tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 39

Spreading Seeds Ch. 39


Chapter 39 - Topock Follies

Topock, Arizona: 2357 June 14, 19:00 hours

The sun would be up for a long while yet and it was still pretty hot, well over 35-36 degrees Celsius I was thinking. Most of the women I saw as I walked down to the men's tent, were stripped as much as their modesty would allow and kept to the shade of the tents for the most part.

I saw Gloria and Marta walking hand in hand with towels over their shoulders toward the river.

The men's tent had the sides angled out, one side was rolled even higher on the east side that faced the company street, and a low screen of woven reeds gave an illusion of privacy around the crude furnishings. I could see that they were setting around in their shorts.

Jack grinned at me as I walked into the tent, "Hey Josh, let me get you a beer. Ron, introduce him to your Steelheads."

A guy about thirty shook my hand and said, "Happy spawning, I'm Ron Raft. I'm the Kiva master."

"Good to meet you Ron, Josh Perkins, sixth level, Lone Pine Kiva"

Ron grinned at me, "Seventh level, Steelhead Kiva, but who's counting."

Ron led me around the tent and introduced me to his guys. They were mostly well under thirty and looked at me with a bit of awe. They all gave me the "Happy spawning," line and shook my hand.

Jack came back in with a beer and handed it to me. The bottle was corked and after drinking Burney beer with the flip off stopper it seemed strange. He lifted his beer up, "To the mother goddess whatever her name. Whatever her shape, age or color. May she find satisfaction in our arms!"

I joined him in the Lone Pine toast and took a drink. The beer was only moderately cool and tasted odd. I looked at the bottle, "If you like this you are going to love Burney. They keep their beer real cold and it is a lot better than this horse piss."

Jack laughed, "Yeah, the beer's pretty pitiful here. So what is Burney like, Josh?"

"Well, it is a lot like Davis really, but different. They have a very similar technology base as far as I can tell. Their politics are a little strange."

Jack looked at me, "What do you mean?"

I started to strip, because it was so friggin' hot and sat down on one of the beds to take off my boots, "Well there's the Administration, they are the real power, but then there is the Village Council and of course the Black Brothers Trust." When I looked around all the guys were looking at me strangely.

"What about the Burney women?" one of the guys asked forlornly.

I pulled off my pants and grinned, "Very friendly, in fact so friendly that it's hard to keep their hands out of your pants, if that's what you meant?"

The guys all were grinning now gathered around me. "Tell us more," another asked.

By now most all of the women were drifting off toward the river with their towels. One of the Steelheads, looked under the tent side and asked, "Where are they going?"

I looked out of the tent, "I think the Ambassador is giving them a talk about Burney, I guess they are doing it at the river." I grinned, "That sounds like it might be fun!"

"Yeah right," one of the Steelheads said in sarcastic tone, "We've been here with over a hundred women and can't fuck any of 'em"

I looked at him, "But I thought only the Second Scouts were restricted?"

He stared back at me in disgust, "No that hard assed Major said, 'If some of the girls can't fuck, the rest should join them in solidarity. Won't none of 'em fuck!"

I thought that awfully strange since Denise had been humping my hand not much more than an hour ago!

One of the Steelheads piped up from the back, "It's cause of your skinny dick, they just won't fuck you, Brice," Brice looked around to see who had spoken.

I laughed at poor Brice along with the rest of them and figured I'd divert the mood, "Things are changing in Burney, when we first got there they kept their men in barracks and practiced artificial insemination only. The guys would get blown twice a week, by toothless grandmothers and they never got to even smell a pussy, unless one of the old women gave 'em a piece on the sly."

"Naw, that ain't right!" Ron said.

"Well like I said, things are changing. They had a vote a while back and released their breeders into the population. I still don't know how that's going to turn out, but Sarge released us to cover recreationals on the sly, the week that I left. Before that we were just doing inseminations mostly," I laughed, "Still are a lot of potential mothers left, and the night they released the men, they opened the Bath house to all the men and women who wanted to copulate. The Corp suspended our restrictions and it was a real cluster fuck, I understand."

A younger guy asked me, "What do you mean? Didn't you join in?"

I grinned, "Naw, I took two of them home, spent the night with the De Soto sisters. That was more than enough for me."

