tensing as she dug her fingers into the hybrid's smooth, tensing shoulders, pulling him closer to her as she gave into his inhuman lusts.

"Yes Mother, give into your true feelings!!" The hybrid hissed in triumphant pleasure as he felt the blonde submit. In return he reached up to clutch her firm, generous breasts in his small, clawed hands. The blonde let out another gasp of surprised pleasure as she felt her tingling breasts swell up under the little alien's squeezing grip and twin spurts of warm milk shot from her stiff, excited nipples.

The hybrid's glowing eyes grew eager seeing his mother's milk spray from the tips of the big, tanned globes and two, snake-like tentacles sprouted from the the alien's heaving back. Slavering mouths opened at their ends and they shot up over the hybrid's head to latch onto the blonde's breasts. The mouths began fiercely sucking the blonde's warm, sweet milk from her tits, pulling her big globes upward from her chest as they drew her milk from her nipples.

"OOHH!!" the blonde exclaimed in heightened ecstasy from the stimulation of her alien offspring feeding at her breasts. She clutched hybrid's small pumping torso even tighter in a desperate hug, her previous protests completely forgotten. "OHHHH!!! OHHH YES!!" She cried out even as she climaxed again.

"Yes Mother! YES!!" The alien hybrid exclaimed happily, his hips instantly going twice as fast between the blonde's clutching thighs while his tentacles sucked more milk from her bouncing tits. His inhuman hands dropped down to grip the blonde's curving hips that were twice a wide as his body. The hybrid's clawed feet desperately scrabbled at the bed as he sought to push his massive, throbbing cock even deeper into his sexy, gasping mother.

"AAAHH!!" The blonde let out a long, aching cry as she ground her hips against her alien son, eagerly wanting him to share in her climax. She felt her offspring's massive, rigid penis swell even further in response to her ecstatic cry and the flood of sticky cunt wetness that poured from her womb over the throbbing, plunging shaft.

"MOTHER!!" The hybrid threw his head back and let out a hissing howl as he matched his mother's orgasm, shooting a tremendous gout of sticky, alien cum deep up into her belly while desperately gripping her smooth, rounded buttocks with his claws.

The mixed screams of the blonde and the hybrid faded and they both went limp, gasping for breath together on the bed. The sucking tentacles released her breasts with wet pops to fall loosely to the sides, the blonde's sweet mother's milk dripping from their lax jaws.

After a few still moments, the blonde stirred and her blue eyes fluttering open. A expression of pure contentment filled her beautiful, flushed face and she stared down at the alien hybrid in her arms, a warm, loving smile spreading over her lips. She raised her slender hands to gently stroke her gasping alien offspring as he shuddered and recovered from shooting his load of inhuman seed into her. Roused by his mother's tender movement's the hybrid blinked open his round, glowing eyes and raised his head to look up at her past her jutting breasts.

"Mother," the hybrid hissed lovingly and began softly nuzzling his inhuman face between the blonde's big, milk-soaked tits and began to move his little hips again between her open thighs, unable to contain the overpowering lust for his beautiful, naked mother.

"Ooooo, yes!" the blonde let out a new moan of arousal as she felt the hybrid start to slowly push his already stiffening penis at her one more. She did not resist at all and willingly lifted up her legs to wrap around her alien son's body once again as he began to fuck her once more.

Many of the women in the medical bay had not yet been overwhelmed by the intense fucking of their monstrous offspring. On the bed next to the blonde was a stunning, naked redheaded woman with a flawless, ivory-white complexion. She was face-down on the bed with sexy rear pointed upward and her big breasts crushed into the mattress as she squirmed and struggled against her large, Human-Yojuu hybrid offspring ramming his thick cock into her cunt from behind. The alien hybrid was much bigger than the redhead with purplish skin and wide shoulders and a pair of tentacles sprouted from his back and stretched down to wrap around her long, smooth legs, holding his sexy mother in place as he pounded away at her.

"No! NOOOO!" the redhead screamed as she was penetrated by her hideous offspring, aroused sweat streaming down her lovely face and her cheeks deeply flushed with unwanted pleasure. The readouts over her bed showed her vital signs were as aroused as every other woman in the room and the count of the redhead's orgasms was nearly twice as high than most of the others, but she continued to struggle and fight with revulsion against her monstrous alien son as he eagerly fucked her.

