Spreading Seeds Ch. 34


"Oh shit!" Gloria blurted out, "He's killed her."

Linda whispered to her, "Shush, He just gave her a climax, Watch."

I held my hips still while Sue got her breath again. She was breathing hard but held my hips to hers with real ferocity as she began to move again. Her pussy was sloppy by now and I could feel it drooling over my balls when they hit her ass. She started again and when I gave it back to her she just held her hips up to my assault and then whimpered as I drove her into the blanket for her third climax.

I fell down on my elbows and rocked my hips slowly as Sue whimpered and moaned. I only had twenty or so weasels in the air and was kind of lost in the mantra as Sue whimpered and tried to push me away. I kissed her and withdrew until I was just an inch or so in her and our lips were about even.

She kissed my cheek and held me to her, pushing my hips down so I lay over her pressing her down into the blanket. She pulled her towel down and we slipped it under her ass. Then she pulled me up so I was just stroking her G-Spot with the crown of my cock. She kissed my chest and moaned softly but stroked me slowly for a while.

I looked down at her and asked, "Feel better?"

"Oh yes Josh, you might not have a log like Able but you use you lips so nice. I like the size of your dick."

I laughed and stoked her deeply and she groaned and held me to her.

"Oh yes Josh, it's, Oh, just right."

I rolled us over on our side and rubbed her back and asked, "How about the massage now?"

She kissed my chest, "I forgot about that but... Yes now would be good."

I pulled out of her puss and pulled her towel through her legs and dried my dick. I tucked the towel to her belly and rolled her over on her belly. Straddling her thighs I began to massage her shoulders and worked my way down to her hips, she groaned, "Too hard?" I asked.

"No, do that some more," Sue said and took a deep breath.

I worked her lower back with my thumbs and my cock began to deflate. Soon it was lying between her legs and softly rubbing on her skin. That gave me a little boost and it pulled up so that it was above her leg then it softened again, drooped and touched her leg. That cause it to alternate between getting hard and drooping until it touched her smooth thigh and it rose up a little.

This went on for some time and Sue said, "Oh enough Josh. That's so good. Thanks."

I pulled off her legs and sat beside her. She turned over and sat up. Her hand went to my cock and she leaned over and sucked the tip a little, then looked me in the eyes, "Can I?"

I smiled, "Can you what?"

"Can I suck your cock, Josh. I'd like to give you back a little of what you gave me." Sue stroked my cock and pursed her lips at me.

I smiled at her, "You don't have to Sue. I was happy to service you."

Sue grinned at me, "But I'd like to, Josh. Please?"

I nodded and moved so she could kneel between my legs as I leaned back on my elbows. She grinned as she bent to lick the tip of my cock then took it in one hand and licked it on the tip. She pressed it between her lips and sucked it softly. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes reciting the Long pole mantra in my head as she licked and sucked and sucked some more.

I resisted with all my might as Sue sucked and licked my cock. She finally gave up and I was able to breath again as she crawled up my chest and kissed me as I panted in relief.

"You're good, Josh, Raule would have gone off a long time ago." Sue chuckled and kissed my chest and then licked my cock again.

I gasped and pulled her by the hair up and said, "No more Sue, I can't take any more." I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her softly, "It felt good Sue but I need my rest."

I lay back and held Sue up under my arm and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up hearing Linda and Gloria talking softly to Sue, "... and when you took him all the way in your mouth, she was chewing on her towel," Linda laughed softly.

I kept my eyes closed and ears open wanting to hear what they would say. The afternoon was still warm and I felt good laying naked between the women. I had had a nice time with Sue. My ass hurt a little from sitting in a saddle for so long, but I was content with the idea that I still had sap for Linda. For the last three days, either she couldn't keep awake or I was on a different shift from her on watch. I had wanted to get back with her everyday but now I hoped I could ask Sue a favor. I figured that she wouldn't mind doing me a small favor after the exercise I had given her.

"Doesn't it hurt though when he's slamming into you like that?" Gloria asked in a whisper.

Sue laughed softly, "No, most of it is me slamming into him. Josh's dick is kind'a small and it really is a lot of fun to really get into the moment."

Linda snickered, "Oh yeah, I love to feel him slide up my ... Well it does feel really good. Of course, I've never had another man."

