tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpring Break Ch. 05

Spring Break Ch. 05


Meanwhile Erin had arrived at the club in her towel to smiles from the staff - eager ones from guys and knowing ones from girls. She headed downstairs and lay on the couch, tired, and her towel came free, she just let it, exposing her naked body, and rested, half asleep instantly from the alcohol and lack of sleep of the day. She cared about nothing but rest. She was exhausted.

She soon felt a weight on top of her and opened her eyes to see it was a guy, one with his pants at his knees. She opened her eyes a touch just in time to watch him shove his dick in her barely moist pussy. She laid back after he was in her and let her right leg slide off the couch to the floor to spread herself open a bit more. She then closed her eyes and basically tried to lay back and relax as this guy did all the work. Feelings his bare skin against hers, his dick in her.

Lucky for her, the guys seemed to enjoy Erin's passive, quiet style tonight and they all took turns on her like that, Erin happily let them, so drunk and tired that she was barely aware of what was happening, she didn't bother to even look at who was in her, but was happy to be their human sex toy. She simply lay on the couch, left leg buried in the corner of the couch, right leg extended straight to the floor with her head against the armrest, as comfortable as she could possibly be, as these guys brought some pleasure into her night. The small hit her ego took at losing the contest was being repaired as the guys took turns grunting and moaning and pawing her. She made no effort to touch them, to react to their touch, to make any sounds.

When Jenn arrived at the male stripping contest, she took in the sights, there were about 40 guys in it and over 100 girls watching. The audience was pure female, any guy around was competing. The girls were excited too, wearing bikinis, they all crammed together as close as they could to the stage, the place had a ravenous feel to it.

Jenn basically decided to throw herself into the atmosphere and joined in with the girls as they vigorously cheered on the first guy, who came out in a thong and quickly ditched it, revealing his semi hard cock.

Jenn's body was squeezed from all directions by other girl's bare skin, even though she was actually wearing most than all the other girls, being wrapped in a towel, she felt very self conscious about it, one hand had an iron grip on the it just above her right breast, holding the towel on. She also noticed it was warmer here, she'd been freezing for a long time since being doused with freezing water and then having to hang out in a cool breeze at night by the beach. Jenn started to appreciate the girl's warm bodies transferring heat to her. She also realized she was here for the same reason a lot of them were, scouting out some good talent and then making sure she would attract him. It made the atmosphere in the crowd just as competitive as the actual contest.

Jenn had managed to fight her way up pretty close during the first round, and now it was quickly down to 4 finalists, who all came out naked and with big hard ons, Jenn had never seen cocks this big in her life. They were all at least 8 inches long and thick, it made her wet just thinking about one of those inside of her.

Before they started dancing the guy closest to Jenn spotted her in her towel three rows back, seeing her massive cleavage from above and demanded her towel.

Jenn shook her head violently, but the guy kept insisting, and all three guys stopped dancing now waiting. They urged the other girls to help. Jenn yelled, "I can't! I'm naked under here!" However that just made it much worse. The contestant yelled: "Get me that towel girls!" and to Jenn's shock, girls around her started to pull at it!

Jenn wasn't able to keep that towel for long as hands grabbed her from all around. The towel was ripped off her body as she was thrown around in the crowd. She would have been thrown to the ground if there was enough space for her to fall, instead she bounced around amongst the girls near her. The towel was thrown up onto the stage as everyone cheered.

This made the girls leave Jenn alone, she was more stunned than anything, she wasn't at all embarrassed about being naked, she made no attempt to cover herself now that no one was grabbing, but still everyone was looking. She was just blown away that these strange girls basically assaulted her for her clothes. She felt violated. She just tried to keep her eyes on the stage, looking composed, but then shrieked as she felt something wet on her. Two girls leaned in on either side of her and gave each nipple a little kiss!

Just speechless, Jenn pull away, making her bare breats shake nicely. And thankfully, the real show was about to get going again. Jenn felt very awkward as her now naked body was rubbing up against girl's bare skin in all directions. Her breasts pushed up against the girl's back in front of her, a mass of people pushing forwards from behind. Girl's bikini covered breasts pressed against her as they all cheered with their arms in the air. It was a very weird and uncomfortable feeling for Jenn, but she couldn't deny all the soft skin against her own didn't feel nice.