"You mean you fucked the Ambassador?"

"No, not that night. Astral and Lauren De Soto are cousins of Amelia, the Ambassador. I had covered Astral at the Bahia ceremony and Lauren is her older sister. There are a lot of De Soto's in Burney, and Blacks. I did impregnate Astral and maybe her cousin April, and one or two of the Blacks. I've got about fourteen knocked up since we got to Burney. Black Dick is leading the pack just now, I think he's at eighteen."

My score didn't appear to impress them, I guess. Even in Redding fifteen or so in three months is pretty average, so I added, "There only about 200 women in Burney, but maybe more. That's one of the things that's strange."

"How do you mean?" Ron asked and drank his beer.

I took a drink and pondered a second, "Well when we got there Ginny said that the population was about 250 with 18 men, as I remember, and Amelia made a comment about 358 or so on the way out here, but since then I've seen what, seems like, a lot more women than that, if you count the kid girls which are everywhere. Hard to tell they move around so much, and when one is pulling on your dick, it's hard to count the others," that got a few laughs and a couple of guys nodded.

"What's a Bahia ceremony?"

"The Bahia is an organization, not really Administration, although most of the Administration seems to be Bahia. When a girl gets to be eighteen, she can join the Bahia and pledge her breasts to the Community, you know to have kids for the good of the community. They do a dance and bare their breasts and everybody treats then like a Goddess for a year, then they cover one breast and they're journey women.

At the ceremony this year we popped all their cherries, well more symbolically than really, and the girls are now women, in the eyes of the people. That was a strange night, I mean there were just us six scouts and four Burney Black Brothers, and over 20 new Bahia, some guys had to do three. I just did the two, twice."

The guys nodded and whispered among themselves until one asked, "What about the HOG?"

"They don't have a HOG, just a Bath house. It's like a HOG, but without warm…, err…, Mothers Assistants. It's a really nice place and kind of the social center of village life. A lot of the dwellings in Burney have running water and a wood fired water heater, and showers and such, but most of the women use the community bath house at least once, or twice a week it seems. After eight o'clock it is limited to adults over 18, and then the fun starts. I spend a lot of time there because I started a business washing women's hair and giving massages."

"You mean you're never off?" a Steelhead about my age asked.

"I do it to get to know the women and find out what's happening, you hear a lot of things in the bath house. Besides you get to see the women naked in the baths and get to know them before you service them."

I took a sip and wiped the sweat off my forehead and continued, "We set up a three day rotation, Sarge Thompson is Kiva Master and has two guys up, two doing fill in and two resting, so most times you get two days to rest up, unless you want to cover overflow. The Black Brothers provide two and sometimes more a night. The women are on a schedule to make sure they're fertile, so they get a week during their season to try, or not, their choice. Most come in the day their names are posted on the bulletin board in front of the mess hall, along with our duty roster,"

I paused to take a drink and tasted sludge at the bottom of the bottle and had to get up to spit that shit out, into the street.

"Let me get you another, You'll find it's not wise to upend Puebla beer," Jack grimaced in distaste and took my bottle.

About that time a girl came up and knocked on the tent pole and Ron went over to see what she wanted. She talked to Ron quietly, but her eyes were on the mostly naked Steelheads in the tent behind him. "Hold here Sally," Ron said, "Let me get Jack."

Jack was coming in from the cooler with beer and he passed me one as he went to the door. Jack, Ron and Sally walked out into the street keeping to the lengthening shade, but where they weren't overheard.

I opened my beer and drank a goodly dose to clear out the sludge from the first one. Ron was smiling and Jack was grinning when they came back to the tent. Jack came through the door, "Listen up boys. I've got good news and I got bad news, what do you want first?"

"The good news!" the majority shouted.

Jack grinned, "You boys are about to get Fucked!"

Well that got the Steelheads wiggling and cries of, "Alright!" and "Yee Haw!" filled the tent.

"What the hell is the bad news, Jack?"

Ron bent over laughing as Jack said, "There's going to be about twenty of 'em!" Jack rubbed his hands together and someone said, "Oh that is bad news for a Pine Tree, just about enough for a Steelhead."

I laughed and asked, "How'd that happen?"