Sue chuckled and said, "Well one is pretty much like the other. Oh they are all different too. Raule is three times the size of Josh, but you don't get into a contest with a guy who can pack your ovaries into your throat."

Gloria said, "Josh looks so big though, when he gets hard. Then he looks so small when he came out of the water. Doesn't it hurt it to go from hard to soft, back to hard in such a short time?"

Sue said, "No, I understand that they feel good when they have a hard-on. Sometimes you have to give them some help to get it hard though."

"What help?" Gloria whispered.

Linda said, "Well Josh never needed any help but I expect that if he did need help, that what you did to him, Sue. That ought to get him excited. When he does that to me I can't contain myself."

Gloria tittered and said, "That looked dirty, I mean nasty."

Sue laughed and said, "I'd only do that with a Kiva boy. I know that your men are watched closely but your men tend to be over aggressive."

"Really?" Linda whispered, "Have you tried our men?"

"Oh yes I had to do all of them, well all I could stand to do. Some are too old for my taste. They couldn't keep it up for one of my climaxes let alone three." There are a few of your men that are pretty good but none compare to a well rested Kiva boy. You'll see when you get to Davis. I'll take you to the House of Giving and you'll see. "

"Oh I wish I could go to Davis," Gloria said, "I'd like to see what four thousand people all in one place was like."

"Well Davis is different than Burney. We don't have the Administration and the Village Council there, The University has been in charge since the fall. Now there are elections for tenure and it kind of split into the functions of the departments and the function of Policy makers, so we are developing a Congress separate from the University but, the President of the University still holds the power to command the military in times of dire need. "

"You have a Military!" Gloria asked incredulously.

"Well it is really the Scout Corps and a few police in Davis and the Marshal's that cover the different areas from the Cascades to the river." Sue said.

Linda said, "We disbanded our military after the second Rebellion. They hung the General that was in charge at the time. After that the Administration set up the Security service and established the draft. Of course now the Bahia, the Administration and the Village Counsel are keeping faith."

Sue said something I couldn't make out and Gloria giggled. It was then that I felt my dick thicken and roll across my belly. The sounds of home were in my ears as I thought about the House of Giving on all the nights that Mike and I had spent there.

The Kiva was built in one wing of what had been the Military Sciences Building. The other wing was the House of Giving. In the House of Giving a woman could come in and bathe and prepare herself for insemination, baths and unguents and hair arrangers, all to get the woman in the mood. Younger women in the "HOG", as we called it in the Kiva, would serve as warm up girls and there were a lot of women who went to the HOG and never called for a man. Those that did could pick their partner from the tags men left at the door.

If you were on duty at the HOG, you generally hung around in the pub. This was one area where you could study or eat or drink and converse with friends. There were two areas to the Pub, a reading room and the lounge. In the lounge you sat until someone called your tag or name. Lots of times a girl would arrange a time so that when you put up your tag she could take it and not lose you to someone else. Other times the woman might take someone's tag she didn't recognize so that she had some diversity in her breeding.

Most of the time there were enough women to pull the Duty Team and sometimes, a good deal more men who volunteered whenever there was heavy demand.

I thought of Charlotte Jenkins. My girl, my Goddess back in Davis. She was probably fucking Dennis Webster. Dennis and I went to Kiva together and were good friends, I hated him.

Charlotte was beautiful. She had auburn hair, large soft tits and a nice wide ass but she was only a little shorter than I am. I couldn't put my chin on her head standing up. She could lift me up in her arms and I thought she was the finest cocksucker in the whole world. My dick got a little harder, as I thought about Charlotte's lips and kissing her again, I really missed Charlotte.

Gloria stifled a small shriek when my dick got hard and I flexed it, not thinking about where I was. It bobbed up and than slapped back down on my belly.

Linda laughed and said, "Go ahead feel it."

Gloria said, "Oh I couldn't, he'd wake up."

Sue laughed softly, "No he's asleep. After I fuck 'em they always fall asleep."

"Of course you're still too young." Sue's voice said.

Linda said, "Not for learning how he feels. Gloria's old enough to understand what we're talking about and she knows that she doesn't want to get pregnant so young, Don't you Gloria?"