Jenn didn't care who it was, she just wanted one of those guys to fuck her. After the concert, she along with 50 other girls headed backstage. Jenn grabbed a towel from the area and put it on, but found it too small for her whole body, so she wrapped it around her waist and then the guy that had order her to strip approached her, wearing a towel around his waist.

"Hey, see you found another towel."

Jenn laughed, not really giving a fuck what this guy said, she just wanted to fuck him. "You were good in that contest."

"So were you, seeing you jump around naked in that crowd really got me turned on."

"Mmmm, seeing you jump around naked on stage got me turned on."

"I think I know something we can do then, common."

He grabbed her hand "My name's Don by the way." He led her up the street away from the beach to a dark corner and ripped the towel off her body and pushed her up against a wall.

Jenn just moaned, eager to begin this experience. He crouched down and spread her legs wide as he split her pussy lips with his hand and began to flick his tongue over her already excited clit.

Jenn moaned appreciatively as she ran a hand through his hair, loving having this hot guy knelt down between her legs servicing her. However it didn't take long before she said "Just fuck me, stick that big cock in me and fuck me hard!"

Don didn't need to be asked twice, he stood up and let his towel fall to the ground as he stuck his thick, 8 inch dick inside Jenn's eager pussy and then pinned her tightly against the rough brick wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Jenn loved the feeling of the big cock shoved into her tight pussy, it feel more full, every stroke just brought more intensity and pleasure to her body. She held him tightly around the neck as he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could, her back getting rubbed raw against the brick, but she didn't even notice.

She was making a ton of noise, surely people blocks away could hear, but it was beyond control. She just loved the feeling of her pussy squeezing that big cock as it slid in and out, in and out, of her slick pussy. Then she could feel the orgasm almost there, her hands traveled to Don's back and she dug her fingers in as she started to come, her pussy pulsating against his cock, but Don wasn't done yet and even after Jenn's orgasm he keep pounding her and Jenn was happy to hang on for the ride, until one final big thrust and a groan, Don came inside her and then stopped, leaving his cock deep inside her as he leaned into her for a bit of a rest before pulling out and setting Jenn down.

"That was awesome sexy. You're fucking hot," Dan said.

"Thanks, your big dick felt amazing in me, I've never had one that size before."

"Check my back, did you draw blood?"

"Yeah, sorry, check mine, I'm sure those bricks cut me up."

"Yup, that looks like it hurts.

"I bet it will tomorrow, I guess we're even though."

"Yeah, for sure, gimme your number, maybe we can get together sometime this week again."

"Sure, bye Don."

"Wait, I'm taking that towel. Thinking about you walking home naked after I fucked you gets me really turned on."

"Fuck, I'll do it. See ya."

Jenn just took the most direct route home, it was some pretty main streets, but she didn't care. Even though it was early in the morning when no one should he out, she got a ton of honks and a lot of other walkers stared or yelled across the streets. She passed some groups on the sidewalk going the other way and just smiled mostly as they said stuff to her, or she'd answer their questions politely.

A group of people were passing and the guys asked if she would be in their picture with them. She agreed and one of the girls with them took it. One guy then complimented her breasts and asked if he could give it a quick squeeze. Again, Jenn didn't care and said it was fine.

He then asked if they could do another picture, but this time, him and a friend would each put a nipple of hers in their mouth. Again Jenn just agreed, they did it and had Jenn give a big smile and a double thumbs up.

The guy then asked if he could touch her pussy, which sounded fine to Jenn, she really saw no problem with her body as a source of pleasure for anyone at this point, but she felt this was going to take long so she said she had to go and no more incidents happened the rest of the short trip, except for the gawking stares of many people as she strolled through the hotel lobby and waited casually for an elevator.

She got in and stared back out as the doors closed, then headed home to find she was first in and showered and fell asleep.