Jack said, "Well at the meeting apparently one of the engineers complained about the lack of cock around here and the Ambassador said something like, 'But there are ten or twelve men here, why are you wasting their seed?' Well there was an uproar and Major Funston got up and called off her prohibition, she said any engineer who wanted to, could get some tonight, if the men agreed. 'Course Ron and I agreed and said we could supply a dozen dicks. Sally looked really happy and ran back down the hill," Jack looked into the back of the tent and shouted, "Anybody that needs to shave ought to do it now."

Jack came back and sat on the bed with me and held up his beer. I clinked beers with him, "Looks like the Steelheads will see what a cluster fuck is like before they get to Burney."

I laughed when he grinned, and said, "I haven't had a cluster fuck since the year before last. I was down in Bakersfield and the drovers from Fort Tejon came in. It was three days of all you could eat. Are you coming Josh?"

"Nah, I can't join you guys, I already agreed to an insemination."

"Who?" Jack asked.


"Funston? Oh shit, Josh, she's a tenth level devil, you sure you know what you're doing?"

I grinned unconvincingly, "Well Charlotte set us up. Denise wanted to get pregnant and she's in season. What could go wrong?"

I thought about that as Jack started laughing and fell off the bed, spilling most of his beer. I realized I needed an edge. I put on my boots and ran back up to Charlotte's tent near the showers, grabbed my kit bag and went back to the men's tent or Kiva. When I got back the Steelheads had split up, some going to the water point and cold shaving, some up to the showers to get warmer water.

The sun was just going down and there were clouds in the west, which made a glorious multi colored sunset. Many of the guys at the water point were watching it when I went to rinse off the sweat I had accumulated. In the east the full moon was rising. It would be a lover's moon tonight.

I drenched myself and relished the coolness of the breeze that was beginning to blow up from the river. I hadn't had much sleep in the last four days, least since we shot the bear, but there was Charlotte.

When I went into the tent and broke out my edge, Jack asked, "What's that?"

I grinned, "Professor Perkins All Purpose Pecker Petrifier, want some?" Jack smirked at me and obviously wasn't convinced. I said, "Burney has some very fine hemp, and they grow a sativa that is specifically bred to enhance the libido. Want to try some alien agronomy?"

Jack looked around and nodded, so I fixed him up a pipe load while he got a lantern and lit a candle. Jack came back and I said, "Just take it in one hit, it's pretty smooth." He did the hit and only coughed a bit as he let it out. He handed me back the pipe and I reloaded for myself.

As I was stoking up the pipe, a couple of Steelheads came up grinning and asked, "What ya' doing?"

"Is that sativa?" I looked at them and held up my finger, holding the hit. I took a while before I gasped, "You might call it that," and blew the thin smoke into the air before them.

"Is that hash? It smells like hash."

Jack, who had a big smile on his face, said, "That's Perkins all Purpose Pecker Petrifier."

"Professor Perkins, please, Jack.".

He nodded and smiled, "Right Josh, Professor Perkins all Purpose Pecker Petrifier."

The one guy looked at me funny and stuck out his hand, "Dick Gregory, Steelhead Kiva, three."

I took his hand and shook, "Perkins, Josh, Lone Pine Kiva, Level six."

The other guy put out his hand and said, "Randolph, Dan Steelhead, four."

I looked at him, "Is that Daniel Randolph or Randy Dan?"

"Call me Danny," he grinned as he shook my hand.

"You boys out on your first trip then?" I asked, like I was way ahead of them.

Dick grinned and nodded, "I just graduated and Dan was the class before."

"Class?" I asked.

Dan spoke up, "Alternate Cultures Class, I was planning on going to So Cal, but when they asked for volunteers for Burney, I signed up," he sighed, "I spent all that time studying So Cal and Spanglish, now I'm headed to Burney."

From down by the river came the sound of voices singing. Jack and Ron grinned at me. The women were singing the Giving song. The words were not in English, or any other language known to man, but the women all knew what it meant, and Jack, and I, knew that when they sang that song someone was going to get seriously and ceremonially fucked!

I looked up at Dan and Dick, "So you boys want some dick stiffener or not?"

They both nodded.

"Special for you only twenty five cents, script or IOU."

Dick looked at me, "Gosh, I can buy a whole hundred grams in Redding for a buck."