The medical monitors over the redhead also showed views inside her shapely body, every one focused on her vaginal channel and womb whose wet, red walls were being filled and stretched by her offspring's inhumanly massive cock that was more than a foot in length. The stiff organ easily plunging all the way up into her womb until its huge, bulbous head pushed out against her smooth belly from within with every relentless thrust.

"Oh Mother, you're so wonderful!" hissed the hybrid as a long, prehensile tongue stretched from his wide maw to run over the curved back of the sobbing, gasping woman, leaving behind a warm trail of slavering drool on her smooth, luxurious skin. The hybrid clawed hands gripped the redhead's buttocks as he continuously drove himself into her, pounding at the nude woman with an almost desperate, feverish need. "Don't fight it, Mother!" the hybrid grunted and rumbled in deep, malevolent voice but there was a strangely pleading and begging tone to his words as he ravished her. "Give in, Mother! Give in to me!"

"Don't! No, don't!!! NOO! OOOHHHH!!!" the redhead sobbed as her alien son's massive thrusting cock climaxed her yet again but she continued to struggle, fruitlessly trying to get away from the relentless fucking.

"You cannot resist, Mother! You cannot resist our love!" Even as the hybrid continued to ruthlessly thrust at her even as he seemed to be begging for her cooperation. Then the monitors over the redhead's bed showed her alien son's massive cock beginning to glow with an pulsing, unearthly energy as he rammed it deep into her body.

"Noooo! Stop!! Nooooo!" The redhead gasped as she felt the tangible, sexual energy emanating from the hybrid's huge, stiff penis intensify, pushing her to even greater heights of sexual stimulation but just as she was about to lose control of herself the hybrid's already massive, rigid penis began to grow and swell up in size within her. Her green eyes went wide as she struggled to cope with the terrifying swelling while the medical monitors showed the expanding length and girth of her alien son's cock buried inside her body suddenly grow to twice its previous size.

"AAAAAAHHH!!" the redhead screamed in horror even as another climax crashed through her, mixing with the pain and agony of the huge, thrusting shaft stretching her insides too far to endure. The redhead felt like her cunt would be split in two and her insides torn apart by the gigantic organ but that did not happen, the energy radiating from her alien's son plunging cock protected her tortured body, keeping her intact even as the now more than two-foot long shaft plunged all the way into her, pushing out her belly in a tall, bulbous column as the hybrid continued to fuck her.

"Yes Mother! Yes! Feel all the love I have for you!" The hybrid hissed with pleasure. The redhead no longer physically struggled, she was too overwhelmed by the impossibility of what was happening to her with the hybrid's tremendous shaft pushing and reshaping her insides but the hybrid could tell she was not yet giving back her love to him. Then his glowing, red eyes stared down at the redhead's sexy, rounded ass and his slavering mouth formed a fanged grin. "Mother! I know what you need to make you give in to me!"

Several pulsating tentacles of various sizes emerged the hybrid's chest and the largest one had a bulbous, cock-head on the end. The smaller tentacles stretched down to wrap around the redhead's wide hips and twine around her firm, full tits while the hybrid tightened his grip on his mother's smooth, beautiful buttocks and spread her ass cheeks wide. The largest cock-tipped tentacle moved down and without warning plunged fiercely into her rear.

"AAAAAAA!!!!!" screamed the redhead as she was invaded by the thick, unyielding shaft. The internal monitors over the bed showed the huge, thick tentacle plunging just as deep as the monstrous cock pushing out her belly, the redhead's insides somehow coping with the two shafts that should have obliterated her.

The hybrid shuddered with pleasure as his thick tentacle entered his lovely mother's sexy ass and he mercilessly began thrusting it to match the rhythm of his cock thrusting into her cunt. He began to move his tentacles holding her down to began gently stroking every inch of her nude body, lovingly nuzzling them against her warm, soft skin and making her moan with pleasure even as she groaned in pain from the tentacle ass-fucking her.

The hybrid then slid his hands down to hold his mother's thighs and straightened himself up, easily lifting the redhead completely off the bed so that she was being held out in front of him with her legs open wide, her glistening, red-haired pussy in full view.

"Aaaaaaa!!" the redhead cried out as the new position allowed her inhuman son to drive even deeper into her cunt and tight rear. The dully glowing energy from the hybrid's cock buried deep inside her over-stretched cunt illuminated the moaning, sobbing woman from underneath.