Erin meanwhile was taken up to the offices where the bar manager wanted her all to himself, Erin was flattered and pleased with how turned on he was by her, he could pick from so many girls. Erin said she was exhausted and he could use her as he liked.

He grabbed her ankles and held them above her head and did as she requested.

Eventually he said he was about to cum and he moved up and came on her face, making her lick off whatever she could, getting any on her fingers and cleaning them, then given her towel back she was ordered back out wearing nothing but that towel and a face full of cum.

Melissa and Mandy were heading to the guy's hotel room and they spent most of that trip teasing and challenging the guys, seeing what exactly they were getting into, it seemed like the guys would do whatever they said, which was amazing, normally it's a turnoff to have some guys willing to just do whatever they said, but not tonight. It would be just right. The guys teased them back about walking along public streets in nothing but a towel, occasionally tugging at it when someone would pass by. The girls didn't like that, not because they cared about someone seeing them naked, just that it felt less playful and more childish right now, but they didn't care enough to object seriously. The guys they were flashing had probably had a better look not long ago.

They were both eager to be pampered by "love slaves" as they had christened them. They deserved it, they thought, after the great showing they had tonight. The felt like being worshipped personally would be a fitting end to the night.

When they got into the hotel rooms, it was 2 adjoined, they ordered the guys to shower them and get them clean.

So one guy took each girl into the shower, stripped down himself and washed her all over, from feet to face. Melissa was relaxing as this guy really went out of his way to do all the work for her, she eventually couldn't help herself and started to stroke his cock softly as he worked.

"All clean." he told Melissa, who let go of his dick.

"Yeah sorry stud, let's get out of here."

They then dried off the girls very well, as per their demands, they were then both carried to a different bed in the same room and laid down. It reminded Melissa of yesterday with Erin, but she was in control today and far more relaxed. Melissa rolled over onto her stomach and asked for a 6 hand massage, and Mandy was just rolling with what Melissa asked.

Melissa had one guy work on just her feet, another lower body and another on upper then ordered the same for Mandy.

It felt amazing, they both felt so relaxed, they were also kind of sobering up, not having drank for a few hours now, first time that had happened in a while.

They both just lay there and got totally relaxed as the guys, who all were decent masseuses worked them over.

Melissa the rolled over and spread her legs a bit to allow inner thigh access and they did the same thing, one guy worked her arms and sides while another did her thighs and the third guy stayed on her feet. She'd never had a guy give her a foot massage before, it felt very nice.

One of the guys then suggested that they pick the next activity, the girls agreed to give it a shot and they were told to close their eyes, they both then felt 3 different mouths and tongues all over their bodies, they were licking and kissing from neck to feet, slowly and erotically as they girls lay back, letting the amazing feelings run over them.

The girls loved this, frequently the guys would try to move on to something else but they were quickly ordered back to this, and they obeyed. After over an hour of being treated like sex queens they finally relented and allowed the guys to let it become more sexual.

Both girls felt their legs being gently parted more and now one guy was working on their neck and ears, kissing and biting and sucking, making the girls moan in pleasure, the 2nd was at their breasts, the third would run his fingertips softly over her inner thighs, also running trails of kiss down towards their pussies.

The guys at their pussies teased them for a long time, never actually touching them there as they were aching for it now. Then a gently touch of their lips even though the girls begged for more, until finally, simultaneously they both felt a tongue lick firmly all the way up their slit, causing them to cry in relief.

The pace quicken rapidly, now they both had two guys on their breasts, biting and sucking their nipples as the guy down low was busy working on their clits with his mouth and had inserted two fingers into their pussies.

Both girls quickly built up to orgasm, but the guys sensed it and backed off, slowing down, keeping them on the edge as they begged for more.

Both girls begged for release, but it wasn't coming, they slowed down, bringing the girls off the brink and then quickly sped up again, frustratingly stopping as the girls were seconds away from going.

They continued doing this 5 times, changing positions to stay fresh, the girls now thrashing, desperate for release. They had to hold Melissa's wrists as she kept trying to furiously rub her clit.

