tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 04

Spy Games Ch. 04

bythe proffesor©

You begin to walk toward me, pausing at a place in the wall that looks like any other.

You press a button and warm water cascades over you, cleaning you of the mess that adorns your body. I have to say I am scared to death. With half my head I am making piece with God. The other I am looking for any angle I can to get out of here. The whole time I can't take my eyes off of you, although I fight to keep my mind at the situation at hand.

You step from the shower, toward me.

The cum is gone, as is the blood. You step toward me and you look different. You hair seems shorter. You have dark mascara under your eyes. What the hell is going on here?

You stand in front of me. Your body is so tight, your muscles are lean, mean. You nipples are pert. Your pussy now has a dark patch of hair over it where previously there was none.

"Cut him down," you say coldly.

I fall flat on my face, the dildo ripping my ass a bit as I fall forward.

"You," you say, in the direction of one of the bare bellied lackeys "Fuck him."

The man comes up to me. I kick at him, but in my weakened condition, he catches my assault and fractures my ankle.

Unable to resist any longer, he bends me onto my knees and plunges into my sphincter.

"Ugghh," I groan. It feels as if I am being torn apart. I begin to sob as he plunges in and out of my dry ass.

"Well, you fuck, how does it feel now?" you hiss at me.

I can't speak. All I feel is the pain of this man raping me, and the degradation that goes along with it. For the first time in this ordeal, my spirit is breaking. I am hoping for death.

You walk up to me, grab my hair and spit in my face.

I can't even respond to that. My mind is lost, focusing on easing the pressure I feel on my ass. I am hard still, probably from his assault on my prostate.

With my hair, you pull me to the ground, causing me to land on my balls. The air is sucked out of me.

You sit directly in front of me, your cunt in my face.

"You like this pussy? You think you own this pussy?"

You move it forward, as if you want me to lick it. But as I reach my tongue out, a long, yellow stream of urine escapes, coating me with the warm, sticky piss shooting from your pussy.

I choke and gag, as you slam my face in the floor, knocking me out.


I wake up in a corner of the room. I am bleeding, broken and covered in urine.

I am vaguely aware of an explosion rocking the room and gun-fire erupting.

I see a figure in black repel from the ceiling, sliding down a fast rope. She lands between you and I. You are now wearing grey combat fatigues.

"Amber," you say.

"Jade, I see you are back and still a bitch."

"You're not taking him."

"Hun, look around you. I killed all your men. I am not killing you because of the past, and because he is here. But I won't make that mistake again."

Amber. It's all coming back now. I know who we are. I know where we are. And I know that we need to get the fuck out of here.

"Amber, we need to go. And she needs to go with us."

That gets her attention. "She's not going anywhere."

Amber grabs my waist and we ascend through the hole in the roof, onto a waiting helicopter.

"Jade. Next time, I will bury you."

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