Gloria made a noise and said, "Oh I don't want to get pregnant. I saw my aunties giving birth and I don't want anything to do with that."

Sue laughed and said, "I don't blame you dear. I gave birth to one baby and she had me sweating for 12 hours, and screaming for three."

Linda gasped and said, "Oh I hadn't thought about that. I mean I figured it was... Oh,"

Sue said, "Don't worry dear when you hear the baby cry it's all worth it."

Linda said, "I hope so." She giggled, "Making a baby is sure fun though."

"I'm not so sure about that," Gloria said.

I flexed my cock making it bob in the air and thought about Charlotte and how she would sit on my lap and stroke me with her soft smooth pussy. She liked it slow and long and only speeded up at the very end once in a while. Oh, she liked a red dog once in a while when she was menstruating and she was horny. Reaching around her to cup her breasts as my cock pounded her pussy and the juices splashed flashed through my mind. I flexed it and heard Gloria gasp again.

Sue said, "He must be dreaming."

Linda laughed and little, "I know just what he's dreaming about too."

"What?" Gloria asked.

"Watch," Sue said. I felt her gentle touch on the front of my tip. Her fingertip stroked the soft skin and my cock rose up at her touch. I didn't mean to do it, it was just a reaction. She stroked me very softly and made it bob and get harder yet. I had a few weasels in play but it felt good to be just tickled like that.

Linda muffled a laugh, "Can I try that?"

"Be my guest." Sue replied.

I felt the difference in Linda's touch. She must have licked her finger because instead of a dry sensation it was slippery and smooth. My cock was bobbing around a lot. I began to throw more weasels on the fire and got under control after a few seconds. Linda snickered.

"You know I like it when Josh just touches my lips softly with his cock. Some times he'd just let it sort of slither along my..." Linda's thought drifted off but her finger stroked my cock and then I felt a different touch. It was slightly rougher and very wet. I realized it was her tongue and I almost lost my control.

Sue laughed and said, "Gloria, let's take our stuff back to camp and see what Amelia's up to?"

I heard them gather their belongings and soon all I could hear was Linda breathing as she licked my dick softly and tickled my belly with her breath. After a moment, I opened my eyes and looked down at Linda licking my cock. I put my hand on her hair and said, "Are they gone?"

Linda looked up at me and smiled, "You were playin' possum."

"Yeah, I didn't want to scare Gloria. If I had let you know I was awake it would have made her self-conscious. Besides, would you have done that if I was awake?"

Linda licked my cock and looked at me. "Yes probably," she said and dipped her head to lick me again. I slid down on the blanket a little and said, "Come here and sit on my face for a while," and pulled her hips over my face, her face over my dick. I pulled her hips down and licked her very moist lips and felt her shiver. She put my tip against her lips and licked me. I figured Tit for Tat and licked her pussy from t'ain't to tickle slowly as she sucked me down into her mouth. She moaned and so we settled into a routine and it felt so good.

We played like that for a while and then I made her turn around and sit on my lap and rub her slippery lips over my cock. Since she wanted to massage her clit she slid down to the middle of my dick so the rough texture of the shaft rubbed her clit. I held the line and watched her and massaged her breasts, pulling her nipples and figured I could out last her like this.

Linda reached between her legs and set me in position and she pushed her hips back until I entered her slowly. She played back and fill for a while and had me about half way into her when she pushed back really hard and took it as deep as it would go. She just held it in and whimpered for a moment then began a slow long stroke and bent over to put her hands on either side of my head and kissed me as she slowly stroked our slippery flesh together.

I rocked my hips a little to complete the stroke and she moaned and started to pick up the pace a little. Her eyes opened and she grinned at me, "Oh Josh that feels so good."

I squeezed her breasts, ran my thumbs over her nipples and smiled, "It feels particularly good from this end too."

Linda stayed on her hands and knees rocking her hips to my stroking her. Her eyes closed and her breath came faster. I could feel her breasts starting to sweat and her hair hung down over her face. She was working it now for as much as she could get. Our pace was approaching frantic and I had so many weasels in play that I lost track of them.