I smiled at him, "Well you just go and buy some, we'll wait."

Dan laughed and hand me an IOU. I tucked the IOU in my shirt and fixed him up a ball of Number Eleven.

I made a buck and a half from the six that took me up on the deal.

We were all snickering and sipping our beer when we heard a marching tune being sung and the sound of feet on the dusty road. We all went out on the duck boards and looked down to watch about thirty engineers in formation three abreast, marching with the rest of the women behind them in a mob, cheering them on.

As they came up the road, they sang, "Engineers have hairy ears, they live in caves and ditches, they fill their holes with scaffold poles, those horny little witches."i

"Uh-Oh," I thought, "This could get nasty."

The men filtered back into the tent as the women came to a halt outside on the company street.

"Left, Face!" called out Anne Murchison, who was leading the formation. She stepped in front of the girls and saluted the tent, Jack stepped out and returned her salute.

"Copulation Detail! Formed and ready," Anne said to Jack in a commanding tone.

Jack came to attention and called out, "Steelheads, Fall in!"

The Steelheads all piled out of the tent, formed a line facing the women and came to attention in seconds. Jack stepped over, got into line with the men and called out, "Prepare to Drop! Drawers!" and all the men jerked down their shorts and pants to present their "arms" to the women.

Murchison looked up and down the line and asked dryly, "How come they're not hard?"

Jack chuckled, "Well they need to see some inspiration. We haven't seen much for a month."

Anne nodded and did an about face, called her troops to attention and had them strip off there in the company street. Sixty tits popped to attention as the girls formed a single file and slowly trooped the line of men, with an occasional stroke or squeeze to a reluctant dick. By the time they had made a full pass there were no 'swinging' dicks. Each and every one was fully erect and the men were all grinning.

Jack called for Insemination candidates and six women stepped forward, he had them select their man.

The six women wandered for a moment along the line of men and selected the candidate of her choice, stood next to him, her hand cupping his cock.

Jack called out, "Insemination detail, one step, forward, Ho!" and the selected men and the women all stepped forward, Jack called out, "Form a Column of two's to the left, Left..., Face!" The women all turned to the left and stepped around so they could still hold on to their selected cock.

Jack called out, "At the route step, march to the Showers, Ho!"

The twelve stepped off smartly and then the act of holding a moving cock got to be a bit of a problem and most of the couples linked arms or better and wandered up to the Showers, getting to know one another.

Charlotte, who was standing with the Major, the Ambassador, and Linda in the dispersing mob, waved at me and indicated to meet her at the tent in a while. I gave her a five sign and she signaled back, "no, fifteen-twenty." I nodded and figured that she had her reasons, so I helped Jack and the guys carry everything needed up to the showers and watched as the first six were washed.

I had no regrets in not joining this cluster fuck. I figured Charlotte and Denise would do me just fine, but some of the Engineers who cued up for their turn were very nice. Most of the girls in line were in their twenties and a couple of the insemination crew were maybe mid thirties, all of them were fit and well muscled. Most were kind'a hairy.

Some of the spectators brought torches and stuck them in the sand along the line of women who waited their turn.

They all applauded as the women in the showers noisily climaxed as they were initially washed, fingered and licked, in preparation for an insemination attempt.

The five men who had not been selected as the inseminators, were performing an initial inspection of the rest who were just in it for copulation. They worked quickly through the line of women and because of their dedication to their task, only half of the first six were finished in the showers by the time they had reached the last girl in line, so they started all over again and performed a secondary inspection making sure the girls were properly prepared for a wash. As they worked through the line, I noticed a couple more women strip off and join the detail.

By this time I figured that enough time had passed that I had better see about Denise. I was ready, Hillary knows, after watching thirty naked women being fondled, fingered and damn near fucked, my cock was up and ready. 'Course the #11 helped too. I was laughing under my breath as I knocked on the tent pole.

Charlotte looked out and pulled me into the tent. She immediately kissed me hard and held me to her naked body. I had my eyes closed and my hands busy but I detected the sounds of soft moaning coming from inside the tent. Charlotte's ass was even softer and warmer than I had remembered and as my right hand cupped her breast, Linda said, "See! He grabbed her breast, just like she said he would."

Denise laughed, "An easy call, next he'll fondle her pussy."

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