Then the hybrid began to pump faster at his sexy mother until the redhead's full, firm tits bounced wildly as she was penetrated from both sides, her belly being pushed out like a piston while her ass stretched impossibly wide as the hybrid's huge cock and equally huge tentacle both began to glow with a growing brightness.

"NOO!!!" screamed the redhead as she threw back her head, climaxing uncontrollably from impossible, inhuman intercourse with her alien son. Her nude body began to glow with the same energy radiating from her son's shafts deep inside of her, her pale, white skin becoming surrounded with a bright, shining light.

"AAAHHH!! NOO!! NOT AGAINNNN!!" the redhead screamed as she was caught in an unstoppable storm of climaxes surging through her busty, naked body. The vital readouts over the bed were shorted out as the glow around her grew became blindingly bright and ran back to envelope the hybrid standing behind her who was bellowing in pleasure as well.

"MOTHER!!" the hybrid roared and his cock and the tentacle buried in the redhead's ass pulsed with massive loads of inhuman cum. . Huge globs of thick, gluey overflow sprayed from the redhead's shaft-filled cunt and ass but even more went up inside her.

Naked mother and her alien son were both engulfed in the intense light as they climaxed together, driven to incredible heights of ecstasy as they were joined in body and mind. The glow surrounding them both became as bright as star as the redhead and the hybrid disappeared from view.

When the orgasmic glow faded, there was only the naked redhead in view and she fell heavily face first onto the bed. She lay there limp and moaning, her body dripping covered in sweat as she gasped for air. She then suddenly stirred and rolled onto her back, arching her spine. The unearthly light appeared again but it was radiating from within her, between her bellybutton and dripping pussy, glowing from deep within her womb.

The redhead swallowed and her eyes weakly opened as she see looked down at her smooth, sleek belly which showed no signs of the impossible stretching she had just endured from her son's monstrous cock. The redhead's eyes grew wide as she felt a flutter pulsing deep within and a pair of red, alien eyes glowing through her flesh, staring back up at her.

"Mother!" came the hybrid's voice, muffled deep inside the redhead's supple body. "Mother, we're together again!"

"Nooo," moaned the redhead, her belly pulsed from within as the monitors over the bed rebooted and their interior views came on again to show an amorphous alien form deep inside her womb. The triumphant, glowing, red eyes of the alien hybrid were the only recognizable feature on the mass bonded to her inside her womb.

"You're so warm, Mother!" spoke the hybrid loud enough to be heard from within the redhead even though his newly manifested form had no mouth. "The scent of your womb is so wonderful!"

"No! Not again! Not again!" the redhead sobbed as she clutched her swiftly swelling belly as the monitors showed the shapeless alien hybrid starting to rapidly grow within her. The redhead's breasts heaved and her nipples stiffened with new arousal as her belly inflated like a balloon, pushed out from the expanding form of her alien offspring as he began squirming inside her warm, snug womb. The redhead gasped in heightened pleasure so intense her body let loose a flood of sticky, clear wetness covering the hybrid inside of her with the excess flowed out from her cunt.

"Ohhhh!!!" The redhead moaned in helpless pleasure as she felt the intimate, deep bond establish itself and take over her mind, mentally connecting with the inhuman alien hybrid to match the physical connection they now shared once more. The redhead struggled against the erotic stimulation and intensely deep sense of love that filled her as she became inhumanly round and ripe, her belly swelling up to become large as an overinflated beachball.

"AHH!" Clutching her taut, distended belly, she let out a helpless cry of delight, an ecstatic smile filling her beautiful face as she sensually moved her hips while the hybrid pulsed and wriggled within her belly, stimulating her from inside her womb as well as from within her mind. "Ohhh, that's so good. That's SO good, my baby, so GOOD!"

"Mother yesssssss!" The hybrid's voice was louder within the swollen redhead but it also resonated within her ecstatic mind. The hybrid was joined with his alluring mother's thoughts as well as her sexy body and he could now feel the aching desire and love that she had suppressed so hard when he had been fucking her. The hybrid could also tell that she would try to resist him once they had shared in the orgasmic pleasure of his birthing but he was not bothered but that. The hybrid knew that absolutely nothing would be able keep him apart from his beautiful mother and they would be constantly sharing pleasure with one another no matter how much she might pretend that she wanted to resist.

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