Melissa was begging for anything, "fuck me, lick my clit, finger me harder, put your cock in me." she wailed randomly. She sure had changed from the timid, conservative girl of a few days ago. She'd had good, hot sex now, and she was addicted to the raw pleasure it provided.

Finally she saw the guy at her pussy pull her by the legs to the edge of the bed, he then slid his shorts off and put a condom wrapped dick into her pussy, Melissa moaned in approval and saw that Mandy was getting the same treatment, both of them still had two guys working on their breasts and neck area.

The guys in them went slow however, still not allowing them to cum, but going just fast enough to keep them near the edge. Melissa was crying out in frustration as she shook, her body covered in sweat and saliva.

The guy between her legs changed position a little so he was rubbing her clit as well as he started to fuck her hard. Melissa yelled and just held the two guys arms on either side of her, gripping tightly as she felt that orgasm finally coming.

And came she did, her whole body bouncing involuntarily, she could feel his cock filling her as she writhed on the bed, totally out of control of her own movements. She forced his dick out of her with a strong spasm of her pussy as she squirted again, hitting the guy with a spray of juice.

Mandy was soon after, not as violent as Melissa, but it was probably the best orgasm she'd ever had. Maybe she was just more reserved than Melissa, or exhausted, she'd had a crazy day. She tilted her head back, hands grabbed the guys upper arms beside her as her eyes rolled back in her head and she just felt wave after wave of pleasure totally consume her.

After Melissa had come down, which took like 2 minutes until she could totally relax her body again. The guy that was in her asked if she wanted more. "Oh god yes." she whispered and he started to fuck her again, and Melissa saw Mandy was getting more too.

The guys each took a turn fucking the girls until they came, and all the girls had to do was lay there, eventually at the guys request they held their own legs up in the air at the knees.

When it was all over and all 6 guys had came, Melissa had came 7 times, Mandy 6, both were totally fucking exhausted.

Mandy, basically too tired to move then ordered them to rub her body lightly all over, so the girls laid back, eyes closed in a blissful state as the guys just lightly massaged them all over.

It felt like they were on an amazing drug, a feeling of ecstasy was in them, after what seemed like forever Mandy opened her eyes and leaned up a bit. "Wow, that was amazing guys, you're the best. What time is it?"

"Holy shit, 7 am, you were pleasuring us for 5 fucking hours. Wow!" Mandy exclaimed.

"Unbelievable" Melissa mumbled, still in somewhat of a stupor.

"Well I guess let's get going." Mandy said.

"hmmm, yeah" said Melissa.

"Where's our towels, I guess we'll just wear those home." Mandy said, not really caring.

So they each grabbed a towel out of the bathroom and wrapped them around their bodies, but two guys insisted they walk them home. The girls didn't care, so with that the 4 of them departed and discussed the last night with great fondness.

When they arrived at the room the girls each gave 1 guy a long kiss and then removed their towels and collapsed into bed holding each other tightly, they were both freezing cold from walking naked in the brisk night air.

They awoke the next day with and met each other's eyes with a sheepish grin to find they were still in a tight, naked embrace, Melissa's face resting against Mandy's shoulder, just above her breast, while they could each feel each others soft bodies pressed up tightly against each other. They could both feel each other's heart beating along with their nipples against their own body.

Melissa softly moaned and pressed herself up tightly against Mandy against as she reacted by hugging her close, they both feel back asleep and stayed like that despite the other two girls making a ton of noise soon after going to get breakfast. They both also saw the two girls cuddling and joked but Mandy and Melissa were sound asleep as they laughed and made jokes about the two naked girls cuddled up together.

Returning from breakfast, Jenn and Erin shook Melissa till she acknowledged them. "You guys ready to get up yet? "

Melissa groggily shook her head no and re tucked herself into Mandy.

"Ok, we'll just be shopping or at the beach or around, get in touch when your up. Have a good sleep lovebirds.

Still exhausted, and feeling incredibly secure Melissa just dropped her head back to Mandy's chest and fell right back to sleep.

While they slept the other 2 just browsed the shops around them, had some ice cream and just relaxed basically, finally at like 2 pm they got a text from Melissa "Lunch?"

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