Linda jammed down on my cock and groaned, bucked her hips and held herself tight against me. I drew back and jammed her hard and she bucked and snorted then fell onto my chest. I could feel the sweat on her breasts, smell the raw sex in the air and felt her wet sloppy pussy as my cock slipped back and then jammed into her again. I ground my hips to her and tried with all my might to call the boys out, but to no avail.

Linda was loose on my chest and was drooling on my shoulder. I lowered my hips and let her calm down, her breath ragged in my ear. I was still hard but I was so tired that I couldn't stroke my hips any longer. I relaxed and rubbed her back and kissed her neck.

She slowly pushed herself up on her hands and kissed me softly. "Oh Josh, I need another bath." She laughed and as she did, I could feel her pussy squirting out, her love liquor trickling along my balls. She folded herself to my chest and rolled to one side to straighten one leg and then the other. She was dead weight now and I was having a little trouble breathing so I rolled her over on her side, pulled her leg up on my hip and got as close to her as I could.

I didn't want to let her go. I wanted to be inside her and feel her warm and wet around my cock. I gave her a short stroke and she moaned and said, "Oh Josh if you are going to fuck me again, let me feel it," and rolled over on her back holding me to her chest. In a missionary position I started to stroke her slowly and she kissed my cheek and raked her short nails across my back.

I kept it slow and gave her a couple of cervix rolls, it felt wonderful all that hot wet slippery pussy made me forget the weasels and I felt the tingle start. I was coming and it wasn't a small one. My hips pumped a couple of times and, "Ummph, Ah! Ach-ahhhh," the boys burst forth. I felt the flood of my sperm make her pussy even more liquid and held my hips to her as my back was arched in a spasm of exquisite pleasure. I fell onto her chest and relaxed for a second then got my elbows under me and took the weight off her.

Linda was moaning now and whimpering as we drenched Sue's blanket with our comingling cum. I found Linda's towel and pushed it under her hips as much as I could but needed her help to get it in place to save Sue's blanket from disaster.

Off in the distance I heard Sue shouting, "Come and get it!"

I said, "We better get up and get washed soon."

Linda just kissed me.

The sun was low by the time Linda and I came back to camp, naked except for our boots, all our wet laundry in our arms. Sue, Amelia and Gloria were eating by the time we got our washing hung and we dressed in our last clean clothes.

Gloria called to me, "Josh you better get what you want now, because I'm ready for seconds."

Linda and I served up our plates and got a few biscuits that Amelia had made in the Dutch oven. We leaned against a log and ate our dinner as Gloria and Sue snickered and Amelia laughed at our exhausted expressions.

Gloria and I shared the last of the biscuits, sopping up the last of the chicken stew from the pot. Finally there was nothing left but bones and gristle in the bottom of the pot.

Sue gathered the plates and said, "Gloria, you and I will wash up and watch over Amelia while she bathes. Josh you and Linda just stay where you are and watch the camp."

"Good idea Sue," I said and leaned back against the log. Linda leaned back and smiled at me.

After Amelia got her towel and clean clothes she followed Sue and Gloria down to the stream. Linda said, "Josh that was real nice of you."

"What do you mean?"

"Why to hold yourself off with Sue so you could service me too. I thought you were going to climax a couple of times as Sue did what she did to you. A couple of times it looked like it was agony to hold back."

I smiled and kissed her, "I wanted you. It was worth all the pain." I kissed her again; she snuggled next to me and sighed. I mean the last thing a man should do, is to correct a woman's opinion of a situation when she is sure that you had done the manly thing. I just fondled her breast and held her, not explaining that I was so lost in the mantra that I couldn't feel anything Sue was doing to me.

Linda sighed rather contentedly and kissed my neck softly. We sat that way for a while until my hip started to tire. I got up and stretched, "Come on we'll keep an eye on the stock," I said as I drew her to her feet.

Linda and I walked out so we could see all the mules and horses in the field. Most of them were still grazing and seemed content. Linda looked at me and smiled, "It's so peaceful and nice isn't it, Josh."

"It is that, Linda. What do you think we should name this spot?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it is an unnamed place on the map now, but I bet it becomes an important way station on the trail between Davis and Burney. There is good grazing and I'll bet we could plant both oats and alfalfa in most of these fields. It would make a good remount station on a wagon road. Say up on the hill over there. Lots of room, for kids." I looked at her and she grinned back at me.

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